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Playback: David Yow Meets the Jazzus Lizard
David Yow fronts the Jazzus Lizard, Cherubs knock off 22 years of rust, Preston Hubbard dies, and Blind Lemon Jefferson gets kicked off Texas license plates
Music Column  August 25, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...The official rock & roll handbook states: "A famous frontman should never sing in a local tribute act based on his band's music." So what the hell is Jesus Lizard singer David Yow doing fronting the Jazzus Lizard, an Austin quintet that does jazz appropriations of the noise rockers' catalog?..."

Cloud Atlas
This spellbinding adaptation of a supposedly “unfilmable” novel achieves near-perfection on virtually all levels.
Film Review  October 26, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Tom Tykwer, Lilly (formerly Andy) Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. Starring: Tom Hanks, Halle Barry, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Doona Bae, Ben Whishaw, Keith David, James D'Arcy, Xun Zhou, David Gyasi, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant...."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 20, 1995
"...GET SHORTYD: Barry Sonnenfeld; with John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito, Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo, James Gandolfini, David Paymer. It's said that Hollywood can be a tough and ruthless town, a real killer. Therefore, who better to grab all that bull by the horns than an out-and-out, legitimate gangster? That's the premise of this very funny new comedy Get Shorty..."

Dead Presidents
In looking to expand their creative palette beyond the streetwise nihilism of their debut feature, the excellent Menace II Society, the directing team of Allen and Albert Hughes appear to...
Film Review  October 13, 1995, by Joey O'Bryan
"...Directed by: Allen Hughes and Albert Hughes. Starring: Larenz Tate, Keith David, Chris Tucker, Freddy Rodreguez, Rose Jackson and N'Bushe Wright..."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 13, 1995
"...DEAD PRESIDENTSD: Allen and Albert Hughes; with Larenz Tate, Keith David, Chris Tucker, Freddy Rodreguez, Rose Jackson, N'Bushe Wright. In looking to expand their creative palette beyond the streetwise nihilism of their debut feature, the excellent Menace II Society, the directing team of Allen and Albert Hughes appear to have bitten off more than they can chew with Dead Presidents, an electrifying and occasionally powerful but unfocused work, that despite its many strengths, fails to equal the impact of their previous picture. Set in the late 1960s through the early 1970s, the film chronicles the evolution of 18-year-old Anthony Curtis (Tate) from a freewheeling, happy-go-lucky youngster to a scared 22-year-old Vietnam war veteran who turns to crime after his life has more or less fallen apart..."

Film Reviews
News Story  November 3, 1995
"...FEAST OF JULYD: Christopher Menaul; with Embeth Davidtz, Tom Bell, Gemma Jones, James Purefoy, Greg Wise, Kenneth Anderson, Ben Chaplin. (R, 118 min.) Not reviewed at press time..."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 27, 1995
"...FEAST OF JULYD: Christopher Menaul; with Embeth Davidtz, Tom Bell, Gemma Jones, James Purefoy, Greg Wise, Kenneth Anderson, Ben Chaplin. (R, 118 min.) Not reviewed at press time..."

Austin Film Festival Unveils Complete Lineup
David Chase's 'Not Fade Away' opens fest
DAILY Screens  September 19, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Sopranos creator David Chase will bring his directorial feature debut, the 1960s-set coming-of-age piece Not Fade Away, to the Austin Film Festival in October...."

SXSW 2012 Film Lineup Announced
'21 Jump Street' selected as Centerpiece Film
DAILY Screens  February 1, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Hunky Dory (UK) Director: Marc Evans, Screenwriter: Laurence Coriat From the producer of Billy Elliot comes this funny, coming of age film featuring songs from artists such as David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Dusty Springfield and Electric Light Orchestra. Cast: Minnie Driver, Aneurin Barnard, Danielle Branch, Robert Pugh, Haydn Gwynne (North American Premiere)..."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 6, 1995
"...MOONLIGHT AND VALENTINOD: David Anspaugh; with Elizabeth Perkins, Whoopi Goldberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kathleen Turner, Jon Bon Jovi. Perhaps it's only because both films are awkwardly titled and share in the presence of Whoopi Goldberg, but Moonlight and Valentino, more than once, brings to mind that other mainstream gal-pal picture of late, Boys on the Side. Certainly, it points out the rarity of commercial films that present male characters as figures existing in the stories' margins (or on the side), as mere plot devices in the narratives of heterosexual women..."

