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Gary Bradley, Homeless Man
The IRS prepares to seize the developer's (mold-ridden) Lake Austin pad
News Story  April 9, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...Bankrupt developer Gary Bradley is about to lose his waterfront condo to the IRS, but the feds may soon regret taking control of the white elephant on Lake Austin, his attorney says...."

Gary Bradley's Bitter Wisdom
Gary Bradley contemplates life.
News Story  October 11, 2002
"...Gary Bradley responded to a series of Chronicle questions via e-mail. Some selected passages:..."

Gibraltar v. Bradley
The Gibraltar case could be a road map for the FDIC vs. Bradley.
News Story  October 11, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...If FDIC lawyers need a road map to pursue fraud claims against Gary Bradley to collect on a $73 million debt, they would likely turn to the lawsuit that First Gibraltar Savings Bank brought against James Gressett in 1995...."

No Clear Winner as Bradley Trial Wraps Up
Will developer's bankruptcy case end with a split decision?
News Story  May 7, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...At its simplest, a ruling in the Gary Bradley bankruptcy trial would turn either on a circumstantial case based on a series of fishy transactions, or conversely on the testimony of nearly a dozen witnesses who denied even a whiff of wrongdoing. But given the knotty nature of the two-week trial, which delved into decades-old land deals and yellowing ledger sheets, the ruling – expected this summer – could take on multiple dimensions...."

Judge: Let's Bust Bradley's Trust
Bankruptcy ruling opens up developer's assets to creditors
News Story  November 5, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...In the end, a federal case built almost entirely on circumstantial evidence proved far more credible than the sworn testimony of Gary Bradley and his business cronies, a U.S. bankruptcy judge determined in a ruling handed down last week..."

Bradley's Blackball
Despite Developer's Poison Pen, Scientist Prevails
News Story  February 28, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...The following letter was sent by Gary Bradley to Andy Sansom, head of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD). Bradley, a local real estate developer whose debt-laden deals have cost federal taxpayers at least $90 million, wanted to prevent the addition of David Bowles to the Barton Springs Salamander Conservation Team (BSSCT), which was formed to help implement the conservation agreement entered into by the state and the Interior Department last year..."

Bradley's Lazarus Lotto Goes to Court
Gary Bradley's bankruptcy trial features the spectacular rise of the Lazarus Trust
News Story  April 23, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...Anyone who followed the fanfare leading up to this week's bankruptcy trial of Gary Bradley may have been disappointed after settling into one of the extra-firm wooden benches in U.S. Bankruptcy Court..."

Bradley's Creditors
Gary Bradley is in debt to a motley crew.
News Story  October 11, 2002
"...On Oct. 15, Gary Bradley will turn another year older and deeper in debt..."

Bradley Files Again
Lawsuit-Happy Developer Sues His Own Lawyer
News Story  November 21, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...illustration by Doug Potter Gary Bradley spends more time at the courthouse than Lance Ito. While Bradley, the flamboyant developer of the about-to-be-annexed Circle C Ranch development in southwestern Travis County, has proven his skill at developing real estate, he has also shown himself to be a lawyer's dream..."

Poor, Bankrupt Bradley
News Story  August 23, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Will the federal government take pity on a guy who owes $77.5 million in unpaid loans and taxes? Gary Bradley hopes so. The flamboyant developer, who rose to local fame during the frenzied Eighties boom and bust, would like to see those debts wiped out as part of his Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding..."

Bradley U?
ACC Considers Circle C Campus Site
News Story  October 13, 1995
"...Imagine this scene. Circle C developer Gary Bradley is leafing through the blue pages of the telephone book and discovers that there is a taxing entity he hasn't hit yet, one that hasn't provided subsidies to his development..."

Chasing Gary
To Annex or Not to Annex
News Story  September 19, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...Annexing the land has been part of the city's plan ever since 1984, when the city signed the municipal utility district contracts to extend water and wastewater service to the development. The deal allowed developer Gary Bradley to create four MUDs, which then issued bonds..."

Bradley Bonks
News Story  July 26, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...News that Gary Bradley had declared bankruptcy hit the front pages of the American-Statesman and the Austin Business Journal this week, bearing out what many Bradley watchers had been predicting all along: It was just a matter of time (nearly a decade, in this instance) before the developer would file the necessary paperwork to get a host of creditors off his back. Bradley filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, which would essentially wipe out most of his debts, possibly in exchange for some of his assets..."

Proposed Bradley Agreement
News Story  March 10, 2000
"...The shaded areas indicate how Gary Bradley would be allowed to develop his property under the terms of the proposed settlement with the city...."

Proposed Bradley Agreementnt
News Column  March 3, 2000, by Jenny Staff Johnson
"...The shaded areas indicate how Gary Bradley would be allowed to develop his property under the terms of the proposed settlement with the city...."

The Whole Truce
Gary Bradley ponders the significance of his proposed settlement agreement with the city of Austin.
News Story  February 25, 2000, by Robert Bryce
"...Long before Jim Bob, there was Gary. Indeed, the fight between the city's environmentalists and Gary Bradley goes back to the mid-1980s, years before Jim Bob Moffett ever considered mining the banks of Barton Creek for real estate riches. And there have been several colorful skirmishes, including spirited confrontations between Bradley and members of Earth First! over the southern extension of the MoPac expressway..."

With Friends Like Jim Bob...
Developer Gary Bradley Is Sued by Old Pal as Finances Fade
News Story  March 28, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...Two years ago, Jim Bob Moffett and Gary Bradley were on the same side. Today, the two are squaring off in court...."

The Unforeseen
Executive-produced by Robert Redford and Terrence Malick, Dunn's award-winning documentary looks at the history of Barton Springs, Gary Bradley's role in development issues, and the relationship of Austin's environmental activism to the world at large.
Film Review  March 28, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...In one corner, weighing 100 pounds soaking wet and wearing tie-dyed T-shirts, stood the environmentalists: good-natured activists and community organizers out to save the city’s “spiritual center,” Barton Springs, from degradation. In the other corner, weighing countless tons and clad in black hats, stood the developers: corporations like strip miners Freeport McMoRan, their lawyers and their lobbyists, and – most prominently – developer Gary Bradley, a former farm boy who would grow up to become arguably the most reviled man in Austin..."

Council Watch
Peace at Last? City, Gary Bradley Strike the Deal to End All Deals
News Column  February 11, 2000, by Jenny Staff Johnson
"...It wasn't just Central Texas that got a cold snap last week. The gates of hell must've been swept by a cool breeze as well, as it looked like the thing that many thought would never happen -- an agreement ending legal hostilities between developer Gary Bradley and the city of Austin -- could come to pass..."

Council Watch
City and developer Gary Bradley reach agreeement on development
News Column  November 26, 1999, by Jenny Staff Johnson
"...News flash: Gary Bradley and the city of Austin bury the hatchet; Bradley's 3,000-plus acres to be developed under SOS impervious cover standards; Bradley will adhere to all city water quality regulations henceforth, even if water quality protection zones are upheld by the Texas Supreme Court. Sound too good to be true? Maybe it is, but time will tell. If the "Terms Sheet" signed last week by Bradley and an attorney representing the city is translated into a final agreement, and if the agreement is tight enough to withstand any attempts Bradley might make to renege, it could lead to a dismissal of litigation pending between Bradley and the city..."

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