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Can Don Graham Say That?
Books Story  August 7, 1998
"...People read Don Graham for any number of reasons: to laugh, to disagree, to gain insight. For whatever reason, all Don Graham readers know he gets to the point, and quickly..."

If It Ain't Bruch, Don't Fix It
Just a drummer from Iowa? Just a culinary badass? Hold his beer.
DAILY Food  December 21, 2017, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Jeremy Bruch: Maybe best known in these parts as the drumming component of the Golden Arm Trio, the band that’s the epicenter of all things Graham Reynolds...."

10 Minutes with Graham Nash
Yesterday’s hot-button issues remain ‘blazingly’ relevant today
DAILY Music  August 27, 2014, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Graham Nash made for the easiest rock star interview I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. The English light tenor is in town Thursday..."

Fun Fun Fun Fest Interview: Graham Williams
Transmission booker dishes on who’s coming – and who’s not
DAILY Music  November 5, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...Hardcore heroes, comedy at music festivals, and the ones that got away. Transmission Events principal Graham Williams talks the ins and outs of booking Fun Fun Fun Fest...."

Food Issue Extra Helpings: My Dinners with Jon Dee Graham
Cooking tips from one True Believer to another
DAILY Chronolog  February 11, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...While we don’t eat chicken very often, the co-chef around the house, my dad Jon Dee Graham, has been whipping up “Reckless Chicken” since I can remember. It’s an Italian pasta recipe he got from drummer Jay Nazz of Reckless Kelly, thus duly renamed in our kitchen...."

Graham Franciose: Fables 2
The Austin Art Garage stocks your wildest dreams
DAILY Chronolog  August 16, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...You don't need to know about Graham Franciose in the context of the Austin Art Garage...."

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
Annette Bening soars in the last days of starlet Gloria Grahame
Film Review  February 2, 2018, by Kimberley Jones
"...Directed by: Paul McGuigan. Starring: Annette Bening, Jamie Bell, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Walters, Kenneth Cranham, Stephen Graham, Frances Barber, Leanne Best and Suzanne Bertish...."

Katharine Graham
The Memoir of a Truly Remarkable Woman
Books Story  July 4, 1997, by Barbara Strickland
"...Katharine Graham with Richard Nixon History books are like portraits. They present the outside surface, all objectively researched, studied, and posed..."

Shawn Sides and Graham Reynolds: Rude and Golden
How two of Austin's top creative stars meld a busy life of art and love
Arts Story  March 24, 2016, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Well, yes, of course Graham Reynolds and Shawn Sides are a couple. A lot of people are couples..."

Jon Dee Graham Reviewed
'First Bear on the Moon: Acoustic Tracks From Jon Dee Graham'
Music Story  October 21, 2005, by Darcie Stevens
"...Jon Dee Graham..."

Jon Dee Graham
Music Story  July 25, 1997
"...There's a lot to be said for the self-discipline of a musician like Jon Dee Graham, who waited nearly 20 years to release his first solo album. The most obvious point is that a lifetime of experience will be poured into such an effort, but then Graham's lived more than a few lifetimes..."

Michelle Schumann and Graham Reynolds' Joyful Noise
For their new Austin Chamber Music Center collaboration, the pianist and composer crank up the reverb but good
Arts Story  January 14, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...And just beyond the piano, framed by familiar cascades of long, brown hair is another grin, this more Cheshire Cat-like, that signals satisfaction with both the music and its performer's response. That would belong to Graham Reynolds, one of the live music capital's busiest musicmakers (Golden Hornet Project co-founder; frequent composer of scores for Richard Linklater films, plays for the Rude Mechs, and dances for Forklift Danceworks and Ballet Austin; and, as of this week, recipient of $95,000 in support from Creative Capital [$50,000 to develop his chamber opera Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance and $45,000 for career development])..."

Spotlight: Graham Parker
Graham Parker, still squeezing out the sparks
Music Story  March 16, 2007, by Michael Bertin
"..."I see no benefit in it at all," counters Graham Parker. "For me a gig is a gig is a gig..."

Catch Jon Dee Graham!
Postmarks  April 23, 2013
"...Dear Editor, If you haven't seen Austin musician Jon Dee Graham live, then you don't know what you have been missing. I just had the pleasure of seeing him in a small listening room in Newport, Ky..."

