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How's Your News?
Utah shines kindly on Austinites
DAILY Screens  January 27, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...The news from Sundance just keeps getting better and better for locals: In addition to terrific reviews for Margaret Brown's The Order of Myths and a distribution deal for former Austinites the Duplass brothers' Baghead, Katrina doc Trouble the Water, which was shot by local dynamo PJ Raval, won the Grand Jury Prize for documentary. Nice work, team..."

How's Your News, SXSW?
SXSW Film gets Academy-approved and an opening night film
DAILY Screens  December 16, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...A couple of new developments came down the pike from our friends and neighbors at SXSW Film. (Seriously -- they live on the other side of our volleyball court..."

Where's Your Evidence?
Advances in forensic science have made physical evidence increasingly crucial in criminal justice – but the practice of preserving and maintaining that evidence is often underfunded, poorly managed, or just plain sloppy
News Story  February 15, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...More often than not, the evidence hasn't actually been removed from a law enforcement storage facility – though scandals involving stolen evidence are unnervingly common, as officials with the Houston PD can readily affirm. Instead, says Vasquez, missing evidence is generally misplaced evidence – logged into one area of a storage facility and then moved without anyone noting the new location, or overlooked when a department's evidence-tracking system is upgraded...."

Death Watch: Where’s Your Evidence?
Exculpatory testimony, DNA at issue in two landmark cases
News Story  October 5, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...Rodney Reed, the Bastrop man who's spent nearly 20 years on death row for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites – a crime he has steadfastly maintained he did not commit – could move one step closer to a new trial next week. On Tuesday, Oct..."

Letters at 3AM: What's Your Sign?
Michael Ventura observes the Occupy signs of our times
Columns  December 30, 2011, by Michael Ventura
"...Signs can be broken, rained on, confiscated, stolen, defaced, burned, or simply fade away, so here, on the eve of this new year, I record for posterity as many as will fit. (Yes, some are on the Internet, but believe me, print lasts longer.) The signs here are mostly from Occupy Austin, with additions from occupiers in Lubbock; Vancouver, Canada; Asheville, N.C.; Anchorage, Alaska; Boston; and New York..."

City Council: Here's Your Budget!
Council holds line on tax rate, juggles many line items
News Story  September 13, 2013, by Michael King
"...That followed last week's explicit rejection of an increase by Mayor Lee Lef­fing­well, and although the mayor was the most adamant, he was joined on Monday by Council Member Bill Spelman, who amplified his earlier complaints of rising city costs with a brief chart that showed expenditures in the last decade rising faster than residential income – most of which he attributed to unnecessary and unjustified added spending for the Austin Police Depart­ment, despite what he described as a decreasing workload. He argued that "small steps" over time had led to this disjunction, and, "It's time we stepped in another direction." Accordingly, he said, he would not be voting for any new expenditures...."

News 8 at 5
Can Austin's little news station that could survive the grim reapers at Time Warner?
News Story  September 3, 2004, by Kevin Brass
"...Sitting in his office, shortly after first coffee, News 8 Austin news director Kevin Benz is attempting to explain why his 24-hour news channel is different from the other local TV news operations. He pulls up a rundown of his competitor's newscasts from the previous night, a hodgepodge of reports on scams, assorted mayhem, and national news..."

That's a Wrap
Notes From the Austin Film Festival and Heart of Film Screenwriters Conference
Screens Story  October 20, 2000, by Peter Debruge
"...Moreno makes due with his condition, hardly even acknowledging it as he focuses on his own active, humor-filled pursuits. In the same spirit that marks former Austinite Arthur Bradford's remarkable How's Your News? (apparently still in limbo despite Trey Parker and Matt Stone's involvement), Graves refuses to coddle his friend's disability, instead supporting him wherever possible..."

Broken News
Times Warner's struggling news channel lashes out at defectors
News Story  July 14, 2000, by Erica C. Barnett
"...When you think of money-grubbing TV personalities, chances are Jenny Hansson isn't the first person who pops into your mind. Chances are you haven't even heard of Hansson, an ambitious young reporter who left her job covering business news at News 8 Austin last month..."

News of the Day: 11/19/10
Welcome to our collection of news stories
DAILY News  November 19, 2010, by Eric Pickhartz
"...Your Friday edition of News of the Day is packed full of useful information. Boost your news IQ and impress your friends with the latest stories from around the world..."

