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Reel Women Presents Real Stories
Screens Story  August 11, 2000, by Sarah Hepola
"...¡AMERICANOS!: LATINO LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES: Last year, the most popular name in Los Angeles for newborns was Jose. Susan Todd and Andrew Young's documentary focuses on the undeniable Latino presence in modern America as well as the continuing struggle for Latinos to find their identity (one humorous sequence finds subjects arguing about the Chicano/Latino/Hispanic moniker)..."

Not Boxed In
Although filmmaker Carlos Avila grew up in Echo Park, only 10 miles from Hollywood, it couldn't have seemed farther away. With Price of Glory, Avila has finally arrived.
Screens Story  March 31, 2000, by Belinda Acosta
"..."New Line is interested in our world," Nava said at a recent SXSW Film panel on Latino filmmakers. "They see Latinos as a niche market and a way to expand their audience."..."

SXSW Music Festival
Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 17, 2000
"...CYPRESS HILL: Buenos dias, Latinos y gringos. CG here comin' at ya live in Spanglish with the straight dopa on Sen-Dog, Bobo, B-Real, and Muggs' Los Grandes Exitos en Espanol..."

Naked City
Mining the Golden State
News Story  October 29, 1999, by Robert Bryce
"...A poll taken last month by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that Bush is starting to win over Latino voters, who make up 15% of the state's population. The poll found that Gore's support among Latinos has dropped from 50% to 39%, while Bush's support grew from 16% to 20%..."

TV Eye
From Ethel Mertz to Margaret Cho, we examine how the small screen has portrayed big women; also, a look at Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.
Screens Column  October 15, 1999, by Belinda Acosta
"...African-Americans and Latinos have been shown to be more accepting of larger-sized women, so I thought I was in for a treat when I tuned in to an episode of The Parkers on UPN. Although the mainstream press seems hesitant to trash this show, I have no problem..."

Something Completely Different
Comedy writers Bob Odenkirk and David Cross took everything they’d learned from past comic masters and made their Mr. Show variety show into something completely different.
Screens Story  October 8, 1999, by Ron Deutsch
"...BO: We needed to find the hook because the theory was that no one was going to buy a sketch show without a hook. At the time it was stuff like all women or all Latinos -- and well, we weren't that..."

The Poetry of Pain
The Fires
Books Review  August 5, 1999
"...Alfaro's short piece, which ends with the condemnation of a gay friend's mother, is painful, shocking, and brave. (Is this the "agreement" Diaz alludes to, that we Latinos don't talk bad about mothers?) De la Tierra's pieces work because they are buoyed by her sense of humor: "regardless of how grand your scheme is ....."

Live Shots
Nueva Luz, Zupia
Music Story  August 5, 1999
"...People went apeshit. If the stereotype is that Latinos are passionate, demonstrative people, then truth hit home Saturday night in San Antonio as Maña demonstrated why all of Mexico and Latin America are so passionate about this middle-of-the-road pop band: They do it in Spanish..."

On The Lege
Cue the Fat Lady
News Column  June 3, 1999
"...• HB 713: Although the Lege shot down numerous measures that would have mitigated some effects of the anti-affirmative action Hopwood ruling, the House did approve this legislation sponsored by Laredo Democrat Henry Cuellar that provides for $100 million in new grants designed to attract qualified minority students -- as many as 29,000 in the next two years. The legislation provides $2,400 per student in grants based on financial need, and is expected to benefit minority students the most, because minorities -- primarily African-Americans and Latinos -- make up the majority of those in poverty in Texas...."

Eight Is Enough
Diverse Set of Opponents
News Story  April 22, 1999, by Mike Clark-Madison
"..."We hear people saying that we need more diversity -- not just in the issues, but in the actual people on the council," says Ortiz. "They aren't so interested in a certain number of African-Americans or Latinos, but they want diversity..."

On the Lege
Chips on the Table
News Column  April 8, 1999
"...The crowd sang "Las Mañanitas" as Rep. Norma Chávez, D-El Paso, co-author of HB 316, presented a birthday cake with Chávez's picture and said she sees the holiday as an "opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of Texas and to show the contributions of Latinos."..."

Love Your Television
Screens Column  March 11, 1999, by Belinda Acosta
"...There was a certain measure of disequilibrium, too. Seeing stereotyped images of Mexicans and other Latinos, or worse, no images at all, didn't do much for my racial or ethnic identity..."

