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Williamson Primary Plans
Expect some red-on-red action to the north
DAILY News  October 21, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...3, the best way to judge the seriousness of candidates is whether they have filed their campaign treasurer reports with the Texas Ethics Commission. With over a month to go, paperwork's flying up in Williamson County...."

Shake Appeal
James Williamson's Raw Power is all in the mix
Music Story  May 28, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Stooges guitarist James Williamson began life due west of San Antonio, in Castroville, whose chamber of commerce brands the burg "The Little Alsace of Texas" thanks to its founding in 1844 by colonists from the Alsace region of France. That's approximately a half-century removed from Northern California's Silicon Valley, where Williamson currently resides..."

SXSW Panel: From Riffs to Bits
This is your life James Williamson, you Stooge you
DAILY Music  March 14, 2014, by Tim Stegall
"...James Williamson, Texan by way of Detroit, practically invented the punk rock guitar riff when he co-wrote “Search & Destroy” with Iggy Pop. That led to one of the most insane journeys a rock & roll musician could have: From garage bands, reform school, and the Stooges to disco producer, Silicon Valley techie, corporate VP, and re-birth as a Stooge...."

Stooges at ACL Music Fest 2012
ACL Music Festival lineup announced
DAILY Music  May 22, 2012, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Last fall, when Stooges guitarist James Williamson told the Chronicle that Detroit's punk pioneers had a local festival date “around the October [2012] time frame," we assumed Fun Fun Fun Fest. In that respect, today's unveiling of the Austin City Limits Music Festival lineup came as a surprise...."

Born on Highway 61
Famed superharpist James Cotton settles into Austin.
Music Story  February 2, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...Then I sat on the porch and played harp for an hour on a Saturday and got $46. So [after my parents died], Wiley said, 'This ain't no place for you, you shouldn't be here doing this,' and he took me to Sonny Boy Williamson."..."

Justice or Vengeance?
A tale of tragedy and punishment in Williamson County
News Story  November 4, 2005, by Kevin Brass
"...The Oprah Winfrey Show broadcast the party video that unmistakably captured the horrifying incident, presenting Threet as the embodiment of the evil of teen parties. And in the courtroom, Williamson Co..."

Final Destination
As incorrigibly dark-hearted as you'd expect from a brainchild of two veteran X-Files writers, this flawed but often entertaining teen horror flick dishes out more of the long-running show's patented...
Film Review  March 24, 2000, by Russell Smith
"...For one thing, there's hardly a trace of the genre's characteristic breathless thrill-ride feel as we try to guess which of the generically attractive cast will be the next to get skewered, electrocuted, beheaded, or smashed like a June bug. The story certainly has its share of irony and grim humor, but it's imbued much more with the gleeful sadism of Clive Barker than the breezy wit of Kevin Williamson..."

Austin Music Awards 2014
32nd Annual Austin Music Awards, March 12, Austin Convention Center
PHOTO GALLERY  March 13, 2014
"...Cheetah Chrome, Clem Burke, James Williamson, and Alejandro Escovedo..."

The Wind in the Willows
Where did this come from and why haven't we heard about it? More to the point, why haven't all the children of the land been put on full alert? Far...
Film Review  March 6, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Terry Jones. Starring: Terry Jones, Steve Coogan, Eric Idle, Anthony Sher, Nicol Williamson, John Cleese, Stephen Fry, Bernard Hill, Michael Palin, Nigel Planer and Richard James..."

ACL Interview: Iggy & the Stooges
Sunday, 6:15pm, Bud Light stage
Music Story  October 5, 2012, by Kevin Curtin
"...In 1974, the Stooges couldn't stand any more abuse from fans, the pop music infrastructure, or themselves, so they disbanded. While Iggy Pop went to rehab and later became a pop star, guitarist James Williamson studied engineering, worked at Advanced Micro Devices, and eventually became a VP at Sony (see "Shake Appeal," May 28, 2010)..."

Iggy Pop & James Williamson, the Coba Seas
Kill City, Unreformed
Music Review  January 21, 2011, by Austin Powell
"...Iggy Pop & James WilliamsonKill City (Alive Naturalsound) The Coba SeasUnreformed (Norton)..."

