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Only the Fourth Wall Is Forever
After 10 years, Salvage Vanguard Theater is moving on
Arts Story  June 23, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Jenny Larson, young woman out of South Dakota, freshly graduated from St. Edward's University, grabbed an internship with SVT in 2001 – the same year she birthed a daughter who is, these days, beginning to make her own presence bright onstage..."

ACA's Save Our Spaces Second Line March & Rally
PHOTO GALLERY  September 15, 2016
"...Once the march had passed the windows outside council chambers at City Hall, a rally was held with calls for support from Austin Creative Alliance Director John Riedie, Salvage Vanguard Theater Artistic Director Jenny Larson, and Salvage Vanguard Theater Managing Director Florinda Bryant...."

Guest by Courtesy
Etiquette takes a pratfall in this comic battle for control between cousins
Arts Review  November 11, 2011, by Barry Pineo
"...Or perhaps they do. It's often hard to tell as the two cousins, the wealthier one played by Kenah and the less wealthy one played by Jenny Larson, bounce back and forth between all-out war and laughing fits, between adolescent ridicule and adult prevarication..."

Another Round of Praise
Nominations for the 2007-2008 Austin Critics Table Awards
Arts Story  May 9, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...Jenny Larson, Voices Underwater/You Are Pretty..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater: Neulander ends his run
After 13 years of running Salvage Vanguard Theater, Artistic Director Jason Neulander is moving on
Arts Story  December 14, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Sensing burnout in the wind, he began crafting an exit strategy several months ago. The current plan calls for his job to be split into an executive director/artistic director team, with the board beginning a national search for the executive director in January and Associate Artistic Director Jenny Larson becoming interim artistic director...."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's With Great Difficulty Alice Sits
Hannah Kenah's new play presents an unsettling battle of wills between a mother and daughter before birth
Arts Review  November 17, 2016, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...This first production from Salvage Vanguard Theater after losing its Manor Road space is a mix of abrupt imagery and inverted symbolism. Under the direction of SVT Artistic Director Jenny Larson, actors proceed from moment to moment deliberately, with silences given significant weight..."

Spaced Out
Salvage Vanguard, Tapestry Dance lose their home spaces
DAILY Arts  October 16, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...Indeed, the degree to which SVT has made its space available to others means the loss of its space isn't just a tragedy for Salvage, but a tragedy for all the cultural organizations that have made 2803 Manor their de facto home in recent years – a list that includes Trouble Puppet Theatre Company, Church of the Friendly Ghost, Gnap! Theater Projects, Weird! True Hollywood Tales, Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company, Glass Half Full Theatre, Doctuh Mistuh Productions, Breaking String Theatre, and Lucky Chaos Theater Projects, among others. It isn't just SVT Artistic Director Jenny Larson and her crew who are in need of a new space..."

Hamilton Township
Salvage Vanguard turns Jason Grote's new play into a rare slice of performance: funny, frightening, visceral, violent, and totally unforgettable
Arts Review  June 13, 2008, by Barry Pineo
"...How do I know all this? Because Neulander told the story to a sold-out house as part of his curtain speech on May 30, just before the opening-night performance of Hamilton Township, SVT's world premiere production of the play by Jason Grote, and the last night Neulander would officially serve as the company's artistic director. While I don't know what Neulander is up to now, I do know that Jenny Larson now serves as SVT's interim artistic director, and I also know that if Township, which Larson directed, is any indication, then Salvage Vanguard is in the most capable of hands...."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's staging of Maria Irene Fornes' Mud has plenty to compel our attention, most of it coming from the three gifted actors in the cast
Arts Review  June 15, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...They have little room on it to maneuver, to keep from bumping into one another, and those contacts – however minor, however innocent – ratchet up the antagonism among them, inflaming their tempers. Jenny Larson, Jeffery Mills, and Robert Pierson collectively raise the temperature onstage with firm, steady hands, degree by degree, such that we can feel the slow intensifying of the flame...."

Limonade Tous les Jours
Some of the production elements in the Zachary Scott Theatre Center's staging of Limonade Tous les Jours may be sour, but with Charles Mee's adorably written script, adorably acted here, the show takes lemons and makes champagne: an effervescent, intoxicating evening.
Arts Review  February 14, 2003, by Robi Polgar
"...Jenny Larson and John Little play YaYa and Andrew, "damaged goods" both yet unable to stop growing more and more attached, despite their best intentions. Their fling becomes a relationship that defies the odds: their differences in age, in language, in culture..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's Denim Doves
Adrienne Dawes' play takes the idea of postapocalyptic sister wives in an original, amusing direction
Arts Review  January 28, 2016, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...When a Sixth Wife (Jenny Larson) adds herself to the ranks of the sister wives, whatever fragile system has been in place in this shelter begins to crack. Sixth Wife is pretty outlandish for a woman in this society: Her father took only a single wife, and with his blessing, she even got to tour what's left of Europe before being tossed into marriage..."

