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Hops, Barley, and ... Rainwater?
The Bitter End's Environmental Pale Ale is ready just in time for the Teas Craft Brewers Festival
Food Story  May 14, 2004, by Wes Marshall
"...It is the new Environmental Pale Ale from the Bitter End, brainchild of Tim Schwartz, award-winning brewer, and Richard Heinichen, purveyor of all things rainwater. They can't claim any medicinal powers for the beer, but I watched them make it, and I can attest they used only the finest natural ingredients – organic hops and barley along with rainwater collected near Dripping Springs, Texas..."

Hops to It
The gospel of good beer is spreading
Food Story  April 6, 2012, by Lee Nichols
"...Middleton told me he just moved here from San Diego, where he lived in the middle of a golden triangle formed by the top-flight brewing operations of Stone, Green Flash, and Pizza Port. Trips to Belgium influenced him and his wife Kim greatly, so his brews offer a mix of the spiced beers of that nation and the hops bombs of California...."

Janis Fowler: Opening at Hops & Grain
Brewery's resident artist brings signature style to tap room
DAILY Arts  January 24, 2014, by Claire Gordon
"...The resident artist for Eastside brewery Hops & Grain, Fowler also displayed her Eastside Zoo series. Inspired by a particularly bad-tempered rooster and Thursday night social rides, it is Austin in animal form..."

A Hip Girl Hops Into the Kitchen
DIY maven Kate Payne applies her prowess to cooking
Food Story  April 25, 2014, by Jessi Cape

SXSW Film Hops on the Announcement Bandwagon
HBO's Lena Dunham and Casey Neistat, Jason Blum bound for Festival
DAILY Screens  October 15, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...• Workshops booked so far will touch on everything from auditions to immigration options to stunts on a budget...."

Hopson Hops the Fence
Jacksonville Dem to run as Republican
DAILY News  November 6, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...Surprise news this morning: Rep. Chuck Hopson, D-Jacksonville, is switching sides next election and run as a Republican..."

BookPeople Hops on the Blogging Train
BookPeople starts a blog
DAILY Books  September 12, 2008, by Kimberley Jones

The King of Hops Returns
Earlier this month, Michael Jackson, a well-rounded Englishman who travels the globe sampling local brews and entertaining faithful beer geeks with educational tastings and deadpan jokes about pop-star pedophilia, made his annual trek to Austin for a beer-tasting dinner at the Bitter End.
Food Story  June 2, 2000, by Pableaux Johnson

A Disaster Brewing
Hops shortage squeezes local-beer makers and drinkers
Food Story  March 21, 2008, by Lee Nichols
"...Now here's a new one to send a chill down your spine: We are currently in the middle of a worldwide shortage of hops...."

Beyond the Pale
Hops & Grain releases first year-round draft
DAILY Food  April 8, 2015, by Andrew Thomas
"...Hops and Grain Brewery might be on a roll. Hot on the heels of the release of Porter Culture last fall, H & G will be offering its first year-round draft beer – A Pale Mosaic..."

Hey Porter
Hops and Grain's "culture" of success
DAILY Food  December 12, 2014, by Andrew Thomas
"...While the milkshake creaminess of stouts has found a niche, porters remain misunderstood. But Hops and Grain's new Porter Culture is likely to change some minds...."

Kangaroo Jack
While on a panel at the 2002 Austin Film Festival, Kangaroo Jack co-writer Scott Rosenberg recounted with glee how he pitched the idea of Jack -- two guys with $50,000...

Film Review  January 17, 2003, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Michael Shannon, Marton Csokas and David Ngoombujarra. While on a panel at the 2002 Austin Film Festival, Kangaroo Jack co-writer Scott Rosenberg recounted with glee how he pitched the idea of Jack -- two guys with $50,000 in the pocket of a jacket put the jacket on a kangaroo; kangaroo hops off with jacket and cash -- he received the biggest advance for an idea ever..."

Winebelly Pours One Out
Today's Austin food news
DAILY Food  September 23, 2015, by Brandon Watson
"...Johnson's Backyard Garden hustles and flows, Hops & Grain has a new friend, and more in today's food news...."

