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Jazz Sides
Music Story  October 16, 1998

Joni's Jazz
Music Story  October 9, 1998, by Jody Denberg
"...Joni Mitchell's self-portrait from Turbulent Indigo Though she smokes one cigarette after another and her voice maintains its native Canadian lilt, Mitchell's glowing face still appears quintessentially Californian as she recounts the endless litigation she endured during the Eighties (related to tax woes and battles with her bank and business manager). The last decade has also found the iconic singer-songwriter's albums critically and commercially under-appreciated..."

Bye-Bye, Bearden – Hello, Mac & Joe!
Cap City Comedy's PUNCH! showcase goes ALL'S WELL as of … now.
DAILY Arts  January 9, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Evidence: Blake and Hafkey's occasional showcase of comedy at Spider House Ballroom: Jazz Cigarette, a consistently popular presentation of their comic talents and the talents of their stand-up friends...."

Joke 'Stache
Danny Palumbo wins Funniest Person in Austin 2015, advances equal rights for facial hair
Arts Story  May 21, 2015, by Robert Faires
"...He opened not with a set joke but with a response to the closing bit by the comic preceding him – Yusef Roach unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a T-shirt with the message "Kill All Whites" – and that playful riff earned Palumbo some extra love from the packed house that he used to springboard into his prepared material, beginning with a hilarious sequence on talking to his mom on the phone, then sailing through tales of being day drunk, not using cocaine, the confidentiality of therapists, and how he quit smoking. ("Every time I wanted a cigarette, I took a Vicodin..."

Ryan Cownie Has Up and Taken Over Avalanche Comedy
And Chris Cubas, on his way to Kansas City, swears this is a good thing
DAILY Arts  November 4, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...AC: Speaking of which. Mac Blake, Joe Hafkey – everybody loves each other in this town – but they're your competition, right? Jazz Cigarette on Mondays?..."

Austin’s Funniest People Recap 2017
The Year In Review, just as it says on the tin. You know, the tin.
DAILY Arts  December 26, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...“This is the fifth year for the show,” says Mac Blake. “Joe Hafkey and myself were running the Jazz Cigarette show at Spider House and they had an extra show slot on December 30th..."

In the Bounce House with Comedian Danny Palumbo
2015’s Funniest Person in Austin is cooking on all burners
DAILY Arts  November 18, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...[Note: Bounce House. That’s the new name of the comedy showcase, formerly called Jazz Cigarette, that Palumbo and Aaron Brooks host at Spider House Ballroom on the second and fourth Monday of every month.]..."

Moontower Review: Rachel Feinstein
Mom's Star Trek 'do and soft-bearded hubby enliven killer set
DAILY Arts  April 23, 2015, by Ashley Moreno
"...Last night, local comedian Abby Rosenquist hosted this year’s first Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival performance at Cap City Comedy Club, with guest Doug Mellard (of Last Comic Standing and the Funniest Person in Austin Contest winner in 2006) and headliner Rachel Feinstein (of Inside Amy Schumer, Last Comic Standing, and Comedy Central Presents.) In addition to hosting this show, Rosenquist recently performed at the twice-monthly show Jazz Cigarette at Spider House Ballroom, and she co-hosts a monthly show, The Damn, Dirty, Filthy Show!, with fellow comedian Martin Urbano at Nasty’s bar, off Guadalupe...."

First Plates Extra Helpings: Small You Care to Eat
Chef Danny Palumbo cooks up some mighty tasty satire
DAILY Food  February 3, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Fomented and formulated by Austin's own Danny Palumbo, who previously brought us the kindercore foodie hilarity of lil' buco, the Abbrev's website is Best-of-The-Onion-level funny. No wonder Mac Blake and Joe Hafkey chose this Palumbo (along with Aaron Brooks) to take over the Jazz Cigarette stage; no wonder Palumbo's weekly "Live at Coldtowne" stand-up showcase is such a popular show...."

