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An Alliance of Friends
An Alliance of Dripping Springs residents forms to defend itself against unregulated development.
News Story  September 21, 2001, by Amy Smith
"...Many who live up and down FM 1826 share Smith's uneasiness about growth in this crook of Hays County. This concern has led to the formation of an alliance -- tentatively called the Friendship Alliance -- that seeks recognition as a stakeholder in growth management decisions..."

True Love and Lawsuits in the Wedding Capital of Texas
'Til death do us party
News Story  April 26, 2018, by Kate Groetzinger
"...19 of this year, residents of Radi­ance and the other neighborhoods surrounding the Blacks' property showed up in front of Terry Black's Barbecue on Barton Springs Road to protest the proposed wedding venue ahead of a Dripping Springs City Council meeting to approve Black's site plan. They carried signs that read "No Mark Black Wedding Venue," "We <3 Good Neighbors," and "Commit Now! Fire Safety!" The protest was organized by the Friendship Alliance, a neighborhood group for residents of Radiance, Goldenwood, and Gol­den­wood West...."

The Backroom Is Open
News Story  June 13, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...Jeff Wentworth, cities can broker development deals with no public input at all until the deal shows up, already cooked and ready for swallowing, on a City Council agenda. "It's a terrible bill," said Rob Baxter, president of the Friendship Alliance, a coalition of northwest Hays Co..."

Clouds Over Dripping Springs
As the pressure for growth continues, Dripping Springs residents question the role of city government insiders
News Story  February 22, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Of the two development agreements, the Rutherford Ranch/Cypress Realty deal is more controversial, because of long-running, highly organized opposition from the Friendship Alliance, a northern Hays County coalition of neighborhoods along the FM 1826 corridor, where Cypress' 2,700-acre Rock Creek development will take shape over the next 10 years. Area residents were particularly dismayed that neither the city of Dripping Springs nor the developer notified them of the proposed project until after the agreement had won council's approval..."

Naked City
Dripping Springs Gets Sued
News Story  November 8, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...The Friendship Alliance -- the voice of neighborhoods in northern Hays Co. -- has filed a lawsuit against the city of Dripping Springs, challenging the legality of two major development agreements..."

Creedmoor Need More
The city of Austin and the BSEACD are skeptical of Creedmoor-Maha's request to triple its pumping limits.
News Story  December 14, 2001, by Amy Smith
"...The cities of Austin and Buda are formally contesting the increase, as are the Save Our Springs Alliance and the Friendship Alliance, a coalition of neighborhood representatives in the growth-intensive corridor of northern Hays County. Moreover, several aquifer-dependent residents in northeastern Hays voiced their opposition at last week's hearing, fearing their own wells will run dry if such a huge increase is granted..."

Dreamcatcher, an adaptation of Stephen King’s unwieldy horror/sci-fi novel of the same name, is either a canny metaphor for the country’s current paranoia regarding terrorism and the invisible other, or...

Film Review  March 21, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"...Goldman’s script sticks close to the novel: Four adult friends – Henry (Jane), Beaver (Lee), Jonesy (Lewis), and Pete (Olyphant) – meet regularly for years in a cabin in upstate Maine to hunt and bond. When they were kids, they formed an unlikely alliance around a mentally handicapped boy named Duddits (Wahlberg) who somehow (the film never explains how) gave them psychic powers..."

Rock Creek Rolls Forward
Cypress' Rock Creek project moves along after Fish & Wildlife approves its permit.
News Story  March 29, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Approval from FWS comes as no surprise; rather, it serves as the starting point for the actual nitty-gritty development process, said Rob Baxter, president of the Friendship Alliance coalition of neighborhood associations. "It wasn't unexpected at all because they've been working with Fish on this for quite a while," he said..."

