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Playback: Doug Sahm for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
The Austin Music Hall gets slated for teardown, the Roost closes while looking for a cash infusion, Backyard owner Tim O'Connor gets back in the concert game, and a Kickstarter campaign to get Doug Sahm into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Music Column  July 9, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"..."I'm proselytizing for Doug Sahm," proclaims Texas music sophisticate and first-time filmmaker Joe Nick Patoski, who's penned bios on Lone Star mononyms Willie and Selena. "Sahm's among the most important players in the history of Texas music..."

The Resurrection of Doug Sahm
Sneak peak at SXSW Film biopic plus deets on SXSW Music blowout
DAILY Music  March 10, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Doug Sahm’s roots run deeper into this publication’s than most. The Chronicle’s 1981 birth put it directly in the line of punk rock, and the scene’s Drag-bound headquarters – Raul’s (no relation) – became its hang..."

SXSW Live Shot: Doug Sahm Tribute
Induct the Texas groover into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
DAILY Music  March 22, 2015, by Doug Freeman
"...Freda & the Firedogs opened, Marcia Ball and company hearkening the heyday of Seventies Austin as the fivepiece unloaded a casual “Be Real” and “Texas Me.” The aura of the venue was boisterous, with hollering from the start and the audience resisting the staid setting as Sahm’s eclectic and infectious groove instantly took over...."

Doug Sahm: All About the Groove
Views & Brew panel tonight at the Cactus goes deep
DAILY Music  November 18, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...After Lou Reed’s death, the number of people sharing stories of his friendship or recalling a random meeting with him was astounding. The only time I remember something similar happening was after the passing of Doug Sahm...."

The Night Doug Sahm Died
Music Story  December 1, 2000, by Raoul Hernandez
"..."It was awful, man," recalls Ernie Durawa, who began playing with Doug Sahm in 1957 while the two were still teenagers in San Antonio and later settled onto the drum stool with the all-star Texas Tornados in '89. "I don't even know how I drove to the studio that night."..."

SXSW Music: Doug Sahm Tribute
PHOTO GALLERY  March 22, 2015
"...The Texas Tornadoes with Shawn Sahm..."

One in a Crowd: Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove
Kickstarter appeal of new film about Austin legend
DAILY Screens  July 25, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...Who was Doug Sahm? As the filmmakers describe him, he was the Texas cat of Texas cats, and Texas’ musical soul, all about the groove. From his faux-British Invasion emulators the Sir Douglas Quintet, through the original Tex-Mex supergroup the Texas Tornados, Sahm was arguably the progenitor of the Austin music scene, the original cosmic cowboy..."

Honoring Sir Doug
Postmarks  March 14, 2005
"...Hello, My name is Betty Ritter and I'm 39 years old. I'm writing to remind you about three online petitions I've created: one is to honor the wonderful Doug Sahm (an extremely talented, yet highly underrated singer-songwriter/musician) and the other two are to help get Doug and the Sir Douglas Quintet inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, under the category of “influence.” You can find the petitions at:;; and Please remember, though, to click on “approve signature” when you are prompted to do so; otherwise, for some reason, they won't add your signature. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter ....."

Margaret Moser Tribute: Shawn & Shandon Sahm
Beautiful Texas sunshine
Music Story  June 29, 2017, by Joe Nick Patoski
"...Shawn: Soap Creek Saloon was the Sahm kids' day care center. We used to try and charge Margaret a quarter to park there..."

Sahm and Springsteen: Same Size, Same Power
Postmarks  March 18, 2012
"...little Jerseyite argument made me laugh. When I first saw Bruce back in '73, he reminded me of the most exciting performer I had ever seen – a little skinny guy named Doug Sahm..."

Texas' Holy Trinity: SR Vaughan, Sahm, Antone
Postmarks  May 26, 2006
"...I have found comfort today in reading your pages, being reminded of not just Mr. Antone, but Stevie Ray and Doug Sahm, the other parts of Texas' Holy Trinity of blues..."

SXSW Film: Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove Red Carpet
PHOTO GALLERY  March 20, 2015
"...Shandon and Shawn Sahm..."

Shandon Sahm Checks In: 'Of Course It's Doug!'
Postmarks  July 25, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Okay, this is getting stupid! I would expect this in the Ohio or Iowa type Chronicle. But The Austin Chronicle? Yes, the guy in the picture with Jerry Wexler is the one and only Sir Dad Sahm [“TCB,” Music, July 14]..."

