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Don Swaynos on New Short Film "Don't Ever Change"
Austin filmmaker serves up gore and giggles
Screens Story  October 26, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...They love what they love passionately. But sometimes that love becomes transgressive, and that's the first bloody motivation in "Don't Ever Change," the latest gore-and-giggles short from Austin filmmaker Don Swaynos..."

Why the Aggies Don't Have to Win to Win My Heart
'Pride and Prejudice'
DAILY Sports  September 4, 2012, by Emily Bevan
"...But then, like any good suitor, the Aggies promised to change. The school moved to the SEC..."

Don't Fear the Reefer!
Momentum builds for Lone Star legalization of marijuana
News Story  March 14, 2014, by Jordan Smith
"...It's just a matter of time, they say, before Texas goes all in for lasting marijuana-law reform. The question is how quickly things will move, and what shape the future will take. Change Follows Experience..."

Dead Dogs Don't Lie
If your pet escapes, pray for Animal Control
News Story  July 4, 2008, by Laurel Chesky
"..."We don't want to see animals being hurt or killed in our community," she says. "[But] our first priority and the police's priority should be protecting humans." Barking for Change..."

Don't Believe the Hype
Local Digiterati on the Good, the Bad, and the Internet in Between
Screens Story  January 28, 2000, by Jon Lebkowsky
"...It's hard to believe the utopian thinking when we look back in history in the United States, even only as far as radio, seeing how it started with a kind of government subsidy, was rapidly taken over by major financial interests, and very quickly crowded out the original innovators. The brilliant inventors were channeled into commercialization, and any attempt thereafter to increase its innovative value or its potential for difference and for change was immediately crowded out by government, in the form of the FCC..."

Developing Stories: Northcross Neighbors to Wal-Mart: You don't want us as enemies
"Responsible" development sought for flagging mall
News Story  December 8, 2006, by Katherine Gregor
"...Meanwhile, the Wal-Mart deal was done. Advocates of the big box ordinance, including Kirfman and Liveable City members, believe that big box – whose provisions would have required a public hearing, expanded neighborhood notification, and a council vote on a conditional use permit for the Wal-Mart – could have been enacted in time to change the project...."

Don't Be Hatin'
How the Internet helps us all to get along ... or not
Screens Story  March 6, 2009, by Belinda Acosta
"...To address that question, the Chronicle asked participants from three panels on race and gender at this year's Fest to share their thoughts on how – or if – the Internet can foster change, work for social justice, and in short, help us all get along. Samhita Mukhopadhyay is an editor for and a Web manager at the Oakland, Calif.-based Center for Media Justice..."

Letters at 3AM: Life as We Don't Know It
Our planet casts a shadow
Columns  January 14, 2011, by Michael Ventura
"...That, too, makes me really happy. It would mean that there is no final Judgment Day; everything that is just turns into everything that will be, the universe revealed as an eternal shape-changer..."

Don't Forget the Children
AISD races and bond proposals
News Story  April 25, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Ten have majority Hispanic student populations, with 30% to 76% of students at limited English proficiency and 78% to 97% economically disadvantaged. There is a 40% mobility rate, as families often change apartments, and children consequently switch schools, with inevitable disruption to their education..."

Greens Don't Care Who They Hurt! They're Right!
Postmarks  August 11, 2003
"...We are not simply pissed off liberal Democrats, we are Greens. And we are willing to vote for a Democrat when they offer a compelling vision that is largely compatible with our values – Kucinich's popularity among the Greens is evidence enough of that, as is our local party's willingness to endorse a quality Democrat with a long track record in the community for the state Legislature. In all likelihood, I will be casting my vote for the Green nominee for president in the fall of 2004 – why? Because avoiding four more years of Bush is not worth putting up with 40 more years of Bushism. We need real change, not the faux alternative offered by the corporate-dominated Democratic Party..."

What Part of 'No' Don't You Understand?
12th Street corridor residents oppose convalescent center
News Story  August 28, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...The total project would be about 50,000 square feet, with 130 to 138 beds, and anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 square feet of retail. The project would need a zoning change from City Council..."

Adiós! Don't Let the Door ...
A Quick Roundup of the Best and the Worst of the 78th Lege
News Story  June 6, 2003
"...Talton tried to ban the placement of foster children in gay or lesbian households (HB 1911 and 194), but a well-organized counterattack -- some 300 people registered their opposition at a hearing on HB 1911 -- effectively deep-sixed the bill. The DOMA measure (SB 7) does not threaten to change the status quo dramatically, since the state never recognized gay unions in the first place -- it's just one more insult piled on injury..."