Page Two: True Stories: Then and Now
Connecting the dots between the SIMS Foundation and a day on the set of David Byrne's sleeper hit film
Columns  November 17, 2016, by Louis Black
"...David Byrne's True Stories, filmed in Texas, opened on Oct. 10, 1986 to disappointing box office sales..."

News Ticker: May 1
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  May 1, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Gov. David Dewhurst says the Senate will be considering more business tax cuts...."

Believe in Me
Despite all its clichéd moralizing and blatant borrowings, the movie does offer a few clever twists on an old sports-movie formula.
Film Review  March 9, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...A few years ago, ESPN released its list of the best sports movies of the last 25 years. At the top of the list, in all its inspirational glory, was Hoosiers, David Anspaugh's classic story of redemption and basketball in small-town Indiana..."

Film Reviews
News Story  September 22, 1995
"...CLOCKERSD: Spike Lee; Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer, Isaiah Washington, Keith David, Pee Wee Love, Regina Taylor. From the novel by Richard Price (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Spike Lee) comes Lee's first real look at urban drug dealing and the effects it has on life in the 'hood. Clockers is the tale of two brothers, Victor (Washington) and Strike (Phifer) and what happens when Victor, the "good" brother, is arrested for the murder of a local "clocker," or low-level street dealer..."

Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider
Writers who are not as well known as it seems they ought to be are often termed “writers' writers.” Such is the case with Paul Bowles, whose greatest popularity probably...
Film Review  March 31, 1995, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Also on the bill with Paul Bowles is a half-hour short titled Death in Venice, CA by P. David Ebersole..."

Gimme Shelter: A Song for Margaret Moser
A stoned soul picnic of Rolling Stones for Wattser
DAILY Music  September 1, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...A storm pounded St. David’s North the night my son was born in 2014..."

There's Something About Mary
A classic from the kingpins of comedy.
Film Review  July 17, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Chris Elliott, Lin Shaye, Lee Evans, Jeffrey Tambor, W. Earl Brown, Markie Post, Keith David, Jonathan Richman and Brett Favre..."

Film Reviews
News Story  September 15, 1995
"...CLOCKERSD: Spike Lee; Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo, Mekhi Phifer, Isaiah Washington, Keith David, Pee Wee Love, Regina Taylor. From the novel by Richard Price (who also co-wrote the screenplay with Spike Lee) comes Lee's first real look at urban drug dealing and the effects it has on life in the 'hood. Clockers is the tale of two brothers, Victor (Washington) and Strike (Phifer) and what happens when Victor, the "good" brother, is arrested for the murder of a local "clocker," or low-level street dealer..."

An elaborate cat-and-mouse game between human reality and game reality from David Cronenberg.
Film Review  May 14, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: David Cronenberg. Starring: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jude Law, Willem Dafoe, Ian Holm, Sarah Polley, Callum Keith Rennie, Don McKellar and Christopher Eccleston..."

Summer Sneaks
Apocalypse Whenever: Movies in the Season of Armageddon
Screens Story  May 22, 1998
"...D: Robert Altman; with Kenneth Branagh, Embeth Davidtz, Robert Downey Jr., Daryl Hannnah, Tom Berenger, Robert Duvall...."

The Chronicles of Riddick
Vin Diesel revs up the sci-fi franchise.
Film Review  June 11, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: David Twohy. Starring: Vin Diesel, Colm Feore, Thandie Newton, Judi Dench, Karl Urban, Alexa Davalos, Linus Roache and Keith David..."

Pitch Black
It's sci-fi season once again, what with this opening volley from Twohy (The Arrival) and a deuce of Mars films on the event horizon. Pitch Black, however, offers precious few...
Film Review  February 18, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: David Twohy. Starring: Firass Dirani, Sam Sari, Simon Burke, Rhiana Moore, Claudia Black, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Keith David, Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell and Vin Diesel..."

