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Cornyn Rumored as FBI Chief
State's senior senator on Trump's short list to head Bureau
DAILY News  May 15, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...First Texas’ senior senator had his invitation to speak at Texas Southern University’s commencement revoked. On the upswing, he was rumored to be shortlisted as the next director of the FBI – then one of his fellow GOP senators said he’d be a bad choice as the government’s top cop...."

News Roundup: John Legend, the FBI, and Paul Pryor
Legend calls for criminal justice reform; Pryor passes away
DAILY News  April 20, 2015, by the News Staff
"...In this week's News Roundup, John Legend wants to use his celebrity for good; the DOJ discovers flawed FBI testimony in capital cases; local radio host Paul Pryor passes away; and more...."

FBI Investigating Deadly Drug Raid at Home of Maryland Mayor
Police admit they F-ed up in raid of mayor's home
DAILY News  August 8, 2008, by Jordan Smith
"...The FBI has launched an investigation into the drug bust at the home of a Maryland mayor last week, which ended with the deaths of the mayor's two dogs...."

T. Don Hutto Abuse Case Goes to FBI
Laura Monterrosa's sexual assault saga continues
News Story  December 7, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...However, Grassroots claims WCSO admitted in a phone conversation last Friday that they did not pursue any investigation. Meanwhile, ICE (which contracts with CoreCivic to run Hutto) said the federal agency, with the assistance of WCSO, found the allegations made by Monterrosa "unsubstantiated," concluding the information she provided could "not be corroborated" and that the case "lacked evidence to pursue any further action." Responding to a Chronicle follow-up, ICE's regional spokesperson emailed back two words: "Contact FBI." In a turn of events, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's San Antonio field office, Austin Resident Agency Office, and the Civil Rights Division have now taken over the case as a civil rights investigation..."

SXSW Taps FBI Director James Comey
FBI chief will discuss privacy and cybersecurity at March fest
DAILY SXSW  January 26, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Comey, if you’ve been living under a rock in Zanzibar, is the FBI director best known now for his royal bungling of the 2016 presidential election via a late October reveal to Congress (and in turn the general public) that his agency was still investigating whether Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had used a private email server to do anything shady during her stint as U.S. secretary of state..."

Activists Raise Concerns About FBI Informant
News Story  January 9, 2009, by Diana Welch
"...According to the affidavit prepared by Special Agent Christopher Langert, McKay and Crowder were identified by "a confidential human source ('CHS 1')" to be part of "a group of individuals involved in planning to disrupt" the RNC. The affidavit goes on to detail information given to the FBI by the informant, including information that led to St..."

Jeffs Makes FBI's Big Top 10
Jeffs' oblong mug now alongside the likes of Osama Bin Laden, and Mafioso murderer James "Whitey" Bulger
News Story  May 12, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs, the fugitive leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has attained the criminal equivalent of rock star status: On May 6, the FBI formally added Jeffs to its numero uno list of Top 10 Most Wanted criminals – that's right, Jeffs' oblong mug has made it to primetime, alongside the likes of terrorist Osama Bin Laden and Boston Mafioso murderer James "Whitey" Bulger. Last summer Jeffs was added to a lesser Top 10 list, but as the list of criminal charges against him grows – including the newest, charging the FLDS leader as an accomplice to rape – the FBI has turned the heat up a notch; the reward for Jeffs' capture has also increased, up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest and successful prosecution..."

FBI Thwarts Plan for Local Man’s Mass Shooting
Steve Boehle busted for illegal possession of firearms, lying about past convictions
News Story  April 20, 2017, by Chase Hoffberger
"...A tip to FBI Special Agent Susana Haberman helped the Bureau's Joint Terrorism Task Force nab a 50-year-old Austin resident who was "planning to conduct a mass shooting," according to a federal criminal complaint signed April 13 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Lane..."

The Facts Were Immaterial
The 'counterintelligence' operations of Hoover's FBI included harassment, vilification, violence – and fake 'underground' newspapers in Bloomington, D.C., and Austin
News Story  June 7, 2013, by Dale Brumfield
"..."Only a sustained, informed, courageous, and humane struggle can build a living community within the shell of the dying one." – Letter from the Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI, March 17, 1972..."

