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Oliver Stone gives the "lone gunman" assassination theory a run for its money.
Film Review  December 27, 1991, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...He makes heartfelt, heart stirring, heart pumping treatises which, if they don't always seem to have pointed objectives, do always seem to have bottom lines. So, too, with JFK..."

Letters at 3AM: JFK and That Hard Rain
When boomers and their offspring die out, Kennedy's assassination will have the approximate historical echo of William McKinley's
Columns  November 22, 2013, by Michael Ventura
"...In retrospect, I admire at least this about JFK: On 9/11, George W. Bush went into hiding and didn't come out until he knew he was safe..."

Remembering JFK
Archives offer insights gleaned 50 years since JFK's assassination
DAILY Qmmunity  November 24, 2013, by Sarah Marloff
"...JFK Assassination Collection at the Texas Archive of the Moving Image..."

JFK Facts?
Postmarks  November 13, 2003
"...Regarding Eric Beck's letter about fact checkers and JFK ["Postmarks," Nov. 14]: In his second paragraph he states that JFK inherited Vietnam, and in the third paragraph he refers to the war in Indochina as the "war he started there." Which is it, Eric?..."

Watchmen on the Walls of Freedom
UT composer Dan Welcher commemorates JFK: The Voice of Peace 40 years after the President's scheduled visit to Austin.
Music Story  November 7, 2003, by Robert Faires
"...This weekend, Austin waits no longer. Through local composer Dan Welcher's JFK: The Voice of Peace, being performed by the Austin Symphony with the UT Choral Arts Society, a longstanding debt is finally being paid in Texas' state capital..."

The November Men
Now I know what can happen after one too many viewings of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination. You can go mad with conspiracy fever and, if you're cinematically...
Film Review  July 8, 1994, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Williams, Beau Starr, Caralissa Gines and Robert Davi. Now I know what can happen after one too many viewings of the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination..."

Always at the Carlyle
Behind-the-scenes at NYC's legendary hotel is just PR fluff.
Film Review  June 1, 2018, by Danielle White
"...The Carlyle is a 1930s hotel that has long prided itself in being discreet. Lots of famous people have stayed there, from JFK to David Bowie, Princess Diana to George Clooney, and the hotel has used them to bolster its reputation (and price point)..."

Bubba Ho-Tep
Elvis Presley and JFK (played brilliantly by Campbell and Davis) fight a soul-sucking mummy in this twisted sci-fi horror film loaded with generous chunks of cheese.
Film Review  October 24, 2003, by Marrit Ingman
"...Elvis (Campbell) is cooling his blue suede heels here (he’s afflicted with a penile growth). So is JFK (Davis), who’s been alive and kicking since 1963, only he’s black (the CIA dyed him, you see), and no one believes he is who he says he is..."

Writers on Kennedy
What we think about when we think about JFK
News Story  November 22, 2013, by Robert Jensen
"...Kennedy. A political assassination is both a personal tragedy for loved ones and an attack on democracy, and the anniversary of JFK's assassination is a time for reflection on that brutality..."

A Journey to 'Parkland'
Writer/director Peter Landesman on the untold stories of JFK's death
DAILY Screens  October 5, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...When journalist-turned-filmmaker Peter Landesman started writing the script for his JFK assassination film Parkland, he knew there was still drama in the oft-told tragedy. He said, "The movie's shocking, not because we don't know the outcome, but because the real journey of how we got there is so interesting and heroic."..."

Harrelson dons prosthetics for this complicated biopic
Film Review  November 3, 2017, by Steve Davis
"...Using the fateful day of Nov. 22, 1963, to frame a series of flashbacks depicting LBJ’s frustrated tenure as JFK’s VP until an assassin’s bullet promotes him to president, this earnest biopic sketchily communicates this consummate politician’s skills through little more than folksy humor and the occasional swear word, without really ever giving the genius of his ability to work both sides of the aisle its due..."

A portrait of the First Lady in the aftermath of JFK's assassination
Film Review  December 23, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...The broken heart and the bloodied but fiercely unbowed soul of the film rests squarely on the titular Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Even in her shock and grief she fights to secure her husband’s historical legacy, most pointedly by demanding that JFK’s coffin would rest upon a horse-drawn caisson funeral procession down Pennsylvania Avenue to Arlington National Cemetery..."

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years
Ron Howard tackles the Beatles
Film Review  September 9, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Certain key elements and figures (i.e., Brian Epstein) are glossed over, and the film’s U.S.-centric biases are front and center. Beatlemania is seen through the fulcrum of such events as JFK’s assassination and the escalating war in Vietnam..."

Kennedy, Cruz, and Reagan Tourettes
GOP Senator can't even praise JFK without slavering over the Gipper
DAILY News  November 26, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...Take: Sen. Ted Cruz: He can't even get through a JFK tribute without that reflex...."

Reporting an Assassination
"Parkland" director Peter Landesman on JFK research
DAILY Screens  November 22, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...If you've got a conspiracy theory about the JFK assassination, Peter Landesman doesn't want to know. The director of Parkland wants facts, not conjecture, and knows that's not always popular..."

Writers on Kennedy
What we think about when we think about JFK
News Story  November 22, 2013, by Belinda Acosta
"...I have a very clear memory of JFK's assassination, but it's not mine. It's my mother's..."

Writers on Kennedy
What we think about when we think about JFK
News Story  November 22, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...Chronicle staffer Carolyn Phillips, then a student at the University of Houston, saw JFK the day before he went to Dallas...."

Oliver Stone’s Bush portrait is a tale of two movies: one a humanizing portrait of a failure as a young man, the other a damning but unsurprising look inside an administration gone loopy on ideological zealotry.
Film Review  October 17, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...He cuts quickly from the future president’s fraternity hazing at Yale to his abbreviated courtship of a self-possessed young librarian named Laura (Banks), from his first unsuccessful foray into politics (highlighted by a wonderful but bruising debate between Bush and his opponent, Kent Hance, in the 1978 race for Texas’ 19th Congressional District where the inexperienced Republican learns a valuable lesson in the art of cutthroat politics) to his eventual rebirth as an evangelical Christian and his rise to the governorship of Texas. Had Stone stopped there and gone deeper, had he probed more subtly the Freudian angst and self-doubt of an heir apparent to a stern and disappointed father (would anyone put it past Stone to paint a sitting American president as Henry V?), had he examined more closely Bush’s political education at the feet of mastermind Karl Rove, then I might just be sitting here telling you about a new masterpiece from the man who brought us JFK and Nixon..."

Friend of the Family
In Thomas Mallon's new nonfiction book, the strangest figure in the JFK assassination is the most honest one.
Books Story  January 25, 2002, by Clay Smith
"...To students of the JFK assassination, the strange life of Ruth Paine is yet another reason to insist that the truth is out there. Michael and Ruth Paine moved to Irving from southeastern Pennsylvania in 1959 because Michael went to work for Bell Helicopter, a new company in Ft..."

Thirteen Days
As a critic who spent the better part of this past year grousing about the dearth of “intelligent” storylines in 2000, it's heartening to see a film like Roger Donaldson's...
Film Review  January 12, 2001, by Marc Savlov
"...Not so Costner's outrageous Boston-baked-beans accent, which fluctuates from admirably restrained to outright silly (à la “Why'd ya pahk the cah so fah from the bah? Now we gahtta waaahk!”) whenever the actor feels he may be upstaged by the events surrounding him. It's Greenwood, though, as the beleaguered JFK, who steals the picture with a nuanced, subtle performance..."

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