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Wild Things
The film is a fun, sexy never-ending game of double-cross.
Film Review  March 27, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...McNaughton has come a long way since his personal high-water mark with 1990's Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, though you wouldn't know it from this teasey, cheesy mess. Still, like Henry, Wild Things is shot in a filter-heavy, smeary-lens fashion that makes the blinding Florida sunshine look positively grimy (how anyone ever gets a tan in this film is one of the great mysteries of the universe)..."

SXSW Film Review: Best and Most Beautiful Things
Sometimes you find community in unexpected places
DAILY Screens  March 14, 2016, by Jessi Cape
"...Named for a Helen Keller quote ("The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."), this documentary follows a young woman whose indomitable spirit directs her life path far more than her differently-abled body...."

Five Arty Things to Do: Jan. 5-7
Apocalypse indefinitely postponed; go out, have some fun
DAILY Arts  January 4, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...New year, new things. Some damned good things, actually..."

DVDanger: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
Star Alan Ormsby on the counterculture zombie classic
DAILY Screens  February 26, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's hard to remember a time when zombies weren't ubiquitous. But in 1972, when Alan Ormsby starred in Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, it was all fresh meat..."

Needful Things
Out of the almost 20-plus Stephen King film adaptations thus far, you can honestly count the “good” ones on the fingers of one hand. And that's after a tragic Cuisinart...
Film Review  September 3, 1993, by Marc Savlov
"...So it comes as a welcome surprise to realize that this new King film (the third thus far by Rob Reiner's Castle Rock production company) is -- collective sigh of relief -- genuinely entertaining, albeit in a weasely, “Sunday Afternoon Ain't Got Nothin' Better To Do” sort of way. Max von Sydow has a field day as demonic shop owner Leland Gaunt, a Hawthornesque curio store (the titular Needful Things) proprietor who blows into the small Maine town of Castle Rock one crisp fall day and immediately begins setting the townspeople against one another like so many human dominos..."

All Things Must Pass
Spirited doc traces the rise and fall of Tower Records
Film Review  November 6, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Nostalgic yet informative, the documentary All Things Must Pass by actor-turned-director Colin Hanks presents a lively history of the rise and fall of Tower Records. At once a celebratory history and cautionary tale, the film is steeped in the cultural legacy of our recent past..."

SXSW Interactive: Internet of Unsafe Things
Nicholas Percoco foresees a not-so-squeaky-clean future
DAILY SXSW  March 14, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...As a child, Nicholas Percoco pretended he was a 9-year-old from the future, stuck in the primitivist past. He was obsessed with the shape of things to come, like the guy down the street with a car phone...."

At Least Five Things You Should Know About, I Mean, If You Were Counting
The bimonthly literary/art/performative series Five Things happens Friday at the Art Authority
DAILY Books  June 3, 2009, by Kimberley Jones
"...It might take a sec to wrap your brain around the concept behind the regular series Five Things: We're gonna take a cue from the title and call it a multimedia thingy involving awesomely talented Austin folk, but cohost Stacy Muszynski's description of a "literati/musical/performative event" is a lot more elegant. The theme of this month's event is Photographs. Five authors – Amanda Eyre Ward, Jennifer Pashley, Aly Tadros, Perry Tyson Midkiff II (who, fyi, won second place in our last Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest for his terrific story "May the Passenger Pigeon Sing Thee to Thy Rest"), and Sigers Steele – will tell stories based on the photographs of five photographers – Mary Sledd, Suzi Q, Sarah Gonzalez, David Jewell, and David Hill – followed by music from the likes of Jamie Panzer, Legs Against Arms, and Zapata Sparrow..."

Things We Lost in the Fire
This film starring Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro is an impeccably constructed and perfectly paced drama of domestic and internal volatility.
Film Review  October 19, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...He can do it all. Yet somehow, with Things We Lost in the Fire, he’s managed to top even himself; this most recent performance is right up there with the best screen turns, not just of his generation but of all time: Brando in On the Waterfront..."

