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Bob Johnston’s Great Lost Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan LP
Late producer set the mood for one of music’s great summits
DAILY Music  August 18, 2015, by Louis Black
"...Producer Bob Johnston died Friday. This is a chapter from my online book Is It Rolling, Bob? Now that Johnston and Johnny Cash are no longer with us, maybe Columbia will finally release this extraordinary album...."

Out Among the Stars: Cash to the Clash
New but vintage bluegrass, classic rock, country & punk CD/DVDs
DAILY Music  April 2, 2014, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Since his death more than a decade ago, there’s been no shortage of Johnny Cash releases. None match Out Among the Stars..."

That Nasty Ol’ Johnny Rotten
Prince of the punks returns with PiL
DAILY Music  October 25, 2018, by Tim Stegall
"...JL Yes! Fantastic! Why not? Hank Williams and Johnny Cash are firmly embedded in my musical history. I see those kinda people as absolutely stand-up rebels, and part of the detail that goes into the making of someone like me..."

There Is a .41 Caliber Pistol, and Cash Would Have Known About It
Postmarks  December 6, 2005
"...2], I found a minor error. There is indeed a .41 caliber pistol, and I'm betting that Johnny Cash was no complete stranger to it either, Keep up the good work...."

Walk the Line
Joaquin Phoenix is terrific as the musician Johnny Cash, whose rise, fall, and resurrection we watch as he does the Benzedrine 12-step in order to earn the love of country-and-gospel sasspot June Carter.
Film Review  November 18, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"...Before this week, if you wanted to catch something akin to the true essence of the Man in Black on the big screen, you’d have had to track down a copy of the all-but-forgotten 1961 drive-in also-ran Door to Door Maniac. This Desperate Hours retread from American International Pictures starred Johnny Cash as a funereal thug who takes tyke Ronnie Howard and his mother hostage in the wake of a bank heist gone southbound..."

Ring of Fire
A talented cast and band evoke the Man in Black in TexARTS' Johnny Cash musical
Arts Review  July 23, 2015, by Elissa Russell
"...Johnny Cash: a staple in any jukebox worth its salt, but not necessarily someone whose music one imagines burning up the Great White Way. Well, it sure didn't in 2006, when Ring of Fire landed on Broadway; "the Johnny Cash musical show" flopped, closing a mere month after opening..."

Dead Man Walking
Sarandon won an Oscar for her performance as Sister Helen Prejean in this nuanced story about capital punishment.
Film Review  February 2, 1996, by Alison Macor
"...The use of flashbacks further fleshes out the main characters as well as the events for which Matthew is imprisoned. Providing haunting musical backlighting for the film's visuals are songs written expressly for Dead Man Walking by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, and Johnny Cash..."

Winner of Best Musical Score in the 1991 AFI Awards (and nominated for Best Film), Dingo is a jazz-infused tale set in what seems the most unlikely of places to...
Film Review  May 22, 1992, by Pamela Bruce
"...But, it is this unusual cultural combination which, for the most part, successfully serves as the driving force behind the life and dreams of the protagonist, John “Dingo” Anderson (Friels). A tracker by trade who hunts the Australian wild dogs of prey known as dingoes, “Dingo” Anderson is also a struggling, part-time musician who dreams of breaking away from the dusty outback dancehalls and the Johnny Cash-meets-Herb Alpert-and-the-Tijuana Brass repertoire of his small band, Dingo and the Dusters, for the sophisticated, urban aesthetics of modern jazz..."

The Blackest of the Man in Black
Pinkus, Buzzo, Bad Seeds highlight new Cash tribute
DAILY Music  October 23, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...Johnny Cash’s most funereal material – songs of hard luck, murder, and sorrow – gets the spotlight on 5 Minutes to Live, a short-but-not-sweet tribute record spiked with appearances from scoundrel heroes of underground music...."

Cash Box
Cash box
Music Review  August 26, 2005, by Margaret Moser
"...Long before his death in 2003, Johnny Cash stood tall as an American icon. His image captured the imagination: backswept pompadour, coal-black eyes, lines crosshatching his craggy face..."

Jesus Gonna Be Here
Johnny Toxic
Music Story  March 25, 1999
"...To say the show was a hot ticket is to egregiously dismiss the sheer anticipation that permeated the venerable theatre full of high-falutin' credential-sniffers. After all, SXSW has pulled off some fairly spectacular names (Tony Bennett, Iggy Pop, Johnny Cash) and always provides at least one free show for the plebes such as this year's Fastball appearance, but this was Tom Waits, eccentric genius worshipped by critics, suits, musicians, and fans alike..."

Summer Reading: Sam Phillips
Digging into the landmark bio of rock & roll’s colonel
DAILY Music  June 17, 2016, by Tim Stegall
"...Phillips produced at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, either releasing them himself or leasing to other seminal imprints like Chess Records, reveals that the title to Peter Guralnick’s definitive Phillips biography is no idle boast. The remaining subtitle almost reveals the plot line to last November’s epic tome: “How one man discovered Howlin’ Wolf, Ike Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley, and how his tiny label, Sun Records of Memphis, revolutionized the world!”..."

