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Movers & Shakers
A guide to Austin dance
Arts Story  December 3, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz and Robert Faires
"...What's new: Lumen, a site-specific work, April 21-24, with a work-in-progress excerpt in Ballet East's Nueva Mezcla, Dec. 3-6 Lisa del Rosario..."

Big Range Austin
The festival that packs a year of contemporary dance into two weekends
Arts Story  June 25, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...With the establishment of the Big Range Austin dance festival in 2008, Spank Dance Company Artistic Director Ellen Bartel provided a forum in which a host of local choreographers can get together, showcase their work, collaborate, and challenge themselves. In just the 2010 edition, starting June 25 and continuing through the Fourth of July, you can sample work by more than 15 area dancemakers, and that includes accomplished, established artists such as Andrea Ariel, Toni Bravo, Brenna Kuhn, and Anuradha Naimpally alongside such up-and-comers on the scene as Leah Smiley Tubbs (Ballet Afrique), Ann Berman (Forklift Danceworks), Lisa Del Rosario (Sheep Army), and Mary Chase (Dance Repertory Theatre)..."

Performa / Dance's Midsummer Offerings
The three dances in this mixed program all turned on the difficulty of making connections
Arts Review  June 29, 2017, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The dance was as quirky and emotionally generative as Jarkowiec's works in her other medium: soft-sculpture, in which she creates human forms with exaggerated, weird, and meticulously stitched features. The four dancers could have been Jarkowiec's family: Lisa Del Rosario as the grandmother in Poland, and Jarkowiec, Alexa Capareda, and Kelsey Oliver as mother and daughters, the Americanness of the children clear from their bouts of carefree silliness..."

At its best, this program of five choreographers riffing on 'Heart' pulled me in and provoked me to deeper exploration
Arts Review  October 4, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...But my approach didn't keep me from feeling undone by the piece dedicated to her brother, who is recovering from a stroke. After a prologue in which Marroquín's school-age son arranged a collection of seashells center stage, the exquisitely musical Angie Obermeyer, Lisa Del Rosario, Marroquín, and Nicole Lazo appeared one after the other, each in a rectangle of light in one quadrant of the stage..."

Las Cuatro Estaciones: A Story of Human Trees
In Sharon Marroquín's new dance, we are all gnarled and heliotropic
Arts Story  March 23, 2017, by Jonelle Seitz
"...At the same time, Sharon Marroquín walks across the back of the studio, heaving a 2-foot-tall, 18-inch-wide section of a tree trunk from stage left to a spot just right of center and sets it on one end. Lisa del Rosario approaches the stump and slowly ascends it, her toes, hobbled by bunions, gripping the rough surface and her ankles adjusting for alignment..."

Jonelle Seitz's Top 10 Brave Dance Artists of 2016
The year revealed how much courage and inspiration can be found in Austin's masters of movement
Arts Story  December 29, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...6) LISA DEL ROSARIO So much complexity in one dancer – kind of like everything, but nothing like her...."

The Theorists’ Hiraeth
A sprawling evening of art and community organized by Amy Morrow and the Theorists showed the challenge of editing in our age
Arts Review  September 22, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...Often lifting their T-shirts to cover their faces, the dancers delegated expression to their abs. Lip-synching, clips of songs by George Strait and the Toadies, and fun poked at movement exercises – "I am drawing with my shin!" shouted Lisa del Rosario before being carried offstage by the group – were all game, but these fragments were suspended around a common focus: We are testing the limits of this work, the artists might say, and so far we haven't busted it...."

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre’s Lumen
The site-specific dance inspired by Dan Flavin’s art evoked pure wonder and worked as a study of threes
Arts Review  April 28, 2016, by Jonelle Seitz
"...The three members of line upon line – Matt Teodori, Adam Bedell, and Cullen Faulk – performed around and among the dancers, making use of drums and bells as well as sand, which poured from paper cones into buckets, and bamboo wind chimes and weather vanes set in motion by electric fans. Dancers Alyson Dolan, Lisa del Rosario, and Nathan Brumbaugh didn't meet with them until the performance week, and the show had a spontaneous, fresh vibe on opening night..."

Austin Dance Festival
The debut of this new dance fest offered a range of interesting work, the best being fluent in musicality
Arts Review  April 23, 2015, by Jonelle Seitz
"...All of the eight works in the concert were danced to music, which begged questions of who was listening to it, and how? In Guts, a hair-whipping duet by Austinite Alyson Dolan for herself and Lisa del Rosario, who were accompanied onstage by a vocalist, Alfredo Ramirez, and a percussionist, Drew Silverman, the relationship between the movement and the sounds wasn't always clear. Who's on first? The dancers from Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth echoed this question in an excerpt from a work called The Butterfly Effect and Other Beautiful Catastrophes..."