The Return of Wayne Douglas
A flood of posthumous Doug Sahm CDs, both old and new, hits record stores
Music Story  June 23, 2000, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Doug Sahm raved to all his friends about Ed Burleson. The young, Dallas-area singer's country chops struck a nerve with the legendary Texas Tornado..."

Texas Me
New Doug Sahm documentary and SXSW all-star concert resurrects Austin's cosmic groover
Music Story  March 19, 2015, by Margaret Moser
"...Writer Joe Nick Patoski marvels at the end result of his debut documentary, Sir Doug & the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove. In tackling the expansive life and border-crossing sound of the San Antonio-born rocker, the film makes a granite case for Doug Sahm as the essential Texas musician..."

To Sir, With Love
The people whose lives were touched by Doug Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Christopher Gray
"...What is there to say about Doug Sahm? What isn't there to say? The man wrote and embodied the phrase, "You just can't live in Texas if you don't got a lot of soul," was truly one of the Lone Star state's musical giants, fitting for such an ardent fan of the San Francisco baseball club. With deepest apologies to all those we couldn't reach or squeeze in, here's an all-too-brief sampling of the lives he touched...."

More Good S.A. Pop
The Krayolas color outside the lines
DAILY Music  July 21, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...(What many people don’t realize is that the 1978 Sex Pistols show was a major victory in the ongoing, uncampaigned battle between musical rivals Austin and San Antonio that gets refueled every generation, usually with no understanding whatsoever of what came before. For example, a 1969 poster for a Sunday afternoon concert at Sunken Gardens Theatre pictured the state of Texas as a beaming, doting mother and her two sons Austin and San Antonio, the former dressed in hippie glory and the latter duded up a la Doug Sahm on the Rolling Stone cover..."

Dylan Does Texas
Bob Dylan takes Theme Time Radio Hour down Texas way.
DAILY News  March 8, 2007, by Christopher Gray
"...Bob Dylan loves Texas. He was good friends with Doug Sahm, has toured with Willie Nelson several times, and seems to have employed half the Austin music scene in his band at one time or another: Charlie Sexton, Denny Freeman, Augie Meyers, Elana James..."

Be Real
The Bottle Rockets cut one helluva tribute to Doug Sahm.
Music Story  February 15, 2002, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Think of Doug Sahm and you think of Texas. Sure, there was his flirtation with San Francisco and the swampy Sir Douglas/ Huey Meaux days, but all in all, it still came right back to the Lone Star State, San Antonio, Austin, the Soap Creek Saloon, and the Armadillo -- at least in the consciousness of most people..."

State Musician of Texas
Tracing Doug Sahm's roots from San Antonio to potential State Musician of Texas
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Margaret Moser
"...If Texas had such designation, Douglas Wayne Sahm would be the State Musician of Texas. Even before his death on November 18, the genial, 58-year-old musician had been making music for almost of his entire life, a Southwestern renaissance man for modern times..."

We Wanted the Whole World to Know
The Sons of Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Andy Langer
"...People would freak on us, because we'd hug and kiss on each other in public," says Shawn Sahm of the tight bond he and his brother Shandon shared with their father. "But it was like, "Fuck everybody, we don't care what anyone thinks.' We always wanted the whole world to know." What the "Sons of Sahm" always wanted the whole world to know was that Doug Sahm wasn't just their father, he was also their best friend..."

It's Kicking In
The Sahm Family Archives
Music Story  March 17, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...Given that his father is being honored on (at least) two separate occasions during this year's South by Southwest music conference -- at the Austin Music Awards and an Antone's showcase on Friday -- Shandon Sahm brought the Chronicle a few photos from Doug Sahm's life that he wanted to share. The Sahms have received overwhelming support from friends and fans since Doug's death November 18, 1999, and Shandon encourages everyone to honor his memory by taking care of their health and getting regular medical checkups..."

It's Kicking In
The Sahm Family Archives
Music Story  March 17, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...Doug Sahm and Bob Dylan ...from a Rolling Stone photo shoot. At the time, the Sir Douglas Quintet was one of Dylan's favorite bands..."

ACL Review: Last Bandoleros
San Antonians mash up Doug Sahm and the Beatles
DAILY Music  October 4, 2015, by Michael Toland
"...Austinites get so hung up on possession of Doug Sahm they forget to look south to the Texas icon’s native San Antonio to find where his spirit really lives. Alamo City quartet the Last Bandoleros channels that vibrant mix of Tex-Mex feel and rock & roll fire as well as anyone around...."

