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ACL Live Shot: Interpol
The best English post-punk band millennial NYC produced
DAILY Music  October 5, 2014, by Tim Stegall
"...Yet there they were: Interpol, still suited and booted, the best late-Seventies, English-post-punk band millennial NYC produced. Iconic bassist Carlos Dengler no longer hogs the audience’s gaze, but the band’s remaining core trio inhabits the limelight like they they were born to it...."

Likes Interpol More Than Green Day
Postmarks  October 26, 2004
"...Dear Editor, Unbelievable. The same reviewer that gave Interpol's Antics 2 1/2 stars gives Green Day four..."

Ninja Assassin
No amount of fighting sticks and throwing stars can elevate this silly tale or its Korean pop-lite star Rain.

Film Review  November 27, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...That would be ginchy Korean pop-lite star Rain who plays Raizo, who was abducted as a child by the not even vaguely mysterious Ozuno Clan, and thereafter raised to be, like, totally unkillable and way superbuff. The convoluted and really, really lousy storyline has sexy, Berlin-based Interpol agent Mika Coretti (Harris) digging up connections between a recent spate of high-profile international assassinations and the Ozunus..."

The International
This conspiracy thriller starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts never gets past second gear.
Film Review  February 13, 2009, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...The man behind the "Everyone Is Involved" moment in The International is Wilhelm Wexler (Mueller-Stahl), a consultant for the International Bank of Business and Credit, a lending titan that specializes in corruption, arms dealing, war profiteering, murder, and the employment of pale European men in dark suits. Wexler’s audience is Louis Salinger (Owen), an Interpol agent who’s been investigating IBBC for years but keeps running into dead ends and dead bodies, no matter which country he goes to (because this isn’t just a White House operation, like the one in All the President’s Men, or a joint White House/Army/Justice Department/Dallas Police Department/Cuban freedom fighter/Supreme Court operation, like the one in JFK)..."

The Medallion
Furthering his American decline, Jackie Chan will wins no medallions for this stinker.

Film Review  August 22, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...His onscreen persona, however, remains unchanged, which is either good news or bad news depending on how you feel about his ongoing penchant for broad physical slapstick and outright mugging to the camera – which may play well in the former Crown colony but too often feels just plain silly to Westerners. (Nowhere was this more apparent than in 1992’s City Hunter, which featured Chan in a barrage of eye-rolling, arm-flapping, slapstick tomfoolery that left more impressionable viewers, myself included, blind and humorless for days after.) The Medallion has Chan, inexplicably paired with Claire Forlani of Northfork, in yet another HK detective role, this time as semi-supercop Eddie Yang, who along with Forlani’s smiley Interpol officer Nicole James and Lee Evans’ inept copper Watson, is on the trail of the nasty Snakehead (Sands) and the life- and superpower-bestowing medallion of the title..."

Simon Sez
Ain't capitalism great? Armed with only marginal (at best) résumés and the fading notoriety of a cross-dressing NBA power forward, the makers of this film somehow managed to scam their...

Film Review  October 1, 1999, by Russell Smith
"...With its uncompelling star (Rodman, for all his superficial “outrageousness” has always been a strangely affectless personality), sub-Nickelodeon efforts at humor, and uninspired action sequences, this is quintessential straight-to-video filmmaking, token theatrical release notwithstanding. The story, in case you're actually interested, deals with the efforts of a suave Interpol agent named Simon (Rodman) to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a rich American business mogul..."

The Tourist
Not even Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and the Venice setting can rescue this would-be thriller from its slack storytelling.
Film Review  December 17, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton, Steven Berkoff and Rufus Sewell. Interpol wants to catch a thief, namely Alexander Pearce, who has stolen more than $2 billion..."

Record Review
Music Review  September 6, 2002, by Michael Chamy
"...InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights (Matador) The musical recycle from 25 years ago has finally made its way to the edge of the Eighties, from the southern Zeppelinism of the White Stripes and the fun-but-empty Television conjure of the Strokes, to the edgy emotional juggernaut that was post-punk and that era's flagship band, Joy Division. This is Interpol, and their robe is cut from cloth that matters: melodic Peter Hook-like basslines; the divine shoegazer textures of My Bloody Valentine and Ride; a peppy, Strokes-like bounce; and a singer who's a dead ringer for Ian Curtis..."