Don't Hold Fellow Man in Contempt
Postmarks  November 27, 2011
"...At first I felt sorry for them, but after a period of time I came to feel contempt. In the words of our neighborhood newsletter “some feel sorry for these people, but if they observed them for one day I think they would change their mind.” It is true, I watched them sitting on the edge of the road, drinking, littering, a bit intimidating on a dark night when you pull up to the light. Then there is Robbie..."

Gay Place: DON'T Rain on My Parade!
Get your Pride parade seats early. This year is going to be a doozy.
Columns  September 18, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...All acts and times subject to change without notice. Sat., Sept..."

Don't Give Handouts to Panhandlers
Postmarks  September 29, 2004
"... To date Austin does not have a law or policy against panhandling. However, I read recently that a group called Real Change, a program led by six Austin charitable organizations, is combating this problem..."

Top Ten Queer Sh*t
Andy's Top Ten queer things, happenings, people, etc. etc.
DAILY The Gay Place  December 31, 2008, by Andy Campbell
"...I had a hell of a time at this year's AGLIFF. The films were well curated and the Alamo Ritz was a fun and a welcome change for the film festival..."

A Change in Perspective
Tom Grimes doesn't rewrite history in his memoir, Mentor – he just understands it a little better now
Books Story  August 27, 2010, by Kimberley Jones

Weird Wednesday Interview: Don Barton and 'Zaat'
And you thought C.H.U.D. was slimy
DAILY Screens  July 10, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...DB: Actually, I ended up making a career change while my sons came into the documentary business I had founded and ended up purchasing it. I became involved in marketing with the Seton health care chain out of Houston and the St..."

The Last Don
Bob Bullock: The Crusty Boss of Texas Politics
News Story  January 31, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...He has never lost an election, and despite two grand jury investigations into alleged wrongdoing, has never been indicted. And he's still a remarkably agile politician, capable of responding to the state's changing political landscape. His abrupt change of direction on tax policy demonstrates how fast Bullock can move..."

Didn't Anyone Else Notice This?
Barack in Kimmelland: Sway away from the gays...
DAILY The Gay Place  June 24, 2008, by Dacia Saenz
"...This petty taunting, however, could not sway me from the truth: Obama=Change...."

Climate Change Crusader Heats Up Renewable Energy Fair
Q&A with Rick Piltz, formerly with the U.S. government's Climate Change Science Program
News Story  October 12, 2007, by Daniel Mottola
"...Rick Piltz worked for 10 years as a senior associate within the U.S. government's Climate Change Science Program, which coordinates the research efforts of multiple federal agencies..."

Courting Change
Travis County needs a new civil and family courthouse – and a new way of doing business
News Story  May 4, 2012, by Mike Kanin
"...Some commissioners were OK with the interactions; some were not. The issue – and the divided court that it brings – continues to fester, and periodically surfaces at court, with Gómez and Precinct 1 Commissioner Ron Davis defending faci­lities head Roger El Khoury, while Huber and sometimes Eckhardt try to push their colleagues into a change..."

Seun Kuti Is Black Change
Afrobeat scion sieges Mohawk on Thursday
DAILY Music  September 27, 2017, by Thomas Fawcett
"...You can’t fake what you’re talking about. You have to be the change that you want to see..."

Change for the Better
How one West Texas family brought the cows to town
Food Story  September 4, 2014, by Veronica Meewes
"...When it comes down to it, those opposed to the rapidly developing landscape of Austin are usually afraid we're losing the city we love – the whole reason we all moved here (or stayed here) in the first place. But we could all stand to learn a lesson from the Jacoby family, which has embraced change in the best way possible: by honoring the past while simultaneously growing with the needs and wants of our evolving city...."

Point Austin: Some Spare Change on Panhandling
Austin tries to balance street-level charity and public order
News Column  October 9, 2009, by Michael King
"...Varty describes the broader support for tightening restrictions as indeed reflecting a "sea change," and she credits meetings sponsored by the DAA and Coun­cil Member Sheryl Cole as bringing together all the stakeholders and allowing the conversation to move away from "just pounding on the home­less." She says that there's a new willingness among providers to acknowledge the predicament of "entertainment district" businesses, and business owners are realizing the desperate need for more affordable housing. "I think ultimately that the Downtown community," she adds, "both businesses and residences, are going to have to contribute to the solution, if there's ever going to be a solution." Not Unanimous..."

