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Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  May 2, 2003
"...Plenty of people testified against HB 2456 in Land & Resource Management. And last week the bill was re-referred to Urban Affairs, considered at an ad hoc meeting called on the House floor during lunch, passed favorably to Local & Consent Calendars, and unless somehow derailed will pass the House without objection by the end of next week..."

Opening the Doors
As college access tightens, minority students and families, and educators, look for ways to help more students.
News Story  December 15, 2000, by Kevin Fullerton
"...The result, she says, has been a heightened expectation in the community that college is not only for the richest or smartest. Talent is abundant in poor and minority households, she says, "but what we haven't been very effective in doing in our society is giving that talent every opportunity to flourish, wherever it may be." Source: Student Affairs Research, UT-AustinSource: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  April 15, 1999
"...Stephen's School, St. Edward's University, and UT's LBJ School of Public Affairs...."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  March 28, 1997
"...Two years ago, Morales' office stopped sending press releases to TL, and reporters at the weekly legal affairs newspaper had to resort to filing open records requests on a daily basis for three weeks just to get ordinary releases. The rift forced the president of American Lawyer Media, which owns TL, to fly to Austin to negotiate a truce and to assure that the AG's office would resume sending press releases to TL..."

Off the Desk:
News Story  August 30, 1996
"...(When Florida made the same decision earlier this year, the Sunshine State's business and high-tech communities pitched a virtual fit.) The city of Austin, though, does not impose any special fee on `Net services -- as is being discussed in Seattle, Minneapolis, et al. -- and has no plans to, according to Paul Smolen, manager of the city's Office of Cable and Regulatory Affairs...."

Film Reviews
News Story  November 17, 1995
"...In his perpetual quest for funding, Harry has built up a hefty Vegas debt and, in turn, borrows from some L.A. gangsters (Lindo and Gandolfini) in order to keep his affairs afloat..."

Closing a Kinder, Gentler Art Space
Music Story  October 20, 1995
"...In fact, it has probably shown more sense of adventure in its booking tack, booking everything from performance art to theatre to poetry to folk to art bands, than any of the Y&Rs cited in the article. Whether this willy-nilly approach to booking has as much to do with its present state of affairs as the blocking off of Sixth Street is debatable..."

Dusterhoft Claims Defamation
APD officer sues KLBJ host and guests
News Story  October 18, 2018, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Fisk and Lueders are former public safety employees – Fisk with Waco Fire, Lueders with APD – and today moonlight as DIY investigators with a consortium of individuals known as External Affairs, which appears to know some things about some stuff, while also promoting right-wing crackpot theories online about George Soros and the American Deep State. Fisk and Lueders were the first two to break the news (on Car­gill's show) that Dusterhoft had engaged in less-than-upstanding behavior at the Yellow Rose, and that Duster­hoft was on restricted duty; during the course of their recounting, they said some salacious stuff that Dusterhoft claims to be defamatory: that Dusterhoft was celebrating his divorce that evening; that he invited "several Commanders and Lieutenants to his house to party with 'strippers'"; that he sexually assaulted a stripper; and had non-consensual sex with a stripper, supposedly back at his home...."

Lege Lines: Elsewhere Under the Dome
The 85th Lege rolls on
News Story  April 27, 2017, by News Staff
"...SB 260 by Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, would shut down the Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs and the Governor's Advisory Committee on Immigration and Refugees..."

AISD and ACC Board of Trustees
Trustee elections can mean uncontested drifts or bare-knuckle throwdowns
News Story  August 25, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...After one term, incumbent and former board president Gina Hino­josa leaves the board room to take a seat in the Texas House, running as a Democrat to replace retiring District 49 veteran Elliott Naish­tat. There are two potential replacements: Austin Council of PTAs' first vice president Cindy Anderson may have more experience in district affairs, but attorney and Council on At Risk Youth board member David Quinta­nil­la took the union endorsement..."