A timeline / discography of Doug Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Margaret Moser
"...This timeline/discography does not even pretend to be complete. It covers only Doug Sahm's most notable 45s, LPs, and CDs released in the United States under his name or pseudonyms such as the Sir Douglas Quintet or the Texas Tornados..."

A Man and a Half
Hanging with music industry legend Jerry Wexler
Music Story  December 1, 2000, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Actually, no one is happy. Doug Sahm is dead...."

High Texas Rider
Before the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados, the Lone Star State's voice of the Vox organ, Augie Meyers, was San Antonio's Lord August & the Visions of Lite
Music Story  October 30, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...If Doug Sahm was what Rolling Stone's Chet Flippo once termed a "walking talking Austin Chamber of Commerce," Meyers is the godfather of San Antonio rock, poster child for staying and playing on the Alamo City's home team in the Texas league – white boy, vato, soul man, musician. His career has crisscrossed cultural boundaries for decades...."

More tributes to Doug Sahm
Columns  December 3, 1999
"..."Appearing Tonight -- Doug Sahm and Friends: Papa Link Davis, T. Bone Walker, Joey Long, C.L..."

Dancing About Architecture
A Fond Farewell to the Texas Tornado himself, Doug Sahm.
Music Column  November 26, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...I had only gotten the call from Margaret Moser a half-hour or so before and was without a clue as to what channels the news had gone through. As I approached the door, however, and heard the strains of "(Is Anybody Going to) San Antone" coming from the CD player inside, I knew that someone else had already taken the role of Bearer of the Bad News -- everyone inside already knew that Tex-Mex legend and friend of the club Doug Sahm had died..."

Life A.D.
Former Austin Sun writer Bill Bentley says a prayer for Doug Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Bill Bentley
"...I woke up the morning after Doug Sahm died to NPR's Morning Edition program, and the first words I heard were, "The flags are flying at half mast today in Texas." For all my numbness to finding out about Doug's death the day before, I couldn't help but feel -- way back on some high-up shelf of my soul -- a big-ass smile. And even though I knew they'd lowered the flags for the 12 Texas A&M students who'd perished in a log pile, I also knew that Texas was cosmically honoring its most distinguished musical son..."

Texas Titles in Toto
Music Story  November 28, 2003
"..."Amarillo Highway," Doug Sahm..."

Page Two
Saying goodbye to a friend and a hero.
Columns  November 26, 1999, by Louis Black
"...It wasn't like anyone expected -- he didn't do it onstage, he didn't even do it in Texas, he didn't do it a couple of decades after the rest of us, which I would have guessed. Instead, in a hotel room in Taos, New Mexico, Doug Sahm died alone, of a heart attack..."

Dancing About Architecture
Final fareweall to the Texas Tornado; Frank Kozik Sells Out?; Sixteen Deluxe and Meat Purveyors shake up, but don't break up.
Music Column  December 3, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...An irreplaceable component of what was and is Texas music was lost last week with the death of Doug Sahm, but the attendance at his funeral and other gatherings in his honor have shown and continue to display the fact that neither his music nor his memory will ever die. I attended the funeral last Tuesday afternoon in San Antonio, one of a sizable contingent of locals who made the trip (Charlie Sexton, Jimmie Vaughan, Joe Ely, Marcia Ball, Paul Ray, Joe "King" Carrasco, and on and on and on), as well as one of many who couldn't make it into the audience at Sahm's final gig; like many others, I had to cram tightly around a too-quiet speaker outside the funeral home to listen to speeches from Doug's closest friends and family members..."

Groover's Paradise
Former Rolling Stone scribe Ed Ward describes trying to track Doug Sahm.
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Ed Ward
"..."Great," said Wenner. "I'd like you to go talk to Doug Sahm, find out what he's up to..."

Slow news week in the Live Music Capital
Music Column  October 17, 2003, by Christopher Gray
"..."It's my favorite subject," says Shawn Sahm via phone from his house in Boerne. The subject is, naturally, Sahm's late father Doug, who will be remembered at Antone's "Doug Sahm Day" next Thursday, Oct..."

Designated Drummer
Drummer Ernie Durawa's Way of Knowledge.
Music Story  May 23, 2003, by Bill Bentley
"...On this night, the 18-year-old drummer ends up on the bandstand and is offered the job. Also hanging out and playing at the club is another homeboy, a skinny, fast-talking guitar player named Doug Sahm..."

Dancing About Architecture
All the good and happy things that happened in Austin music, 1999.
Music Column  December 31, 1999, by Ken Lieck
"...Above all, let's be thankful for all the people named Doug who didn't pass from the mortal coil this year. There were numerous scares when Doug Sahm died last month, leading to a number of others with the same first name having to inform friends that their number wasn't up..."

