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Cyberculture Evolution
From Zines to Zen With R.U. Sirius and Jon Lebkowsky
Screens Story  August 2, 1996
" Jon Lebkowsky and R.U. Sirius..."

World, Interrupted
Saving the world, one Web warrior at a time
Screens Story  February 29, 2008, by Nora Ankrum
"...Last year, South by Southwest went green with an investment in wind energy. In 2008, columnist (and Chronicle contributor) Jon Lebkowsky hopes to see it go "bright green" – this time, with an investment in the future..."

The Hot Spot
How Richard MacKinnon and the Wireless City Project are making Austin the center of the tech universe – again
Screens Story  June 11, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...MacKinnon's nonprofit group (he also founded wireless business Less Networks) launched in October of 2003, and he runs it with an all-volunteer board and staff that includes such heavyweight Austin digerati as Austin Electronic Frontier Foundation President and Polycot Consulting CEO Jon Lebkowsky, as well as members of other Austin-based wireless groups, including Ana Sisnett of Austin Free-Net. AWCP has for the past year been quietly fomenting nothing short of a revolution to empower local business and common areas such as Republic Square Park with free wireless access, meaning you can check your e-mail, surf the Web, or simply hang out online no matter where you are in the city, provided there's a "hot spot" within, say, 300 feet or so..."

Unchained Melodies
The Austin Wireless City Project and SXSW Music launch a real-world test for the interactive world
Screens Story  March 5, 2004, by Brad King
"..."This creates an increasing number of ways to get access with WiFi, and builds the perception that access should be everywhere," says Jon Lebkowsky, president of Austin's Polycot Consulting and part of the SXSW Interactive steering committee. "This is about ubiquitous computing, getting devices everywhere working with each other."Austin Wireless City Project Richard MacKinnon is a slight man and prone to rapid-fire speech..."

Anonymity: Never Gonna Give You Up
Is 4chan Internet freedom's best hope?
Screens Story  March 4, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"..."There's been a big controversy going on for years and years about how anonymous people should be able to be," says Austin-based Internet culture expert (and sometime Chronicle contributor) Jon Lebkowsky. "Is it okay to have this complete anonymity, and is this anonymity a virtue or a vice? In some cases it's one, and in some cases it's the other...."

Snoring Out Loud
The local daily's cautious toe in the water doesn't work in the wild 'n' wooly blogosphere
News Story  January 13, 2006, by Kevin Brass
"...Newspapers want to maintain a level of control in a format that thrives on a lack of controls, says Jon Lebkowsky, an active member of the local blog community. "The editor filter has value in the journalism context, but the lack of those filters is valuable for blogs," Lebkowsky said..."

sxsw: Schmoozing with Ed Ward, et al.
SXSW involves a lot of something called "schmoozing"
DAILY Chronolog  March 14, 2011, by R.U. Steinberg
"...Since I was a little schmooze rusty, I had my first 2011 SXSW schmooze with Ed, because he's someone I already know. Every SXSW since 2004, journalist Ed Ward and Plutopia Productions' Chief Digital Officer Jon Lebkowsky have hosted a Saturday morning breakfast schmooze..."

Groundwork: Active Austinites
What's doing at the grassroots level
News Story  June 19, 2009, by Katherine Gregor
"...Whatever the city may do (or not do), creative energy for climate action is also rising from the community. Austinites Jon Lebkowsky and Randy Jewart (of Austin Green Art) caught the fever from Bill McKibben at South by Southwest 07, then got involved with McKibben's nonprofit,"

So Many Crushes, So Little Time
More greenies to love
Features Story  April 18, 2008, by Kathryn O'Shields
"...Armed with a laptop and several gigs of idealism, Jon Lebkowsky is an author, blogger, Web consultant, techie, and the ultimate green geek (and we mean that in a good way). See his Screens feature, "The Serious Play in Saving the World.","

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  August 13, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The ACLU of Texas filed a lawsuit Tuesday, representing voter (and local cyber-sage) Jon Lebkowsky, demanding that the meetings of the state's voting examiners be held in public. Voting-activist groups have complained that the Texas secretary of state's panel has adopted recommendations concerning electronic voting, including the certification of possibly suspect voting machines, with insufficient review and while insisting that the panel is not subject to the state's Open Meetings Act..."

