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At the Intersection of Fashion and Justice
Creators of Saturday's workshop on how fashion fights inequality
DAILY The Gay Place  February 2, 2018, by Mikaila Rushing
"...Fashion’s importance to any individual varies. Some folks are meticulous in their dress, others content to grab a semi-clean shirt off the floor and call it a morning..."

High Voltage Fashion Show 2010
UT Design seniors show their talent
DAILY Design  April 28, 2010, by Michelle Washington
"...Lights … camera … action! For fashionistas and fans of the fashion industry, Project Runway has been something to look forward to week-to-week: The fashions, the designers, the deadlines, and the drama...."

SXstyle: Queer Fashion
The visual activism of dressing how you feel
DAILY SXSW  March 12, 2016, by Sarah Marloff
"...“To transcend fashion, we must transcend beauty.”..."

High Fashion Goes Hyperreal at Diptych II
The local fashion collective’s second spectacle of new designs
DAILY Arts  May 2, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Three fashion designers are debuting their newest lines of apparel at a runway show in Austin on Saturday night...."

Chronicle Recommends: Films About Fashion
Get glamorous with our favorite catwalk flicks
DAILY Screens  June 4, 2018, by Chronicle Film Staff
"...Every month, the Chronicle's film critics select a theme and offer movie recommendations. With the fabulously stylish documentary, The Gospel According to André, we get all gussied up for our favorite films about fashion...."

The Luv Doc: The Iron Fist of Fashion
In Austin, fashion is based on the following question: Will I sweat in it?
Columns  September 28, 2012, by The Luv Doc
"...Luvdoc, A few day ago, I wore some white sandals on a dinner date with my boyfriend and, when he came to pick me up, he immediately commented that I was breaking a very basic fashion rule – no white after Labor Day. At first I thought he was joking, but then I realized he was serious..."

Fashion Camp
Jen DM & Rick Gradone of Hi Fashion tell all
DAILY The Gay Place  June 26, 2015, by Sarah Marloff
"...Turning heads, shaking hips, and living up to the name of their 2010 single, “Amazing,” quality queer duo Hi Fashion – aka Jen DM and Rick Gradone – is one part talent, one part camp, and a whole lot of electro-pop to keep fans dancing all night long...."

The Good Eye – Clothes-Minded: An Eyeful of Austin Fashion Week
Austin Fashion Week comes to a clothes
Columns  May 8, 2014, by Amy Gentry
"...I adore the 2010 documentary about the New York Times' octogenarian street-style photographer, Bill Cunningham New York, but I wish someone would make a documentary about the recently retired Times critic whose writing lent substance to the ethereal stuff of fashion for me: Cathy Horyn. In her video columns, Horyn pronounces each word slowly in a dry, measured voice, as if holding a miniature representation of the object in her mouth..."

Breaking Down Barriers for Inclusive Fashion
Designers Leo Roux are creating affordable trans-focused fashion
DAILY The Gay Place  June 7, 2016, by Shaun Lee
"...Clothing is an integral part of self-expression for all people, but finding clothing that agrees with one’s body is hard for many people. This difficult task is often amplified for those who don’t fall into the long-established fashion industry norms..."

After "After a Fashion"
Stephen McMillan Moser strikes again at Dallas' Fashion Scoop Daily
DAILY Design  June 17, 2015, by Kate X Messer
"...The Austin Chronicle's longtime "Style Avatar" and "After a Fashion" columnist Stephen Moser has a new gig and new digs in Dallas...."

Austin Fashion Awards Caps Off Fashion Week, August 10-18
Austin Fashion Awards: Austin Music Hall, Saturday August 18
DAILY Design  July 24, 2012, by Anne Harris
"...It looks like Kendra Scott, Jessica Ciarla, and Ross Bennett will be showing at this year's Austin Fashion Awards. Hosted by Sandy McIlree of Mix 94.7, the show will not only feature runway collections with hair and make-up by the team at Jackson Ruiz Salon,..."