John Fogerty Won’t Back Down
From Pete Seeger and Tom Petty to the romance of the Sixties
DAILY Music  October 25, 2017, by Raoul Hernandez
"...You speak up. You try to change it..."

This Ain't No Picnic: Minutemen on Patrol
The sinister legions of the 'Drug Cartel' have little to fear from the latest incarnation of border hysteria. As for the rest of us ...
News Story  October 28, 2005, by Diana Welch
"..."And this history of vigilantism towards Latino people isn't recognized by the Minutemen. They come down here without realizing the fear that is in this community." Raised on the border in Douglas, Ariz., Ybarra has watched the dividing line change from what was simply a strip of land where he played with friends to a huge metal wall defended by people with guns..."

Why Portland Doesn't Look Like Austin
Rose (City)-Colored Glasses
News Story  December 15, 1995, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...In Portland, neighborhood associations and their boundaries are, once again, adopted by city council resolution, and seldom if ever change. The Austin way, where any old sods can go down to the Annex and create a new Neighborhood Association with themselves as its board, is completely unknown (indeed, seemingly appalling) to Portland policymakers..."

If You Can't Stand the Heat ...
Republican Jill Warren is behind in the polls and going negative on her Democratic opponent Ann Kitchen, in the race for House District 48 in Travis County.
News Story  October 13, 2000, by Rob D'Amico
"...But a careful look at legislative electoral politics suggests that while the Republican Party is not sitting this race out, it might be content to wait until 2002 before putting too much money and effort into District 48. In 2001, redistricting will radically change the political landscape, most certainly in the GOP's favor..."

God-Fearing, Honky-Tonk Man Josh T. Pearson Tries to Play It Straight
Airplay with the Lord
Music Story  April 12, 2018, by Doug Freeman
"...The first half rips with proto-psych roots energy, like a hillbilly Moby Grape, while the backside plays as if a Roy Orbison record were left to warp in the sun. The change lies in the affirmation, in Pearson having fun with the songs in a way he hasn't before..."

Letters at 3AM: The System Ain't the System
The goal of oligarchy is to utterly disempower the workforce
Columns  August 31, 2012, by Michael Ventura
"...It hasn't been in the interest of either party to address the stagnation of buying-power that traps the lower half of the American workforce. One administration gives some benefits, another administration takes some away, but the basic situation of half the American workforce does not change...."

Here Yet Ever There
From Austin, New Orleans artists strive to save what remains of their city and work to recover it
Arts Story  November 25, 2005
"...A native New Orleanian accustomed to strange weather, photographer Natasha Sanchez ( noted climatic changes with a white Christmas in 2004. In May 2005, she wore jeans and a sweater to Jazz Fest, and in late August she was evacuated from her home for what would turn out to be one of this year's worst natural disasters..."

Isn't It FABulous?
Austin considers a $95 million incentives package for AMD
News Story  July 6, 2001, by Amy Smith
"..."That number was thrown out to say, 'this is the kind of package that we could put together,'" he said. "The number could change depending on location, but at this point I think what's important is that we would like AMD to stay in Central Texas, if not Austin." As for the amount itself, Garza noted, "Obviously this is a much bigger investment -- $3 to $4 billion -- so I think that's a lot more value of what's being added to somebody's tax base..."

Change of Hart
Pam Hart Stretches Out
Music Story  February 20, 1998, by Christopher Hess

The Can't-Miss Kid
The Man Behind the W.
News Story  May 27, 1999, by Robert Bryce
"...Then there's the question of why, when Bush became governor, did he not put his interest in the team -- his most valuable asset -- into a blind trust like he did with his other assets? Two years ago, Bush explained that putting his share of the team into the trust would have been a change in team ownership. And that, he said, "would have required a vote of the baseball owners," a move Bush said was "unnecessary..."

The Case That Wouldn't Stay Closed
The facts: a tragic house fire, a man executed, a governor under suspicion. Everything else is a mystery.
Screens Story  March 11, 2011, by Jordan Smith
"...what's the best way to put it? If Willingham had had financial means, this would never have happened. There would have been a change of venue somehow or that case would not have [gone forward]...."