Insidious: The Last Key
Ghostly goings-on continue in franchise's fourth part
Film Review  January 12, 2018, by Marc Savlov
"...Shaye returns as parapsychologist Elise Rainier, aided and abetted by her comic-relief aides-de-campy Specs (Whannell) and Tucker (Sampson), but since the character was killed off in the first film, The Last Key time-hops from young Elise’s (Kolker) spooky childhood growing up beside a penitentiary death house in 1950s New Mexico to 2010 (the latter being directly prior to the events in Insidious). Her new psychic rescue mission involves both her own soul and possibly that of one Ted Garza (Acevedo), the new owner of her disquieting former home..."

On My Way
In this road movie, Catherine Deneuve plays a Frenchwoman having an existential crisis on wheels.
Film Review  May 2, 2014, by Josh Kupecki
"...She is a 70-year-old widow who lives with her henpecking mother upstairs from the financially faltering restaurant she runs. When she gets the news that her affair with a married man has ended due to him running off with a 25-year-old, she snaps, hops into her gold Mercedes for a pack of cigarettes, and ends up flooring it on a cross-country odyssey...."

Dogfish Head Instigates Tap Takeover
Brewery sharing some rare brews at film fest
DAILY Food  April 25, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Dogfish Head heads in Austin have reason to celebrate this weekend, as the Delaware-based hops-happy brewery announced it’s taking over some taps at the Alamo Drafthouse Off-Centered Film Festival with seven Occasional Rarity brews...."

Drink Local Beer, Support Local Youth
Hops and Grain, East Side Glass team up
DAILY Food  June 21, 2012, by R.U. Steinberg
"...There are precious few opportunities to drink beer and feel like you are giving back to the community. But on June 28, Hops and Grain and East Side Glass are going to let you do just that...."

This locally made documentary looks at the city of Austin through the eyes of its working musicians.
Film Review  May 6, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...Christ has an eye for strong personalities, including the charismatic Joe Lewis of Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears; a camera crew shadows him as he makes deliveries for Quality Seafood. Appropriately, great care has been taken with the sound design, but even more striking is Robert Garza’s cinematography, especially as his camera hops a ride on Downtown’s many construction cranes to document a dazzling city in transition, be it for better or worse..."

Water for Elephants
Based on a bestselling novel, this 1930s-set film stars Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Christoph Waltz.
Film Review  April 29, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...In this adaptation of Sara Gruen's book-club favorite Water for Elephants, Twilight heartthrob Pattinson stretches to play a character with a pulse – but just barely. Orphaned in the film's opening minutes and suddenly cash-poor in 1930s New York, Pattinson's Jacob hops a train in the dead of night only to discover he's caught a ride with a traveling circus..."

Wrong Numbers
The humble brewski, a simple blend of water, toasted grain, and hops that enthusiasts chug by the half-dozen, assumes grail-like import for bored 19-year-olds James and Russell in Alex Holdridge's...
Film Review  June 7, 2002, by Russell Smith
"...Starring: Scoot McNairy, Kierstin Cunnington, Matt Pulliam and Matt Bearden. The humble brewski, a simple blend of water, toasted grain, and hops that enthusiasts chug by the half-dozen, assumes grail-like import for bored 19-year-olds James and Russell in Alex Holdridge's engaging, sneakily poignant comedy..."

Star Kid
Joseph Mazzello, an uncommonly good young actor (Jurassic Park, The River Wild), stars in this pre-adolescent male sci-fi fantasy about a seventh-grader who hops inside a big robotic Cybersuit and...
Film Review  January 16, 1998, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Joseph Mazzello, Richard Gilliland, Corrine Bohrer, Joey Simmrin, Ashlee Levitch and Lauren Eckstrom. Joseph Mazzello, an uncommonly good young actor (Jurassic Park, The River Wild), stars in this pre-adolescent male sci-fi fantasy about a seventh-grader who hops inside a big robotic Cybersuit and saves the planet from intergalactic aggressors called the Broodwarriors..."

Men in Black
Jones and Smith make for an entertaining combo as they play secret agents who monitor extraterrestrials.
Film Review  July 4, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...That's all we have going on in Men in Black's mighty slim storyline, but it works, up to a point. Sonnenfeld has created a series of alien gags that work 90% of the time; strung together like washing on a backyard clothesline, the film hops from joke to joke, enormously fueled by the obvious comedic synergy between its two leads..."