Former Officer Sues APD
Officer claims firing was retaliatory
DAILY News  May 22, 2016, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The suit is the latest in a series of court proceedings and complaints related to Williams’ time at APD. It comes on the heels of a third-party arbitrator’s decision to uphold Acevedo’s second indefinite suspension of Williams after an Internal Affairs investigation determined that Williams – an APD officer since June 2008 – gave false statements and failed to comply with department policies pertaining to investigating instances of family violence while responding to a Jan..."

School Finance on Trial
Hearing only expected to last a short two and a half hours
News Story  August 27, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...In all, that's barely over two hours. Equity Cen­ter director of public affairs Tedrah Rober­tson said, "They'll be done before lunch."..."

All but Illegal
As the final provisions of HB 2 loom, Texas abortion clinics brace for closure
News Story  July 24, 2014, by Mary Tuma
"...However, clinic operators must brace for an influx of displaced patients from not only across Austin but also the whole region, and the likelihood of longer wait times to see a physician and delays in procedures. "We are enormously concerned with the reduction in the number of health care providers," says Sarah Wheat, vice president of community affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, as she walks the halls of the soon-to-be lone abortion clinic in Austin..."

Fifth Circuit Abortion Ruling Harms Women
Closings, tears, and outrage for women and providers at Texas clinics
DAILY News  November 1, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"..."It's so stressful," said Sarah Wheat, vice president of community affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, which operates clinics from Dallas to Austin, for patients and caregivers alike. As a result of the ruling, PPGT will have to shutter its abortion operations in Waco, Fort Worth, and Austin – at least for the time being – just three of more than a dozen abortion clinics across the state that today ceased operations, some of which are likely to close for good..."

From 'Abstinence-Only' to Plan Z
Reproductive health care for young Texas women is limited, costly ... or nonexistent
News Story  October 11, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Among those offering low-cost care to uninsured students in Austin is Planned Parenthood, says Sarah Wheat, vice president for community affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, which operates three clinics in Austin. Through July, the Austin clinics in 2013 have seen 16,126 patients, 31% of whom are women ages 18-24..."

From 'Abstinence-Only' to Plan Z
Reproductive health care for young Texas women is limited, costly ... or nonexistent
News Story  October 4, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Among those offering low-cost care to uninsured students in Austin is Planned Parenthood, says Sarah Wheat, vice president for community affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, which operates three clinics in Austin. Through July, the Austin clinics in 2013 have seen 16,126 patients, 31% of whom are women ages 18-24..."

Water Fall
Between Austin Water's conservation goals and its execution ... lies a shadow
News Story  June 17, 2011, by Nora Ankrum
"...Like Robbins, Slusher has deep roots in Austin's early environmental battles, having covered them in these very pages as the Chronicle's politics editor two decades ago, after a stint at The Daryl Herald (1985-87), a local politics newsletter with a philosophy he later described as being "tough but fair" in scrutinizing "government and players in government, no matter whether their views comported with ours or not." Slusher's time spent in the media trenches is still readily apparent today. "If he doesn't want to answer your question," says Resource Manage­ment Commission Chair Dielmann, "he just kind of looks at you and stares with that smile on his face." Slusher left the Chronicle in 1995, served on City Council for nine years, and was later tapped for a new position at the water utility: assistant director of environmental affairs and conservation...."

Med-Mal Down, Doctor Shortage Up?
Tort reform was supposed to cure our ills. It hasn't worked.
DAILY News  October 21, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...Gary Floyd, the chief medical officer for Fort Worth's John Peter Smith Hospital, the real problem is that the state hasn't created enough residencies for all the doctors educated in the state, in part with taxpayer money. If there aren't enough residencies, he told the House Committee on County Affairs during a hearing held at the hospital, the doctors will go elsewhere to finish training and then will likely stay put in those places...."

Off the Record
A coin toss to determine the future of the Cactus Cafe
Music Column  February 26, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...Their plan retains the daily operation of the Cactus Cafe through financial support from the nonprofit Friends of the Cactus Cafe, with a long-term goal of turning the venue into a profitable enterprise. More importantly, it would enhance student access to the facility through the creation of the Cactus Cafe Coordinating Committee that would oversee a new Student Initiative Program, offering paid student internships in all areas of the venue's business affairs, along with artists-in-residence programs..."