Lethal Weapon
FBI's use of tear gas questioned at Branch Davidian trial.
News Story  July 7, 2000, by Robert Bryce
"..."I could hear tanks all night," said Doyle, who woke at about 4am on the morning of April 19, 1993, to study the Bible. "Any time the tanks came close, the building shook," he recalled from the witness stand in the Davidians' civil suit against the federal government. He also remembered the FBI broadcasting to them over the loudspeakers, warning that they were going to use tear gas..."

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
No medals will be awarded for this Sandra Bullock follow-up, although the actress proves herself an ever-game comic actress.
Film Review  March 25, 2005, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Sandra Bullock, Regina King, Enrique Murciano, William Shatner, Ernie Hudson, Heather Burns, Diedrich Bader and Treat Williams. Sandra Bullock is back as Gracie Hart, the slovenly FBI agent who in the last film went undercover as a beauty-pageant contestant in order to get her man..."

Agent Sage
Retired FBI agent Byron Sage is still defending FBI's role at Waco.
News Story  November 12, 1999, by Robert Bryce
"...But he can't let go. Nearly seven years after the fiery end to the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Sage has become the only current or former FBI agent who is actively defending the agency's actions during and after the siege..."

When You Pause the Heart of an Eagle and Can Feel Its Fear
Steve Moore's smartphone thriller for Fusebox comes to an end.
DAILY Arts  October 22, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...I’ve been getting text messages from the FBI since April of this year...."

Porn Busters!
Investigators run roughshod over rights in hunt for cybersex offenders
News Story  August 17, 2007, by Jordan Smith
"...Just after 6am, Perez's housemate was jarred from sleep by pounding at the front door of the Oak Hill house they shared with one other roommate. A brace of law enforcement officers -- FBI agents, accompanied by investigators with the Texas attorney general's Cyber Crimes Unit -- was demanding entry..."

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
Account of the informant who brought down Nixon's administration
Film Review  October 20, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...That said, Mark Felt should be a riveting historical parallel, or at the very least an alt-right-universe lesson on how not to screw up an already jittery nation. Against all odds, unfortunately, director Landesman’s portrait of FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt (Neeson, well cast), who would eventually reveal that he was the legendary informant – aka “Deep Throat” – leading to the downfall of Nixon’s cryptofascist administration, is its own worst enemy..."

The career of Robert Hanssen, the brilliant real-life FBI spy whose exploits as a double agent caused a great many deaths, should be the mole story to end all mole stories, but it is not.
Film Review  February 16, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...His is the exhaustion of contempt. A trait that serves him perfectly in Breach, in which he plays Robert Hanssen, the brilliant real-life FBI spy whose exploits as a double agent during and after the Cold War led to the deaths of as many as 50 government agents and sources..."

Catch Me If You Can
The film is based on the autobiography by Frank Abagnale Jr., who at the tender age of 17 led the FBI and various other law enforcement agencies on a giddy global romp while he kited, forged, and manufactured checks over a four-year period.
Film Review  December 27, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...That it's a chase picture is only another of the film's many plusses – from Duel to Jaws to Minority Report Spielberg has shown time and again his rapturous love of the chase, and when he's on top of his game, as he is here, precious few do it better. Based on the autobiography by Frank Abagnale Jr., Catch Me if You Can gives us the rosy-cheeked DiCaprio as Abagnale, who at the tender age of 17 led the FBI and various other law enforcement agencies on a giddy global romp while he kited, forged, and manufactured checks to the tune of several million dollars over a four-year period..."

The Kingdom
Initially, The Kingdom seems like it might be another of this season's politically charged movies, but it actually plays more like an explosive episode of CSI: Riyadh.
Film Review  September 28, 2007, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Saudi Arabia-set story opens with a brief history of the country and its 20th century interactions with the United States. However, in an instant, a series of devastating bombs goes off within the American oil-workers' compound in Riyadh, and FBI man Ronald Fleury (Foxx) is called away from his son's school to report for duty..."