Far from Hollywood
Screens Story  January 14, 1999, by Charles Nafus
"..."It wasn't this Hollywood kind of thing or self-indulgent, but about a political experience. We had Native Americans, Asians, Latinos, and blacks who came through there..."

A World in Which All Worlds Fit
Music Story  December 4, 1998, by Jay Hardwig
"...Of course, gettin' along real good is something of a tradition in South Austin, and one that extends to the present day. And the mix of folks gettin' along is not just rednecks and longhairs, but workers and slackers, punks and poets, Anglos and Latinos, bikers and busboys, geeks and freaks and more..."

Frontier Television
Screens Story  October 23, 1998
"..."Independencia and Cybraceros From Animaquiladora" by Alex Rivera and Lalo Lopez (Chicago, 1997). A movie trailer parody and mock PSA poke fun at a deadly serious issue: the USA's chronic "border mentality" and mistreatment of Latinos..."

Home Is Where the Tax Credits Are
Columns  August 28, 1998
"...The present Community Board was elected last year by the membership, which includes Latinos/Latinas, Women and members of the gay community. The Community Board members have been attacked as outsiders our members have always been a part of KOOP Radio and we have worked hard to build and fund the station..."

Tracking the MACC
A Brief History of Austin's Latino Cultural Center
Arts Story  June 12, 1998, by Mary Jane Garza
"..."The center would allow aspiring Chicano artists to exhibit their art, have a museum, educational components, rehearsal space" and that would be enormously important to Austin's Latino community, he notes. "One, it would give us a face ó 'We do belong here' ó and two, [it would provide inspiration] ó 'Oh, other people came from where I came from and they're Latinos and Mexicans and they did this and this..."

Ray Barretto and the Roots of Afro-Cuban Jazz
Music Story  June 12, 1998, by Harvey Pekar
"...émigrés in Florida weren't taking up much of the slack, either. However, the hundreds of thousands of Latinos living in the New York area had been developing a musical culture for decades, constantly enriching it with ideas from the many genres they heard..."

Viva Bilingual Ed
Texas Not Likely to Follow California's Lead
News Story  June 12, 1998, by Lisa Tozzi
"...California not only has twice as many non-native speaking students, it also has a more diverse population. Milk noted that while Latinos are the state's largest immigrant group, California's system has nearly as many students speaking Chinese, Vietnamese, and other languages - all of which contribute to the complexity of California's system..."

Noché de la Tarántula
Tito & Tarantula
Music Story  December 19, 1997, by Raoul Hernandez
" a fundraiser for Latino kids -- a college fund," says Larriva. "And there were a bunch of Latinos -- Martin Sheen, Raul Julia..."

The Documentary Craft
Hector Galán: The Texas Documentary Tour
Screens Story  October 3, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...Since 1972, when he joined the San Angelo CBS affiliate straight out of high school, this inspired and inspiring Texan has created some of the best documentaries around. Starting with 1978's Disco Discrimination -- which focused on the problems young Latinos encountered in the nearly all-white discotheques of Lubbock -- Galán has turned out a steady stream of well over 30 pieces, many for the acclaimed PBS series Frontline..."

Hispanic Pass Over
Garcia, Spelman Open Cans of Racial Controversy
News Column  August 22, 1997, by Kayte VanScoy
"...For his part, Fernandez denies he was calling anyone a "pendejo"; rather, he says that he was explaining that the Hispanic community was calling El Concilio "pendejos" for endorsing Anglo Councilmember Bill Spelman instead of Hispanic Manuel Zuniga in last season's race for the traditionally Hispanic Place 5 seat. "That just goes to tell you the importance of having Latinos on boards and commissions so they can clearly interpret what is said," Fernandez says..."

DeWitty Center Helpful
Columns  August 8, 1997
"...In the nearly four years since my departure, I have watched the number of African Americans and Hispanics in the newsroom drop significantly. And they are not being replaced with blacks and Latinos..."

Residence = Difference
A Stay at ArtPace in San Antonio Can Change an Artist
Arts Story  June 13, 1997, by Rebecca S. Cohen
"...For Alex de Leon, and artists like him (IAIR residents or not) who make a concerted and constant effort to involve themselves in the programs and pot luck dinners and less formal gatherings that accompany each residency period, the possibilities seem endless. Currently, de Leon has work included in the "Tres Proyectos Latinos" exhibition at Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria and in a show at the Gerald Peters Gallery in Dallas..."

