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Knife in the Water Resurfaces
Nineties slowcore pioneers quietly re-emerge after a decade-plus layoff
Music Story  May 4, 2017, by Libby Webster
"...Dumpster diving served as an inadvertent foundation to Knife in the Water. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Aaron Blount retains some of the vinyl he and his younger brother dug out behind Waterloo Records during their anarchic Austin childhood..."

Deep in the Heart of Texas Political Scandals
Crimes, carousing, and contravention from the Capitol grounds
News Story  January 5, 2017, by the News Staff
"...The right-wing former freshman rep. landed in hot water during the 2015 session when she required visiting Muslim constituents to declare allegiance to the American flag and U.S..."

Murder in the Suburbs
Good Luck Penny
News Story  December 11, 1998, by Kayte VanScoy
"...The den where she lay, however, appeared almost completely undisturbed, save for a few spatters of Penny's own blood on the piano and the blood collecting under Penny's already cool, dead body. On the kitchen counter next to a sink filled with dirty dinner dishes and dry breadcrumbs, in a small, watered-down pool of what later proved to be Penny's blood, police found one of the two diamond necklaces that Penny wore daily..."

The Ninth Gate
The devil, apparently, isn't in the details after all. That's the hard lesson viewers will take away from this deadly -- one might even say infernally -- dull ordeal of...
Film Review  March 17, 2000, by Russell Smith
"...The perverse, exquisitely dry humor is intact, as well, and Depp is effective when his character echoes the jaded unflappability of Jack Nicholson's Jake Gittes character from Chinatown. But nowhere in this protracted psychological prick-tease of a movie is there more than a wan hint of the harrowing intensity and ambient dread that made Repulsion and Knife in the Water so unforgettable..."

The Chili Dog Fest Caps SXSW Local Style
Impressive lineup of musicians to benefit Central Texas Food Bank
DAILY Music  March 15, 2018, by Mark Fagan
"...Pleasure Venom, Viva L'American Death Ray, USA/Mexico, Gospel Truth, Knife in the Water, Rocket 808, Popper Burns, Genital Panic, Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, Air Traffic Controllers, the Early Stages, the John-Pauls, Utinutin [Empire Control Room inside stage]..."

The Cable Guise
Carrey, Quaid, and the IFC
Screens Story  June 14, 1996, by Patrick Taggart
"...Usually, three films are on each night's bill with each being repeated once. On the day this is written, IFC will show Roman Polanski's Knife in the Water, Ron Nyswaner's excellent Prince of Pennsylvania and Amos Kollek's Goodbye, New York..."

Pickling Peaches with the Big Bad Chef
Award-winning Southern chef shares pickling expertise
DAILY Food  August 14, 2014, by Virginia B. Wood
"...With a sharp paring knife, cut an “X” through the skin on the non–stem end of each peach. Prepare an ice-water bath in a large bowl..."

Off the Record
Austin's Monster of Folk strolls down Mermaid Avenue, inside Woxy's DJ booth, and beating the drum for HAAM Benefit Day
Music Column  September 18, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...The fourth annual HAAM Benefit Day on Tuesday is a town hall rally with a soundtrack provided by more than 90 Austin acts across the city. HAAMbassadors will be stationed at each show collecting donations that will be matched (up to $25,000) by the Topfer Family Foundation, while local businesses, ranging from presenting sponsor Whole Foods Market and new underwriter ThunderCloud Subs to Twin Liquors and Waterloo Records, will donate 5% of their Sept..."

Off the Record
Music Column  August 31, 2007
"...The album was distributed overseas by Own Records, coinciding with a European tour, while Bexar's audio collages have been featured on Ira Glass' Showtime series This American Life and the soundtracks to Red Without Blue and In the House of the Sin Eater. An even bigger secret is that the man behind Bexar Bexar is Brian Sampson, sole owner and operator of the locally based Western Vinyl Records, which has put out work from Will Oldham, Songs: Ohio, Windsor for the Derby, Knife in the Water, Tren Brothers, and the Dirty Projectors..."

