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Lazarus, Come Forth
The Gary Bradley bankruptcy trial pits a creditor theory of financial manipulation against a Bradley defense of innocent bookkeeping errors
News Story  April 30, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...On the other side of the cavernous federal courtroom, a team of lawyers representing Bradley's creditors is painting an altogether different profile of the man they contend is far from broke. They believe that Bradley has stashed assets worth $30 million in the Lazarus Exempt Trust, an entity his sister established with a $1,000 check four years ago, naming Bradley as the primary beneficiary..."

Can Lazarus Rise Again?
Gary Bradley faces bankruptcy, and Austin wonders if he'll survive and thrive one more time.
News Story  October 11, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Last month, a Travis County family law judge delivered a startling ruling in response to Bradley's request to reduce his $4,000 per month child support payments. Not only did Associate Judge John Hathaway deny the motion, he candidly explained the factor that weighed most heavily in his decision: the mysterious Lazarus Exempt Trust -- the Rubik's Cube of Bradley's bankruptcy that's keeping various lawyers up at night..."

Bradley's Lazarus Lotto Goes to Court
Gary Bradley's bankruptcy trial features the spectacular rise of the Lazarus Trust
News Story  April 23, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...But the slow, methodical pace of the trial is apparently the only way to travel in a bankruptcy case that is reviewing dozens of complex business transactions that may or may not hold the key to what attorneys for Bradley's creditors hope to prove – that Bradley hid millions of dollars in assets in an exempt trust before the developer filed for Chapter 7 in the summer of 2002...."

Judge: Let's Bust Bradley's Trust
Bankruptcy ruling opens up developer's assets to creditors
News Story  November 5, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...bankruptcy judge determined in a ruling handed down last week. The judgment is a major victory for creditors, whose lawyers have spent the last two years arguing that Bradley, aided by a small inner ring of associates, went to elaborate lengths to hide multimillion-dollar assets in a trust to avoid paying the nearly $100 million debt he owes to taxpayers and other creditors...."

Naked City
More on Gary Bradley's bankruptcy trial
News Story  April 30, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...Creditors' lawyers rested their case Tuesday, and Bradley's legal team began calling witnesses, beginning with Gressett and Bradley's sister, Kaye Bradley (formerly Kaye Hulse). Bradley's attorneys, Eric Taube and Ray Battaglia, each elicited testimony that supported Bradley's insistence that he had nothing to do with the formation of the Lazarus Exempt Trust, which his sister created four years ago in his behalf..."

No Clear Winner as Bradley Trial Wraps Up
Will developer's bankruptcy case end with a split decision?
News Story  May 7, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...Bradley owes the government about $75 million in unpaid loans and more than $5 million in back taxes. Lawyers representing Bradley's creditors theorize that, two years before he filed for bankruptcy, the Austin developer instituted a series of shifty maneuvers to hide his valuable assets in the Lazarus Exempt Trust..."

Naked City
Developer Gary Bradley insists he's broke, but a Travis County judge this week refused to reduce his child-support payments of $4,800 per month.
News Story  September 13, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...The prevailing theory among those on the opposite side of Bradley's legal and financial battles is that while his personal bank account may be modest, he nevertheless has had ready access to funds through various entities controlled by family members and close friends. A ruling in the bankruptcy case, expected in mid-October, may turn on the mysterious Lazarus Exempt Trust, which Bradley's sister established and controls with Bradley as the sole beneficiary..."

Naked City
Bradley's Buda Dream
News Story  January 17, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...Schneider says Simon is in negotiations with Bradley and Brad Beutel, a cousin of Bradley who runs several businesses owned by Lazarus Exempt Trust. The trust is a focal point of Bradley's ongoing bankruptcy proceedings..."

Bradley's Creditors
Gary Bradley is in debt to a motley crew.
News Story  October 11, 2002
"...Lazarus Exempt Trust: Bradley lists his $270,000 debt to his sister's trust as an "operating expense loan."..."

Gibraltar v. Bradley
The Gibraltar case could be a road map for the FDIC vs. Bradley.
News Story  October 11, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Austin lawyer Eric Taube, who had represented First Gibraltar in both the lawsuit and Gressett's bankruptcy, argued in court that Bradley and Gressett were "playing a lot of shell games," according to news reports. But in an ironic turnabout, Taube is now representing the Lazarus Exempt Trust, the primary target of creditors in Bradley's bankruptcy, and itself widely rumored to be a shell -- with Bradley accused of hiding the pea...."

Naked City
News Story  September 28, 2007
"...Quote of the Week"We agree that the bankruptcy court did not clearly err in finding that [Gary] Bradley transferred assets to the [Lazarus Exempt] Trust ... and concealed his secret ownership interest in those assets with the intent to defraud his ­creditors." – Judge James L..."

Naked City
News briefs from Austin, Central Texas, and elsewhere.
News Story  January 17, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison

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