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‘Doctor Who’ Watch
7.3: "A Town Called Mercy"
DAILY Screens  September 16, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...But the town’s willing to turn on him now that the Gunslinger has laid siege. This sounds like the Doctor’s bread & butter – righteously staring down an invading force – but when he proposes a quick save and speedy exit from Mercy without engaging with the Gunslinger (he wants to get back to the Tardis in time for classic BBC radio show The Archers, he insists), warning bells go off..."

Horns Run, Pass All Over Ye Olde Miss
Ash is almost perfect, defense not, in 66-31 win
DAILY Sports  September 16, 2012, by Michael Corcoran
"...Meanwhile, safety Kenny Vaccaro, who likes to pantomime a Superman-like shirt rip after a big play, more closely resembled another comic book hero, the Invisible Man. Where was he on 3rd and 17 when Ole Miss converted with a 30-yard pass on the way to its first touchdown? Linebacker Jordan Hicks, who injured himself on a horse collar tackle, seemed unsettled before his early exit..."

Gay Place: Austin Pride Parade
A look back at the 2009 Pride Parade as we prepare for 2012
Columns  September 14, 2012, by Kate X Messer and Anne Harris
"...STARTOUT COMES TO TOWN The StartOut event "The Entrepreneurial Journey from Founding to Exit and Beyond" in conjunction with the AGLCC is an exciting possible new chapter for entrepreneurs. Thu., Sept..."

Texas Book Festival Lineup Revealed
Attendees include Junot Díaz, Cheryl Strayed, and... Tony Danza?
DAILY Books  September 12, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...the Supreme Court) Paul Tough (How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character) Pat Tucker (Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3) (contributor) Mark Updegrove (Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency) Catherynne M. Valente (The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There)** Juan Pablo Villalobos (Down The Rabbit Hole) Ray Villareal (Body Slammed!)** Siobhan Vivian (Burn for Burn)** Jason Walker (Texas State Cemetery) Robb Walsh (Texas Eats: The New Lone Star Heritage Cookbook, with More Than 200 Recipies) David Westin (Exit Interview) Andrea White (The Very Long Life of Alice’s Playhouse: A Survivor’s Story)** Ted Widmer (Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F..."

What's Up with Matt "Rubber Repertory" Hislope, Lately?
Esther's Follies, mostly, but let's not forget that other thing
DAILY Chronolog  September 11, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner

'Doctor Who' Watch
Recapping "Asylum of the Daleks"
DAILY Screens  September 2, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Clever girl, that Oswin, and a good fit for the Doctor, too, sharing in spades two of his most winning qualities: self-sacrifice and a zest for verbal sparring. It was awfully sad to see her go, but we’re guessing she’s coming back in some form or another: Coleman’s already been announced as playing the Doctor’s new companion, after Rory and Amy’s season ending exit...."

Partying on ESPN's Dime: Priceless
Horns Republic Square shindig turns into big freebie for fans
DAILY Sports  September 2, 2012, by Michael Corcoran
"...Two plays turned it around for Texas, enroute to a 37-17 win. After opening with a three-and-out, fast becoming a Texas tradition, the jitterbirds were headed for a second quick exit, but quarterback David Ash sprinted away from a rush on third and long and found Mike Davis over the middle for a first down..."

News Story  August 17, 2012
"...› Austin ISD Board President Mark Williams will not be running for re-election; his surprise exit leaves two empty seats and two challenged incumbents on the November ballot...."

When Dewhurst Goes Back to Senate
How Cruz and Campbell's run-off wins rewrite the Legislature
DAILY News  August 3, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...The rag-tag band of 'throw the bums out' enthusiasts dubbed the Tea Party continued their attempt to purge everyone they saw as a liberal. The big exit in the Senate was undoubtedly Sen..."

Tea Party Takes Run-offs
Dewhurst and Wentworth lost to Cruz and Campbell
News Story  August 3, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...More predictable was the exit of Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, who suffered a Tea Party-fueled loss to Donna Campbell..."