Graham, Escovedo Updates
DAILY Music  August 7, 2008, by Austin Powell
"...His next scheduled performance is at the Austin Child Guidance Center benefit at Antone's, August 28, featuring the reunited Reivers and Ian McLagan & the Bump Band. Fellow True Believer Jon Dee Graham is also on the mend after being discharged from the hospital over the weekend..."

The Carol You Don't Know
There's much more to Ms. Channing than Dolly and Lorelei
Arts Story  July 22, 2005, by Robert Faires
"...The artists of the world were there. Sol Hurok booked everybody: Kreutzberg and Georgi; Mary Wigman from Berlin – she was the forerunner of Martha Graham; Uday Shankar from India; the Ballet Russes; the Abbey Theatre Players from Ireland..."

Don't Fear the Reaper
Chris Gray faces the Grim Reaper and lives to tell
DAILY Music  November 3, 2011, by Margaret Moser
"...Wednesday, he also kept up conversation with me and his dad and brother – we flipped through the TV channels and he made it clear nothing was on he wanted to watch, even football ("College football," he muttered and made a face). He also responded to Lindsay Lohan on the news: "She looks terrible." They are also taking out that feeding tube in his nose, and will put him on soft foods – he successfully ate ice chips then graham crackers (with a little prompting) and swallowed them – this was an accomplishment...."

Don't Call It a Kickback …
Lance 'Fever' Myers Kickstarts 'Boxer Story'
DAILY Screens  July 16, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Since then, the award-winning animator has made tons of progress on the actual animation and roughed out much of the film with animatics. The voice talent is well over -- and very well done -- and Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio, The Transgressors, and The Stay Gold Ponyboys have all been roped into the musical ring...."

Don't Hate Me Because I'm White
Cornyn hopes for a day when all white people will be free…
DAILY News  July 17, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...The New York Times reports that at least one Republican (possibly South Carolina's Sen. Lindsey Graham?) and "perhaps as many as three of the panel's seven" GOP members will vote to approve Sotomayor's nomination..."

Texas Tropes
Is Don Graham Really Texas' Literary Curmudgeon?
Books Story  August 7, 1998, by Clay Smith
"...In the 1995 film Search & Destroy there is a brief scene that's set in Dallas; Don Graham, the president of the Texas Institute of Letters, English professor at the University of Texas, and author, is probably aware of the film for that reason alone, even though the film's subject is not really Texas. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about Texas literature or film escapes him..."

UT Professor on the Making of Texas Film Epic Giant
Don Graham's Giant: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Edna Ferber, and the Making of a Legendary American Film
Screens Story  April 12, 2018, by Joe O'Connell
"...It's a miracle that Edna Ferber's novel Giant ever made it to the big screen, according to Don Graham...."

You Know Nothing of Their Work
Don Graham and the many minds of Texas
Books Story  January 28, 2011, by Cindy Widner
"...Six days after our lively interview at an Arboretum-area Starbucks, Don Graham sends me an e-mail that contains the following quotation from The New York Times: "'When they think of shows filmed in Texas, they usually don't think that's going to be a smart, intelligent, upscale drama,' Mr. Bark said..."

2003 Texas Book Festival Preview
An interview with Don Graham, editor of Lone Star Literature.
Books Story  November 7, 2003, by Dick Holland
"...It is brought to us by the folks who produce all of the Norton anthologies, and has the same authoritative look to it. We recently caught up via e-mail with Don Graham -- UT professor and author of Kings of Texas and Giant Country -- who compiled the book and wrote the introduction...."

Myth Steps
Trenton Doyle Hancock's mythic creatures rise from the canvas, with help from Stephen Mills and Graham Reynolds
Arts Story  April 4, 2008, by Robert Faires
"...This original dance is the brainchild of Ballet Austin Artistic Director Stephen Mills, who approached Hancock about bringing his work to the stage and engaged compositional wunderkind Graham Reynolds to provide its score and sounds. Together, the three set out to translate the dense, fantastic chronicle of the black-and-white Vegans, their discovery of color through the priest Sesom, and the fateful repercussions of that act from still life in two dimensions to motion and sound in three...."