The Tune
If nothing else, we can thank MTV for bringing Bill Plympton's outrageous “Plymptoons” series to the twentysomethings of the world. His 15-60-second dollops of water-colored insanity have become a staple...
Film Review  November 27, 1992, by Marc Savlov
"...The Tune's focal point, Del, is a love-struck would-be songwriter who suddenly finds himself in the awkward position of having to come up with a bona fide smash hit within 47 minutes, or else (his lyrics so far -- “My love for you is like a gob of goo...a cow that goes `moo'...a brand new shoe...” -- just don't seem to cut it). Reeling under the pressure and desperate to win the heart of Didi, his true love, our overworked hero hops in his car and drives off in search of inspiration..."

Dark Obsession
Oh, the moral bankruptcy of the British upper classes. Dark Obsession is the latest movie to emphasize this point. It's not a novel commentary but it does deliver it with...
Film Review  August 16, 1991, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Hugo spends his time socializing with his old titled school chums who spend their time drinking and giving each other piggyback rides around the room. One night after such dinner cavorting, the gang hops in one of their cars (with Hugo at the wheel) and darts off into the night for further carousing..."

The Legendary
The Roots kick it live from La Zona Rosa
DAILY Music  October 13, 2008, by Chase Hoffberger

Giving Hoppy Beers a Second Chance
While IPAs remain craft beer’s most popular style, it is also its most polarizing
Food Story  October 6, 2016, by Eric Puga
"..."Traditionally hops were used to balance the sweetness of malt in beer," says hop wizard Joe Mohrfeld, director of brewing at Pinthouse Pizza and leader of inarguably the best IPA program in Texas. "But it was only about 15 years ago in the States we started pushing the boundaries of what hops could really do with bittering..."

Slews of Brews
Hops & Grain to celebrate American Craft Beer Week
DAILY Food  May 9, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...Established by the Brewers Association and celebrated throughout the country, ACBW commemorates the art and tradition of American craft beer. True to form, Hops & Grain has laid plans to fully embrace the festive week with six days of beer drinking and beer education..."

Background Locals
A six-pack of Austin's most underrated beers
Food Story  April 2, 2015, by Eric Puga
"...A perfect pale ale is one that can satisfy the hop heads, but remains sensible enough for the casual weekday drinker. Originally introduced as Real Ale's 16th Anniver­sary beer, Four Squared is an incredibly controlled beer; weighty but sessionable, cleverly balanced between the allied coalition of hops and malts, but ultimately memorable because of the dry-hopped addition of aromatic hops during the fermentation cycle..."

Ale's Well That Ends Well
Changing Tides
Food Story  July 19, 1996, by Patrick Earvolino
"...Save the Ales With the gradual repeal of state temperance laws from the Prohibition Era, home brewing became a legal way to circumvent the Pilsner monopoly. The brewing process essentially involves extracting sugars from a treated grain, usually barley malt, with hot water; seasoning the resulting solution, or the wort, with hops; and then adding yeast to the wort to convert the grain's sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide -- a process known as fermentation..."

Brew News
Craft Pride hosts Karbach Brewing; Hops & Grain announces new venture
DAILY Food  January 14, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...Hops & Grain Greenhouse IPA After brewing over 18 different versions of an IPA over the past two years, Hops & Grain Brewery has released its Greenhouse IPA. Starting this week, Hops & Grain loyalists will be able to pick up the canned IPA in select retail stores..."

Top 10 (Almost) Local Beers
Food Story  January 3, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...It isn't easy to choose just 10 local beers. From old-timer Live Oak to newbies such as Hops & Grain, Austin churns out an exemplary selection of craft brews..."

