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SXSW Gaming to Host Halo Championship Series Invitational
Various tournaments cater to pros, fans, and attendees
DAILY Screens  January 22, 2019, by James Renovitch
"...As e-sports continues to grow beyond its insulated walls and make its way into the consciousness of the uninitiated SXSW does what it does best: sees the trend and capitalizes. In this case they’re bringing e-sports pros to town for some top-tier Halo play...."

The Doctor
Overly earnest but satisfying, The Doctor prescribes an old-fashioned remedy for the summertime movie doldrums -- it's actually a movie for adults. Adapted from Ed Rosenbaum, M.D.'s autobiographical book A...
Film Review  August 16, 1991, by Steve Davis
"...His aloof, WASPy demeanor has never been better used. Once his character becomes a kinder, gentler doctor, however, the halo doesn't quite fit..."

Game Reviews
Halo 3
Screens Story  October 19, 2007, by Eric Sebesta
"...Halo 3Microsoft $59.99..."

Get in the Game
New Fast Fun for Xbox and PlayStation2
Screens Story  March 29, 2002, by Marcel Meyer
"...HALOBungie Software..."

A Gift for Every Gamer
Put yourself in the shoes of your gaming giftee and answer the following questions on your path to the perfect purchase.
Screens Story  November 30, 2012, by James Renovitch
"...Perfect for parents who want to laugh while looking over their kids' shoulders, longing to play, too. Geez kid, who's flow chart is this? Nevermind, here are a few options for the creative younguns. Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC $29.95-59.95 Stretching your imagination, typing in an idea, and watching it come to life on screen is as appealing as ever. LittleBigPlanet Karting PS3 $59.99 The cute and crafted characters of LBP return to throw their hats into the ring where Super Mario Kart reigns supreme. Hotline Miami PC $9.99 Imagine an alternate ending to the movie Drive, where Ryan Gosling goes down the rabbit hole of slaughtering his enemies while slowly losing his mind. Pixilate the blood spatter, and you have this surreal trip into 80s ultra-violence. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Xbox, PS3, Wii U, PC $59.99 War is hell, especially when there are zombies in the battle. Halo 4 Xbox $59.99 New developer, but the latest Halo still executes flawlessly. Assassin's Creed III Xbox, PS3, Wii U, PC $59.99 If your killing sprees only feel valid if they have the OK of America's founding fathers, this one's for you..."

Gift guide
Screens Story  December 10, 2004, by Marcel Meyer
"...Halo 2Xbox..."

Bleed for This
A boxer returns to the ring in this conventional drama
Film Review  November 18, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The doctors guarantee that he can walk, but not box again, if he undergoes a spinal fusion. Instead, Vinny choses to have a metal halo screwed into his head for six months in the hope that he might eventually box again – or be paralyzed for life..."

Video Game Gift Guide
Gifts for every kind of gamer
Screens Story  December 11, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...DestinyPlayStation, Xbox, $60Of course the team behind Halo procures heart-quickening battles, but what people forget is the consistent beauty of the environments. It's difficult not to marvel at the majesty even if the scope of the game is sometimes too big to feel cohesive...."

Local Video Game News
Composer vs. union, E3 madness, pigeon love, and more.
DAILY Screens  June 11, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...The E3 announcement that the Halo catalog was being remastered for the Xbox 360 means work for local guns-for-hire Certain Affinity. The team there has a history with the Halo franchise and will be working on creating new multiplayer experiences for the Halo 2 reboot..."

Law and Order in the Land of Pixels
Web series 'Bit Parts' finds inspiration in gamer errata
Screens Story  December 14, 2012, by James Michael Walling
"...Jolyn Janis and Brian Villalobos play, respectively, Agents Zero and One, members of the Binary Investigation Team (B.I.T.), an agency that looks into problematic irregularities in video game programming and design. That may sound a bit dry, but consider: One of the "irregularities" they investigate is a sergeant in the Halo first-person-shooter franchise who regularly teabags enemy corpses...."

