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Media Clips
KJFK-FM fires conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Daryl Janes goes to work for Comproller Carole Keeton Rylander, George W. Bush is still running for president
News Column  December 10, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...Add one more conspiracy to the list. Alex Jones -- who is either Austin's great exposer of truth or a black helicopter conspiracy nut, depending on your worldview -- has been canned from his evening talk show on KJFK (98.9FM). Jones, who hosted The Final Edition -- so named because you never knew when the government might show up at the station to force you off the air -- was instead forced off by station management last week..."

Media Clips
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones fields allegations that he's been stifling free expression on Austin Cable Access television.
News Column  July 14, 2000, by Lee Nichols
"...Jones' rants -- formerly heard on KJFK radio and still aired on the Austin Community Access Center's (ACAC, formerly ACTV) television stations, the Internet (, and his syndicated radio programs -- have become a regular fixture in our town's cultural landscape. Jones rails against what he sees as government and corporate threats to our individual liberties, with predictions that the jackboots will be kicking in our doors and hauling us into internment camps any day now -- in fact, he alleges that this is already going on..."

Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...Austin Talk Radio HostTIE: Alex Jones, KJFK 98.9 FM; Shannon Burke, KJFK 98.9 FM..."

Best of Austin Story  September 24, 1999
"...Best Radio Station for Paranoid InsomniacsKJFK 98.9FM..."

Economic Cleansing
Columns  April 15, 1999
"...John O'Neill KJFK's Rights..."

CSC: It's a Good Thing
Columns  April 1, 1999
"...I read, with some bemusement Teighlor Darr's letter ["Postmarks," Vol.18, No.30] that struggled with the concept of the First Amendment, as it took issue with Lee Nichols' writings about KJFK-FM ["Media Clips," Vol.18, No.29]...."

Giving Hate a Microphone
News Column  March 18, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...Yes, folks, this is what KJFK finds to fill its airwaves...."

Coach's Corner
Coach takes on sports talk radio.
Columns  September 22, 2000, by Andy "Coach" Cotton
"...When I began working on this a month ago, intending to rate each locally heard sports talk show, Austin had two all-sports stations, KVET's The Zone and KFON. In addition, KJFK had a three-hour sports show from 5-8pm, and KLBJ's long running Sportstalk ran from 6-8pm..."

Radio Waves
Changes at the Current
News Column  April 15, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...The San Antonio Current, the Alamo City's alternative weekly, recently reprinted the March 19 "Media Clips" segment on the white supremacist programming at KJFK. Our colleagues to the south were interested in it because the Current was recently purchased by the same company that owns KJFK -- Times-Shamrock of Scranton, Pennsylvania..."

Plan for People, Not Cars
Columns  March 25, 1999
"...I must take issue with the article Lee Nichols wrote on KJFK talk radio ["Media Clips," Vol. 18, No..."

Page Two
Columns  July 14, 2000, by Louis Black
"...Jones is an articulate, sometimes hypnotic, often just annoying conspiracy theorist -- black helicopters over our cities, Clinton's storm troopers rampaging through our streets, the Y2K computer crash used as an excuse for martial law (oh wait, that didn't happen, but the rest will). Through his ACAC show Info Wars, his canceled KJFK radio show, and such stunts as building a chapel at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Jones has gained notoriety..."

Media Clips
The top 10 media events of 1999.
News Column  January 7, 2000, by Lee Nichols
"...8. Controversial departures: KUT general manager Phil Corriveau and KJFK talk show host Alex Jones left their respective stations under cloudy circumstances..."

Libertarians on TV
Conspiracy Theorists at Home on Public Access
News Column  August 7, 1998, by Lee Nichols
"...But at this point, Davis and Jones are definitely the ones that garner the most attention - or at least, their faces seem to show up the most on Austin Access (ACAC) television. And Jones has stretched his reach beyond the grassroots world of cable-access to actually become a radio host on commercial radio, KJFK (98.9FM), the same station that brought Howard Stern and G..."

Radical Radio
Is Hightower's Show Too Liberal for Austin?
News Column  April 18, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...KJFK's Mark Kiester, general manager of the station that bills itself as "The First Amendment at Its Best," says, "Originally, when we made the decision to be all talk, Jim was on the list of shows we were considering. But we found his audience demographic wasn't what we were after..."

Critics Poll 2000
Music Story  January 5, 2001
"...Andy Langer: Babe's Stageside/KJFK..."

Radio, Radio
Satellite radio, the burgeoning technology that may ultimately shake up the broadcast world the most, is right around the corner.
Music Story  October 6, 2000, by Jerry Renshaw
"...If oldies radio is any indication, Elvis, the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Rolling Stones all had about three hits apiece in their entire careers, while Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, and even Jimi Hendrix simply never existed. Locally, FM talk station KJFK, home to Howard Stern, was unceremoniously yanked from the airwaves a few weeks back and replaced by secretary-rock station KHHL...."

Dancing About Architecture
NXNW news; speak of the devil and Chris Gates shall appear.
Music Column  September 22, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...Drive carefully to and from the gig to avoid further irony... By now I'm sure any of you who might care have noticed that talk radio station KJFK has been shot down and replaced by "The Hill," a station which purports to bring you "Rock Without the Hard Edge." Though I'm sure this has occurred to every single person who's heard that slogan already, let me just point out that, as any music fan or geologist would tell you, Rock without the hard edge isn't rock at all! Station promos also proudly tout the fact that the station is programmed to be as free of human personality as possible..."

Page Two
Welcome to our annual free-floating thought-association game.
Columns  September 15, 2000, by Louis Black
"...Howard Stern disappeared from the radio the other morning as KJFK changed formats. I've ranted before about how great local morning radio is, especially in contrast to radio during the rest of the day..."

Naked City
Shane Phelps debates Ronnie Earle, Hyde Park Baptist gets go-ahead in the Quarries, KJFK changes formats and call letters
News Story  September 15, 2000, by Louis Dubose
"...What was all-talk is now "rock without the hard edge." The switch was driven by market research that found adult contemporary rock without edge a better sell than talk with edge. The frequency remains 98.9, but the KJFK call letters become KHHL......"

Fanning the Flames
Did TV News Reports Jeopardize Out Youth Austin's Partnership With AISD?
News Story  March 24, 2000, by Suzy Spencer
"...Goodman also expressed her wish for the easier straight life for teens while appearing recently on KJFK-FM's The Shannon Burke Show. Burke phoned Goodman and KVUE soon after the TV station's Out Youth story aired because he "found it a little odd that anyone found Out Youth materials objectionable." Students are given information at school about alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, and sex, Burke notes..."

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