Texas Craft Brewers Festival Unveils List of Brews
77 ways for you to capitalize on the celebration of suds
DAILY Food  September 10, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...| Sunny (Saison) Back Pew Brewing (Porter) | Black Habit (Schwarzbier) Back Pew Brewing (Porter) | Blue Testament (American Pilsner/Pre-prohibition Lager) Barrow Brewing (Salado) | Evil Catfish (IPA) Barrow Brewing (Salado) | Mystery of the Deep (DIPA) Bearded Fox Brewing (Tomball) | Aunt Rose (Red Helles Lager) Bearded Fox Brewing (Tomball) | G.O.A.T. (Imperial IPA) Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Alpine White (Witbier) Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Balmorhea w/ watermelon & tangerine (Imperial Berliner Weisse) Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Charles Prince of Whalez (Pastry Stout) Big Bend Brewing (Alpine) | Old Love (Barleywine) Black Star Co-op (Austin) | It's Not A Pneuma (Super Hoppy Pale Ale) Black Star Co-op (Austin) | Roze Sap (Sour Guava Ale) Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Cool & the Gang (Sour English Mild w/ Earl Grey Tea) Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Citra Fresh Hopped Little Boss (Sour session wheat w/ fresh hops) Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | SMash SMaSH (Single-Malt-and-Single-Hop Sour IPA) Blue Owl Brewing (Austin) | Tiki Hop Totem (Sour IPA w/ tropical tiki fruit) Bluebonnet Beer Company (Round Rock) | Trophy Buckle IPA (American IPA) Bluebonnet Beer Company (Round Rock) | Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest / Marzen) Braman Brewery (Richmond) | Running Walker Hefeweizen Braman Brewery (Richmond) | Running Walker Pale Ale Brazos Valley Brewing (Brenham) | Greetings from Brenham TX (Brut IPA) Brazos Valley Brewing (Brenham) | Willin' Pale (Mosaic-Hopped Pale Ale) The Brewer's Table (Austin) | UnBavarian Super Fancy (Field Lager) The Brewer's Table (Austin) | Vor Ort (American Lager) The Brewtorium (Austin) | Electric Lederhosen (Vienna lager) The Brewtorium (Austin) | SHAzacca (IPA) Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School (Plantersville) | Green Ogre IPA (Imperial IPA) Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School (Plantersville) | Scottish (Scottish 60 Shilling) Buffalo Bayou Brewing (Houston) | Crush City IPA (Mandarina & Mosaic IPA) Buffalo Bayou Brewing (Houston) | Wake 'n Bake (Blonde Ale w/ Amaya Espresso & Madagascar Vanilla) Caracara Brewing (Lockhart) | Lockhart Blonde (Blonde) Caracara Brewing (Lockhart) | Plum Creek Porter (Robust Porter) Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis IPA (American IPA) Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis Juicy IPA (Hazy IPA) Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis Pale Bock (Amber Lager) Celis Brewery (Austin) | Celis White (Belgian Witbier) Circle Brewing (Austin) | Beto Beer (American Pale Ale) Circle Brewing (Austin) | Blur Texas Hefe (South German Hefeweizen) Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Mosaic IPA (India Pale Ale) Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Silly Gose (Fruited Gose) Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Texas Lager (Light Lager) Community Beer Company (Dallas) | Witbier (Belgian White Ale) [image-4-right] Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Dallas Blonde (Blonde Ale) Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Easy Peasy IPA (Session IPA) Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Neato Bandito (Mexican-style Lager) Deep Ellum Brewing (Dallas) | Play Date (American Sour Blonde Ale) Eureka Heights Brew Co..."

Top 10 Austin Breweries
Power ranking the local leaders in craft beer
Food Story  June 22, 2017, by Eric Puga
"...F&A's beer merch looks like a mash-up of New Era and H&M, providing for some sleek caps and plunging vees that allow you to look less like a friendless beer goof at the next beer festival. Think of the whole F&A thing as more of a lifestyle brand. [image-3-right] 9) Hops & Grain..."

Last Stand's SMaSH IPA
Less is more with this single malt, single hop beer
Food Story  October 20, 2016, by Eric Puga
"...In fact, with irony as rich as the Crown, it is Britain who is now looking back to the States and its talented brewhouses for inspiration on how to brew a noteworthy IPA. And while some of America's more aggressive IPAs require a sodium borate rinse to eliminate the piney residue from one's coated gullet, the latest trend has brewers homing in on the delicate nuance of their luminary performers: hops...."

Introducing Austin's Pre-Gaming Beers of 2018
Some suds to keep your tailgate up to date
Features Story  August 30, 2018, by Eric Puga
"...Here at the Chronicle, we're inclined to present you with Austin's newest class of tailgating beers. Yes, there are still the legends of the parking lot, like Austin Beerworks' Pearl Snap, Hops & Grain's Zoe, and Live Oak Pilz, so if you decline to heed any new potables this season in favor of these icons, fine..."