One in a Crowd: King of the Roadies
Help crowdfund a film and support a backstage legend
DAILY Screens  June 1, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Kris Kristofferson. Johnny Cash..."

10 Minutes with Carlene Carter
The Carter Family meets up with a couple of outlaws
DAILY Music  November 12, 2015, by Jim Caligiuri
"...She’s promoting last year’s Carter Girl, which celebrates country music’s first family. Mother Maybelle Carter (1909-1978) was her grandmother and June Carter Cash (1929-2003) her mother...."

Country Variety
Screens Column  April 15, 1999, by Belinda Acosta
"...This Sunday's All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash brings the music legend back in black. Remember the scene inCity Slickers in which Phil (Daniel Stern) reminisces with his buddies (Billy Crystal and Bruno Kirby) about his dad? In that scene, he says he and his dad could never talk without butting heads, but once they started talking about baseball, all the tension drifted away..."

Page Two: Let Us Pray and Play Guitar
The revolution is ongoing, the revolution is daily
Columns  April 21, 2016, by Louis Black
"...Had begun thinking of really transcendent music events in my life when recently the Austin History Center posted the Austin Music Network's footage of Johnny Cash performing at Emo's for SXSW in 1994...."

Austin Music Network
Music Story  January 10, 1997
"...10:30 Johnny Cash at Emos, SXSW 94..."

A Boy Named Emo
What was your favorite show on Red River at Emo's?
Music Story  December 30, 2011
"...Fitting that Glorium played a benefit for Jonathan during Emo's last week on Red River. – Greg Beets Johnny CashMarch 17, 1994..."

Ride This Rocket
Damon Bramblett
Music Story  March 6, 1998, by Lee Nichols
"...photograph by John Carrico Well, I was hoping that this could be the first article written about me that didn't mention Johnny Cash," says Damon Bramblett, a mere 99 seconds into the interview. Oops..."

A Honky-Tonk Song
Profile of piano man Earl Poole Ball
Music Story  December 24, 1999, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Earl Poole Ball. For months, the buzz around Austin has been, "Oh, Earl Poole Ball, the guy who played piano on Sweetheart of the Rodeo," but there is much more to the 58-year-old Ball's story than that one admittedly great achievement. With 40 years' experience and a pedigree that includes work with Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Ricky Nelson, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and a 20-year tenure with Johnny Cash, there's quite a bit more...."

Day Trips
Nashville's Johnny Cash Museum walks the walk
Columns  November 22, 2013, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...The Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tenn., walks the line around a ring of fire surrounding the Man in Black...."

The Nine Lives of Ol' Possum
An overview of country legend George Jones' life and career.
Music Story  October 22, 1999, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Jot down a short list of post-WWII male country superstars: Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson. There's maybe half a dozen more, at least, but Jones makes the list every time..."

Texas Platters
Music Review  July 31, 1998

Music Story  March 14, 1997
"...OLD 97's: Dallas' Old 97's may look to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash for inspiration (and who wouldn't?), but when they play, it's closer to Primus' Les Claypool, who slaps the bass in a pool of his own sweat. Blood, toil, tears, and yes, sweat have paid off for the 97's, who just recorded the follow-up to 1995's Wreck Your Life, and work the so-called "insurgent country" vein as hard as ever..."

Johnny Cash
Music Review  August 25, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"...Johnny Cash..."

Five Minutes to Live
Screens Story  August 26, 1999
"...D: Bill Karn (1961) with Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback, Merle Travis, Ron Howard, Midge Ware. (aka Door-to-Door Maniac)..."

Record Reviews
Music Review  January 3, 1997

That’s So Cool: Celebrating Bob Johnston
The late producer’s staggering output somehow excluded his own renown
DAILY Music  August 20, 2015, by Louis Black
"...“After Leonard Cohen, I did Cash. I might have done Cash before Dylan even..."

Eric Johnson, John Hiatt, Texas Tornados, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash
Gift guide
Music Story  December 23, 2005, by Margaret Moser
"...Live From Austin TX (New West)Johnny Cash..."

Johnny Cash
Record Reviews
Music Review  November 22, 2002, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around (Def American) Considering his deteriorating health, it's amazing Johnny Cash is even able to record these days, which may ultimately explain the elegant, austere beauty of The Man Comes Around. This time around, producer Rick Rubin teams Cash with Benmont Tench on piano, and Randy Travis, Randy Scruggs, and Thom Bresh on guitars for some very understated arrangements..."

Record Reviews
Prince Paul
Music Review  May 13, 1999
"...3 stars -- Jim Caligiuri JUNE CARTER CASH..."

Lone Star
Another man in black: Kris Kristofferson
Music Story  February 24, 2006, by Andy Langer
"...AC: This Old Road seems like a singer-songwriter's album by design. It's bare-bones, not unlike Rick Rubin's collaborations with Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond..."

ACL Fest Interviews
Music Story  September 17, 2004, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Rosanne CashFriday 3pm, SBC stage Rosanne Cash was scheduled to play at last year's Austin City Limits Music Festival, but her father, Johnny, passed away a week or so before, and she understandably canceled the gig. As you might expect, her appearance this year follows a period of great personal change and heartache...."