Naked City
News Story  March 1, 2007
"...An autopsy report is awaiting toxicology results, but, as with Luna, the ME found no signs of injury or foul play. TCSO's Internal Affairs and Major Crimes Units will investigate each case, standard procedure for all in-custody deaths..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 6, 2006
"...Tom DeLay [allegedly] has. He had yelled for impeachment of President Clinton for a consensual three-time affair when other Republican members had long-term affairs that broke up marriages..."

Page Two: President Know-Nothing
President Know-Nothing
Columns  September 16, 2005, by Louis Black
"...People have long decried the American public's lack of knowledge about and interest in history, different religions, the Constitution, government, economics, and foreign affairs. By establishing exactly the opposite as a standard, President Bush has earned our gratitude.History..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  July 8, 2005, by Lee Nichols and Cheryl Smith
"...Don Doyle recorded the event – Schroeder failed to turn her camera on; Doyle didn't even have a videotape in his. Whether the officers will be punished for the infractions will be one question for Internal Affairs investigators who will begin their review of the incident once the criminal investigation concludes, but according to Knee's memo, violation of the new "reinforced" policy will result in "significant disciplinary action." Under the new policy, officers will make a test recording at the beginning of each shift and return their videotapes to the property clerks at the end of their shift..."

Letters at 3AM
The following examples of government mismanagement ought to be April Fools' jokes, but they're not
Columns  April 1, 2005, by Michael Ventura
"...The job of assistant secretary for tax policy has also gone unfilled this year ... [and] the under secretary for international affairs, the person who coordinates with the World Bank and International Monetary fund" just resigned [NYT, editorial, March 23]..."

Against Bush
Postmarks  September 22, 2003
"...Dear Austin Chronicle: I am a concerned citizen of Texas. I am concerned because the person who is supposed to be handling the affairs of this great country is perhaps a raving madman..."

Killer D Update: The FAA and Exterminatin' DeLay
The FAA issues a shame-faced report about its hunt for the Killer D's.
News Story  July 25, 2003, by Michael King
"...There's also some serious ass-covering going on, although the bureaucratic language of the report strains mightily to disguise it. The central figure in the FAA report is one David Balloff, the FAA's assistant administrator for government and industry affairs..."

Shadows of the Past
A timeline of APD's troubles over the past 13 years
News Story  October 25, 2002, by Jordan Smith
"...Byron "Bubba" Cates becomes supervisor of APD's vice unit. Internal APD complaints lead to an Internal Affairs investigation; among the allegations against Cates are that he used excessive force against a massage parlor owner, that he traveled to Las Vegas with a prostitute, and that while off-duty he entered a local massage parlor and demanded sex...."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
The City Council prepares to decide which charter amendments go before the voters.
News Column  March 15, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Clouds Over Sunshine Speaking of things the county can do that the city thinks it can't, the Austin Police Association has mounted a PR campaign, including radio ads to mobilize the talk-radio (i.e., "pro-cop") audience, against the "sunshine amendment" that would open records of APD internal-affairs investigations to the public. Such records are already public at the Travis County sheriff's office, but state civil-service law allows Austin to maintain parallel, secret personnel files for police officers, and the union has insisted that Austin do so..."

Welcome to the Primaries
A roundup of the Travis County primary races
News Story  March 8, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Cilley publishes a public policy newsletter, and believes her master's degree in planning and her experience writing position papers for various candidates would serve her well as a county commissioner. She describes the current state of county affairs as "abysmal" and "pathetic" -- starting, of course, with the criminal justice center mess..."