ACL Music Fest 2014 Saturday Interviews
ACL Fest phoners
Music Story  October 2, 2014, by Luke Winkie

Music Review  July 20, 2007, by Austin Powell

ACL Music Fest 2014 Saturday Interviews – Second Weekend
4:30pm, Honda stage
Music Story  October 9, 2014, by Luke Winkie
"...Interpol4:30pm, Honda stage..."

Record review
Music Review  October 15, 2004, by Christopher Gray
"...InterpolAntics (Matador) Maybe Interpol should've just packed it in, let Paul Banks go back to his international studies and allowed Carlos D to work on his lucrative sideline as a DJ. There was almost no way the NYC quartet could follow up 2002's seething, out-and-out brilliant Turn on the Bright Lights, yet even though there was nowhere for the band to go but down, Antics is hardly a flop..."

The Hitman’s Bodyguard
I will always love you
Film Review  August 18, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...And Jackson plays Jackson, a persona so well-established that it becomes a self-aware meta-comment when Bryce exclaims that Jackson’s Darius Kincaid has “single-handedly ruined the word ‘motherfucker.’” One thing that unites these two hard-boiled killers, however, is that they’re both fools for love. Bryce’s ex-girlfriend Amelia Roussel (Yung) is the Interpol agent who ropes him into the mission, and Kincaid’s wife Sonia (Hayek) may be the only person alive who’s tougher and more foul-mouthed than he..."

Now You See Me
This magicians' caper film has a good cast but very little else hidden up its sleeve.
Film Review  June 7, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Also following their tour is Thaddeus Bradley (Freeman), a magic debunker who really serves no narrative purpose but to explain some of the mechanics of how the magic is created. After the group’s opening show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – during which a bank in Paris is robbed and the purloined loot rains down on the delighted audience – the foursome is additionally pursued by FBI man Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) and Interpol agent Alma Dray (Laurent)...."

Paul Banks
Music Story  October 26, 2012, by Luke Winkie
"...Paul Banks has had a rough go of it. Since Interpol's era-defining debut, 2002's Turn On the Bright Lights, the NYC luminary's career slowly disintegrated into unflattering irrelevance..."

The Imposter
This documentary about a bizarre case of identity theft is a puzzle of lies, duplicity, and suppositions.
Film Review  August 17, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...In reality (which proves far, far more malleable than even David Lynch might think), this "Nicholas" was in fact 23-year-old professional child-impersonator Frederic Bourdin. Ultimately deported back to Europe, Bourdin (known to Interpol by the nickname "The Chameleon") is truly an enigmatic master manipulator of other people's realities..."

Magnetic Morning
Music Review  November 14, 2008, by Daniel Mee
"...Though Magnetic Morning's drummer, Sam Fogarino (Interpol), and guitarist, Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), have worked together more than a year, the current full-band lineup played its first show less than a month ago. At FFFF, the newness was apparent in a degree of hesitancy, with the lead guitarist (who looked an awful lot like Interpol's Carlos Dengler) in particular looking unsure..."

The Insider
Ultragrrl handicaps SXSW 2006
Music Story  March 17, 2006, by Andy Langer
"...Then there's She Wants Revenge, or what my friends call Interpol Wants Revenge. I fucking love Interpol..."

Lord of War
Gattaca writer-director Andrew Niccol shines his usual cynicism on the subject of gunrunning in his new film, a strange amalgam of compelling visuals and fascinating vocational details forged with deep moral ambivalence and often hollow didacticism.
Film Review  September 16, 2005, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Many of the details of how Orlov conducts business turn out to be as riveting as a Tom Clancy novel. However, Lord of War gives short shrift to its secondary characters: More about the contradictions between Weisz (who claims to be in the business to make governments, not money) and Orlov would have been welcome, as would more fleshed-out depictions of Orlov’s trophy wife (Moynahan), literal brother-in-arms (Leto), and dogged Interpol agent Valentine (Hawke), who plays cat to Orlov’s canary..."

Thursday Sleepers
SXSW picks & sleepers
Music Story  March 18, 2005
"...A follow-up to '03's energetic Katonah is due soon. – Michael ChamyTHE NATIONAL9pm, Buffalo Billiards Matt Berninger's shadowy tenor is pure Joy Division, Smiths, Psych Furs, but stepping up into their new Beggars Banquet debut, sophomore snapper Alligator, this Brooklyn quintet is poised for the same sort of success as retro boomerang Interpol..."

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