Not Valuing Natural Resources
Postmarks  August 1, 2012
"...In my eyes this is the worst wetland destruction to happen in Central Texas since I moved here in 1991. There are gasoline storage tanks on top of a historic spring, but the city will get another 20 trees to replace the ones that lived for hundreds of years so peacefully at the I-35 and Yarrington exit..."

Bastion Standard Time
Austin theatre's 'enfant terrible' swapped his poison pen for a Poison Apple and still gets people talking
Arts Story  July 13, 2012, by Dan Solomon
"...During that interview, he railed against a laundry list of things in Austin theatre that offended him, but his own production was a juvenile sketch show with little substance besides a few clever lines of dialogue – another one of those jokes that worked better in his head than aloud. He followed it with a production of the Jean-Paul Sartre classic No Exit – a curious decision given his statements about the staidness of the producing choices in Austin..."

Gay Place
Get bent this week: Drag, yoga, and more
Columns  July 6, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...PEACEFUL STREETS BENEFIT Gender Benders (the band) plays live. Plus Exit the Sun, the Sniffs, Dat Boy Supa, Mike D, and Natural..."

Playback: Lights Out for Jovita's
Run-ins at Jovita's, thieves in the night at Mohawk, and Lickona's feeds off of 'Austin City Limits'
Music Column  June 29, 2012, by Kevin Curtin
"...Muthafuckin' eXquire. The puppet thief got his ass handed to him by the DJ and nearby fans, and within seconds was tossed out the back exit..."

Day Trips
Bracken Bat Cave outside of New Braunfels is home to the world's largest bat colony
Columns  June 15, 2012, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...BCI provides a bat briefing at Natural Bridge Caverns before visitors drive to the property. As twilight engulfs the landscape, the flapping of thousands of wings grows into a soft roar as the bats execute their well-choreographed exit..."

Playback: Worst of Both Worlds
R. Kelly dies in performance only, while Tony Offender and Traci Lamar Hancock leave Austin's astral plain for real
Music Column  May 18, 2012, by Kevin Curtin
"...Promoter Exit Black was met with boos when he tried to explain to the angry crowd the difference between a concert and a celebrity-hosted event and promised, "I'm trying to get him to come back out, but y'all gotta quit fuckin' trippin'."..."

Austin Psych Fest 5
Music Review  May 4, 2012, by Luke Winkie
"...Psych Fest begins Friday on a traffic-clogged freeway exit pointing toward East Riverside Drive. Cars are populated with commuters in rush-hour hell and a vast cross-section of Austin eccentrics hoping for a weird weekend..."

ALEC: Daylight on a Fungus
ALEC's corporate backers step away under public scrutiny
News Story  May 4, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Coca-Cola publicly declared that the company was only interested in cutting back on food and business regulation, not unrelated issues like voter ID; McDonald's claimed that its departure was solely a business decision. The most prominent recent exit was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – although not an actual member, in November 2011 it had pledged $376,635 to ALEC for educational campaigning (shorthand for pushing pro-charter school legislation)..."

Scott Quitting Texas Education Agency
Controversial schools commissioner to leave July 2
DAILY News  May 1, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Normally the exit of a state agency appointee causes nary a flutter, but not so today. Commissioner of Education Robert Scott – possibly Texas' most widely-known and controversial agency boss – is resigning his post, effective July 2...."

At It Again
Say Anything savant Max Bemis let goes of his alienation
Music Story  April 27, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Exit the boy, enter the man. Staggering out of addictive dysfunction on "Eloise" and into the romance of marriage on "Mara and Me," Bemis goes from pudgy-armed child to adoring husband..."

Santorum Out: Paul Says 'Newt Who?'
Texas rep shifts to third in GOP race
DAILY News  April 10, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...But his exit shoves Gingrich into second place and sometime Libertarian Paul into third place. So Paul's campaign chairman Jesse Benton had this to say today:..."

Bruises Easily
The Raid opens a can of whupass
Screens Story  March 9, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...You think you've seen this one before: a band of humans trapped in a dilapidated building, their every exit blocked by an army of killers, their numbers dwindling rapidly, their chances for survival presumably nil. And yet for all its seeming familiarity, Welsh-born director Gareth Evans' astonishingly kickass sophomore effort isn't another in the ongoing gush of gutsy riffs on George Romero's "trapped in an enclosed area with the hungry dead" genre but instead a brutal face-off of cops vs..."