Moontower 2014, Day 1: Local Laughs
Feeling funny about Austin's Mac Blake and Brendan K. O'Grady
DAILY Arts  April 23, 2014, by Ashley Moreno
"...In addition to frequenting O’Grady’s Sure Thing show, Blake won the 2013 Funniest Person in Austin title, and he often performs alongside Austin comedy veterans like John Erler and Owen Egerton as a member of Master Pancake. He also co-hosts two shows: Mascot Wedding with David Jara and Jazz Cigarette with Joe Hafkey..."

Harptallica strings up metaldom's Masters of Puppets at Headhunters
DAILY Music  January 30, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Such was the sonic, testosterone boom emanating out of Headhunters at half past the witching hour on Wednesday evening. Had you been stumbling past the corner of Seventh and Red River two frigid nights ago, you’d have thought human sacrifice had occurred inside the cigarette-choked tiki bar..."

1999 SXSW Music Festival
Music Story  March 18, 1999
"...The once and future queen of Austin Blues still creates magic with her sassy roadhouse style, honed in the smoky clubs along Jacksboro Highway and shaped in Austin for over two decades. Onstage, she burns like a cigarette in the dark and her fiery intensity can be eerily bone-rattling..."

Raped Twice?
Virginia Glore asked the APD for a rape test -- instead they're prosecuting her for DWI.
News Story  October 12, 2001, by Jordan Smith
"...Virginia Glore sits in a plastic chair on the patio of Hill's Cafe, her legs drawn up underneath her, alternately smoking a cigarette and nibbling on a serving of pork ribs. The 37-year-old mother of four is a shy, slight woman, with an unmistakable air of vulnerability..."

Sleazy Listening
Screens Story  October 23, 1998, by Jerry Renshaw
"..."South of the Border," from Meyer's Cherry, Harry and Raquel features a full orchestra blustering away with a mega-distorted fuzz guitar in the foreground, providing a weird mix of square and groovy. "Paula's Pretty Pussy" is "doo-doo-doo" singing combined with a sexy, romantic score; there's plenty of dialogue clips with bombshells Linda Ashton and Uschi Digart, as well as Meyer regs Charles Napier and Frank Bolger in one of his "dirty old bastard" roles; the "Epilogue" theme definitely calls to mind Sixties cigarette commercial music (for those old enough to remember cigarette TV ads)..."

The Winter Classic
South by Southwest 1998
Music Story  March 27, 1998
"..."I want everybody to clap their hands!" he exhorted, pointing to a smoker in the front row. "You! Put down your cigarette and clap your hands!" Even in a context that's laughably far removed from Sixties Memphis, those songs still have enough power to make your hands tremble..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  February 14, 2003
"...31] ... It should be what healthy people think -- why adding a dollar on cigarettes is a good idea..."

Live Shots
Music Story  January 14, 1999
"...Certainly Marty Robbins never strangled his guitar like Jess Barr did Friday night, Naomi Judd never made love to a microphone like frontman Brent Best, and no Nashville session man wore out the skins quite like Tony Harper. The Grand Ol' Opry has to wait, for this here is rock & roll, from the drunken wobble of Best to the manic spray of power chords to the insouciant dangle of the cigarette from Barr's lips; Slobberbone's unholy tunes were amped up, spit out, and shoved off the stage with a swift kick in the ass..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 31, 2003
"...In this week's [Oct. 17] issue of the Chronicle, an ad for Winston cigarettes advises readers to "leave the bull behind." A healthy- and athletic-appearing couple embraces on a private beach, the implication being that all this can be yours if you'll just smoke Winston...."

Blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is essayed by Bryan Cranston
Film Review  November 20, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...Maybe Roach worried that general audiences wouldn’t cotton to a yellowing story about the Red Menace, so he ginned it up with a jazz-hands idea of midcentury Hollywood, with everyone mugging like it’s a lobby-card photo shoot. Roach does get good mileage from the sight gag of Trumbo tapping out screenplays in his bathtub, stiff drink and cigarette at the ready – a true-to-life writing tic made bronze monument in Trumbo’s hometown of Grand Junction, Colo..."

When Magic is a Real Darling
This popular Austin magician tells it like it appears to be
DAILY Arts  May 11, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...AC: The first time I saw you was at a fundraiser for The Hidden Room, where you did that bit with the cigarette...."

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