Ain't Them Bodies Saints
A hardscrabble, heartbreaking, love-and-death affair is gorgeously captured in David Lowery's Texas feature.
Film Review  August 23, 2013, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: David Lowery. Starring: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Ben Foster, Keith Carradine, Nate Parker, Kennadie Smith and Jacklynn Smith...."

First Sunday
Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan play petty criminals who spend a night reckoning with the lord when they rob their neighborhood church.
Film Review  January 18, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: David E. Talbert..."

The Sound and the Fury
David Chase on the Sixties rock that inspired 'Not Fade Away'
Screens Story  October 19, 2012, by Raoul Hernandez
"...7-inch in 1964. Opening with a re-creation of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards' teenaged reunion, David Chase's feature film debut Not Fade Away – which kicks off the 19th annual Austin Film Festival on Oct..."

Film Reviews
News Story  September 29, 1995
"...NADJAD: Michael Almereyda; with Suzy Amis, Galaxy Craze, Martin Donovan, Peter Fonda, Jared Harris, Karl Geary, Elina Lowensohn, David Lynch. From the director of the bizarre cult hit Twister comes this genuinely affecting comedy-horror film that updates the Dracula lineage to present-day New York City. The movie follows the meanderings of the Count's daughter, Nadja (Lowensohn), as she tries to cope with both the recent death of her father (at the hands of a nicely crazed Peter Fonda) and her place in the world of the living..."

SXSW Film Announces Audience Awards
The people have spoken
DAILY Screens  March 19, 2016, by Josh Kupecki
"...Audience Award Winner Vice Principals Directors: Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride..."

Princes of Punk
New Kinks “Picture Book”
DAILY Music  January 9, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Disc two divulges a cornucopia of Ray Davies pop lit, from pillow bash “She’s Got Everything” to the timelessly iconoclastic “I’m Not Like Everybody Else.” Three cuts from Something Else precursor Face to Face includes “Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home,” a natural building block to the former smash LP’s “Two Sisters,” “David Watts,” and eternal “Waterloo Sunset.” Brotherly co-write “Death of Clown” realizes a sibling potential otherwise filled by fisticuffs rather than collaboration. Singular pleasures such “Autumn Almanac” complement little-heard buoyancies by both Ray (“Rosemary Rose”) and Dave (“Lincoln County”)..."

Behind Enemy Lines
“I didn't sign up to be a cop,” says Navy flyboy Lt. Burnett (Wilson), “and I sure didn't sign up to be a cop on a beat nobody cares about.”...
Film Review  November 30, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: John Moore. Starring: Owen Wilsonield, Gene Hackman, David Keith, Vladimir Mashkov, Gabriel Macht, Joaquim De Almeida and Charles Malik Whitf..."

Lottery Ticket
Bow Wow stars in this comedy about a guy with a winning lottery ticket who must protect it over a long weekend.
Film Review  August 27, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Bow Wow, Brandon T. Jackson, Naturi Naughton, Loretta Devine, Ice Cube, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Keith David, Terry Crews and Leslie Jones, Mike Epps..."

Death at a Funeral
A remake of a 3-year-old British comedy, Death at a Funeral transfers its farce from a predominantly white cast to predominantly black.
Film Review  April 23, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Neil LaBute. Starring: Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Luke Wilson, James Marsden, Danny Glover, Columbus Short, Peter Dinklage, Loretta Devine, Regina Hall and Keith David..."

Delta Farce
In this multination offender, Larry the Cable Guy and two friends are Army reservists who are shipped off to Iraq but mistakenly wind up in Mexico – and can't tell the difference.

Film Review  May 18, 2007, by Marrit Ingman
"...Harding. Starring: Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, DJ Qualls, Marisol Nichols, Danny Trejo and Keith David..."