Runoff Roundup
News Story  June 6, 1997, by Kayte VanScoy
"...But for now, that is of little comfort to some Zuniga supporters. And try as Spelman may to steer his message away from the Hispanic factor to what is clearly one of the grimmest issues of the day - Austin's growth - local Latinos aren't likely to let their anger simmer down anytime soon..."

Lewis Rebuts Ads
Columns  May 30, 1997
"...Dennis, the days of self-appointed patrones are over -- welcome to the Nineties. Gus Garcia said it best: "Latinos want the best candidate, and they want you to prove that you're the best candidate."..."

Nofziger Responds
Columns  April 25, 1997
"...Selena, with her bewitching smile and lovely songs, appears toward the end of the movie. Selena's spirit lives and it will inspire Latinas and Latinos everywhere..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  February 28, 1997
"...She said the book also carries a message for U.S. Latinos..."

Miracle on E. 7th St.
After 25 Years, Ruperto Reyes Brings Magic Back Home
Arts Story  February 14, 1997, by James E. Garcia
"...Most of the time, the show played to near-packed houses, says Pina, and 30 times the performances sold out. "I think there's a connection the play makes to us and who we are [as Latinos]," Pina offers..."

Money Worries
Austin's AIDS Funding Is Decent, For Now
News Story  September 27, 1996, by Geoff Mulvihill
"...But that federal funding, like all federal funding, is not guaranteed to come. And even if it does, it might not continue to meet growing demand. "President Clinton just increased the AIDS budget by $13 million, but that isn't keeping pace," says José Orta, executive director of Informe-SIDA, which specializes in providing assistance to HIV-positive Latinos and African-Americans...."

Austin's Service Community
News Story  September 27, 1996
"...Specializes in working with Latinos and African-Americans. Public education, financial assistance, medical referral, case management for people with HIV who are asymptomatic for AIDS...."

June 18, 1996: Aguascalientes in La Realidad, Chiapas
News Story  July 12, 1996
"...But they will have to, of course, face many forces. One of them, and a very important one, is that of the democratic movement in the U.S., in which I would include not only Chicano organizations and Latinos but also the black community, intellectuals, members of the left, progressive groups, all those movements who see a very large social cost to this globalization process, and who are not willing to continue living, or continue building their well-being based on crime, based on the suffering of millions of people in other parts of the world...."

Amor Prohibido
Selena's Crossover Dream
Books Story  June 28, 1996
"...Despite her star status, Selena was only a bud in terms of her unrealized potential. Although her music was known and loved by millions of Tejanos, other Latinos, and Latin Americans, to the majority of the population -- the gringo population, that is -- she was a total unknown...."

The Great Brown Hope
Gus Garcia's Gaffes
News Column  June 28, 1996, by Alex de Marban
"...With East Austin 2000, many think Garcia was just led down the wrong path, and wanted desperately to save face after all Mitchell had done for the black community. "Latinos have been pissed," adds Renteria, "because Eric Mitchell got $9 million [for the redevelopment of East 11th and 12th streets] and what did we get?"..."

The Staccato Purr of CineFestival
Latino Filmmakers Explore the Middle Class
Screens Story  February 16, 1996
"...But that raised further questions about how these stereotypes might come across in places far removed from Texas. Regionally, audiences are acquainted with all kinds of Latinos spanning a broad range of professions and personalities; however, if Mohammed's Radio ever played in a place like North Carolina, for instance, a character like Pancho could become a reference point for Mexicans in general, as similar portrayals have in the past...."

Go Girl!
Screens Column  November 24, 1995
"...Along with company information and software demos, you'll find an online newsletter edited by two high school girls. Hablando de mi Generacion The Chicano/Latino Film Forum, a group dedicated to creation and distribution of film and video works for, by, and about Latinos, is presenting ¡Generaciones!, works by Latino artists examining issues of youth restlessness..."

Really Left of the Dial
Austin's True Cooperative, KOOP
Music Story  September 8, 1995
"...KOOP (91.7 FM) went on the radio dial on December 17 with a mission - to provide a cooperatively run broadcasting outlet for people and groups whose voices have traditionally been ignored or muted in the mainstream media. Women, blacks, Latinos, gays and lesbians, a variety of leftists and even children were among the many groups that KOOP wanted to boost..."

Cultural Evolution
New Directions for Mexic-Arte Museum
Arts Story  July 7, 1995
"...The Mexic-Arte Board of Directors list identifies "Latinos/Latinas, European Americans, females and males," but fails to note when members came on the board or when their terms expire. Zamora says there have been significant changes recently..."

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