A Hell of a Year
Kathy McCarty presses Jon Dee Graham about the good and the bad old and new days
Music Story  October 21, 2005, by Kathy McCarty
"...I met Jon Dee Graham when I was 23 and he was 25. We were both struggling musicians, but little did we know the struggle had barely begun..."

Golden Arm Symphony
Unraveling the budding symphonic genius of Graham Reynolds
Music Story  February 11, 2000, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Prelude: Scherzo Little does he know it, but Keith Reynolds is performing his pratfalls in the right place. Younger sibling of this evening's guest of honor, Golden Arm Trio's Graham Reynolds, Keith opens his brother's well-attended CD release party and buffet dinner with a bruising 45-minute impression of the late comedian Chris Farley envisioned as an earnest, acoustic guitar-wielding Austin singer-songwriter..."

Songwriters and Spirit Chasers
Resentments Jon Dee Graham and Stephen Bruton go mano a mano about their new albums.
Music Story  February 22, 2002, by Margaret Moser
"...After all, the Resentments are an unlikely band. But (Turner) Stephen Bruton and Jon Dee Graham are such well-established local singer-songwriters that being in a band together is almost an afterthought..."

Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology
Lone Star Literature: A Texas Anthology
Books Review  February 24, 2006, by R.U. Steinberg
"...edited by Don Graham..."

TIL "News"
Books Column  April 15, 1999, by Clay Smith
"...At the Texas Institute of Letters' 63rd Annual Awards Banquet last Saturday night, Don Graham, off-the-cuff scholar, TIL president, UT professor, and emcee, said, "I like the sound of 'president'" in his opening remarks. He also saidthat he likes the "trappings of power" associated with his position..."

Giant Country
Books Story  August 7, 1998
"...Don Graham's book of essays, Giant Country: Essays on Texas (TCU Press, $22.50 hard) is as welcome as a couple thousand extra BTU's and a tray of margaritas in the midst of the blast-furnace heat of the most miserable summer in memory. With his finely tuned sense of what it means to be Texan inside and out, this spiky blend of ironic humor and observation is a cool tonic for smart Texans everywhere...."

Opening the Book on Roller Derby
Local photographer Kickstarting history of Texas Rollergirls
DAILY Arts  June 9, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...Everyone knows Austin is the home of modern Roller Derby. But it's also the home of photographing Roller Derby, and longtime Texas Rollergirls photographer Felicia Graham is crowdfunding a collection of her visual history of the league that started it all...."

The Texas Accent
Texas Writers Month in Its Fifth Year
Books Story  April 24, 1998, by Clay Smith
"...When requested to donate money - any amount of money - to the printing of this year's poster, which yearly costs $5,000, TIL declined. Newly instituted TIL president and UT professor Don Graham, who is just about as off-the-cuff in person as he is in his new book of essays, Giant Country: Essays About Texas, speaks to the issue by stating that "TIL is supportive in a general way of Texas Writers Month, but there isn't any special relationship between that organization and Texas Writers Month..."

2003 Texas Book Festival Preview
Books Story  November 7, 2003
"...10:30-11:30am CER E2.010Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Mary Margaret McAllen Amberson, Don Graham, Moderator: Mark Busby..."

10 Minutes with Stephen Stills
CSN bandleader stops in for a lesson on the blues
DAILY Music  July 23, 2015, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Texas-born Stephen Stills talked about his unfinished autobiography, teaming up with guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg in the Rides, and his love of the blues, all while throwing the occasional barb in the direction of his bandmates of almost 50 years, David Crosby and Graham Nash. Stills performs tonight at the Paramount Theater...."

The Chateau
Despite its trite conceit -- adopted brothers inherit a French castle from an uncle they never knew -- The Chateau is a likable culture-clash comedy that showcases the talents of...
Film Review  September 13, 2002, by Sarah Hepola
"...Directed by Jesse Peretz and shot on digital video, The Chateau follows the two brothers as their unexpected boon proves increasingly calamitous: The chateau is falling apart and debt-ridden, the staff is eccentric and demanding, and (don't forget) things run a wee different in the south of France, you silly American boys. By dumping the odd couple in this foreign land, the film pokes fun at their American ridiculousness: Graham (Rudd) fancies himself an intellectual, but he blathers on about The Celestine Prophecy and hilariously mangles his French (trying to convey his approval of dinner, Graham announces to the staff, "I love you potato"); Rex (Malco) sees himself as a player-entrepreneur, a deal-maker and a heartbreaker, but his attempts at smoothtalking the townspeople usually result in scorn or ridicule..."