TV News Revealed
K-EYE's Smoke and Mirrors Approach
News Column  May 2, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...K-EYE delivers autographed Terri Chappell photos, but not hard news. Last Wednesday, no less than eight PR flacks from local CBS affiliate K-EYE lighted on the Chronicle offices to inform me of a week-long news special on K-EYEWitness News..."

S-Comm: Hamilton Fans Backlash
Sheriff Hamilton continues to back S-Comm, even as sheriffs across the country reject it
News Story  July 10, 2014, by Tony Cantú
"...Hamilton's favored media outlets made it certain that his mysterious list had the desired dramatic effect. KVUE-TV News took the bait, appropriating the booking sheet for its own breathless reporting, unquestioning and given a sheen of exclusivity..."

Tuesday News Gay for Jan. 10
Daniel is awash in Santorum sauce
DAILY The Gay Place  January 10, 2012, by Daniel Villareal
"...This week's LGBT news round-up includes a slice of GOP primary with a side of Santorum sauce. But there's also some deliciously gay wedding cake, a newly out cele-sbian and music from the Scissor Sisters for dessert..."

News Ticker: November 6
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  November 6, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...David Barton backs down from the fight, Dan Patrick gets crafty, and Pete Sessions stays on message. Pomposity is on the News Ticker...."

Bill Cotter's Parallel Apartments Are Full of Freaks Like You and Me
And the author presents a wine-fueled glimpse at BookPeople tomorrow.
DAILY Books  February 24, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Bill Cotter's new novel, The Parallel Apartments, should come with one of those Government Warning Labels...."

Roger Duncan's Night Visions
Austin Energy's GM invites us to wrestle with the conundrum of clean energy
News Story  October 24, 2008, by Katherine Gregor
"...Ratcheting up his wee-hours fretting is the Austin Climate Protection Plan, adopted by City Council last March. That plan raised the bar on an already challenging 2003 council mandate to make Austin the “clean energy capital of the world.” Among other ambitious goals, the Climate Protection Plan pledges that by 2020, Austin Energy will get 30% of its power from renewable sources, while reducing energy consumption enough to eliminate the need for a 700-megawatt power plant..."

How to Be a Popular Girl
What will shy novelist Sarah Bird do now that she's back in the limelight, Dick Holland asks in this profile of the author of The Yokota Officers Club.
Books Story  June 22, 2001, by Dick Holland
"...Sarah Bird is coming over for lunch and she's promised to bring her latest production -- the soundtrack to her new novel, The Yokota Officers Club. Her e-mail had said: "You'll get my Napster when you pry the mouse from my cold, dead hand."..."

Cap Metro STILL Wants Your Budget Input
Give feedback in person or online
DAILY News  June 4, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...Newsdesk previously mentioned Capital Metro's budget workshops being held around town. Well, based on last night's very poor attendance (four) at the workshop held at the Little Walnut Creek Library, not many of you are jumping on the chance...."

Dissecting Mercer's Anti-Evolution Editorial
Because shooting fish in a barrel is fun!
DAILY News  February 16, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...In a "Newsdesk" posting a few days ago, I touched lightly on Tuesday’s dishonest and contradictory anti-evolution editorial in the San Antonio Express-News by Ken Mercer, the representative of State Board of Education District 5 (which includes Travis County south of the Colorado River), and said I’d expand on it in the print edition. Duh – with the unlimited space afforded by the Internet, “Newsdesk” is the better place for piece-by-piece dissection of Mercer’s op-ed..."

City Gets Into the News Biz
'CityView' debuts on Channel 6
DAILY News  January 11, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...Channel 6, your one-stop cable destination for City Council meetings, boards and commissions ephemera, and the best in PowerPoint programming, is stepping up their broadcast game. On the second and fourth Friday of each month, they'll begin airing "CityView," a news digest recapping developments at City Hall...."

Feast Your Eyes on This
SXSW Film Conference announces panels with an eye toward the visual arts
DAILY Screens  November 17, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...SXSW Film first tipped its hand last month by unveiling a brand-spanking-new award for excellence in Title Design. Eyeing the latest batch of 2010 panels to be announced, I think it's safe to say it: SXSW Film has a serious jones for the visual arts...."

News Ticker: October 8
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  October 8, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Dan Patrick gets tough on immigration, Jerry Patterson gets tough on Dan Patrick, and Lisa Fritsch decides to tough it out. Sinew is on the News Ticker...."

News AggreGAYte for the Week of Oct. 4-10
This week sees the necessary launch of the anti-bullying movement
DAILY The Gay Place  October 4, 2010, by Rob Cohen
"...The only positive news is that outrage over these incidents has sparked a huge wave of anti-bullying awareness...."