And the Dewey Winburne Award Goes to ...'s Sharron Rush was rewarded at SXSW Interactive Saturday for her contribution toward making the Web accessible for people with disabilities.
Screens Story  March 8, 2002, by Sarah Hepola
"...Rush beat out 10 Austinites for the award, including's Ana Sisnett and prolific high-tech writer and Chronicle contributor Jon Lebkowsky. Past winners include Dorothy Winburne (1999), Austin Area Multimedia Alliance's Jennifer and Dave Evans (2000), and Girlstart's Rachel Muir (2001)...."

Untangling the Web
An Interview with Sue Beckwith and Gene Crick
Screens Story  September 19, 1997, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...photograph by Jon Lebkowsky..."

Plutopia: Where Robots and Corn Cups Come Together
DAILY SXSW  March 11, 2008, by Nora Ankrum
"...(See for more.) McKibben had spoken earlier in the day at the Building a Worldwide Climate Movement panel, one of five eco-focused Interactive panels at this year's conference. SXSWi's new green bent can largely be traced to Austin Green Art founder Randy Jewart, who invited McKibben to town, and blogger Jon Lebkowsky, who encouraged Interactive Director Hugh Forest to include green programming this year..."

Writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in Austin
How local authors who work beyond the world we know meet, connect, and launch themselves into the business
Arts Story  July 13, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Invigorated with fresh blood and perspectives, those Turkey City workshops are still going on, as are other classes and social gatherings and industry shindigs around our river city. There's the rich milieu of SlugTribe, a protean group of aficionados that's been around for more than 30 years, of which occasional Chronicle contributor Jon Lebkowsky was a co-founder, and of which a young author named Nicky Drayden is a more recent member...."

ISIS and Radical Twitter
Should we be worried about extremists' hacking skills?
Screens Story  March 12, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...So what to do about radical jihadis' hydra-esque online presence? EFF-Austin president and Polycot Associates CEO (and occasional Austin Chronicle contributor) Jon Lebkowsky says, bottom-line, "It's all part of the 21st century theatre of war – emphasis on theatre, because the war is fought with media as an important weapon. Terror­ism depends on media, and increasingly pervasive (and social) media increases the scope and complexity of terrorist activity...."

The Q&A Hole: Killing a Human?
With Jon Lebkowsky, Marc English, Rowan Hagemann, and more
DAILY Chronolog  January 26, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Jon Lebkowsky, Web Strategist & Digital Culture Maven: That's a tough question for an old Buddhist! I tend to see killing as a most extreme form of oppression, and I'm more likely to let flowers bloom, even a few weeds. Capital punishment seems wrong, and war seems over-the-top wrong..."

SOPA: A Bad Idea Falls Off – For Now
After an Internet blackout, lawmakers see the light
Screens Story  January 27, 2012, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...Jon Lebkowsky is cofounder and current President of EFF-Austin, an independent nonprofit civil liberties organization concerned with emerging frontiers where technology meets society...."

Which Came First: The Twitter or the Twegg???
Mobile Loaves & Fishes feeds the mind, body, spirit, and the egg lobby!
DAILY SXSW  March 15, 2009, by Kate X Messer
"...Some of the volunteers involved with this effort include Jon Lebkowsky, ; Susan Scrupski,; Bryan Person ; and Mike Chapman,"

Connective Issue
Web 2.0, online gaming, but everything's in-between
Screens Story  March 1, 2007, by James Renovitch
"...Right now, he maintains a dominant World of Warcraft guild, all while serving as chairman of the board at Creative Commons and on the board of directors at the Open Source Initiative. Describing what these organizations do is dicey (Jon Lebkowsky hashes it out in "Keeping It Together," p.78), but suffice it to say that Ito is fighting the good fight..."

Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution Is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture
One of the better in a small field of serious analytical tomes on the topic, despite the commanding, hyperbolic exclamation in its title, mirroring the often breathless voice used by bloggers
Books Review  November 11, 2005, by Kate X Messer
"...After a brief history of blogging from Burstein, the book delves into one big meta-conversation on the phenomenon and splits into three parts: Politics & Policy, Business & Economics, and Media & Culture. Conversations and essays from influential leaders, including Web guru Jon Lebkowsky, Wonkette's Ana Marie Cox, actor Wil Wheaton, and controversial G.I..."

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