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Travis County Republican Chairman Morrow to Protest Trump
Morrow plans to carry "Trump is a child rapist" sign
DAILY News  August 22, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...Travis County Republican Chairman Robert Morrow plans to protest Donald Trump, while the GOP presidential candidate visits Austin on Tuesday, Aug. 23...."

Super Tuesday in Travis County
Live coverage of the primary election
DAILY News  March 2, 2016, by the News Staff
"...Sampson says he's feeling "very, very good... I'm prepared and ready to go" as TravisCo Comm Pct 1 #ACvotes— Amy Kamp (@amyleekramp) March 2, 2016..."

A Kinder, Gentler Filmmaker
Jeffrey Travis' surprising success
Screens Story  May 26, 2006, by Toddy Burton
"...Picture your average independent filmmaker: recent film school graduate or (more likely) dropout, frayed hipster hair, funky boho tee, and countless American Spirit Lights. Now, meet Jeffrey Travis..."

Film News
Kat in a hot Austin indie summer; plus, 'How to Eat Fried Worms,' Jeffrey Travis, and the rest
Screens Column  August 19, 2005, by Joe O'Connell
"...But rumor has it an Austin-based director who is not named Richard Linklater or Robert Rodriguez is in negotiations to play the dad. Meanwhile, the Travis Heights neighborhood, hit by a rash of car break-ins, might contain the film's biggest fans..."

It's All Nice on Ice
Sno Cone Inc. traces one man's exit from the rat race
Screens Story  October 24, 2008, by Joe O'Connell
"...Travis Knapp really did try his hand at the snow-cone business while working as a stockbroker, but he never planned on being a filmmaker. A born salesman, he bought and sold cars during summers off from studying finance at Texas A&M University and made some cash with T-shirts featuring a Longhorn with the horns removed..."

Short Cuts
Marc Savlov's not mad, but everyone else is.
Screens Column  October 17, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...17, to take part in that city's 24-hour "Midnight Movie Making Madness," an annual event that this year brings together more than 270 filmmakers from Australia to Texas to Western Europe to make a film in, yes, 24 hours. But here's the brilliant kicker: The actual film, to be directed by Jeffrey Travis, will be shot here in Austin, with a documentary team following their every move and broadcasting the moment-by-moment chaos back to New York and locally on Austin access TV and online at"

Short Cuts
Holy relentless tide of divergent marketing options, Batman! Jason Henderson's Sword of Dracula sees its stakes raised.
Screens Column  March 5, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...Holy relentless tide of divergent marketing options, Batman! For more info and to check out the King of Creative Dentistry online, go to Local producer Damon Chang and filmmaker Jeffrey Travis (What's Wrong With This Picture?) have scored a pilot deal with 20th Century Fox to develop a new family series for the fall 2004 lineup..."

'Flatland: The Movie'
World premiere, Sunday, May 20
Screens Story  May 18, 2007, by Shawn Badgley
"...The warm, well-written half-hour educational film was a collaboration among Seth Caplan, Dano Johnson, and Jeffrey Travis, a trio with strong Austin connections. The "Flatland" world premiere will take place here on Sunday, May 20, with 3 and 4:30pm screenings at the Arbor (sponsored by the Austin Film Festival), and the DVD will be released on June 15..."

Film News
It's dry as a bone out there, but this verdant pasture of industry info and celebrity gossip is no mirage
Screens Column  August 25, 2006, by Joe O'Connell
"...Tim McCanlies is singing all the way to the bank with word that his Secondhand Lions is being made into a, gulp, musicial for the stage!... Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) will portray a hexagon in Flatland: The Movie, an educational DVD directed by Jeffrey Travis and animated by Dano Johnson in Austin..."

Film News
Local intrigue abounds; plus, SXSW 07 is ready for your best shot(s)
Screens Column  August 11, 2006, by Joe O'Connell
"...Leave it to an engineer turned filmmaker to make an animated film about geometry. That's up-and-comer Jeffrey Travis for you..."

High Art and Holy Spirit Team Up at the Ragamuffin Film Festival
The Hope Arts Festival and local film collective Project Seven host an Evangelical Christian film festival at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown this weekend.
Screens Story  July 12, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...It's no mistake, then, that Austin filmmaker David Taylor and the local Evangelical church Hope Chapel have joined forces to create a film festival -- called Ragamuffin -- that not only bypasses the overwrought sermonizing but also showcases a wide swath of filmmaking talent that ranges from Taylor's own AdBusters-inspired, 30-second faux public service announcements to more contemplative shorts like Jeffrey Travis' "The Party," which tackles adult themes that are both universal and Christian from a whole new angle...."