Weed Watch
Strict anti-drug hiring laws give the Feds headaches
News Story  October 21, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"...As the Bush administration continues its all-out war on marijuana use, FBI officials last week confirmed that Director Robert Mueller is considering relaxing the agency's policy forbidding hiring certain employees who admit to past marijuana use. Reportedly, FBI administrators have become increasingly frustrated with policies that place strict limits on how often and how many years ago applicants for intelligence analyst, linguist, computer specialist, and accountant positions smoked pot – even though some applicants, who've admitted to more toking than the FBI allows, have already worked in other government jobs that require a higher level of security..."

Crime – and Punishments – Decline
Crime down in early 2010; prison population drops in 2009
DAILY News  December 21, 2010, by Jordan Smith
"...The FBI has released its preliminary snapshot of crime during the first part of 2010, showing that, again, crime has decreased across the country...."

Jet Li and Jason Statham spar and provoke all-out war among the Asian mobs.
Film Review  August 31, 2007, by Toddy Burton
"...Statham (The Transporter series, Crank) is Jack, the ultimate tortured badass. An FBI agent with a serious bone to pick and many asses to kick, he’s a man of few words..."

Blood Work
Clint Eastwood is back directing and starring in a new suspense thriller that is scripted by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) and is based on a bestselling detective novel by Michael...
Film Review  August 9, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...By Hollywood standards, that's pretty radical -- especially for a 72-year-old man. The character he plays, veteran FBI profiler Terry McCaleb, is no Roger Murtaugh, the character played by Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon films, who continually complains, “I'm getting too old for this shit.” McCaleb may indeed be getting too old for this kind of work and the physical demands of the chase, but the character also seems to know that he is lost without it..."

Corky Romano
SNL cast member Chris Kattan should have been in silent comedy. He has the Silly Putty face of those old slapstick stars, and a sing-song, splitting-headache vox box that would...

Film Review  October 19, 2001, by Kimberley Jones
"...Corky is the youngest son of a prominent Mafia family, the Romanos, who's on the skids with the family for becoming a veterinarian rather than a wiseguy. But when the Romanos realize the feds have found a snitch in the family, they decide to counterattack: Send Corky in undercover to the FBI as Agent Pissant (“It's French!” squeaks Corky)..."

The Watcher
A lot of critical comparisons have been made between The Watcher and “the watcher vs. the watched” motif that permeated much of Hitchcock's work. Bad move. The Watcher doesn't warrant...
Film Review  September 15, 2000, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Watcher doesn't even deserve comparison to such modern serial killer masterworks as Silence of the Lambs or Se7en. But that said, this tale of a murderer and the FBI agent who tracks him isn't … all that bad..."

The Rock
Explosions and tough-guy heroics rule in this Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer production.
Film Review  June 7, 1996, by Marc Savlov
"...general who takes 81 tourists prisoner on Alcatraz and aims a battery of nerve-gas rockets at the San Francisco Bay Area in a misguided attempt to call attention to some vague injustice. Cage is the FBI “chemical super freak” called in to bring him down, and Connery plays a British expatriate criminal enlisted from within the bowels of the penal system to break back into “The Rock,” having been the only man to ever escape from the island fortress in the first place..."

Taut, morally ambiguous thriller is set on the U.S./Mexico border
Film Review  October 2, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The tense raid that opens the movie doesn’t start out as part of the drug war, although when it is discovered in the horrifying aftermath that scores of corpses are stacked up between layers of drywall in the booby-trapped Arizona house under siege, it’s clear that the cartel’s reach is far and wide. Kate Macer (Blunt), the head of the FBI kidnapping-rescue unit conducting the raid, loses two men in the rush, and becomes determined to avenge their deaths..."

American Hustle
It's all about the hair, the performances, and the grift and graft in this unpredictable new offering from David O. Russell.
Film Review  December 20, 2013, by Steve Davis
"...The movie is a time capsule of hairdos and hairdon’ts from the Carter era. A dark comedy loosely based on the FBI’s Abscam sting operation in the late Seventies, this entertaining take on the American art of reinvention delights in the era’s sense of fashion (costume designer Michael Wilkinson nails the look) without distracting from its dysfunctional collision of con artists, undercover agents, and mobsters..."