Rock Out With Your Dogs Out
The awesomest documentary about an animatronic band of animals comes to DVD
DAILY Screens  September 16, 2009, by Ashley Moreno
"...It’s been a few days now since the release of Beatles Rock Band, and your wrists and knees probably need a break. The good news? A short ergonomic vacation from unlocking new challenges doesn’t have to mean a total halt to your celebration of fine, electronic cover bands..."

News Ticker: September 16
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  September 16, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Boone Pickens makes it rain. Modesty is on the News Ticker...."

Not Your Same Old News
Politico Taps Into Latino Affairs With Critical Eye
News Column  January 16, 1998, by Lee Nichols
"...The Statesman's loss may yet turn out to be a gain for Garcia, if his new entrepreneurial venture pans out. Last September, Garcia, 38, launched Politico, a weekly newsletter devoted to Latino politics..."

News of the Day: 11/17/10
Welcome to our new collection of news stories
DAILY News  November 17, 2010, by Eric Pickhartz
"...It's the News of the Day! It may not be the best, but it's certainly not the worst collection of news stories you'll find online today. Plus, we need your help! Yes, you, the reader! Read more to find out how...."

The Luv Doc: Your Psychopathic Buddy
Put the HR department on your speed dial
Columns  July 27, 2017, by The Luv Doc

News Ticker: July 18
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  July 18, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Dan Patrick comes to Jesus, Julián Castro starves the trolls, and Greg Abbott blows some hot air. Appearances are on the News Ticker...."

News Ticker: June 6
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  June 6, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...The Texas Water Development Board has an axe to grind, Ted Cruz says his eight bits, and the Westboro Baptist Church stages a love-in. Dubiousness is on the News Ticker...."

Voting "No" on Cinemark's CEO
A boycott of Cinemark theatres is in motion after the disclosure of CEO Alan Stock's contribution to "Yes on Prop. 8" campaign
DAILY Screens  November 19, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...If you follow movie news at all, you've already heard about the continued fallout from Prop. 8, in which contributors to the "Yes on Prop..."

How Do I Look?
'Chronicle' writer and News 8 music reporter Andy Langer provides a tongue-in-cheek view of the glamour of television
News Story  September 3, 2004, by Andy Langer
"...In hindsight, I may have been a little too self-conscious. I made sure the saleswoman knew I was working in television news..."

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Mr. Gates
Top Nine Cyber Stories
Screens Story  January 7, 1999, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...However, Austin continued to be an attractive business zone, and several technology companies hung in and eventually thrived, especially Dell, which has been phenomenally successful in the Nineties. In its November 23 issue, Fortune called Austin the number one best city for business, and cited Dell as "the region's largest private employer." Austin's reputation as a hotbed of Internet action promises to pay off, too, as Net-based industries begin to thrive, such as Deja News, Acuity, Hoover's, etc..."

News Fit to Censor
Observer Among Media That Went After Real News
News Column  May 30, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...Articles on Shell Oil and the Environmental Protection Agency published by The Texas Observer made project Censored's top overlooked news stories of 1996. This year's version of the annual yearbook of Project Censored, Censored 1997: The News That Didn't Make the News, is now available, and the Austin-based Texas Observer has two stories listed among the prestigious volume's top 25 overlooked news stories of 1996...."

News Roundup: Smoke and Fire
Arsonists, burn bans, and heated arguments
DAILY News  August 17, 2015, by the News Staff
"...In this week's News Roundup: Rangers arrest Austin's car arsonist in Iowa; Council approves a temporary ban on fire and smoking; UT's Confederate statue problem isn't resolved quite yet; and more...."

News Roundup: Pressley, Jackson, CapMetro, and more
How do you solve a problem like Laura?
DAILY News  November 17, 2014, by the News Staff
"...In this week's news roundup, we ask, among other questions, what does it matter what a Council candidate thinks about 9/11, as long as she supports a 20% homestead exemption? Will Larry Jackson's killer ever go to trial? How many different ways can Donna Campbell think of to try to discriminate against gay people?..."

Kickstart Your Weekend
Headlines from the crowdfunding scene
DAILY Screens  November 8, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...We're taking a different approach with the column this week, with some news about a few different crowdfunding campaigns with local ties instead of spotlighting one in particular...."

News Ticker: July 11
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  July 11, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...John Cornyn hires a snot-nosed punk, David Dewhurst tries to break out of the friend zone, and Rick Santorum clogs up Austin's pipes. Euphemism is on the News Ticker...."

