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Joe Lansdale's 2011 Plans
Mucho Mojo author talks World Horror Con, Michael Moorcock, and film plans
DAILY Books  April 4, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...The World Horror Convention just wrapped up a successful weekend in Brighton, England, and now the countdown to the 2011 iteration, scheduled for right here in Austin, has begun. One person who will definitely be attending is the author with Mucho Mojo, Joe Lansdale..."

Joe Lansdale, His Ownself, at Bookpeople
Joe Lansdale at Book People Thurs, April 5
DAILY Books  April 3, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...John Burdett (the Bangkok series) is one, Stephen King is another, but most of all, we pine for new work from Texas's own national treasure, Joe R. Lansdale, Nacogdoches native and genre-defying literary genius nonpareil...."

Joe Lansdale
The Hardest Working Unknown Author?
Books Story  August 22, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...Joe R. Lansdale may be the most famous unknown writer working today..."

Feral Lansdale
Joe Lansdale heading to Austin, and Bubba's comin' with him
DAILY Screens  June 8, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Let's face facts: No sane person would pass up an chance to drink in the presence of Joe Lansdale. On June 16 the king of East Texas Gothic will be screaming over from Nacogdoches to show the best of his hard-boiled, two-fisted and not-for-the-faint-of-heart excursions into the cinematic realm...."

Lansdale's Revenge
For umpty-some years now Joe Lansdale has been terrorizing the book world with radically weird, unsettlingly violent, and often indefinable short stories, novellas, and novels. What happens when he veers toward the mainstream?
Books Story  September 29, 2000, by Mike Shea
"...You know Joe Lansdale, don't you? For umpty-some years now, the East Texas native (and longtime Nacogdoches resident) has been terrorizing the book world with radically weird, unsettlingly violent, and often indefinable short stories, novellas, and novels. And alternately entertaining the hell out of readers with his relatively straightforward Hap and Leonard crime/mystery series and scaring the living daylights out of them with the likes of 1999's Freezer Burn, which features a traveling sideshow whose main attraction is a body encased in a block of ice that might, or might not, be Jesus Christ..."

Lansdale Unraveled
How a cult director translated a cult author to craft a surefire cult favor
Screens Story  October 24, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...Of all the hundreds of stories that Nacogdoches-based writer Joe R. Lansdale has written in his life -- outrageous horror yarns, gritty suspense novels, crime fiction, oddball Westerns, the popular Hap Collins/Leonard Pine books -- it's a 40-plus-page novella featuring an aging Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) who teams up with a delusional John F..."

Joe R. Lansdale Reviewed
Books Story  September 29, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. Lansdale..."

The Neal and Joe Show: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
Books Story  November 12, 1999, by Mike Shea
"...The Neal and Joe Show: Bigger, Longer, UncutNeal Barrett Jr. and Joe Lansdale..."

Sometimes Rumble, Sometimes Tumble
Joe Lansdale may be Texas' bloody answer to Mark Twain
Books Story  June 26, 2009, by Joe O'Connell
"...Joe Lansdale was 4 when his father bought him a puppy. The dog soon started digging in a flower bed across the creek from their home, so an irate neighbor cracked the dog across the head with a steel pipe and tossed the limp critter into the creek to die..."

Taking the Temperature of 'Cold in July'
The film based on Joe Lansdale's novel, 'Cold in July,' is a gnarled tale of modern horror
Screens Story  May 29, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...When writer/director Jim Mickle started reading Joe Lansdale's novel Cold in July, he expected a by-the-numbers thriller. What he got, instead, pulled not just the rug, but the entire floor out from under him..."

Cold in July
A dream lineup is one of many treats in this East Texas neo-noir based on a Joe Lansdale book.
Film Review  June 6, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Set in East Texas in 1989 (that near-past era before cell phones and DNA testing made mystery plotting a much trickier business), Cold in July is based on a novel by Joe Lansdale, and the screenplay is adapted by director Jim Mickle and his writing partner Nick Damici (who also has an onscreen role in the film). The time period also fits the story’s underlying depiction of various modalities of masculinity...."

After ArmadilloCon
Science fiction convention short on cosplay, big on literary advice
DAILY Books  August 19, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Joe Lansdale, who has seen more options come to nothing than ever pan out, also recommended all aspiring authors taking a big dose of patience juice before they talk to any producer (a point he illustrated with a series of anecdotes abut various time he'd basically been dragged, cussing and swinging, from a pitch meeting by his agent.) On a positive note, Lansdale's working with 2007 Texas Film Hall of Fame inductee Bill Paxton to bring his book The Bottoms to the big screen, and seems up-beat about it...."

Michael Madsen, Last of the Warrior Poets
Mr. Blonde on poetry, hats, and 'Reservoir Dogs'
DAILY Screens  December 3, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's a different story in Europe. Like Joe Lansdale said, legitimacy is a lot to do with geography..."

East Texas Noir
Joe R. Lansdale's Hap and Leonard get a swampy series
Screens Story  February 25, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...Joe R. Lansdale is loving his moment in the sun..."

In the Thicket of It
Prolific Texan author Joe R. Lansdale is back with a hellish and hilarious new novel
Books Story  October 25, 2013, by Marc Savlov
"...Like pretty much all of Joe R. Lansdale's bibliography, it's a Mr..."

A Double Shot of Wry
Author Neal Barrett, Jr.
Books Story  November 28, 1997, by Mike Shea
"...He writes seamless and seductive prose and dialogue that crackles with wit and intelligence. His close friend Joe Lansdale, a writer of no mean skill, calls Barrett "one of the best writers I've ever read." Discount the statement 25 percent for reasons of affinity -- and that's still high praise..."

Sanctified and Chicken-Fried: The Portable Lansdale
Lansdale is Lansdale, his ownself, sanctified in the blood of the walking Western dead and righteously readable
Books Review  June 26, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...SANCTIFIED AND CHICKEN-FRIED: THE PORTABLE LANSDALEby Joe R. Lansdale University of Texas Press, 212 pp., $29.95..."

Going Home to the Armadillo
After 30 years, the song remains the same at ArmadilloCon, Texas' favorite sci-fi convention
Books Story  August 15, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...This weekend, Austin's own ArmadilloCon is back to restore some faith in the quiet power of talking about books. Joe Lansdale, the boss of East Texas Gothic and an ArmadilloCon regular throughout its now 30-year history, puts it bluntly: "It's not for people in chicken costumes from space," he says, "but people who really read the literature and are interested in the writers and how they create."..."

Sci-Fi Book Reviews
Deeper: My Two-Year Odyssey in Cyberspace
Books Story  September 19, 1997
" Joe Lansdale Mysterious Press, $22 hard..."

The Grease Trap
Books Story  September 29, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Twenty years have passed since Nacogdoches native Joe Lansdale published his first novel (Act of Love), and for all the critical kudos and fanatical devotion of a tirelessly loyal readership, the former East Texas tater baron and martial arts master has yet to secure a spot atop (or within) the Times bestseller list. Damn shame, really, since he's as deserving of popular success as any storyteller I can think of, but not all that surprising..."

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