Wicked smart examination of black kids in modern Atlanta features talented young actors navigating the circuitous path to adulthood while spending their downtime at the local roller rink.
Film Review  March 31, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Chris Robinson. Starring: Tip Harris, Evan Ross, Mykelti Williamson, Jackie Long, Jason Weaver, Albert Daniels, Lauren London and Keith David..."

“I told you: Stop that cussin'!” hollers former NWA all-star Ice Cube, not once but twice in this genial ensemble comedy-drama that gingerly sidesteps the pitfalls seemingly inherent in the...
Film Review  September 13, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Tim Story. Starring: Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve, Troy Garity, Michael Ealy, Leonard Howze and Keith David..."

Where the Heart is
The writing team of Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel is responsible for some of the best comedic dramas of the past 20 years (Parenthood, City Slickers) as well as individually...
Film Review  April 28, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Matt Williams. Starring: Keith David, Dylan Bruno, James Frain, Joan Cusack, Stockard Channing, Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman..."

Tony Visconti Part 1
DAILY Music  June 19, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
"...If you don’t know who Tony Visconti is, you don’t own enough David Bowie albums. Simply shelving The Man Who Sold the World, Low, Heroes, Scary Monsters, and Heathen made him a household name in my music library..."

A scene about halfway into Scott Silver's feature film debut johns perfectly captures the main characters' lives as street hustlers. Cars pass by on Santa Monica Boulevard as John (Arquette)...
Film Review  April 4, 1997, by Alison Macor
"...Directed by: Scott Silver. Starring: Lukas Haas, David Arquette, Arliss Howard, Keith David, Christopher Gartin, Terrence Dashon Howard, Nicky Katt, Elliott Gould and John C..."

Into the Night With Joe Taslim and Timo Tjahjanto
Indonesian action flick The Night Comes For Us pulls no punches
DAILY Screens  October 19, 2018, by Richard Whittaker
"...Director Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre, Headshot) described the story as about "bad guys who are really bad at doing good stuff, but really good at doing the bad stuff." His approach to the narrative – and its bloody succession of fight scenes – was inspired in part by the interpersonal dynamics of Heat and in part by the ultra-violent US 80s action films like Cobra, early John Woo ("violent characters suddenly showing a spark of over-sentimentality"), the Keith David/Rowdy Roddy Piper scrap in They Live, the sauna fight in Eastern Promises, and the universal amorality of the Grand Theft Auto games. "I kind of like the idea of having characters who are never really good..."

Night School
Kevin Hart goes back to school. Sadly, not comedy school.

Film Review  September 28, 2018, by Marc Savlov
"...Lee. Starring: Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Brooke Butler, Taran Killam, Keith David, Ben Schwartz, Fat Joe, Romany Malco and Al Madrigal...."

Sound on Sound Review: Damian Abraham
Fucked Up frontman podcasts from Sherwood
DAILY Music  November 6, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Saturday afternoon’s live taping, attended by roughly 120 festers, featured several unannounced guests including Chris Slorach, bassist for Canadian noise-punk breakouts Metz, who spent his segment recounting the Toronto hardcore scene he and Abraham came up in. David Kelling, disarmingly hilarious singer for fellow SOS performers Culture Abuse, used his time with the talking stick to contend that the Beastie Boys’ debut EP and Rancid’s self-titled 2000 LP are the best hardcore releases ever – superlatives that caused Abraham to express his wholehearted disagreement with measures of enthusiasm and diplomacy...."

The Nice Guys
Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe pair for laughs in this detective caper
Film Review  May 20, 2016, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Shane Black. Starring: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Margaret Qualley, Yaya DaCosta, Keith David, Lois Smith, Beau Knapp and Kim Basinger...."

Community Cast Talks About Going Digital
Season 6 promises new faces and old faves (paintball!)
DAILY SXSW  March 16, 2015, by Russ Espinoza
"...In addition to new faces Paget Brewster and Keith David, each of the 13 episodes on tap (beginning with March 17’s season six premiere) will expand to 26 minutes. And although the Internet is like international waters for crudeness, don’t expect any sailor talk or drastic tonal shifts; but do look forward to a RoboCop-themed episode and another paintball free-for-all in the halls of Greendale Community College. [image-2]..."