Pumping Edwards Dry?
Creedmoor-Maha's request to pump more water gets nixed by the Barton Springs / Edwards Aquifer Conservation District.
News Story  January 11, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...That was one of the fears raised by the city of Buda in its letter of protest against the proposed increase. Of the parties contesting the permit application, only the city of Austin and the Friendship Alliance, a coalition of northwestern Hays County neighborhoods whose residents are largely dependent on aquifer water, made formal presentations to the board..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  November 29, 2002
"...Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman, who had previously voted against the zoning change, was out of town last week attending a housing conference. Though the proposed development meets the requirements of the Save Our Springs Ordinance, the SOS Alliance opposed the zoning, and Slusher likewise argued that single-family or rural-residential zoning would be more appropriate for an area already thick with apartments and traffic congestion..."

Rocky Road for Cypress
A controversial Dripping Springs development proposal is facing new challenges in the new year.
News Story  January 18, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Council members unanimously denied the request on grounds that not all property owners within 200 feet of the proposed project had been properly notified of its existence. The council's rejection was a victory for the Friendship Alliance, a coalition of Hays County neighborhoods along the FM 1826 corridor that formed last summer as a direct result of the lack of public discourse on major developments..."

Shape Our Future
Postmarks  October 7, 2003
"...The survey is part of an eight-page informational brochure in this Austin Chronicle. The Shape Our Future Survey Coalition has also arranged locations around Austin where you can pick up the survey. For more information about the coalition and our opinions about the Envision Central Texas Regional Vision Survey and to take the survey, see To volunteer or find out more, contact Brian Donovan at 481-8400 or The Shape Our Future Coalition is: Clean Water Action, Friendship Alliance, Hays Community Action Network, Liveable City, Save Barton Creek Association, Save Our Springs Alliance, Sierra Club, Solar Austin, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Texas Community Project, TexPIRG, Trans Texas Alliance, and the Travis County Green Party...."

Ya Gotta Have Friends
News Story  April 19, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Less than a year ago, the Friendship Alliance -- a neighborhood coalition in northwest Hays County -- was pegged as a fledgling bunch of old hippie no-growthers. But the group (whose membership, for the record, is a cross-section of conservatives, liberals, and Libertarians) turned out to be a pretty well-oiled machine that now wields influence in planning and development issues in this growth-weary county..."

Naked City
News Story  June 13, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison

Summit for the Aquifer
News Story  December 13, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Judge Jim Powers -- who has for years faced local opposition to his road-building agenda -- organized the event and invited representatives from several entities, including Dripping Springs, Buda, the Austin-San Antonio Regional Conference, the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, and the Lower Colorado River Authority (which needs a plan in place in order to expand its water pipeline activities in high-growth areas of northwest Hays Co.). SOS Alliance reps also participated, as did the Hays Co..."

Naked City
The Secrets of Dripping Springs
News Story  June 7, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...Dripping Springs officials have asked the state attorney general's office to weigh in on a Freedom of Information Act request seeking the release of Brooks' written opinion. Rob Baxter, president of the Friendship Alliance -- the neighborhoods group that filed the FOIA request -- says the AG's office isn't likely to review the request until July, no doubt due to the fairly constant backlog of other FOIA requests that come in from all corners of the state...."

Naked City
Water Torture
News Story  February 1, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...The Friendship Alliance, a coalition of northwestern Hays County neighborhood groups, maintains the agreement is flawed. Alliance President Rob Baxter called council's latest action "a disappointment ....."

HAAM Happy
A little girlie action at Nancy Coplin's big six-0
DAILY Music  March 31, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Nancy Coplin’s such a smart cookie. For her 60th birthday, she threw herself a party Sunday evening at Antone’s to benefit the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians..."

Naked City
Beyond City Limits
News Story  February 21, 2003
"...suburb. The committee includes two reps from the Friendship Alliance, the neighbor group -- ranging from ex-hippies to retired military officers -- whose slow-growth stances have been a thorn in Dripping Springs leaders' sides for two years..."

Inside Agitator
Fulani Follower Stokes Fires of Resentment and Reform
News Story  December 12, 1997, by Audrey Duff
"...It seems that to Curtis, it's not the win that counts, but the revolutionary activity itself. How else can she explain the scorched earth tactics that enrage and confound enemies and admirers alike? She'll form the most unholy of alliances to get what she wants, and then turn around and brand those who don't live up to her political standards "sellouts," regardless of their liberal credentials..."

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