The Girls on the Bus
Girls groups, from the back of the bus to Rhino Records.
DAILY Music  February 6, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...We lived so far out of town, the road into my subdivision was a one-lane shell road and horny toads ran free in the vacant lots. Today, Sabo Road has its own exit off the Sam Houston Tollway and horny toads are on license plates...."

Face Off Recap: All This Horror Business
FX god Tom Savini makes his SyFy judging debut
DAILY Screens  February 5, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Brea was far too smug, telling the camera "I do chemical warfare and chemical burns as part of my job description." The end result seems half-baked, then she makes the same mistake she made in episode one's foundation challenge – having teeth jutting out from the flesh. The result is what acid queen Neil calls "chipmunk cheeks" and a quick exit...."

Face Off Recap: Nekkid Time
Week three's body painting challenge spawns the assketball
DAILY Screens  January 30, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...And, at the same time, exit Miranda. That said, Tara was very lucky herself: Kind of surprising, since her first two costumes (the solo Scarecrow from episode one and her fishy collaboration with Matt last week) were so good) but if an interior decorator left that many streaks you'd want your wall repainting (wow..."

AE Rate Gate
Shockingly, nobody wants to pay more for electricity
DAILY News  January 13, 2012, by Amy Smith
"...The anti-increase crowd was an odd mix of environmentalists, advocates for the poor, church pastors, solar salesmen and supporters, and Republicans, such as Austin Rep. Paul Workman, who was the first to speak and the first to make a bee line for the exit after his testimony..."

The Perry Plunge
Iowa nightmare for Gov. Goodhair, but he carries on
DAILY News  January 4, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...Ron Paul: Because you can't say "Ron Paul Revolution" without "evol." Yup, the big winner may be the Texas congressman, who went from 11,841 (9.93%) in 2008 to 26,219 (21.4%) this year. Early exit polls show he performed strongly among younger voters (let's see how far the "legalize weed and end wars" mantra gets him once they start looking at his 'racist newsletter' scandal, his role is spreading the war on Christmas nonsense and other conservative classics.) However, it's an undoubted blow that he had to share the extremist vote with Santorum...."

The Hightower Report
Gingrich, the gift that keeps on giving
News Column  December 2, 2011, by Jim Hightower
"...Speaking of which, after an inglorious exit from Congress, Gingrich parlayed his legislative connections into the lucrative life of a Washington influence peddler, carrying water for such corporate favor-seekers as IBM and Microsoft. Now we learn that he also quietly did chores for mortgage giant Freddie Mac – a firm he had blasted publicly..."

Fork in the Road on Sixth Street
Business owners clash over direction of entertainment district
News Story  November 25, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...As a result, Daywood resigned from the board. (When asked about his exit, Day­wood declined to comment, simply saying, "I did not want to dedicate my time and energy on the direction [the association] was going.") Even with these latest events, League extended an olive branch..."

News Story  November 25, 2011
"...ABIA officials advise travelers to get to the airport at least two hours early and note that the security queue for early-morning flights may take as long as 60 minutes. At least ABIA's new cell-phone waiting area – free parking for drivers waiting to pick up travelers, located off the airport service/cargo exit – is now open...."

Aretha Franklin heats up the Moody
DAILY Music  November 16, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Opening with Jackie Wilson’s eternal flame “Higher and Higher,” the Detroit powerhouse was into “Think” by the third song, and 30 minutes in – when she made her trademark early exit (into an black-curtained enclosure onstage ) – the Moody was losing its ever loving mind. Her 20-piece backing band, half of it horns, held the line as Franklin caught her breath and no doubt slipped out of her three-inch heels for 10 minutes, but when both halves were reunited the song selection devolved into a mixture of new and lesser known material...."

Present Company: The Winter's Tale
With Shakespeare's 'problem play,' you get a two-for-one, comedy and drama
Arts Review  October 14, 2011, by Adam Roberts
"..."Exit, pursued by a bear." Shakespeare's instruction to Antigonus is perhaps his most famous stage direction of all, and it's faithfully executed in Present Company's current production of The Winter's Tale. Audience members, however, are more likely to be pursued by a chicken...."