Dorothy T. Goes Home
Fiery, feisty queen of Austin civil rights activists is recognized, remembered
News Story  April 22, 2005, by Jordan Smith
"..."Anybody who's not angry about injustice has a mental problem," Laughlin said. "[Turner] was angry and also intolerant of people who did nothing to change injustice."..."

Notes on Kamp: Will Austin Ever Get Smart About Public Transportation?
Mobility is closely tied to equality
News Column  April 21, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...As Mayor Adler pursues funding through the U.S. DOT's Smart City Challenge, he's right to point out that although drastic change may not seem possible, it is possible..."

Letters at 3AM: 'Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma?'
"Route 66" spoke to the sense of change afoot in America
Columns  June 1, 2012, by Michael Ventura
"...Public education was pretty good. The national debt was pocket change..."

Have You Ever Been to Carrascolendas?
The Bilingual Education Act in 1968 sparked an unprecedented number of bilingual television programs for children, and the Austin-produced children's series Carrascolendas, which premiered in 1970, was among the first.
Screens Story  July 4, 2003, by Belinda Acosta
"...It forced me to be disciplined. I learned about the business of television work -- working with script changes, working under pressure."..."

Put the T and V in Thanksgiving
Holiday specials to ease you through the food coma and into the weekend
Screens Story  November 29, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...• Noon, NBC: The National Dog Show: That's right: You don't even have to change the channel to get another few hours of choreographed movements, outrageous outfits, and excitable participants – this time with four legs...."

The Power to Change
A quick sound check with the Austin mayoral candidates
DAILY Music  April 30, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...Record that changed your life?..."

Stingulus: Rick Perry and the $555 Million He Doesn't Want
Perry's stingy rejection of the stimulus money might backfire
News Story  March 20, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...In a press release, Perry's office explained: "Strings attached to the unemployment insurance stimulus dollars would require an unprecedented change in Texas' definition of unemployment, increasing the tax burden borne by Texas employers. This increased burden would counteract the stimulus package's objective of job creation by leading companies to limit hiring and raise prices on products, hindering their ability to overcome the economic crisis and ultimately limiting growth."..."

Doesn't Like BOB
Postmarks  August 27, 2004
"...If the people demand this then why was the switch so sudden and secretive? For a station that gave myself and my parents years of classic and truly great music I would expect a going-away bash or, at the very least, an announcement. I think this deserves an investigation. In the eyes of the corporate media it seems to be "the time of the season for anger, artificial change, and getting it on for just one night."..."

If You Replace the Word 'Wal-Mart' With 'Libertarian' Would Anything Change?
Postmarks  September 26, 2003

From Africa to Zombies: Cori Stern Can't Stop
The weird, life-changing story of the "Warm Bodies" producer
DAILY News  February 9, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...Describing herself as a "freelancer attempting to be a force for good or change," Stern's been helping to evacuate critically ill and endangered children for years. "In fact, I've brought numerous kids from Africa to Austin, to Dell Children's Hospital for heart surgery, with this amazing organization called HeartGift..."

Winds of Change
As electric industry restructuring opens utilities up to competition, some, including Austin's municipally-owned utility, are looking to renewable energy sources to win customers and meet the requirements of a 1999 law.
News Story  April 21, 2000, by Kevin Fullerton

Council: Mobile Homes and Climate Change
City Council gets through a brief agenda the week before budget talks begin
News Story  April 28, 2016, by Mary Tuma
"...One day shy of Earth Day, Zimmerman renewed his charge against climate change science. Council passed an item authorizing a $116,000 contract with a research group led by Dr..."

Time for a Change
A look back at Cristina Tzintzún's time fighting for immigrant rights
News Story  December 3, 2015, by Amy Kamp
"...The protest was WDP's largest to date, but just one of the many ways the organization has attempted to creatively effect political change for its membership, which is composed almost entirely of immigrants. In the years between its founding in 2002 and now, WDP has released a study examining the construction industry in five Texas cities, won an ordinance ensuring rest breaks for Austin construction workers, fought for city financial incentives for development to be tied to higher labor standards, incubated a future City Council member (Greg Casar), and expanded its offices to Dallas, among other things...."

Bedside Manner: This Book Will Change Your Life
A peek at what Chronicle staffers’ bedside tables
DAILY Books  October 4, 2010, by Kimberley Jones

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