Adventures in Fashion: Six Items or Less
Our contributor Shelley Seale takes the ultimate wardrobe challenge.
DAILY Design  February 14, 2011, by Shelley Seale
"...Could you get by for an entire month wearing only six pieces of clothing from your closet? Or would you have incurable wardrobe withdrawal at this fashion master cleanse? Would it be a lesson in simplicity and overconsumption, or just in deprivation?..."

Fashion Freak Out
DAILY Design  February 18, 2008, by Sofia Resnick
"...Young waifs with backless shirts sipped steaming mugs of soy chai lattes while strapping, mustache-bedecked UT art/philosophy majors chain-smoked and sipped glasses of $8 scotch with pursed lips. Most seemed to be having a whale of a somber, poetic time, except for those completely disheartened over not being able to get into the fashion show around the corner, at the new United States Art Authority (510 W..."

Austin Fashion Week Recommended: Saturday, April 26
A candy-themed runway and champagne awaits
DAILY Design  April 25, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...Well, darn it. The Fashion PR Confidential event has been cancelled, so the secrets of Fashion PR will remain so..."

Austin Fashion Week: Go Local for 'Noir & Encore'
Austin Fashion Week gala benefits Arc of the Capital Area
DAILY Design  May 3, 2013, by Anne Harris
"...If you wanted a primer on Austin fashion designers, Saturday's Austin Fashion Week soiree, Noir & Encore, would be a good place to start. Enthusiasm for our diversity of design talent as "there must be something in Austin's water", is common..."

Austin Fashion Week 2011 Recos
The annual celebration of design and couture heats up
DAILY Design  August 22, 2011, by Anne Harris
"...Along with the end of summer comes Austin Fashion Week, capped off by the Austin Fashion Awards on August 27th at Moody Theater. This week, Saturday, August 20th through Saturday, August 27th, the denizens of Austin's style industry will crank out their wares and services during official and special events...."

We're Freaking OUT! Fashion Freakout IV
Spring fun begins with Fashion Freakout.
DAILY Design  February 2, 2011, by Anne Harris
"...Forget about Groundhog Day: We always know when spring is around the corner in Austin because it's time for a Fashion Freakout bash at Mohawk. Anticipated with an eye on the weather while scratching one's head in the closet every year, it marks the start of a busy few months as South by Southwest..."

Fashion Week Picks for Saturday, July 18
Recommended Fashion Week events for Saturday, July 18
DAILY Design  July 17, 2009, by Anne Harris
"...In case you've been hiding in air-conditioned darkness, Fashion Week here is in full swing, leading up to the inaugural Austin Fashion Awards on Sunday night at the Long Center. So get up, get out, and stop by the Marnie Cooper sample sale at Girl Next Door (250 W..."

Austin Fashion Week Challenge: Black and Tan
What Would Tim Gunn Say? That AFW's Black and Tan rocked.
DAILY Design  May 6, 2013, by Anne Harris
"...An eclectic crowd gathered at Haven on Friday night for Austin Fashion Week's Black and Tan challenge, the brainchild of lingerie designer Megan Summerville. One of the few events of the week emphasizing construction and design over commerce, the evening did not disappoint...."

Austin Fashion Awards: Put Your Golden Boot Where Your Mouth Is
Austin Fashion Awards gets an Unlike.
DAILY Design  July 20, 2009, by Anne Harris
"...Since the poise and humor of Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, who was a fantastic host, and the thoughtful but concise remarks of Critics Choice for Best Model, Zion Francis, were the only things about the Austin Fashion Awards production that reflected well on Austin, there is just no splashy recap. We do, however have some friendly suggestions for next year:..."

Austin Fashion Week: Mash Up Madness
Cast your vote for the Mash Up Team People's Choice Award
DAILY Design  April 17, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...Each year, Austin Fashion Week begins with an interactive element, which allows you to vote for the best creative alchemy among teams consisting of clothing designers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, models, and wardrobe stylists who have created editorial scenarios for the competition...."