Brenham’s Brazos Valley Brewing Is a Destination, Not a Pit Stop
"It's what's on the inside that counts"
Food Story  December 14, 2017, by Eric Puga
"...Craft beer is this way – aluminum billboards packaged into small showpieces of Futura Bold typeface telling you about hops and honesty and the geographic coordinates of the farm where their spent grain is sent to help foster seeing-eye ponies. I linger too long in front of those massive supermarket beer walls, anxious that a night of porch drinking will be defiled by average beer dressed in high-fidelity branding..."

Top 10 Austin Beer Developments of 2016
Raising a glass to the year in beer
Food Story  December 29, 2016, by Eric Puga
"...That's a long time. The TABC also determined canned growlers, colloquially known as "crowlers," are considered illegal distribution of goods and confiscated these little novelties from unsuspecting bars and coffee shops around the state..."

Is Austin the Pilsner Capital of America?
Czech your privilege
Food Story  November 23, 2016, by Eric Puga
"..."I tend to agree that [Austin is] definitely becoming – if not already – the pilsner capital of America," says Josh Hare, founder and owner of Hops & Grain Brewery. "Our approach to the pilsner style ....."

Texas Craft Brewers Festival Debuts Beer List
The Texas-only beer celebration returns to Austin
DAILY Food  September 1, 2016, by Eric Puga
"...Texas Craft Brewers Festival Saturday, September 24 Fiesta Gardens [image-2] 2016 BEER LIST Brewery City Beer Name Style (512) Brewing Co. Austin (512) Export Lager Dortmunder Export Lager (512) Brewing Co. Austin (512) Pale American Pale Ale 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative Austin Long Walk Texas Grapefruit IPA 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative Austin Renewal Tamarind Wheat Ale 5 Stones Artisan Brewery Cibolo Melo Rainbow Saison 5 Stones Artisan Brewery Cibolo Pompous Monkey Hefeweizen Adelbert's Brewery Austin Tripel B Tripel Adelbert's Brewery Austin Pablo's Wild Pale Ale Brett Pale Ale Alamo Beer Co. San Antonio Alamo Pilsner Pilsner Alamo Beer Co. San Antonio Alamo Oktoberfest Märzen Austin Beerworks Austin Heavy Machinery Belgian IPA Belgian-style IPA Austin Beerworks Austin Heavy Machinery Wet Hop IPA Wet Hop IPA Austin Beerworks Austin Montecore Oktoberfest Austin Beerworks Austin Bloodwork Orange Blood Orange IPA B-52 Brewing Co. Conroe Saison Hop - Orbit Saison / Farmhouse Ale B-52 Brewing Co. Conroe Berliner Hop Berliner Weisse Big Bend Brewing Co. Alpine Barrel-aged SW1 Rauchdoppelbock Aged in Scotch Barrels Big Bend Brewing Co. Alpine El Corazon American Lager Big Bend Brewing Co. Alpine Balmorhea Dry-hopped w/ Mosaic Imperial Berliner Weisse Big Bend Brewing Co. Alpine Blood & Treasure Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery Austin Pneuma Pale Ale Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery Austin Waterloo Watermelon Berliner Weisse Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. College Station Contract Killer Coffee Porter Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. College Station Timber Snake IPA American IPA Blue Owl Brewing Austin Hop Totem Sour IPA Blue Owl Brewing Austin Czech Czech Sour Pils Blue Owl Brewing Austin Little Gose Gose Blue Owl Brewing Austin Professor Black Sour Cherry Stout BrainDead Brewing Dallas Dry Hopped Wheat American Pale Wheat / Session IPA BrainDead Brewing Dallas GRITz Classic American Cream Ale Brazos Valley Brewing Co. Brenham 7 Spanish Angels Coffee Brown Brazos Valley Brewing Co. Brenham Mama Tried IPA Texas IPA Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School Plantersville Scottish Beer Scottish Light 60 Shilling Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School Plantersville English Beer English Bitter Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. Houston 1836 Cooper Ale Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. Houston Don't Fear the RIPA Rye IPA Cedar