Dirty Pretty Things
Stephen Frears’ low-key thriller casts its eye toward the furtive lives of London’s illegal immigrants.
Film Review  August 29, 2003, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou, Sergi López, Sophie Okonedo and Benedict Wong. With Dirty Pretty Things, the estimable filmmaker Stephen Frears (The Grifters, High Fidelity) has concocted one of the most low-key thrillers ever made..."

More From Adler
Incumbent Steve Adler on Austin progress, challenges, 2018 campaign
DAILY News  January 18, 2018, by Michael King
"...Every city in the Southwest part of the country is growing. That growth can put at risk some of the things we like best about this city, some of the things that are embedded into our culture and our spirit..."

Moving on From West Memphis
Freed from death row, Damien Echols reflects on where to go next
Books Story  October 26, 2012, by Dan Solomon
"...DE: It's written by someone who loves writing. I wanted to cover things that meant something to me [besides the trial], and hoped that it would mean something to other people, too..."

The Shape of Things
Playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute describes his latest, The Shape of Things, as a sort of retort to critics who branded him a misogynist for his first feature, In the...
Film Review  May 16, 2003, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Paul Rudd, Rachel Weisz, Gretchen Mol and Fred Weller. Playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute describes his latest, The Shape of Things, as a sort of retort to critics who branded him a misogynist for his first feature, In the Company of Men..."

Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable
The great photographer's work reappraised and redeemed
Film Review  October 26, 2018, by Steve Davis
"...Garry Winogrand loved the “isness” of things. He once circularly said, “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.” This SXSW Special Jury Prize-winning documentary recounts the all-too-short career of this true American artist who intuitively mastered the art of the moment, finding poetry in the still life of human (and sometimes, animal) gesture through the lens of his Leica...."

Five Arty Things to Do: Nov. 17-19
DAILY Arts  November 16, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...And the other four as well. We’re just trying to make things easier for you here, is all, O busy Austinite..."

Five Artful Things to Do This Weekend
In case you’re, what, tired of bingeing on TV every night?
DAILY Arts  August 3, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...2) TIM DOYLE’S "UNREAL ESTATE 5" When he’s not too busy with things like running the VIP poster series for Metallica’s current city-crushing tour, Nakatomi’s own honch heado Doyle renders the locations in your favorite TV shows and movies into stunning illustrations and then screenprints those images in a limited-edition series – the latest of which series, having galvanized New York’s Spoke Art Gallery, makes its Austin debut at Parts & Labour this Friday night...."

Five Things to Do in Austin This Weekend
Oh, wait, is this a new list of entertainment options?
DAILY Arts  June 2, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Why, yes, observant citizen – this “Five Things” post is part of an ongoing weekly series! And here are a few recommendations of events likely to delight even one as clever as your own Austin-living self this first weekend in June...."

Five Different Things To Do In Austin This Weekend
Art! Theatre! Dance! You know: What the enemy hates.
DAILY Arts  April 6, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Look: Five recommended things in four days! Right here in Austin!..."

Freedom from Choice
But just for one night
DAILY Arts  October 13, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Thank you, O Flying Spaghetti Monster, for this night's manifest destiny vis-a-vis my personal agenda of Things I Could Do...."

Bright Young Things
Actor and author Stephen Fry turns director for this colorful group snapshot of monied revelers in 1930s London.
Film Review  September 24, 2004, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Emily Mortimer, Stephen Campbell Moore, James McAvoy, Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Fenella Woolgar, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Broadbent and Peter O’Toole. Bright Young Things begins with the camera, bobbing and weaving to the frenzied swing of "Sing Sing Sing," zooming in on crazy-angled close-ups of London’s wealthy set in the 1930s, the title’s "bright young things." (The film is adapted from Evelyn Waugh’s novel, the far gloomier-sounding Vile Bodies.) The costumed revelers are bathed in a ghoulish red haze, and, indeed, there’s something devilish to the witty banter and bountiful drink, but if this is meant to recall hell, then, baby, hell looks like a hell of a lot of fun..."