Fashion Freakout: Three's the Charm
Fashion Freakout 3, Mohawk, Friday, February 5
DAILY Design  February 2, 2010, by Anne Harris
"...The coven of vintage boutiques that includes Prototype Vintage Design, New Bohemia, and Buffalo Exchange is up to its old tricks again: The third annual Fashion Freakout happens this Friday, February 5, once again at Mohawk. Freakout is a little different from the other 16,000 runway shows in Austin these days...."

After a Fashion
Your Style Avatar wants Austin to actually have a fashion industry, not just the appearance of one
Columns  March 11, 2011, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...STYLE BY AUSTIN I've voiced my concerns recently about all this "fashion" that seems to be exploding in our faces here in Austin. We have fashion weeks, style weeks, fashion councils, fashion panels, fashion associations, fashion groups ....."

After a Fashion
Your Style Avatar is officially a 'tween' and is pretty bored with Fashion Weak
Columns  August 27, 2010, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...FASHION WEAK As I've said before, Fashion Week is an event held seasonally in the fashion capitals of the world to exhibit designers' new collections to the press and buyers. It's apparent that there is a small segment of citizens here who have imagined that Austin is also a fashion capital; last week's Austin Fashion Week from Launch787 proved them misguided..."

Fashion (Turn to the Left)
TV Eye
Screens Column  October 24, 1997, by Margaret Moser
"...Well, okay, but if I get too bored with seeing Sugar Ray on MTV, at least I know the Rolling Stones will be on soon – they are currently being played as much as Fleetwood Mac. The Stones are the headline act, in fact, for one of the most recent entries into the Stupid Awards Shows category (and believe me, I know my awards shows), the 1997 VH1 Fashion Awards(VH1; 10/28; 8pm)...."

After a Fashion
Was Austin Fashion Week a "Fashion Week"?
Columns  July 24, 2009, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE AUSTIN FASHION ARMY MARCHES ON As I've said before, we have plenty of fashion shows to go around, but they are usually centered around one, two, or three separate boutiques, with all the boutiques showing what they bought at market in New York, L.A., or Las Vegas. Granted, there's nothing that specifically defines what a fashion show can or cannot be, so we have a plethora of presentations – some good, some not so good..."

After a Fashion
Stephen lays down the law – in his own style
Columns  December 3, 2004, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...RUNAWAY RUNWAY There is an unfortunate misconception that Your Style Avatar is obliged to promote and/or attend every little fashion presentation that comes down the pike. It is an incorrect assumption..."

After a Fashion
Glossing the heights and depths of fashion, as reflected by last Saturday's big show at the Austin Music Hall.
Columns  September 29, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE DECLINE & FALL The critic's pronouncements of success or failure of New York's recent fashion week are critical to the designers who are presenting; the show itself becomes a 20-minute, live-or-die drama. But, ultimately, the show is about the clothes, and everything else is geared toward making the clothes look great..."

After a Fashion
Isn't any fashion show better than no fashion shows? Definitely maybe.
Columns  June 23, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...I am a critic and a commentator; I am essential to the theatre," says George Sanders in All About Eve. It makes me sound, at best, like an ingrate, and at worst, like a hypocrite, to say I support the Austin fashion scene, and then turn around and criticize fashion shows..."

After a Fashion
Columns  June 2, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...DISCLAIMER I have been accused, recently, of being a Fashion Elitist, narrow-minded, and of possessing old-school ideas of what fashion is about. Nonsense..."

After a Fashion
Reports from a rare week of fashion activity in Austin.
Columns  March 17, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...MUSINGS I hate nightclubs, and I hate fashion shows in nightclubs. Especially during Austin's annual drunkfest, Mardi Gras on Sixth Street..."