Creek Brewery Seven Points Patio Pounder Pale Lager Cedar Creek Brewery Seven Points Catastrophic Failure American Sour Ale Chimera Brewing Company Fort Worth Shields Up! American Pale Ale Chimera Brewing Company Fort Worth Most Excellent Beer American Sour/Wet Hop Beer Circle Brewing Co. Austin BLUR Texas Hefe Circle Brewing Co. Austin Pacific Jade Dry-Hopped Saison Community Beer Company Dallas Mosaic IPA India Pale Ale Community Beer Company Dallas Community Witbier Belgian White Ale With Orange Peel & Coriander Community Beer Company Dallas Yessir! Pale Ale Community Beer Company Dallas Texas Helles German-style Lager Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Dallas Deep Ellum IPA IPA Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Dallas Neato Bandito Imperial Mexican-Style Lager Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Dallas Hatch Chili Stout Brown Ale Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Dallas Barrel-Aged Four Swords Belgian Style Strong Ale Flix Brewhouse Round Rock Saison De Walt Saison Flix Brewhouse Round Rock Satellite Belgian Red IPA Four Corners Brewing Co. Dallas Santanna Ray Equinox Lager Hoppy Lager Four Corners Brewing Co. Dallas Heart of Texas American Red Ale Freetail Brewing Co. San Antonio Bat Outta Helles Munich-style Helles Freetail Brewing Co. San Antonio Soul Doubt IPA American IPA Freetail Brewing Co. San Antonio Rye Wit Belgian-Style Wit Friends & Allies Brewing Austin Noisy Cricket Session IPA Friends & Allies Brewing Austin Urban Chicken Saison Hops & Grain Brewing Austin 78702 Kolsch Hops & Grain Brewing Austin So Pitted IPA American IPA Hops & Grain Brewing Austin WinoWeisse Berliner-style Weisse Hops & Grain Brewing Austin Vienna Lager Vienna Lager Independence Brewing Co Austin Cucumber Redbud Berliner Weisse Berliner Weisse Independence Brewing Co Austin Liberty Lunch IPA IPA Independence Brewing Co Austin Power & Light Pale Ale Independence Brewing Co Austin Stash IPA American IPA Infamous Brewing Company Austin Sweep The Leg Peanut Butter Stout Infamous Brewing Company Austin Sex A Peel American Hefeweizen Jester King Brewery Austin Kollaborationsbier Collaborative Farmhouse Beer Jester King Brewery Austin Montmorency vs. Balaton Barrel Aged Sour Beer Refermented with Cherries Karbach Brewing Co. Houston Karbachtoberfest Märzen Lager Karbach Brewing Co. Houston BBH Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter Lakewood Brewing Co. Garland All Call Kölsch Lakewood Brewing Co. Garland Hopochondria Session IPA Lakewood Brewing Co. Garland The Temptress Imperial Milk Stout Last Stand Brewing Co. Austin SMaSH Citra IPA IPA Last Stand Brewing Co. Austin Simcoe Pale Ale American Pale Ale Legal Draft Beer Company Arlington Legal Blonde Lager Helles Lager Legal Draft Beer Company Arlington Chief Justice Stout Stout Live Oak Brewing Austin Grodziskie Grodziskie Live Oak Brewing Austin Berliner Weisse Berliner Weisse Lone Pint Brewery Magnolia 667 The Neighbor of The Beast IPA Lone Pint Brewery Magnolia UnDeadHeadEd Ghost Chile Porter Martin House Brewing Co Fort Worth Salty Lady Gose Martin House Brewing Co Fort Worth Cuvee Pumpkin Latte Pumpkin Ale with Coffee Middleton Brewing San Marcos Black Lab Porter Robust Porter Middleton Brewing San Marcos Garnet Belgian Style Amber No Label Brewing Co Katy Nightmare on First Street Imperial Pumpkin Ale No Label Brewing Co Katy Peanut Butter Chocolate Time Imperial Stout Noble Rey Brewing Co. Dallas Bridesmaids' Tears Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Saison Noble Rey Brewing Co. Dallas Sex in a Canoe American Light Lager North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery Austin Porch Time German-style Pilsner North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery Austin Cactus Jack Prickly Pear Saison Oak Highlands Brewery Dallas Freaky Deaky Belgian Tripel Oak Highlands Brewery Dallas Oktoberfest Märzen Lager Oasis, Texas Brewing Co. Austin London Homesick Ale