Five Arty Things to Do This Weekend: Aug. 24-26
Because you wouldn’t stop at just four things, would you?
DAILY Arts  August 24, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Or are you gonna go ahead and do six things, because you’re just that badass? Hey, we’re not trying to hold you back, champ – we’re on your side, remember?..."

SXSW Film Review: All Things Must Pass
Colin Hanks documents the demise of Tower Records
DAILY Screens  March 19, 2015, by Doug Freeman
"...All Things Must Pass opens with a powerful statement: In 1999, Tower Records made almost $1 billion. Five years later, the company filed for bankruptcy...."

Review: 'Things We Left Unsaid'
A unique perspective on domestic life in pre-revolution Iran
DAILY Books  September 10, 2012, by Jessi Cape
"...In Zoya Pirzad’s recently translated novel, Things We Left Unsaid (OneWorld Publications, $17.95), mysterious new neighbors disrupt an Iranian housewife's peaceful routine of 1960s suburbia and spur her inner turmoil and community drama...."

Totally Giftee Things
DAILY Design  December 11, 2007, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas?), let's pimp some merch by the skyscraperish draftsman Tony Millionaire, because 1) Who doesn't love Sock Monkey, and 2) The man was kind enough to treat us to lunch during his recent visit to Austin. So very quid pro quo, here in blogsville, as if unfettered by the whalebone corset of common journo ethics, y'think? But never mind all that, feast your mouseclick upon these wonderful stocking stuffers at Things From Another World. Next, in keeping with the comics theme we've embarked upon all nautical but nice, let's give a nod to one of the few areas of graphic loveliness in the daily newspaper strip ghetto..."

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
It's somehow fitting that a movie with this unwieldy a title should also feature a cast of actors that virtually runs off the edge of the page. This unruliness may...
Film Review  February 16, 1995, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...It's somehow fitting that a movie with this unwieldy a title should also feature a cast of actors that virtually runs off the edge of the page. This unruliness may be the source of the trouble with Things to Do in Denver…..."

Five From Here: An Eclectic Selection of Local Gift Ideas
Your Austin friends and neighbors have been mighty busy this year.
DAILY Chronolog  December 11, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Then follow me to Austin, even if you're already here. I've got five things to tell you a little bit about, five things that you might like to give as gifts this holiday season – or that you might prefer to acquire for your own personal enjoyment – and all these things are from right here in the ATX...."

Things Not To Fear: 1) The Reaper, 2) The World Horror Convention in Austin
An Interview with Convention co-chairs Nate Southard and Lee Thomas
DAILY Books  April 27, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...He’s a phenomenal writer. He’s very much from a literary background, but he deals with things that are so unpleasant, so difficult for people, that I think they take the warning seriously when someone says “You may not want to read this, because blah-blah-lah.” Sometimes that’s considered a challenge..."

Postcards From America
Based on the autobiographical writings of the late, gay author and artist David Wojnarowicz, Postcards from America is a memory play, a remembrance of how things past affect things present....
Film Review  February 2, 1996, by Steve Davis
"...Starring: James Lyons, Michael Tighe, Olmo Tighe, Michael Imperioli, Michael Ringer and Maggie Low. Based on the autobiographical writings of the late, gay author and artist David Wojnarowicz, Postcards from America is a memory play, a remembrance of how things past affect things present..."

Strange Kids Doing Strange Things
Eighties retro-spoofers Strange Kids Club has real mutant turtles
DAILY Screens  July 25, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Strange Kids Club started "five years ago, almost to the day," he said, as a personal blog about things he enjoyed he enjoyed from his adolescence in Santa Monica, Calif. It wasn't just the big titles, the GI Joes and Street Sharks, but obscure gems, like the oft-forgotten Extreme Ghostbusters and Stupid Heroes trading cards..."