After a Fashion
Dissing Daryl K's Big Apple show and heralding the spring crop of local presentations.
Columns  March 23, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...UNBEDAZZLED Austin expatriate Alton-on-the-Spot gives us the lowdown on the Daryl K fashion show in New York: "Boring … all very military Eighties, with nothing original or innovative about the show. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the Eighties when it was happening, and I even liked it the second time around a few years ago because it was campy and trashy..."

After a Fashion: The Wrap
Some of the best-dressed at Austin Fashion Week were in clear plastic bags
Columns  August 24, 2012, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...Austin Fashion Week has wound down, ending more than a week of parties, fashion shows, and related events. Attendance seemed bigger this year, and AFW continues to evolve..."

After a Fashion
Your Style Avatar's Swish Alps of the social season loom on the horizon. Time to strap on those designer skis.
Columns  September 10, 2010, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...LET'S BE SPECIFIC While I am indeed critical of Launch787's recent Fashion Week, it is not to say that it didn't honor some excellent talent. It did..."

After a Fashion
Oooh, the fall fashion doin's are doin', what with the Austin appearance of national fashionista Leon Hall, Club DeVille's Fall Fashion Extravaganza, and The Austin Chronicle's own upcoming Drag Ball. Whooo!
Columns  October 12, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...CATWALKING It's that time, boys and girls, for Club DeVille's fabulous Fall Fashion Extravaganza. The inimitable and vivacious Emily Fawcett will be hostessing, along with Joel Mozersky..."

After a Fashion
Be there or Be Cher.
Columns  October 20, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...A "GUILDED" DILEMMA How to review a fashion show that I, myself, was in? Simple. Let the audience do the talking! Guilded, the Designers' Guild of Austin first ever fashion event was SRO, with over 400 seated and many turned away..."

After a Fashion
Fashion correspondent Tom Palmer reports from Iceland's Futurice fashion week.
Columns  September 1, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...TOM OF ICELAND In our quest to bring you the best, "After a Fashion" takes great pleasure in introducing and handing over this week's column to friend and fashion colleague, Tom Palmer. Mr..."

After a Fashion
Personal style in the eye of the beholder? No way, baby.
Columns  May 25, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...LAME ADVERTISING SPACE I love the courtroom scene in Serial Mom in which Kathleen Turner's character is enraged by a juror, played by Patty Hearst, who is wearing white shoes after Labor Day. There is an ugly confrontation in the hallway in which the psycho Kathleen attacks Patty, who, begging for her life, tries to explain that, "Fashion has changed..."

After a Fashion
Does the Circuit of the Americas have the formula for a great Fashion Week?
Columns  August 17, 2012, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...I've been critical about Austin Fashion Week in the past, but it has gotten better. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the 2012 kickoff party, Shift Into Style, at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum last Friday..."

After a Fashion
Your Style Avatar's new lease on life as an affirming and supportive avatar starts, ahem, with Fashion Week
Columns  August 12, 2011, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE REPORT Following last week's column in which I committed to try to be more supportive of new fashion and new designers, I face my first challenge with Launch787's upcoming Fashion Week. While I've had issues with Fashion Week during its two-year history, clearly it isn't going to go away..."

After a Fashion
When Stephen works his green thumb, he feels like Octomom
Columns  August 13, 2010, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE WEEK THAT WAS I just don't know much about it and have been fairly stand-offish regarding the upcoming Austin Fashion Week. It's the second year, and I still don't really understand what it's about..."

After a Fashion
In the beginning, Stephen created the Austin and the fashion. And the fashion was without form and was void, and darkness was upon the face of South Congress ...
Columns  August 7, 2009, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE SCENE, PART I With your beloved Style Avatar celebrating 10 years with The Austin Chronicle at the end of August, I thought I'd take us on a little stroll down memory lane over the next couple of weeks. Though I first appeared in the Chronicle in 1995 and had written occasionally after that, it wasn't until the issue at the end of August 1999 that "After a Fashion" made its first appearance..."