'Justified' Recap: 'Truth and Consequences'
Handling snakes and secrets can be dangerous
DAILY Screens  January 23, 2013, by Virginia B. Wood
"...This week, Boyd’s crew is not only snake-bit but mutinous, the marshals all have stiffies, the “widow” Thompson is a certified spiritualist, the FBI agent is crooked, and snake handling just got a lot more dangerous for Rev. Billy...."

The Guard
A daffy, delightful Irish yarn capped by fabulous performances by Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle.
Film Review  August 19, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...In the film’s opening sequence, Boyle is seen lifting some blotter acid from the stash of a car-crash victim and dissolving a tab of the LSD on his tongue while still in uniform. His foil appears in the guise of FBI agent Wendell Everett (Cheadle), the company-man antithesis of Boyle, whom someone refers to as the "last of the independents." Most of Boyle’s Irish colleagues marginalize him because of his oddities, but Everett finds something curious and potentially brilliant about the man..."

Bruce Willis is a cop in a future society where human beings live in isolation and interact through robots.

Film Review  October 2, 2009, by Marc Savlov
"...Long live the new flesh? Not in this ridiculous and badly conceived flip side to David Cronenberg's Videodrome; it's a wonder the few actual "human" characters we get to see aren't covered with bedsores and suffering from serious immune system failure. Willis is a Boston FBI agent who uncovers a plot by bot manufacturing megacorporation VCI (or possibly by the jaundiced old duffer played by Cromwell or rogue elements in the FBI itself) to kill billions of people in their homes by frying the circuits of their robotic surrogates..."

Code Name: The Cleaner
For anyone venturing to see this so-called comedy, it will be hard to remember that Cedric the Entertainer is actually funny. Or rather, he can be.

Film Review  January 12, 2007, by Toddy Burton
"...Cedric plays Jake, a janitor who unwittingly becomes entangled in superspy espionage. When Jake wakes up in a strange hotel room with a dead FBI agent, he can’t remember who he is, how he got there or possibly why on Earth he agreed to be in this movie..."

John Trudell, the Native American rights activist and spoken-word artist and musician, is the subject of this reverential biographical portrait that feels more like a press package than a full-fledged biopic.
Film Review  March 31, 2006, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...To her credit, Rae gives free rein to Trudell's philosophy, and in sections tries to meld words and images in keeping with his artistic style. Yet, there's always the nagging feeling that there's a more probing and provocative study to be made of this man who was the subject of one of the FBI's longest personal dossiers – some 17,000 pages..."

It walks like Hannibal Lecter. It talks like Hannibal Lecter. But it sure doesn't taste like Hannibal Lecter. This sequel to the wildly popular The Silence of the Lambs arrives...
Film Review  February 9, 2001, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This sequel to the wildly popular The Silence of the Lambs arrives 10 years, almost to the day, after its predecessor, and indeed picks up the characters of Lecter and Clarice Starling 10 years after their initial meeting. Hopkins sinks his teeth into this reprisal of the gentleman monster, and Moore offers up her best Jodie Foster impression as FBI agent Starling..."

Miss Congeniality
America's Sweetheart plays a detective who goes undercover to vie in a beauty pageant.
Film Review  December 20, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Simply put, it's a fun little film, eminently watchable without burdening viewers by trying to be anything other than a broad, solid comedy. Bullock, in full tomboy mode, plays FBI special agent Gracie Hart, who infiltrates the Miss United States Pageant to ferret out a mad bomber called “Citizen.” Along for the ride is former Law & Order hunk Bratt as FBI agent Eric Matthews, who's eager to prove himself to his superiors via this plum assignment..."

The Siege
Could someone please turn down Denzel Washington's Righteousness Meter? It's set too high. The king of earnest masculinity is about due for a comedy (The Pelican Brief doesn't count), but...
Film Review  November 6, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...The good news, then, is that The Siege is hardly the ticking time bomb of racial slurs some would have you imagine, and the bad news is that it doesn't matter because it's all too damn pedantically serious to take seriously. (Except for Bruce Willis, of course; he's one actor who should always be taken with a grain of salt the size of Lot's wife.) Washington plays FBI Special Agent Anthony Hubbard, who along with CIA spook Elise Kraft (Bening) and General William Devereaux (Willis), is called in to handle an escalating series of domestic terrorist acts that are reducing New York City to so much rubble and body parts..."