English Pub Ale Oasis, Texas Brewing Co. Austin Metamodern Session IPA Session IPA Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Dale's Pale Ale American Pale Ale Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Pinner Throwback IPA Session IPA Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Mama's Little Yella Pils Czech-style Pilsner Pedernales Brewing Co. Fredericksburg Bitter Battle American Pale Ale Pedernales Brewing Co. Fredericksburg Lobo Oktoberfest German Märzen Peticolas Brewing Co. Dallas Velvet Hammer Imperial Red Peticolas Brewing Co. Dallas Too Soon IPA Pinthouse Pizza Austin Electric Jellyfish IPA Pinthouse Pizza Austin Calma Muerta Session Ale Rabbit Hole Brewing Justin Rapture Brown Ale American Brown Ale Rabbit Hole Brewing Justin Off With Your Red IPA Red IPA Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. Fort Worth The Regulator German Doppelbock Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. Fort Worth Iron Thistle Wee Heavy Scottish Ale Ranger Creek Brewing San Antonio Small Batch Series #12 Rye Saison with Brettanomyces Ranger Creek Brewing San Antonio Take it Easy American Cream Ale Real Ale Brewing Co. Blanco Axis IPA IPA Real Ale Brewing Co. Blanco Four Squared Dry-Hopped Pale Ale Real Ale Brewing Co. Blanco Oktoberfest Bavarian-style Lager Real Ale Brewing Co. Blanco New World Pils German-style Pilsner Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co. Cedar Park Wilco Wit Lemon Lime Witbier Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co. Cedar Park HapSlappy IPA IPA Rentsch Brewery Georgetown Hefeweizen Hefeweizen Rentsch Brewery Georgetown Weizenbock Weizenbock Revolver Brewing Granbury Blood & Honey Unfiltered Wheat Ale Revolver Brewing Granbury Land Grab Ale Herbed Amber Ale Revolver Brewing Granbury Full-Tang IPA IPA Revolver Brewing Granbury Redshift Ale American Spiced Red Ale Running Walker Richmond Texas Reserve IPA IPA Running Walker Richmond Running Walker Kölsch Kölsch Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Houston/td> Art Car IPA American IPA Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Houston/td> 5 O’Clock Pils Hoppy Pilsner Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Houston/td> 2013 Pumpkinator Pumpkin Imperial Stout Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Houston Divine Reserve 16 Adamier San Gabriel River Brewery Liberty Hill San Gabriel Texas Red Irish Red San Gabriel River Brewery Liberty Hill San Gabriel Honey Porter Porter Seguin Brewing Company Seguin 9-Pin Kölsch Seguin Brewing Company Seguin Oktoberfest Oktoberfest Shannon Brewing Company Keller Shannon IPA English Style IPA Shannon Brewing Company Keller Shannon Chocolate Stout Sweet Stout Shiner Beers Shiner Shiner Homespun Cream Ale Cream Ale Shiner Beers Shiner Texas Warmer Winter Warmer Solid Rock Brewing Spicewood Dauntless IPA IPA Solid Rock Brewing Spicewood Big Drought Stout Dry Irish Stout Southern Star Brewing Co. Conroe Conspiracy Theory IPA Southern Star Brewing Co. Conroe Oktoberfest German-style Festbier Texas Ale Project Dallas Fire Ant Funeral Amber Ale Texas Ale Project Dallas 100 Million Angels Singing Double IPA Texas Beer Refinery Dickinson Cucumber Gose Gose Texas Beer Refinery Dickinson Catalyst Imperial IPA Twisted X Brewing Company Dripping Springs Austin Lager German Lager Twisted X Brewing Company Dripping Springs Oktoberfest Oktoberfest/Märzen Twisted X Brewing Company Dripping Springs Later Days Session India Pale Ale Uncle Billy's Brewery & Smokehouse Austin Schizopetal Honey Hibiscus Ale Honey Ale Uncle Billy's Brewery & Smokehouse Austin Berdoll Candied Pecan Brown Ale Brown Ale Whitestone Brewery Cedar Park Lovely Day IPA IPA Whitestone Brewery Cedar Park Cedrela Hefeweizen German Hefeweizen Whole Foods Market Brewing Houston DL Imperial IPA Whole Foods Market Brewing Houston Post Oak Pale Ale Zilker Brewing Co. Austin Tafelbier Belgian Table Beer Zilker Brewing Co. Austin Brutus 10 American IPA..."