What Planet Are You From?
You know a film's in trouble when you see Ben Kingsley whirling down a toilet more than once in the course of the production. Just a rule of thumb I...
Film Review  March 4, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Just a rule of thumb I use, but it seems to work. Mike Nichols, a director who appears to want to be all things to all people these days (his last three films -- 1998's Primary Colors, 1996's The Birdcage, and 1994's Wolf – cover a pretty broad spectrum of filmmaking styles), has fashioned a throwback to the mid-Seventies with What Planet Are You From?, a film that answers the burning question: Can a horny alien make it with an emotionally battered 12-stepper and still lead his planet to universal conquest? Frankly, I don't remember asking the question in the first place, but surely someone did, somewhere..."

Gary Numan’s Songs From a Broken World
New Wave pioneer takes on global warming
DAILY Music  December 15, 2017, by Julie Holden
"...Gary Numan: You know, with all the hurricanes and the droughts before that, there’s so much going on, so many clear signs that things are not what they were. People will say, “Oh, we’ve had them before,” but not in that intensity, not that number, not that back-to-back..."

Almuelle’s “The Silent Narrative of Things” Speaks Loud in the Shadows
The acclaimed sculptor brings a dark divinity to Dimension Gallery
DAILY Arts  May 17, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...This: “The Silent Narrative of Things” by Alejandra Almuelle...."

Five New Things In Austin's Comedy Scene
A quintuple shot of Lakkalikööri for all my friends
DAILY Arts  March 22, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Comedy and drinking, drinking and comedy: They go together like gin and tonic, like tequila and birth control. No wonder that most of these five things are stained with the wonders fermentation hath wrought:..."

Escape From Planet Earth
In this 3-D animated movie, a famous astronaut from another planet becomes trapped on Earth – aka the Dark Planet. Interplanetary shenanigans ensue.

Film Review  February 22, 2013, by Louis Black
"...Other aliens imprisoned at the time include Thurman (Lopez), Io (Lynch), and Doc (Robinson), who are there mostly to provide comic relief. Bravely and foolishly, Gary takes off to save his brother, and things accelerate even further when Gary’s wife Kira (Parker) and son Kip (Heit) set out to rescue Gary, who not only fails to rescue Scorch, but is himself imprisoned...."

Coming to You Live From the Drinking Town With a Baseball Problem
DAILY Sports  October 26, 2006, by Shawn Badgley
"...En route from the airport, there was red adorning everything: Buildings, cars, overpasses, cattle, campaign signs, militiamen, gunracks, crystal-meth dens, leaves on the trees. In 2004, things were over before they began, and nobody much enjoyed themselves. Didn't sleep last night and scrambling to catch up with some people and things, so I'll spare you any "analysis" for now..."

10 Things I Hate About You
This updated version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew provides a sharp examination of teen dating rituals.
Film Review  April 9, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...She's a riot grrrl update of the traditional Shakespearean indie female, and both Stiles and Junger manage to breathe new life into an old character. It certainly doesn't hurt things, either, to make her a fan of the Boston-based grrrl rock band Letters to Cleo, who make an appearance as the school's prom band..."

Ten Things to Do on Christmas Day
Avoid the Grinch-y realm this holiday
DAILY Chron Events  December 22, 2018, by Evelin Garcia
"...This is the place to cross-out everything on your cliché list of things to do on Christmas. Thinking skating rink, Tunnel of Lights, Santa’s Workshop, live music, carnival rides, petting zoo, or Chinese Lantern Festival? This place has all..."

Five Arty Things to Do This Weekend: Oct. 13-15
So much! So good! So much good!
DAILY Arts  October 12, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...5) And, speaking of smart women, is it just us, or does that Yuliya Lanina always seem to be in the middle of the coolest, weirdest things in town? This Saturday at the Museum of Human Achievement, Lanina’s miniature mechanical sculptures inspire a sonic exploration of childhood awe and wonder from composer Yevgeniy Sharlat – as performed, among other pieces, by the vigorous virtuosi of NOW Ensemble and invoke in Fast Forward Austin’s Spare the Rod concert...."

Five Arty Things to Do This Weekend: Sept. 1-3.
Just a little break in the midst of Harvey-related program activities
DAILY Arts  August 31, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner

More Gore From Housecore Horror
New film fest adds more classics plus a locally lensed premiere
DAILY Screens  September 5, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...They help him survive every day life. However, when a horror movie starts to cross into Marty's real life, things start to get truly frightening..."