Triumph of Love
Austin Playhouse's take on this chamber musical features a wealth of talent, but the staging is static
Arts Review  July 5, 2013, by Adam Roberts
"...This isn't to say that the production is completely bereft of physicality. Choreographer Lisa Del Rosario colors the lighthearted numbers with simple, fun splashes of movement, and actor Brian Coughlin demonstrates his usual flair for comedic physicality, a craft that he understands and executes brilliantly..."

Galaxy Dance Studios
Can Lorn MacDougal save South Lamar's movement space?
Arts Story  June 14, 2013, by Jonelle Seitz
"...A quiet crusader, MacDougal is subtly honing the class schedule from an anything-goes approach toward more curated offerings – for example, a children's creative dance and drawing camp replaced a slightly tacky princess pre-ballet – and highlighting the performance space through co-productions, such as Nicole Roerick's Morose Beauty in May, a success by all measures. Next up, MacDougal and her partner Alain Le Razer, under their organization All Things Animate, will present Made in Austin, a program of short works by Magdalena Jarkowiec, Lisa Del Rosario, Rosalyn Nasky, Roerick, and MacDougal, and films by Le Razer and Katherine Hodges...."

Califa Arts Collaborative
After season's close, ballet dancers join forces in a unique new venture
Arts Story  June 10, 2011, by Jonelle Seitz
"...After last year's venue, the Salvage Vanguard Theater, became standing-room-only, Califa moved this year's performances to the AustinVentures StudioTheater, largely gifted to the group by Ballet Austin. In four free shows, 13 Ballet Austin company members, apprentices, and trainees will perform works choreographed by Jennifer Hart, Michelle Thompson, Reginald Harris, and Lisa del Rosario to live music by Catherine Davis, Wino Vino, and Boff Hoffnar..."

Leave It to Beverly
This send-up of sitcoms can't solve its problems as smoothly as the old shows it spoofs did
Arts Review  November 13, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...The material is well served when the performances are broad but focused, as with Heather Huggins' sunny Beverly and Chris Gibson's gruff, gray-flannel-suited hubby. The zippy dance breaks choreographed by Lisa del Rosario always give the show a lift..."

We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa
The dance 'We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa' is such a whirl of motion, bursting with youthful exhilaration, that it suggests nothing so much as five girls hard at play on a long summer's day
Arts Review  October 13, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...That tension between who's in and who's out figures prominently in the early part of the dance, with four of the women – Lisa Del Rosario, Vidya Ramirez-Wheeler, Holly Wissmann, and the show's choreographer, Amanda Butterfield – moving together as a group and the fifth, Melissa Ann Rentrop, observing them from a distance, then tentatively seeking a place among them. In places, We Are Normal, Cha Cha Chaaa seems to focus on rituals of acceptance, those rites of initiation that we're sometimes required to pass before we can be considered one of the gang, in the community, normal..."

Top 9 All-In Dance Concerts (Plus 3 Short Works) of 2013
This year, dancers took on weighty matters – gender, the body, grief – exploring them with remarkable depth
Arts Story  January 3, 2014, by Jonelle Seitz

Nominations for the 2006-2007 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 18, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Roen Salinas, El Gran Circo: The Aztlan CircusDancerLisa del Rosario "Dance With Glass of Water," Hot September Flurries..."

Fusebox Festival: Rosalyn Nasky’s Potential
What the hell are these dancers doing with Mansfield Dam?
DAILY Arts  April 12, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Because the choreography that Nasky’s concocted – choreography to be embodied by Ellen Bartel, Lisa del Rosario, Alyson Dolan, Noel Gaulin, Brandon Gonzalez, Lisa Kobdish, and Nasky herself – that unique arrangement of movement will be accompanied by live performance from Austin’s line upon line percussion group...."

Star Turns
The nominees for the 2015-16 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 9, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...Duet Paul Michael Bloodgood & Aara Krumpe, “Desire” Nathan Brumbaugh & Lisa Del Rosario, “Echoes of Veiled Light” Matt Shields & Tony Merriwether, Sophisticated Ladies..."

Table Banquet
The nominees for the 2013-2014 Austin Critics Table Awards
DAILY Arts  May 8, 2014, by Robert Faires
"...Lisa Del Rosario, "Familiar Cadence"/"Chambers"/"Grit"..."

A Year's Cheers
The nominees for the 2010 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 14, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...Lisa del Rosario, Leave It to Beverly..."

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