After a Fashion
Your Style Avatar will tell you who's a designer and who isn't, thank you very much, and who to vote for, while we're at it
Columns  August 4, 2006, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...FASHION FEAR FACTOR Attending local fashion shows can be like going on Fear Factor – but instead of having to eat sheep entrails while thousands of giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches crawl all over us while we are suspended in a locked Plexiglas case over a pit of burning feces, in Fashion Fear Factor, we are subjected to ghastly creations that are passed off as fashion. The clothes are usually poorly designed and constructed by amateurs who insist they are "designers," and the presentations are dreadful displays of bad taste, often involving the "model" showing much more than clothing..."

After a Fashion
Stephen takes off the gloves, throws down the gauntlet, and whips out the wire hangers. Dang.
Columns  May 12, 2006, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...I couldn't believe it. Honestly, I'd expected much less from this fashion show, even though I'd agreed to emcee it and coerced my editor Kate X Messer into appearing with me..."

After a Fashion
Stephen trips the bright lights (big titties) fantastic!
Columns  April 28, 2006, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...DRIVE-BY THOUGHTS "Child-eating bear…" Omigod, that's my favorite phrase in months… An online remark about Chloë Sevigny's alleged fashion sense: "There are 2 Chloe's (sic) – the 'i dressed myself in the dark chloe' and the 'yay! i found my hairbrush chloe.' Not giving a shit about how you look does Not equate to fashion sense." Got that, Chloë?… LOL I think Pamela Anderson's unauthorized bio should be called Bright Lights Big Titties… The new artistic director at Sage Salon is Rafael Virguez, who comes to us from such top salons as Louis Licari Color Group, Bruno and Jacques Dessange in NYC, and Jose Eber in Houston, among others… When celebrities complain about needing privacy, they mean the rare moments when they themselves haven't invited the photographers in exchange for cash… Overheard at Starlite: "… and that's why I keep having children." I shuddered to imagine what the rest of the conversation was about… God help us from the onslaught of Bettie Page hairdos that will undoubtedly sweep the nation in the wake of the Bettie Page movie. Austin babes have already done the short bangs to death, and like so many trends, it's just not right for all of those who decide to try it...."

After a Fashion
From whose necks are local faves Anthony Nak dripping this week – or Fashion Week for that matter? Does it matter? Sure. So much bold type, so little time!
Columns  April 9, 2004, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...In addition to having their jewelry worn by so many of the world's most beautiful women, partners Anthony Camargo and David Nakard Armstrong are becoming stars themselves. During the most recent Fashion Week in New York, they were accorded front-row seats at the Richard Tyler, Anna Sui, and Narciso Rodriguez shows..."

After a Fashion
Some upcoming events to keep you off the street and a little story about your Style Avatar and why he should probably stay off the streets …
Columns  April 12, 2002, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...IN TECHNO-COLOR Fashion promoter Neil Diaz's most recent production at..."

After a Fashion
Ubermodels take the stage at a local bar. Why? Why is the Austin fashion scene so divided? Work with me, baby …
Columns  June 29, 2001, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...It was also with a sense of sincere hopefulness that this show would be better than the first Ubermodels show. At that time, I railed about fashion shows in nightclubs: how they are not good venues to actually see the fashion being presented..."

After a Fashion
Rants and raves about the state of the Austin fashion scene.
Columns  November 3, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...THE RAVE The letter said, "Hi! My name is Roy Fredericks, and I am the owner of Avant. First, I would like to congratulate and compliment you on the impact you have made in bringing the Austin Fashion Community together!" Mr..."

After a Fashion
Columns  April 14, 2000, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...PORTFOLIO COLLECTIONS Most fashion shows wind up being an hour late, and then it's all over in 20 minutes. The UT Fashion Group's annual show, last Thursday, April 6, at the Erwin Center, was an exception..."

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