Off the Record
A Thanksgiving feast with Speak, A Welch Family Affair, and Ornette Coleman
Music Column  November 26, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...A serendipitous postscript has emerged in the wake of the Chronicle's interview with James Williamson of the Stooges (see "Shake Appeal," May 28). After responding to the article, local reader Michael Adams reconnected with Williamson, his former bandmate in the garage band the Coba Seas..."

Disturbing Behavior
John Hughes meets Ira Levin at Carrie's high school. Dopey, histrionic fun from The X-Files alum David Nutter and Scott Rosenberg, writer of a real horror film -- last year's...
Film Review  July 24, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Dopey, histrionic fun from The X-Files alum David Nutter and Scott Rosenberg, writer of a real horror film -- last year's Con Air. Doubtlessly green-lighted following the success of Kevin Williamson and his minions, this paranoiac slab of hormonal overload positively drips with snide asides, though it's not nearly as cohesive (or witty) as the Craven/Williamson Scream franchise..."

Playback: ACL Doubles Down
ACL's dual weekend model next year will feature the same line-ups. Plus, ACL weekend tidbits.
Music Column  October 12, 2012, by Kevin Curtin
"...› Stooges guitarist James Williamson will join the Austin School of Rock house band to play "Search and Destroy" at ACL's Austin Kiddie Limits stage on Sunday, 2:30pm. "School of Rock works because we teach a lot of classic rock that exemplifies great music..."

Total Chaos: The Story of the Stooges as Told by Iggy Pop
Music Story  June 15, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Brainiac Jim Osterberg's oftentimes photographic memory stacks detail upon detail belonging to only the most epic adventures. "Bozo geniuses" Osterberg, brothers Ron and Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander, and James Williamson somehow extract the wildly unstable core of American atavism and launch it from a high school gymnasium into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..."

Gimme Danger
Welcome to the fun house
Film Review  November 11, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...But here Jarmusch declares, straight off the introductory bat, that the Stooges were “the greatest rock & roll band ever.” (Clash fans may quibble.) From there, he intercuts a lengthy, often hilariously droll “interrogation” of his subject, lounging in what looks like a golden throne, with a series of blackout segments that document the various phases of the band. Pop, still as wiry and tan as a desiccated desert rat all these years later, recalls his early love for Chicago blues and the formative meetings between himself – originally a drummer – and future sibling bandmates Ron (guitar) and Scott Asheton (proper madcap drumming), bassist Dave Alexander, and later, second guitarist James Williamson..."

Playback: Red River
Hit-and-run leaves two dead
Music Column  March 14, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...With Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome and the Stooges' James Williamson jamming "White Light, White Heat" with Alejandro Escovedo and Blondie's Clem Burke on Wednesday at the Austin Music Awards, two of the best punk guitarists of the Seventies joined forces. Chrome's been making the most out of his SXSW and is slated to play with local Dead Boys tribute act Flamethrower Love at the Lost Well (2421 Webberville) today before heading to the Legendary White Swan to play "Sonic Reducer" with Tim Stegall's Hormones..."

Stranger Than Paradise
Tucked up in the Catskill Mountains, All Tomorrow's Parties stages a music festival for its own
Music Story  September 10, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...Castroville, Texas-born guitarist James Williamson's searing leads spar with guest saxophonist Steve MacKay on nuclear invocation "Search and Destroy" and rockabilly furnace blaster "Shake Appeal," the latter turning into a stage-crashing dance party...."

Elections Are 'Go' in Wilco
Republicans enter House and Senate races in Williamson County
DAILY News  September 14, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...Seems like campaign season has officially kicked off in Williamson County, with former Speaker Tom Craddick spokesman James Bernsen looking to challenge Rep. Diana Maldonado, D-Round Rock, in the general election and Rep..."

Iggy & the Stooges
SXSW showcase reviews
Music Story  March 15, 2013, by Tim Stegall
"...He got his wish, even forcing bassist Mike Watt to come home from his own European tour. And with hardly a fuss, they're off: "Raw Power," bam, James Williamson riffing like a hyperthyroid Dave Davies, with Watt and drummer Toby Dammit deputized for brotherly rhythm section Scott and the late Ron Asheton..."

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