The Jackal
About the best that can be said for The Jackal is that it does full justice to the concept of a cinematic battle of wits between Bruce Willis and Richard...
Film Review  November 14, 1997, by Russell Smith
"...Planet Hollywood co-owner Willis, looking every bit the fat and prosperous restaurateur, is the title character, a sort Demi-god (as it were) among hit men. Hired by a Russian-based gangster to kill the FBI director, he's pursued by an American G-man (Poitier), a Russian military policewoman (Venora), and the good guys' secret weapon, an Irish Republican Army sniper (Gere), who's giving them the benefit of his terrorist savvy in exchange for a chance to get out of prison..."

Waco: The Rules of Engagement
It's been just over four years since the fiery deaths of 76 men, women, and children and four law enforcement agents at the Mt. Carmel Branch Davidian compound near Waco,...
Film Review  May 2, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...Allard's judgment is that Los Federales were indeed firing on the compound, although the government has consistently and vehemently stated things to the contrary. (Although the ATF and FBI refused repeated requests to be interviewed for Gazecki's film, The Washington Post has since sent copies of the FLIR tape to twelve different independent examiners with extensive backgrounds in night vision firing..."

White Boy Rick
A true-life tale of coke, corruption, and betrayal
Film Review  September 14, 2018, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Granted, Wershe Jr. was holding numerous kilos intended for resale when he was apprehended, but he was also working as an FBI informant infiltrating Detroit’s black drug culture, and the same federal agents who masterminded this crooked scheme failed to come to the teen’s defense when it came time for his trial and sentencing..."

The Rock's take on The Towering Inferno is a damp squib
Film Review  July 13, 2018, by Matthew Monagle
"...Years after a violent terrorist attack led to his retirement from the FBI, Will Sawyer (Johnson) finally has a chance to get his struggling security company off the ground. All Sawyer needs to do is fly to Hong Kong and perform a risk assessment of the tallest building in the world, a superstructure that contains living quarters and offices hundreds of stories above the ground..."

Show Dogs
Unfunny canine buddy-cop comedy is no man's best friend.

Film Review  May 25, 2018, by Steve Davis
"...In this stupefyingly inane buddy-cop comedy featuring a cast of talking canines, a macho NYPD rottweiler named Max goes undercover to compete in a prestigious Las Vegas dog show as part of an assignment to bust up an international animal smuggling ring that’s stolen a precious baby panda to be sold on the black market. Tagging along on a short leash is his initially resistant human partner Frank (Arnett), an oddly tanned FBI agent who eventually becomes the Turner to Max’s Hooch as the two bond to become a team..."

Wind River
Crime and punishment on a Wyoming reservation
Film Review  August 11, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...In the best role he’s had since starting down the superhero highway, Jeremy Renner stars as Cory Lambert, a game warden for the Fish and Wildlife Service who, while out hunting wild bears that have been devouring livestock, discovers in the snow the frozen body of a young Native American girl – barefoot, bloodied, and apparently raped. Ben (Greene), the local authority, begins the investigation, but homicides on the reservation are federal affairs, so the FBI sends in Jane Banner (Olsen), an effective but green agent..."

The California Highway Patrol rides again

Film Review  March 31, 2017, by Kimberley Jones
"...As a washed-up former Motocross champ, Shepard’s Jon Baker is starting a new career as a rookie officer with the California Highway Patrol. He’s partnered with Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Peña, so much better than this), an FBI agent gone undercover at CHiP to suss out a dirty cop ring that’s been pulling heists all over Los Angeles...."

The X Files' Mitch Pileggi at Zach Theatre
What conspiracy brought X-Files star Mitch Pileggi back to Austin, Zach, and Walter Skinner all at the same time?
Arts Story  February 4, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...On Sunday, Jan. 24, while more than 16 million viewers were getting their first look at Walter Skinner in more than seven years, the actor who's played that redoubtable FBI assistant director since The X-Files' first season back in 1994 was languishing in the ninth circle of theatre hell..."