Culinary Studies
Cooking Schools in Austin
Food Story  January 19, 2001, by MM Pack
"...The three-year-old Austin High culinary program is a part of the Austin High School Hospitality Academy Foundation, and chef Matt Collins teaches the culinary classes. The Academy's board members and advisors include representatives from Sweetish Hill, Sterling Affairs, ACC Culinary Arts program, the Culinary Academy of Austin, the Texas Culinary Academy, Four Seasons Hotel, Driskill Hotel, Omni Hotel, and the Austin Chapter of Women's Chef's and Restaurateurs.Bowie High School..."

Post-election political rumblings , and Music Editor Raoul Hernandez takes it on the chin from Nina Simone fans.
Columns  November 10, 2000
"...Sad (Sunshine) State of Affairs..."

Naked City
Doggett in Austin to lead meeting in opposition to the Longhorn Pipeline, Log Cabin Republicans endorse local republicans, Mike Levy will not run for mayor. Ralph Nader in Austin, protesters prepare for Fortune 500.
News Story  October 13, 2000
"...I'm benevolent, wise, decisive, have a sense of humor ..." Levy was indirectly cited in American-Statesman editor Rich Oppel's Sunday homily, which observed that some people send e-mails (Levy is the city's e-mailman), while Mayor Kirk Watson works. One reader attacked us for nominating (no nomination intended) "Austin's Ross Perot" and an "authentic autocrat." That suggests that city manager might be a better gig for the Monthly publisher, but he recently circulated an exchange of letters with City Manager Jesús Garza -- an epistolary tête-a-tête on police affairs that Garza wins hands-down on the facts......"

Council Watch
Details of the Bradley Settlement are finally made public and opened up to debate; Bill Spelman announces that he will not run for re-election to Place 5.
News Column  February 18, 2000, by Jenny Staff Johnson
"...Spelman said he looked forward to spending more time on his duties at UT, adding that his family would like to see him once in a while, too. In addition to his course load at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Spelman will spend time working with the Texas Institute for Public Problem Solving, a federally funded police training institute..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  June 3, 1999
"...Dunkerley says it was she who whittled down her heavy workload by delegating other responsibilities to city controller John Stephens, a number-crunching whiz who now bears the title of acting assistant director of financial and administrative services. Stephens will continue overseeing the controller's office, along with other duties, including fleet services, building services, and regulatory affairs..."

Writes of Spring
Books Review  April 8, 1999
"...It is, after all, based on an Arabic myth that tells of a lowly gardener who falls in love with a princess, only to be cursed into an eternity of being a tree for foolishly desiring a maiden so sadly outside of his class. Placed in its context, though, Dangor's novel, which should really be called an extended tale, is a dreamish view of race relations, family life, and love affairs in post-apartheid South Africa..."

Naked City
Off The Desk:
News Story  March 11, 1999
"...The Dean report, based on information gathered in interviews with APD officers and during community forums held last year, calls for an overhaul of the APD's Internal Affairs division, frequently criticized by residents for ignoring complaints about officer misconduct and questions about whether officers were reprimanded. It also calls for better minority education within the department, hiring more minority officers, and for the APD to build better relationships in neighborhoods where a large number of minorities live..."

Arts Review  February 4, 1999
"...Of course, it's true that ours is not the first period of American history to suffer from bitter partisan politics or corruption among government officials, and the play addressed that fact. Playwright Clay Nichols has Rayburn remind us, "This country's always going to ruin." The reports of political discord and dismay over the nation's sad -- make that desperate -- state of affairs in the newspapers of Rayburn's day are very much like those carried in the papers of a half-century before that and a half-century before that..."

The Documentary Craft
Hector Galán: The Texas Documentary Tour
Screens Story  October 3, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...A lot of people know each other in the industry, but I actually went along for a number of years without anybody knowing I was here in Austin. I did that primarily because I was involved in a lot of news and public affairs programming -- I didn't want people to find me, because I wasn't protected..."

Film Reviews
News Story  October 13, 1995
"...Here, the setting is the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Como on the eve of Europe's descent into the second world war. Although the sight of fascists marching in the street forebodes devastating change for the Continent, the focus of A Month by the Lake is not upon the affairs of the state, but rather upon the affairs of the heart..."