A Broken Trust at the Alamo Drafthouse
After executive mismanagement of sexual harassment accusations, the movie chain reconsiders what it means to do the right thing
Screens Story  March 1, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...He said, "We always debate between 'always improving' and 'never satisfied' .... As tough as these last six months have been, it does help us put the rudder in the water and understand areas where we can improve and aim to be great."..."

Recommended Live Music for the Weekend
Not going to Float Fest? Stay dry with these show picks.
DAILY Chron Events  July 19, 2018, by The Music Staff
"...The technically minded, harmonically inclined foursome reappears amongst friends: Salsa, Dude Elsberry, Honey & Salt, and the Kraken Quartet. – Kevin Curtin Tim Rutili & Craig Ross, Knife in the Water, Moist Flesh..."

Liveblogging the Northcross Hearing…
DAILY News  December 14, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...It is finally upon us. A few considerations, before we get underway: –The previous speaker sign-up numbers got blown out of the water, with the arrival of a large post-work Northcross crowd..."

Lioness in Winter
Eliza Gilkyson finds her roar
Music Story  April 30, 2004, by Margaret Moser
"...Growing up with his father in L.A., he moved to Austin immediately after graduating high school at 17 and naturally joined a band. He played with ST 37, 23 Aliens, and Knife in the Water before becoming part of his mother's group in the late Nineties when she was playing with bassist (and then boyfriend) Mark Andes...."

Scary Stories for the Thinking Man
Director Guillermo del Toro keeps company with the undead in two new films, Blade 2 and The Devil's Backbone.
Screens Story  March 8, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...What I find about horror is that it's something that in my experience has given me some of the most poetic images I have ever seen in a movie. Frankenstein next to a river throwing daisies in the water with the little girl, the Phantom of the Opera trying desperately to make his love known, or any of those images like that..."

The Death of Rock & Roll
Top 10s: Year, Decade, Eternity
Music Story  January 7, 2000, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Astonishingly, 35-plus years after they took Muddy Waters' advice, the Rolling Stones' rock & roll juggernaut continues on steel wheels. Topping the 1999 concert receipts list, the band's impromptu North American tour -- supporting a live album spin-off of the band's decade-best Bridges to Babylon -- edged out Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band's Came, Saw, Conquered tour as the biggest buck-raking rock & roll extravaganza finishing off the decade and, yes, century..."

The Sounds of Silence
Music Story  January 28, 1999, by Christopher Hess
"...In the post-Trance age, it's do-it-yourself until further notice, and that's exactly what local quintet Knife in the Water has done (see accompanying story). To the droning organ, add pedal steel, a gloomy perspective, and a myriad of loping rhythms, and you've got Plays One Sound and Others, the local band's recent debut..."

Five Excellent Things to Do in Austin this Weekend
Aside from enjoying this, we mean, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS weather
DAILY Arts  February 6, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Especially these days, when we're still about, oh, two decades from the sort of nightmarish water-deprivation covered in Paolo Bacigalupi's dystopian, violence-riddled thriller, The Water Knife – due out in August from Knopf...."

The Turkey Chronicles: Roasted
How to roast a perfect turkey
DAILY Food  November 20, 2012, by Mick Vann
"...Always use Kosher salt, not iodized salt. 1 cup coarse Kosher salt 1 cup sugar 2 gallons of cool water 12-14 # turkey Whisk salt and sugar into water until completely dissolved..."

Constructing the Illusion of Depth
Four of Austin's master painters reveal the secrets of their craft
Arts Story  December 31, 2004, by Rachel Koper
"...Three of the four use commercial oil paints, drying agents such as Liquin, and a series of varnishes. John Cobb prefers egg tempera paint, a delicate water-based medium that's completely different materially from oil-based paint but shares a viscosity that makes it act somewhat like oil paint..."

Walk 120 Miles in My Shoes
'Mojados: Through the Night'
Screens Story  March 12, 2004, by Rachel Proctor May
"...In shooting Mojados: Through the Night, Davis ate what the four men ate (increasingly green tortillas, while they lasted), drank what they drank (water scavenged from cattle tubs, when they could find it), slept among the cacti, and schlepped 80 pounds of gear...."

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