The Last Real Texas Blues Man
Doug Sahm drinks from the jazz wellspring
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Jay Trachtenberg
"...It wasn't readily apparent to most of us that Doug Sahm was a devoted jazz fan, but his passionate embrace of all Texas music would seem to ensure that jazz was just one savory ingredient in a zesty musical gumbo that nourished the souls of his devoted fans. It came as a pleasantly unexpected surprise some years ago when, not having been previously introduced, Doug came up to me in a club one night and expressed how much he enjoyed listening to my (then) Friday overnight jazz program, as he was a big fan of the music..."

Doug Sahm's and Handsome Joel's memories live on, even as the international pipeline into Austin dries up
Music Column  February 11, 2005, by Christopher Gray
"...It's almost spring-cleaning time, and thus almost time to clear some more room on the Doug Sahm shelf for another top-notch collection à la 2003's Doug Sahm: The Genuine Texas Groover. This latest trip to the vault, Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet: The Complete Mercury Recordings, collects Sahm's output during his high San Francisco period from roughly 1968-1973, before Atlantic's Jerry Wexler bought his contract..."

Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet
Music Review  April 15, 2005, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet..."

It's a Hippie Thing
Local Deejay Jody Denberg recalls his friend Doug Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Jody Denberg
"...I first met Doug Sahm at Soap Creek Saloon in the late Seventies, so for the next 20 years he referred to me as "Jody Soap Creek." Beyond the fact that I -- like so many others -- cannot believe he's gone, I think of all the things I will miss about him. First and foremost, I will miss hearing Doug's music in concert and watching him conduct a band..."

Doug Sahm Hoot Live at the Hole in the Wall
Texas Platters
Music Review  April 14, 2000, by Margaret Moser
"...Doug Sahm HootLive at the Hole in the Wall "We're here to honor our good friend Doug Sahm tonight," Alvin Crow greeted the audience stuffed into the Hole in the Wall February 10. The funeral was over, but the tributes to Sahm had just started, God love them all..."

Doug Sahm
Music Review  December 19, 2003, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Doug SahmThe Genuine Texas Groover (Rhino Handmade) Back to the Funhouse. Rhino's Internet-only 7-CD dissertation on the 44-minute Stooges album resides in eBay heaven now, only 3,000 pressed and sold out..."

Dancing About Architecture
SXSW begins
Music Column  March 16, 2001, by Ken Lieck
"...On a positive note, Shawn Sahm reports that the House of Representatives has had one of its, well, representatives get in touch with him about honoring his late father Doug Sahm today (Thursday). "They even wanna have an official Doug Sahm Day!" says Shawn..."

Dancing About Architecture
Doug Sahm returns from beyond, MP3s shake up Austin music, Hip Hop meets R&B, and the Watermelon Saga continues...
Music Column  April 21, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...The Return of Doug Sahm..."

My Dinner with the Tornados
Texas Tornados celebrate a new CD with a lengthy stay in Austin
DAILY Music  March 9, 2010, by Margaret Moser
"...“It’s been a long day,” Meyers slid out the chair for his wife, Sarah, and then slid into the next one. Indeed, most of them had driven up from San Antonio for a media lunch and meet-and-greet at ME TV Studios, then various meetings, followed by a packed in-store at Waterloo Records to promote the CD and Texas Tornado, the new Doug Sahm biography by Jan Reid..."

Doug Sahm & Band, The Sir Douglas Band
Music Review  December 15, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"...Doug Sahm & Band..."

Steady As He Goes
From cosmic cowboys and Americana to punk rock and legacy acts, Freddie Steady Krc keeps the beat
Music Story  November 30, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"..."Earlier this year, Shawn Sahm called me to do some writing. We were jamming at his place, and I asked him if he had anything to put out as a vinyl release for Record Store Day..."

Texas in the Title
Music Story  November 28, 2003, by Greg Beets
"...21 "At the Crossroads," Sir Douglas Quintet Songwriter: Doug Sahm Year Released: 1969 Highest Billboard Chart Position: none A lot was going on in Doug Sahm's life during the success of "Mendocino," and his personal concerns were often revealed in lyrics. Estranged from his beloved home state, he sang what may be the most heartfelt lines in any of his songs, inspiring critics to ignore the "Texas in the Title" rule and vote the song in..."

Dancing About Architecture
Our resident Marshmallow Peep relates the news and hearsay in and around the Live Music Capital...
Music Column  February 18, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...SIMS and SAHMS..."

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