A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits
This fantastical show, like a circus, delivers one engaging act after another
Arts Review  March 5, 2010, by Avimaan Syam
"...Director Jenny Larson and her designers did a very good job of taking such varied influences, eras, and stories and creating a cohesive framework for this play. The vaudevillian undertones of Rabbits are concocted with characters painted in strong, broad strokes; big performances; and a constantly roving narrative focus (not unlike the spotlight under the big top)...."

Thrush: A Play With Songs
Caridad Svich's 'Thrush' takes place in a war-ravaged world, but the writer's ill-conceived structure and Salvage Vanguard Theater's slow and sentimental production makes that world surprisingly dull
Arts Review  October 27, 2006, by Hannah Kenah
"...In terms of environment, Jenny Larson (in her first SVT main-stage directing effort) and her team of designers serve the play well. It is nondescript and contained..."

The Death of a Cat
C. Denby Swanson's unconventional new play, 'The Death of a Cat,' takes us into a weird world as dark and funny as an Edward Gorey cartoon
Arts Review  September 17, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...As with the works of Charles Addams and Edward Gorey, the outré atmosphere and Gothic humor, wringing laughs from our fear of and fascination with death, prove captivating, particularly as realized in Salvage Vanguard Theater's world-premiere production. It's both funny and creepy to see the twins embodied by Jenny Larson and Jeffery Mills with their chalky faces and red-rimmed eyes, looking like downtrodden orphans from some Dickensian melodrama, to see Larson's China doll features metamorphose into something snarling and feral, to see Mills' pale, oversized hands sticking out of stovepipe sleeves, sneaking, as if of their own accord, into flat, lifeless puppets to give them skeletons and intelligence..."

Culture Flash!
UT Opera scores a wealth of green while ALO is in the black, and Salvage Vanguard Labor Party wins a vote of financial confidence
Arts Column  September 10, 2004, by Robert Faires
"...More than 220 people came to the event at the ALLGO Tillery Street Theater. That will help pay an annual stipend of $5,000 to each of SVT's Resident Company Members (currently playwright/actor Dan Dietz, composer Graham Reynolds, designer Chase Staggs, and actresses Jenny Larson and Lee Eddy)..."

Salvage Vanguard Theater's Thr3e Zisters
This zombified take on Chekhov gets reanimated right when we need women who will bite back at the patriarchy
Arts Review  February 16, 2017, by Robert Faires
"...Having been through all this before – too many times before – the zisters are over it. As Olga, Masha, and Irina, Heather Hanna, Shawn Sides, and Jenny Larson, respectively, swing back and forth between ennui and resentment..."

Wayne Alan Brenner's Top 10 Arts-Related Program Activities of 2016
Uncommon combinations – dance with horses, music with robots, drama with a Tesla coil – made the year unforgettable
Arts Story  December 29, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...4) WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY ALICE SITS (Salvage Vanguard Theater) Hannah Kenah's surreal tragi-sitcom about a pregnant woman who's expecting, and expecting, and expecting a baby that just doesn't want to be born was like a combo of the funnier parts of Beckett and the bleaker parts of Seinfeld as directed by David Lynch. With Jenny Larson's staging, Kenah as the titular preggo, and some astonishing magical realism among the props and set design, the whole thing is a weird and cherished stain on my memory...."

Thr3e Zisters
InThr3e Zisters, Salvage Vanguard disinters Chekhov's famous siblings in a beautiful, fascinating, cutting way
Arts Review  February 5, 2015, by Elizabeth Cobbe
"...The performances are strong enough to deserve a second mention. The roles of the sisters are cast well – Heather Hanna as Olga, Caroline Reck as Masha, and SVT Artistic Director Jenny Larson as Irina – and the actresses prove themselves to be a great ensemble..."

Actors' Inequity
The Cost of Art IV: The artists onstage in Austin aren't just not paid what they're worth, many aren't paid at all
Arts Story  January 22, 2015, by Katherine Catmull
"...But for the independent producer, hiring an AEA actor can be a strain on the budget and even affect how other actors in a show are paid. "It's a huge sacrifice for our tiny organization," says Salvage Vanguard Theater Artistic Director Jenny Larson..."

Live Feed
Jason Phelps turns to his theatrical past to nourish the present with a Feast of My Heart
Arts Story  December 11, 2014, by Robert Faires
"..."It felt intuitive. Like [ScriptWorks Director] Christi [Moore and I] have never worked together, really, and I thought, 'I'm really curious what she'd do with a Ruth Margraff piece.'" (Shawn Sides of the Rudes and SVT Artistic Director Jenny Larson are also directing.)..."

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