Page Two: Love and Badges
The last 'Page Two' on SXSW 09 (probably)
Columns  April 3, 2009, by Louis Black
"...Except one year it was Johnny Cash, and he was playing at Emo's – one set with his traditional backing band and a set of the new material he was exploring. At Emo's: Johnny Cash in a relatively small, intimate setting..."

Johnny Cash
Music Review  December 26, 2008, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Johnny CashThe Johnny Cash Christmas Specials: 1976-1979 (Shout! Factory)..."

Johnny Cash: The Biography
Yet another biography of the Man in Black
Music Review  November 30, 2007, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Johnny Cash: The Biographyby Michael Streissguth Da Capo Press, 334 pp., $15.95 (paper)..."

Johnny Cash
Music Review  December 15, 2006, by Austin Powell
"...Johnny Cash..."

Rock & Roll Books
Gift Guide
Music Story  December 1, 2006, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...I Was There When It Happened: My Life With Johnny Cash..."

Johnny Cash
Record review
Music Review  August 18, 2006, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Johnny Cash..."

No Dominion
A partial roll call of people who died in 2003.
Music Story  December 26, 2003, by Margaret Moser
"...Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Warren Zevon, Elliott Smith, Barry White, Benny Carter, Celia Cruz, Robert Palmer, Earl King, Johnny Paycheck, Gregory Hines, Al Hirschfeld, Donald O'Connor, Felice Bryant, Herbie Mann, Compay Segundo, Rubén González, June Carter Cash, Maurice Gibb, Mongo Santamaria..."

The Mother of All Texas Honky-Tonks
A look back at the Mother of All Texas Honky-Tonks
Music Story  October 15, 1999, by Christopher Gray
"...For his part, Cryer says he always paid Gilley in cash and that Gilley lied on the witness stand. Gilley says Cryer is a liar who doctored his contract..."

Search and Destroy
These days, the newest rage seems to be for established visual artists to enter the ranks of film directing. Robert Longo recently released his debut feature Johnny Mnemonic and it's...
Film Review  June 9, 1995, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Luther Waxling (Hopper, in a brilliant embodiment of a self-serving huckster). When Martin's lack of cash proves a turn-off to the good doctor, Martin turns for help to Waxling's assistant Marie (Douglas), who aspires to sell her unproduced horror screenplay about a “spine sucker” that looks like “a gangrene penis with a lobster claw” and a heroine who is “a fully realized, multi-dimensional character with huge breasts.” Martin and Marie go to New York to get some fast cash through the contacts of a business acquaintance played by Walken..."

Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 20, 1998
"...THE HOLLISTERS: Could these Houston boys be any more Texas? Of course not, and that was a rhetorical question, son. Last year's debut on Austin indie Freedom Records, The Land of Rhythm and Pleasure, was raining country and twang like pecans offa Johnny Cash's pecan tree..."

'America Letterpress: The Art of the Hatch Show Print'
This exhibit offers rooms of graphics to grab the eye and jolt the music-loving heart
Arts Review  March 12, 2010, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...You know that man with the guitar: That's Johnny Cash. That's an image of Johnny Cash, at least, and a Cash much younger than you recall him from the video cover he did of Trent Reznor's "Hurt," with all his Man in Black history providing a more storied foundation to the song's emotional pain..."

TV Eye
Friday night is a terrible night to launch a new series
Screens Column  March 12, 2004, by Belinda Acosta
"...High School Reunion: Round Rock High School alums from the class of '93 gather in Oahu to settle old scores and spark old loves, giving the phrase "get a life" renewed meaning. Premieres Sunday at 8pm on the WB.Worth Watching Johnny Cash in San Quentin..."

Page Two
Requiem for decency
Columns  December 2, 2005, by Louis Black
"...No Dead Kittens: Driving in to work this morning after dropping my son off at school (actually, having gotten his permit, he drove there), I listened to a pristine bootleg of about 20 songs that Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan cut in Nashville a couple of decades back. Rather than a focused recording session, this was more in the vein of sitting around, playing together, and enjoying each other while producer Bob Johnston ran tape..."

Sitting Here Speechless
Snoop remixes Cash
DAILY Music  February 5, 2009, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Snoop Dogg first showed his allegiance to “main man” Johnny Cash on last year’s “My Medicine,” but his most recent project may have taken this seemingly hollow fascination of the Man in Black to a new low. Teaming with John Carter Cash, Johnny and June’s only child, Snoopaloop presents Johnny Cash Remixed, a thirteen-track pile of crap that would stink up the whole Grand Ole Opry faster than you can say “I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow.”..."

Austin Film Festival Announces Full Lineup
AFF's finalized lineup
DAILY Screens  September 24, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...Three friends discover their new flat mate dead but loaded with cash...."

Music Review  October 26, 2007, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Johnny CashThe Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show (Legacy)..."

Johnny Cash
Music Review  December 30, 2005, by Margaret Moser
"...Johnny Cash..."

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