Mug Life
Austin isn't a world-class beer destination, but it's close
Food Story  November 12, 2015, by Eric Puga
"...With nearly 50 Central Texas production breweries and brewpubs in various stages of operation, the general drinking public in Austin has been merrily plunking down the biscuits of financial posterity in order to sustain the craft beer industry for over two decades. When first-rate, Austin-area legacy acts like Live Oak, Independence, and Real Ale aren't growing their workshops to elasticize the hems on their ever-expanding market potential, new brewhouses with clever styles and polished taprooms like Blue Owl, Last Stand, and 4th Tap are dispelling the old canard that Austin's craft beer market is too saturated...."

Raise Your Glass to Austin Beer Week
Our guide to the best tappings, dinners, and parties
DAILY Food  October 23, 2015, by Dan Gray
"...Drink like a khaleesi with Blood of the Dragon, a sour, whiskey barrel-aged black ale. Embrace your Darkside, a Cascadian Dark Ale with whole leaf Centennial hops...."

Introducing the New Official Beer of Austin
ATX has a brewed awakening
Food Story  May 14, 2015, by Eric Puga
"...Hops & Grain The One They Call Zoe Pale Lager..."

This Is a Real Thing
The Beer Mile keeps track and field weird
Food Story  November 26, 2014, by Dan Gentile
"...The Beast won't be running in Austin, but the elite field of athletes competing for a $2,500 prize includes everyone from Olympians like Nick Symmonds to Austinite Chris Kimbrough, a mother of six who recently set the women's record at 6:28 while drinking Hops & Grain Alt-eration...."

Gear Up, Beer Up
Craft brewery and brewpub options
Food Story  February 28, 2014, by Anna Toon
"...Located just a half a mile from the Convention Center, this is a craft beer mecca – and with pingpong, to boot! The beer garden, perfect for hanging out or working on a beautiful day, will likely be packed, but the inside is a nice, cozy balance. Enjoy a pretzel from the Bake Shop with a duck and fennel sausage alongside your selection from the 33 beers on draft. Hops & Grain Craft Brewery507 Calles #101, 512/914-2467"

So Much Beginning Where Sixth Street Ends
The arts-heavy complex at 507 Calles defines creative synergy
Arts Story  July 26, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...If you're impressed by the sculpture suspended from the main dining room's ceiling at Mettle, Bridget Dunlap's new restaurant in the southwest corner of the refurbished warehouse complex at 507 Calles, you could walk across the wide hall to East Side Glass Studio and see what other wonders the artist Leigh Taylor Wyatt has created. You might have to scoot around a cluster of people in that art-filled gallery, though, because folks have crowded over from a beer tasting at the popular Hops & Grain Brewery just a little farther down the concrete-floored walkway..."

Sustainable Beer
The secret about sustainable brewing is that it exists.
Food Story  February 1, 2013, by Ivy Le
"...I grew up on small farm, and it's a lot of work. Plus he's just a nice guy." Hops & Grain and the People..."

Beer in Bloom
If local dreamers have their way, Austin will be the next craft brew hub
Food Story  June 18, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...I'm thinking of a pecan amber. Nothing too complicated for people just getting into the microbrew scene, but we'll have seasonals." Hops & Grain914-2467,"

Microbrew Renaissance
It's a good time to drink beer in Texas
Food Story  July 4, 2008, by Lee Nichols
"...It stacks up just fine against any other India pale ale I've had. It normally has a slightly subtler hop presence than some American IPAs, more like a British version, but in the last sixer of it I tried, the hops seemed more aggressive..."

The Plight of the Pils
A Brief History of an Old Standard
Food Story  July 19, 1996, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Pilsn had been a brewing center since 1295, and, as in many of the German cities, the bottom-fermenting technique used to make lager-style beers had been known there for years before the creation of the beer that takes the town's name. But in the mid-1800s, brewers at the brewery now known as Pilsner Urquell combined technological advances in bottom fermentation with Bohemia's unique Saaz style of hops, a special type of malt from the neighboring province of Moravia, and the brewery's incredibly soft water to produce the world's first golden lager...."

Hey Babe, It's the Fourth of July!
You know you want to eat snacks and watch fireworks.
DAILY Food  July 3, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...Start out at the ABGB bash to join a group bike ride to the festivities. The Annual Hops & Grain Fourth of July Bash..."

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