Health Department Wants Fetal Remains Buried, Cremated
State officials waste no time in proposing new abortion restrictions
News Story  July 14, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"..."We urge state officials to recognize the importance of medical science in creating public health policies and to respect the rights of women to make personal healthcare decisions as affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court last month," said Sarah Wheat, PPGT's chief external affairs officer...."

Worst. Session. Ever.
With three days left, legislature hurtling to the abyss
DAILY News  May 27, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...That was what had caused Aliseda's Tweet (or, as he calls them, "Toots".) Oh, and he had been having such a good day prior to that, joining the rest of the Hispanic Republican Conference of Texas in giving unannounced presidential candidate Perry their endorsement. They argued that he would be the best candidate on border affairs (a bit of a shift from when Hispanic Republicans tried to sell then-governor George W..."

Prosecutor Times Four
The four D.A. candidates have their critics
News Story  February 8, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...Her critics doubt that would happen. Their skepticism is tied, in large part, to an irrevocable fact: Montford's father is John Montford, the former Democratic state senator from Lub­bock turned corporate lobbyist – for SBC Communications from 2001 until 2005, when the company purchased AT&T and he took on his current post as the telecommunications giant's senior vice president for legislative and regulatory affairs (i.e., institutional lobbying)..."

Naked City
News Story  January 11, 2008
"...• In recent attacks on Tax Assessor-Collector Nelda Spears, Democratic primary challenger Glen Maxey asserted Spears hasn't done enough for Eastsiders, citing a University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs study showing what he said was a disproportionate number of foreclosures on Eastside properties in 2006..."

Abortion: Louisiana's Punching Bag
Governor Blanco says would sign ban on abortion that is moving through hurricane-battered state’s senate
News Story  June 9, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Not surprisingly, news of Blanco's position did not sit well with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta. "Elected officials should stop playing politics with women's safety and start paying attention to the needs of this state," said Julie Mickelberry, public affairs director of the state Planned Parenthood..."

'In the West': Living Portraits Avedon Would Die For
The original Austin Chronicle review from Nov. 15, 1985
Arts Story  April 7, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...But most of all, I think, we see the religiosity of these Westerners. Fully half of the monologues deal explicitly with affairs of the spirit..."

High-Powered Help for Hospital District
But can slick, GOP-friendly HillCo defend the public interest?
News Story  December 24, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...HillCo lobbyist Marsha Jones (no relation to another HillCo principal, Buddy Jones) will serve as the district's point person on this assignment. She is a former governmental affairs VP for the Texas Hospital Association..."

Page Two
State reps Jack Stick and Todd Baxter deserve their very own 'Best of Austin' category
Columns  October 1, 2004, by Louis Black
"...The idea is to so denude the televised encounter of any potential for actual exchange, discourse, spontaneity, or controversial argument that a garden club's awards ceremony offers more depth. The president's team carefully studied Kerry's debating style and speaking skills, demonstrating as startlingly sophisticated an appreciation for nuance as they have shown for everything but making foreign policy or conducting domestic affairs..."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  May 6, 1999
"..."There's always going to be families who get left behind by the market,"says Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs spokesman Brian Montgomery, who adds that offering mortgages even 1% below market rate -- the typical difference between bond-financed and conventional housing loans -- puts home ownership within reach of of hundreds of thousands of Texas families who now can't afford it...."

God's Steward at the TNRCC
In Barry McBee's Environment, Politics and Religion Mix
News Story  January 16, 1998, by Robert Bryce
"...When Clements was elected, McBee left the law firm and took a job as the governor's director of governmental appointments. In 1989, he moved to Washington to work in the Bush White House as the associate director of cabinet affairs..."

Nowhere to Go
The struggles of homeless teenagers and young adults often go overlooked in Austin
News Story  November 5, 2015, by Makeda Easter
"...Sylvester Turner, D-Hous­ton, to study youth homelessness in Texas. The bill requires the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) to provide information to the Legislature on the number of homeless youth in the state and their specific needs..."

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