Point Break
Remake of 1991's action bromance
Film Review  January 1, 2016, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Like the original ringleader Bodhi (who was played by Patrick Swayze as a surfing Siddhartha), the new Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez) also seeks enlightenment, but this Bodhi’s path involves some mumbo-jumbo called the Ozaki 8 and eco-warrior ideals that promote the boosting of wealth and redistribution to the poor. Luke Bracey plays the newly minted FBI agent Johnny Utah who figures out the racket and infiltrates the group of extreme swindler/athletes..."

Secret in Their Eyes
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts, and Nicole Kidman in a twisty drama
Film Review  November 20, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The time periods are interwoven, and the only things that differentiate them are the physical characteristics of the individuals, which aren’t always obvious at first glance. In the early part set in 2002, Ray (Ejiofor) and Jess (Roberts) are FBI investigators whose main task is to remotely surveil a mosque in Los Angeles, while Claire (Kidman) is a Harvard-educated newcomer to the D.A.’s office, who is out of Ray’s romantic league even though he has a deep crush on her..."

Comic Mexican caper draws weight from its historical slant
Film Review  October 9, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The first film told the story of modern-day Robin Hoods, Alejandro Toledo (Televisa star Colunga) and Emilio Lopez (Miguel Varoni), who brought down an infomercial mogul who was exploiting Latino immigrants. Afterward, Toledo turned to business, and Lopez (now called Sánchez) went to work for the FBI, but when a new injustice rears its head, the need for another caper becomes obvious..."

Wally Phister, the Oscar-winning Inception lenser, takes the directing reins for this sci-fi puzzler that stars Johnny Depp.
Film Review  April 18, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...(Let’s just say we know from minute one that things are going to go pear-shaped.) Jogging back five years, Transcendence introduces a married couple, Will and Evelyn Caster (played by Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall), who have devoted their life’s work to artificial-intelligence research, and their best friend (Bettany), a doctor who has reservations about the wisdom of manufacturing sentient machines. Also in the mix are a neo-Luddite terrorist cell (led by Kate Mara, doing her surly, dead-eyed thing), an FBI unit (captained by Cillian Murphy, doing his creepy, affectless thing), and another AI researcher (played by Morgan Freeman, doing his soothing, avuncular thing)..."

The Wolf of Wall Street
Martin Scorsese's latest take on the American hoodlum is a relentlessly wild ride.
Film Review  December 20, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort (adapted for the screen by Terence Winter, the primary writer and producer of The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire), Scorsese’s film chronicles this young stockbroker’s untimely arrival on Wall Street just prior to the bottom falling out of the system on Black Monday in 1987; Belfort’s reinvention as a broker of speculative penny stocks, where his commission was 50%; and his formation of his own firm with the distinguished-sounding name Stratton Oakmont, where he became a multimillionaire by his mid-20s. Belfort’s life of excess – drugs, women, schemes – comprises the bulk of the movie, until his downfall at the hand of a dogged FBI agent, and Belfort’s later reemergence as a promotional speaker...."

The Heat
In his follow-up to Bridesmaids, Paul Feig re-employs Melissa McCarthy and teams her with Sandra Bullock for a comedy about a mismatched law-enforcement duo.
Film Review  June 28, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...Sandra Bullock plays Ashburn, an FBI special agent who is brilliant, by-the-book, and abhorred by her colleagues for her superior airs and prim mouth (“bull feces!” is about as demonstrative as she gets in the face of adversity). McCarthy’s Mullins, on the other hand, is a Boston detective who is vulgar, slovenly, and quick to invective-riddled outrage. Settling comfortably into types familiar to them, McCarthy and Bullock embody a tetchy yin and yang that – predictably – will meet on middle ground...."

Alex Cross
Stretching out of his Madea comfort zone to play James Patterson's FBI profiler is a courageous but misguided move on Tyler Perry’s part.
Film Review  October 19, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Based on the eponymous creation of James Patterson, the author your mom loves to read, Alex Cross is the third theatrical incarnation of the whip-smart FBI profiler played previously by Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. This time, however, the role is taken on by the hulking Tyler Perry, who steps so far out of his in-drag Madea comfort zone that it feels, at times, like we’re watching a Saturday Night Live parody of a Patterson pastiche...."

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