Tuesday News Gay on a Wednesday: Feb. 1
This week's LGBT news round-up has good news all around!
DAILY The Gay Place  February 1, 2012, by Daniel Villareal
"...Thank your lucky stars, young unicorns, because not only did Austin make the list of lesbianiest cities, but there's good same-sex marriage news, a push for trans-rights in the military, and a queer-friendly guide to this week's hyper-masculine celebration of heteronormative violence… (or for those who just really wanna see Madonna's half-time show)...."

SXSW Alum News, Plus the Search for a One-Armed Lady
Margaret Brown wins a Peabody, and other news from the Austin film community
DAILY Screens  March 31, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Hold up, we’ve got more SXSW related news: Artois the Goat, the charming competition film from Austinites Cliff and Kyle Bogart, premiered on DVD this week from IndiePix. Go here and here and here to read all the love we showed the film back when it played SXSW 09......"

Channeling the News
Watchdog Group Grades Local TV Stations
News Column  August 21, 1998, by Lee Nichols
"...illustration by Doug Potter For the fourth year in a row, Rocky Mountain Media Watch (RMMW) has passed judgment on local television news in the United States. And the verdict, unfortunately, is a rerun of previous years: It's bad...."

Who's Got the Hootie?
Comparing Austin' and Dallas' 1995 Output
Music Story  January 19, 1996
"...Edie Brickell always seemed harmless enough. What she and the New Bohemians may have lacked in soul, they seemed to make up for with charm..."

The Luv Doc: She's a Hitter
Maybe you need to watch your goddamned sassy mouth
Columns  February 4, 2016, by The Luv Doc

The Gay Place: It's Aliiive!
You can't keep a Gay Place down; just ask Sarah Marloff
DAILY The Gay Place  January 20, 2016, by Kate X Messer
"...Of course I was OK with that. And to her credit, managing ed (the first name of that god forsaken title, is, after all, "managing") testified to being a bit blindsided by the news herself...."

News Ticker: August 9
All the news that's fit to blog
DAILY News  August 9, 2013, by Brandon Watson
"...Louie Gohmert chooses his own adventure, Rick Perry makes a catty remark, and Cathie Adams prepares for end times. Catastrophe is on the News Ticker...."

You Got Your Interwebs in My Idiot Tube
Studying WWE's playbook for social TV domination
Screens Story  March 8, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...Its YouTube channel, with over a million subscribers and almost half a billion views, has its own dedicated behind-the-scenes shows. Through them, established stars build their brands, and new wrestlers become household names before they ever see TV time..."

From the Watergate Break-in to a Broken News Media
Key players in All the President's Men reflect on what 35 years have wrought
Screens Story  April 15, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...In the summer of 1972, when the unlikely duo of Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein stumbled onto what would turn out to be the most important hard news story of the century, investigative journalism and the gritty and laborious, but ultimately necessary, processes it entailed reached a zenith. Public people in positions of great – and presumably unassailable – power went to prison as a result of Woodward and Bernstein's dogged determination not to allow what was initially perceived as a nonstory to die out..."

Point Austin: What's at Stake?
There will be blood
News Column  April 25, 2008, by Michael King
"...This week, the Chronicle News staff delivers an overview of the municipal ballot you will see on May 10, covering the City Council races, the (rather thin) community college and school board campaigns, and the school district bond propositions. Up front (p.6) we've got our own endorsements, and take them for what they are: the considered (and hard-argued) opinions of about a dozen Chronicle reporters and editors, who have looked closely at the candidates and come to a rough consensus..."

'He's Forked Himself'
Our Full conversation with Louis Dubose about 'The Hammer'
News Story  October 29, 2004, by Michael King
"...Authors Dubose, a former Austin Chronicle politics editor, and Reid have been longtime observers of Texas politics, and have followed DeLay throughout his career, but this has been an extraordinary year for DeLay-watchers indeed. Their subject has been much in the news lately, for ethics "admonitions" from his fellow House members and for campaign finance scandals involving his close associates in Texas and D.C..."

Al's New Coffee Grinder
Getting Press: The Have Nots
Music Story  February 27, 1998, by Michael Bertin
"...But then, you've already read those stories, haven't you? Maybe that's why there is a very real and justified perception by many Austin musicians that certain local acts will always get press, and get it whether or not there's even something newsworthy to report. So if you're one of the hundreds of acts floating around town who is not Alejandro Escovedo, how do you get into the remaining few inches of page space that weren't used writing about Al's new coffee grinder? How do you get press?..."

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