John Carpenter Lit Up By El Rey
Legendary director first guest in "The Director's Chair"
DAILY Screens  May 10, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Even after it was completed, he still had troubles. Studio executive Sid Sheinberg didn't like the nihilist ending, with MacReady (Kurt Russell) and Childs (Keith David) set to freeze to death in the Polar snows..."

Dan Keller Freed
After 21 years, reunited with Fran outside county jail
DAILY News  December 5, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...The Kellers were convicted in November 1992 for the alleged sexual assault of a three-year-old girl who was then an infrequent drop-in at the couple's home-based daycare in Oak Hill. The girl, Christy Chaviers, initially told her mother that Dan had spanked her, but with the prodding of her mother and a therapist, Donna David Campbell, that allegation quickly morphed into an allegation of sexual assault and then again into allegations that the Kellers had subjected Christy and other children to "ritual abuse." The allegations were fantastic: That the Kellers had taken children on plane rides to Mexico where they were abused by adults, that they filmed the children having sex with adults, that they sacrificed babies and animals...."

You Read It Here First
Chron contributor Anne S. Lewis' 2000 piece on Albert Maysles gets the book treatment
DAILY Screens  March 29, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...In 2000, Chronicle contributor Anne S. Lewis spoke with Albert on the occasion of his visit to Austin; that piece is included in the newly published Albert and David Maysles: Interviews...."

All About Steve
Sandra Bullock plays it kooky in this romantic comedy in which she stalks a CNN cameraman (Bradley Cooper) with whom she's smitten.
Film Review  September 11, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Sandra Bullock, Thomas Haden Church, Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, D.J. Qualls, Keith David, Katy Mixon and Howard Hesseman..."

Ennio Morricone
Music Review  July 25, 2008, by Raoul Hernandez
" the 1938 short story "Who Goes There?" Second-in-Command McReady, "a figure from some forgotten myth, a looming, bronze statue that held life, and walked," continues for the men of this doomed Antarctic mission: "So it crashes, and this guy, whoever he is, gets thrown out, and ends up freezing," he explains in the final-draft screenplay to John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). Frozen in the ice, for millions of years, before roaring back to shape-shifting life "weird and pissed off." ("I just can't believe this voodoo bullshit," grouses Keith David in the film.) Carpenter's update of Howard Hawks' equally bughouse The Thing From Another World (1951) also advances Dimitri Tiomkin's frenzied original score by employing Roman soundtrack emperor Ennio Morricone, recipient of an honorary Academy Award in 2007 for "his magnificent and multifaceted contributions to the art of film music." Morricone's titles tell the tale: "Humanity," "Shape," "Contamination," "Bestiality," and finally, ashes of an American flag, "Despair." Opening with funereal violins and piano, horns sweating ice-blue angst as strings stoke panic, "Humanity" and its tuba embodies menace without rationalization..."

TV Eye
Race, Class, and War
Screens Column  September 21, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...All well and good, except that after 15 exhausting hours, it's clear that the real star of the The War is the Burnsian narrative style: provocative images, moving music, letters (there have to be letters), and, in this case, some first-person reportage from various journalists. And yes, there are maps and arrows and discussion of war strategy – not by the eschewed historians – but by the Keith David narration..."

The Oh in Ohio
This story of an uptight corporate go-getter (Posey), her sad-sack high school science teacher husband (Rudd), and her search for her first orgasm is intended to invoke rolling laughter but instead results in repeated sighs.

Film Review  August 18, 2006, by Toddy Burton
"...Directed by: Billy Kent. Starring: Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Mischa Barton, Danny DeVito, Miranda Bailey, Liza Minnelli and Keith David..."

Transporter 2
For all its gimmicky mayhem, Transporter 2 is an improvement over the original, completely setting aside such yawn-inducing cinematic standbys as a romantic interest and realism.
Film Review  September 9, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Louis Leterrier. Starring: Jason Statham, Alessandro Gassman, Amber Valletta, Kate Nauta, Matthew Modine, Jason Flemyng, Keith David and François Berléand..."

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