City Hall Hustle: Agreeing To Disagree
Outside City Hall, crowds gather; inside City Hall, clouds form
News Column  October 7, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...The Hustle is sympathetic to the messages of breaking the global financial choke hold our unelected financial elites have on the globe, and also to the protesters and their as-yet-uncrystallized message. As Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald wrote: "There's substantial value even in those protests that lack 'exit goals' and 'messaging strategies' and the rest of the platitudes from Power Point presentations by mid-level functionaries at corporate conferences..."

One Way or Another
Live review of Blondie at the Moody
DAILY Music  September 30, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...The following heart of the set explored Panic of Girls, as winningly contemporary as anything half its age. “Love Doesn’t Frighten Me,” “What I Heard,” “China Shoes,” “Wipe My Sweat Off,” and new highlight “Mother” (Bjork does Yoko Ono?) hosted “Maria” from 1999 revival No Exit...."

The Antlers
Music Story  September 16, 2011, by Melanie Haupt
"...The Antlers' emotionally devastating full-length Hospice (2009), the band's debut as a trio as opposed to frontman Peter Silberman's solo act under that same moniker, left the Brooklyn threesome with a lot to live up to. To that end, Silberman and company revisit certain aural territory, like deploying the same interstitial techniques, dreamy murmurs bridging the mildly aggressive "French Exit" and the contemplative "Parentheses" in an attempt to strike a balance between electronica and a song-sound emotional wallop..."

Off the Record
Recounting the first decade of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, one year at a time
Music Column  September 16, 2011, by Austin Powell
"...Park rangers have pledged to enforce the statewide burn ban this weekend. According to the Statesman, patrons will be asked to stop smoking or to exit the park to light up, refusal of which could lead to trespassing citations by the Austin Police Department..."

Some Enchanted Evenings
Improvising wonderlands at the Hideout
DAILY Arts  September 14, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Chihiro in the bathhouse of the gods.A young girl lost in some realm of dreams,beset by strange horrors, aided by kind strangers,making her way through a tangle of unexpected wonders.Hell, that last paragraph could be a description of someone attempting improv comedy for the first time.Luckily for the audiences at Spirited, the lively troupe conjuring these fables from nothing have been plying their performative trade for years and are directed by Asaf Ronen and Marc Majcher at the Hideout on Congress – in Downtown Austin, of course, although who knows what changes may have occurred in reality’s tenuous fabric by the time you exit the theatre? “I generally prefer stories that are realistic,” says Menelaos Prokos, one of the show’s talented cast, “but I guess the thing I enjoy the most about Spirited is the element I normally choose to stay clear of: I like how we create imaginary worlds, how we can be anything we choose to. Not just anybody, but anything..."

Changing Course
AISD shifts to community-based model for prepping younger kids for college
News Story  September 9, 2011, by Richard Whittaker
"...STAAR is in many ways a throwback to the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills, the testing system in place before TAKS was introduced in 2003. Like STAAR, TAAS depended on end-of-course testing, which Larson said he prefers to TAKS' end-of-school exit exams "because it actually measured what I did that year, as opposed to relying on years' worth of previous instruction before the student ever set foot in my class." However, that means getting students and teachers up to speed on the new structure: "Now a ninth-grade test is high stakes for these students, whereas it was just 11th grade in the past." Even more worryingly, Larson said, the Texas Education Agency "hasn't given us what the scoring system is yet." So far, little is known beyond jargon: There will be a minimum acceptable score, a minimum passing score, and a minimum advanced score..."

All Over Creation: Follow What Leader?
It's a new era for Arthouse and AMOA, but who will guide them through it?
Arts Column  September 9, 2011, by Robert Faires
"...So with Graze and Friis-Hansen gone, will Arthouse and AMOA (or whatever their fusion turns out to be) retain the character they developed during the Downtown Era? It's the same query being posed about Apple since Steve Jobs announced his exit. That's because we like to associate the character of an organization with the person leading it, and I'd argue that's even more true in the arts than in commerce..."