SXSW: Six Things We Learned From Marvel
The House of Ideas launches new initiatives, plus a big hire
DAILY SXSW  March 10, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...So Marvel Comics had been teasing big things all week from their SXSW Gaming Expo panel House of Ideas. Did they deliver? Well, how about 700 free digital comics, plus hiring a top comics reporter?..."

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Based on the allegedly autobiographical short stories of alleged teen author J.T. Leroy, Asia Argento's film describes a Gothic maelstrom of psychic and physical abuse.
Film Review  April 14, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Leroy”), and by simply casting herself as the white trash demon-mother she’s taking a huge leap of faith. There are no heroes here, and the character of Sarah is as pure a portrait of parental evil yet to appear onscreen, so The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things forces audiences into the uncomfortable, uncharitable position of having to root for a character who, after only a reel in, is as garishly corrupted as his doomed mother..."

Things to Do Downtown During the Texas Tribune Festival
Take a break with these hot spots within walking distance of the Capitol
DAILY Chron Events  September 12, 2018, by Shalavé Cawley
"...Quirkier options include the Austin Toy Museum (314½ Congress), filled with vintage toys and retro video games, and the Museum of the Weird (412 E. Sixth), a haven for all things strange, such as Fiji mermaids and shrunken heads. [image-3] Nighttime Entertainment..."

Five Arty Things To Do In Austin This Weekend
Arty, yeah. You know: Creativity actually happening in our city.
DAILY Arts  June 16, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...AUSTIN BEERWORKS X LIMITED HANGOUT Because, if you love visual art, and if you especially love that subsection of visual art called graphic design, and you love beer, and you especially love that subsection that’s locally crafted … well, holy St. Augustine of Hippo, how can you not love this party that joins all those excellent thirst- and soul-quenching things together in one Austintatious, DJ-enhanced Saturday night? (Answer: You can’t not love it..."

From the Vault: “The Guilt of Frank Sinatra”
As ASO toasts Sinatra in concert, we revisit a Michael Ventura classic
DAILY Arts  December 29, 2015, by Michael Ventura
"...He tries to expose this, but it's clear that the big crimes will go unpunished while the little criminals get arrested. "I saw things that terrified me," his character says, "and I thought I was above them – but I wasn't." He resigns from the job he loves..."

Five Excellent Things to Do in Austin this Weekend
Aside from enjoying this, we mean, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS weather
DAILY Arts  February 6, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...5. THAT'S AMORE: AN EARLY VALENTINE Tell you what: few things are quite as romantic as music from Italian operas, especially when that music's performed on period instruments by the virtuosi of the Texas Early Music Project..."

Thirteen Things To Do in Austin on Halloween
Halloween 2014: All the events here, there, and in-between
DAILY Chron Events  October 23, 2014, by Derek Van Wagner
"...The sugar-coated holiday that stems from pagan roots is here once again! So we've compiled a conveniently numbered list of things to do around Austin...."

Point Austin: Learning From Experience
The things they won't tell you in Texas schools
News Column  September 24, 2010, by Michael King
"...Molly Ivins often noted that persistent observers of Texas politics learn one invaluable lesson: Things can always get worse. I've been reminded of this nugget of wisdom by a couple of stories in the news this week..."

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
Dan Merchant seeks to uncover why the gospel of love is dividing America.
Film Review  October 2, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Christians have strayed from the path of Jesus and his religion of love, forgiveness, and charity. Merchant even takes the almost blasphemous stand of using ample clips from such famous non-Christians as Jon Stewart, Al Franken, and Bill Maher and stating they get several things right in their analyses..."

Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From?
The beginning was, as for most of us, totally erotic
DAILY Chronolog  February 2, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...All things change, of course, and love no less than others and more than most. A time of infatuation may be the only hour that never stretches, the emotions shifting swiftly along a course less straight than that of Cupid's drunkest arrow toward some far terminus of romance...."

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