RTX 2012: Enter the Noob
Sole non-gamer in Austin attends RTX 2012, is bemused
DAILY Screens  July 9, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Official tallies are yet to, uh, be tallied, but the generally accepted ballpark figure at this point is 4,500 attendees at Austin's premiere internet/gaming/Halogasm. As Rooster Teeth/Red vs..."

Stop Writing ...
and Start Storytelling
Screens Story  February 29, 2008, by Joey Seiler
"...For designer and consultant Tony Walsh, they show a possibility of taking a game experience to a whole new level. Halo, for example, has spun off other games, books, videos, and, potentially, a movie..."

Controlling Their Own Destiny
So many questions for the gaming industry, so many Austin game developers to answer them
Screens Story  November 19, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...As you read this, millions of copies of the newly released Microsoft game Halo 2 are flying off store shelves at an unprecedented rate. As this is being written, it's a scant 24 hours since the game, a strategically complex you-against-the-aliens scenario that operates as a "first-person shooter" (meaning the action takes place from the player's point of view), has hit store shelves, but it has already racked up sales, including more than a million online presales, that are almost surely going to make it the most popular video game ever..."

Five Food Celebrations to Fill Your Belly
’Tis the season of elastic waistbands, starting this week
DAILY Food  November 13, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...For dessert, there will be halo-halo, a Be More Pacific fan favorite featuring Amy’s Ice Cream and ube, a sweet purple yam. Filipino dancers from the Filipino Students Association at the University of Texas in Austin will be performing throughout the evening, and there will be a raffle and giveaways, including a free T-shirt giveaway..."

"Whitney Turetzky: Feminine Grandeur" at the Elisabet Ney
In the way she transforms antique photographs of anonymous women, Turetzky elevates their subjects’ status to something holy and sacred
Arts Review  November 1, 2018, by Marisa Charpentier
"...The result is a collection of eye-catching portraits of regal, wise, and everyday women. Each woman is adorned with a golden halo much like those found in religious iconography, elevating their status to something holy and sacred...."

"Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@"
This exhibit is about being Mexican-American, but it will make things happen for you whatever your ethnicity
Arts Review  July 14, 2016, by Sam Anderson-Ramos
"...Centeno's series of prints, video, and sculpture. Saint Thing I and Saint Thing II are photos of becloaked women wearing dramatic makeup, metallic facial gear, and wild halos of what look like brightly colored sea worms..."

Lazer Team
The first feature film from Austin's Rooster Teeth gang is a hoot
Film Review  January 29, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...Austin’s Rooster Teeth Productions, best known as the creators of the long-running Red vs. Blue series, which repurposes the first-person shooter Halo video game as a uniquely weird, comic space opera, enters the feature-film realm with this sci-fi action movie, semi-satire..."

Charlie Kaufman goes inside the minds of puppets
Film Review  January 15, 2016, by Kimberley Jones
"...In any case, Michael snaps out of it when he suddenly hears a woman’s voice – differentiated, musical – a miracle. (She’s even lit sometimes to look halo-like.) Lisa (touchingly voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a customer-service rep who’s in town to hear Michael speak..."

A Kinder, Gentler SXSW?
City to tighten "temporary" permits
News Story  February 5, 2015, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Dusterhoft said APD plans to use a special response team of 120 officers "who are trained in crowd control" to help ward off any street fighting, and is hoping the installation of 45 new high-powered LED lights on Sixth Street (as well as the repositioning of some of APD's 41 mobile HALO – High Activity Location Observation – cameras) will help further discourage violence. He added that a traffic plan is not yet finalized – the Transportation Department has yet to receive SXSW's proposal – but that APD intends to deploy a quick-response force "staged in certain key locations" to facilitate a steady flow...."

Rooster Teeth Community Mourns Death of Monty Oum
Creator of anime RWBY succumbs to freak allergic reaction
DAILY Screens  February 2, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...In our 2013 profile of Oum, "The Full Monty," he was described as the Kanye West to RT boss Burnie Burns' Bruce Springsteen. Beginning his career making fan videos, he really got on the radar with Halo/Metroid fusion "Haloid." His grasp of video games as a storytelling tool landed him jobs with Midway and Bandai Namco Games..."

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