Imagine, Nation
Using play to map the emotional terrain of 9 / 11
Arts Story  September 9, 2011, by Robert Faires
"...We accomplish these goals using objects as metaphors, and a variety of mediums – video, dance, puppetry, etc. – to allow audience to both enter and exit the play..."

Cute Local Game Alert!
Local developers create two achingly cute games
DAILY Screens  September 3, 2011, by James Renovitch
"...Moving to the more-accessible App Store is D7 Games' Teddy Tumble. Throwing a teddy bear into a dryer may be cuteness overload, but the game mechanics are solid with the interface involving little more than spinning the circular levels using gravity to get the otherwise useless plush companion to the exit..."

God Dethroned
Music Review  August 26, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"..."For a Nihilist, nothing is at least something," declares God Dethroned commandant Henri Sattler on the Dutch vets' website. "2011 is [our] final year in existence." Nine full-lengths in 20 years, peaking with previous disc Passiondale (Passchendaele), disqualify GD's exit as premature, and despite so many recorded career highs demanding a sequel never delivered, Under the Sign of the Iron Cross cannonades virtually on par with its predecessor..."

News Story  July 29, 2011
"...• The city of Austin last week opened a new enviro-friendly compressed natural gas fueling station at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Located at 3100½ Spirit of Texas Dr., off the Airport Cargo/Service Entrance exit, the station will be open 24 hours a day for public access...."

After a Fashion
A chicken, a dog, and a homecoming: Just another week in the life of Your Style Avatar
Columns  July 1, 2011, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...Because my mom runs a neighborhood list on the Internet, the man had been directed to us by neighbors. While visiting from Houston, he had been involved in a car wreck near our exit on I-35..."

UT Hosts NCAA Baseball Super Regional
Longhorns' squad faces Arizona State
DAILY Sports  June 9, 2011, by Mark Fagan
"...The University of Texas baseball team defeated Kent State 5-0 Monday to escape an early season exit (for them) and move on to host the NCAA Austin Super Regional beginning this Friday, June 10, 6pm, at Disch-Falk Field vs. the Arizona State Sun Devils..."

Some Parts of the World Pt. 3
BettySoo, live from the Netherlands
DAILY Music  June 5, 2011, by BettySoo
"...As it turns out, we were crashing a party for a large senior choir who had just finished performing a string of concerts, singing a mix of classical pieces and select works of Queen (have you seen Young at Heart?). A friendly choir member chatted us up and urged us to stay and eat, joking we could sing for our supper, but his friend ratted us out to the choir president, and we made a hasty exit...."

End of the Road for Five-Way Stop?
A proposal to close Bruning Avenue stirs neighborhood debate
News Story  May 27, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...But Breeze says he looks at it mainly for its use as an easy exit from the neighborhood. As his sister Gail Breeze put it in an email, it's "an important cut-through street to Mrs..."

Need Long-Term Traffic Solutions
Postmarks  May 25, 2011
"...While I enjoy frequenting a couple of shops in the complex, I dread the poor traffic flow and the lack of parking. However, over the past week or so, there haven’t been long lines struggling to exit onto the MoPac frontage road because an Austin Police cruiser has been sitting with lights on in the nearest lane, enabling those leaving to merge right onto the road, regardless of the day or time..."

This Week's Waste of Time
A free (and kind of broken) game to play
DAILY Screens  May 6, 2011, by James Renovitch
"...The mechanics consist of uninspired running and jumping, but the real struggle is within the player. Of course, it's a game, and you know that you have to find the finish line, but as the now self-aware game tells you, finding the exit might be the death of it..."

Michelle Mayer: Departure/Return
A beautiful display of footwear cobbled as if from bark, moss, foliage, and fungus
Arts Review  April 8, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Those are just some of the works on display in this beautiful one-woman show by Brooklyn's Michelle Mayer. Shoes for Departure, they're called, and we reckon the departure is one of back-to-nature, an exit fully ratified by situational ethics, because nature, abetted by the artist, has made the first move: Mayer's invaded the tony interiors of the Workman Gallery with wild, wild woods...."

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