Election Night Results
By the numbers: What passed, what failed
DAILY News  November 9, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...The results from last night's elections are in, and the analysis is simple. Travis County voters are still OK with bonds, which may put them at odds with the rest of the state..."

UPDATED: Officer on Stand in Civil Rights Case
APD Officer Nathan Wagner testifies about police shooting
DAILY News  June 4, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Wagner was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by a Travis County grand jury and Acevedo declined to mete out any discipline in connection with the deadly encounter, clearing Wagner of any policy violations...."

Final AISD Results; ACC Almost Complete
Sosa, Schneider, Moya win; other races headed for runoffs
DAILY News  May 8, 2010, by Lee Nichols and Richard Whittaker
"...All Travis County precincts have reports, but Williamson results for ACC are still out: Results below, including Lake Travis, Del Valle and Eanes ISDs...."

AFF2012: 'Flatland 2: Sphereland'
Universe needs a hero? Find a mathlete
DAILY Screens  October 20, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Based on Edwin A. Abbott's 1884 novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, the Flatland films – a collaboration by locals Jeffrey Travis, Dano Johnson, and Seth Caplan – is set in the titular two-dimensional land, with a citizenry staunchly in denial that other dimensions exist..."

Three Guys, a Girl, and a Dog Named Friday
Austin film collective Jollyville Pictures on its ingredients for success
Screens Story  December 18, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Abbott's cult novel Flatland, which, while it features the voices of Hollywood heavyweight Martin Sheen and former Logan's Runner Michael York, is more beloved by high school math teachers than either Apocalypse Now or anything the once-upon-a-D'Artagnan has done of late. Co-directed with buddy Jeffrey Travis, Johnson's smart and funny adaptation turned out to be perfect for teaching bored students the basics of geometry and spatial relationships and has gone on to a rich afterlife in junior high and high schools across the country..."

Film News
Joe R. Lansdale talks about the Bubba Ho-Tep sequel, King of the Hill gets canceled … again, Owen Egerton and pals sell a script, and more
Screens Column  November 7, 2008, by Joe O'Connell
"..."We are very very pleased," Egerton says. "And we didn't even have to move to L.A.!" Egerton also reports the adaptation of his first novel, Marshall Hollenzer Is Driving, by Jeffrey Travis is expected to shoot early next year with noted producer Susanne Bohnet (The Chumscrubber) on board for the project. The Horror! The Horror!..."

Pearls on Film
Home Movie Day takes personal memories, preservation to the public
Screens Story  August 3, 2007, by Carson Barker
"...2, 7:30pm. The show will screen some first films by Austin's best directors, including Mike Akel, Steve Collins, Scott Rice, Jeffrey Travis, and David and Nathan Zellner...."

Film News
Austinite Chris Eska's August Evening wins big at LAFF, a year after locals Gretchen and Chalk did
Screens Column  July 13, 2007, by Joe O'Connell
"...Abbott's novel, is now available on DVD in a special educator's edition. The Austin-shot feature ( includes the voices of Martin Sheen, Kristen Bell, Tony Hale, Michael York, and Joe Estevez and was directed by Jeffrey Travis..."

TV Eye
A Look Back
Screens Column  April 28, 2006, by Belinda Acosta
"...Program 13 (July 21): "Bedhead" (D: Robert Rodriguez 1991): Rodriguez's hilarious first film, cast with his younger siblings in a wacky tale of a bad-hair day gone awry; "Snack and Drink" (D: Tommy Pallotta & Bob Sabiston, 2000): Computer-generated rotoscope is used to illustrate an autistic boy's fondness for convenience-store beverages; "Epiphany" (D: Joseph Ambrosavage, 2003): Droll tale of a man who makes an important discovery; "What's Wrong With This Picture" (D: Jeffrey Travis, 2003): A young boy's creation turns on him; "On Writing Hat Poems" and "I Exist" (D: Francesca Talenti, 2001): Visual reflections of two Texas poets' work.Cinco de Mayo, Tejano Style..."

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