You Are Entering Harlan County
Justified creator Graham Yost exits Kentucky for the ATX Television Festival
Screens Story  June 4, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...In April, after six seasons, Justified ended the same way it began: facing off Givens/Olyphant and Crowder/Goggins. Graham Yost, who developed the series for TV, appears eager to return to the ATX Television Festival and discuss it...."

Hadrian's Walls: A Novel
Books Story  May 13, 1999
"...Let the casting begin. --Don Graham..."

Rob Reiner goes out on a limb and finds he exceeds the maximum weight requirement for sapling-climbing. In this surreal childhood fable, Wood is young North, an 11-year-old boy who...
Film Review  July 22, 1994, by Marc Savlov
"...After the boy declares himself a “free agent” (much to the surprise of his previously inattentive parents, played by Seinfeld's Alexander and Louis-Dreyfus), he teams up with pal Winchell (Mathew McCurley) and ambulance-chaser (literally) Lovitz to seek out a new homestead. The first half of Reiner's film shows us the various family situations North encounters, from Dan Aykroyd and Reba McEntire as a pair of rich Texans to Graham Greene and Kathy Bates as an Alaskan Inuit family (along with Abe Vigoda as grandpa, who ends up set adrift on an ice flow to await death, “before he starts embarrassing himself”)..."

Katherine Anne Porter would have turned 101 on May 15; details in Postscripts.
Books Column  May 11, 2001, by Clay Smith
"...… I have no hidden marriages. They just sort of escape my mind." And when McCall's wanted to know why Porter hadn't stayed married, she said, "Do you know I attract insane people?" That's one of the many treasures in From Texas to the World and Back: Essays on the Journeys of Katherine Anne Porter (TCU Press, $26.50) -- specifically, it's from SWT creative writing grad Larry Herold's essay "Trapped by the Great White Searchlight: Katherine Anne Porter and Marital Bliss." Porter would have turned 101 on Tuesday, May 15, and to celebrate, half a dozen contributors to the book -- Don Graham, Mark Busby, and Dick Holland, among others -- will be at a booksigning and party at the Katherine Anne Porter Literary Center in Kyle at 7pm on May 15...."

Set Visit: 'Zero Charisma' Geeks Out in South Austin
First pix from Austin-based indie 'Zero Charisma'
DAILY Screens  April 19, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"..."I like more characters who are more passionate than dramatic," said writer/co-director Andrew Matthews (with fiancee Katie Graham) about the locally-produced geekgasm comedy Zero Charisma, currently shooting in South Austin...."

Todd Snider's latest, and the reanimation of New Riders of the Purple Sage
DAILY Music  June 17, 2009, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing NRPS in their original configuration (yes, with Jerry), check out Fillmore: The Last Days (Rhino). Issued for the first time on DVD, it’s a curious look at the 1971 closing of the legendary San Francisco venue run by Bill Graham..."

The Long View
John Graves' 'Myself and Strangers' finds the 83-year-old looking back at his past and into his future
Books Story  April 30, 2004, by Steve Moore
"...He ain't in that book. If people want to think about me that way, that's fine, but it's not what I am." The writer Don Graham has argued that to understand Graves, readers must see that is both a regionalist and an "internationalist," a man of the world..."

Rush Hour Two
Summertime popcorn pictures don't get much goofier than this silly sequel, which is everything you'd expect and nothing you wouldn't -- save, perhaps, for the welcome (if perplexing) appearance of...
Film Review  August 10, 2001, by Marrit Ingman
"...For his part, Ratner seems unable to commit to film an image that doesn't contain some element of mismatched buddy hijinks (from last year's holiday heartwarmer The Family Man to his 1997 debut, Money Talks, and last year's Ratner-produced Double Take). The director's next project is reportedly an adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon (elliptically filmed by Michael Mann as Manhunter in 1986); perhaps his Hannibal Lecter will be a streetwise motormouth and his Special Agent Will Graham will be a pencil-necked geek who cracks the case by getting jiggy for a change..."

Stratus Properties Acquires Transmission Events
Graham Williams starts new booking business: Margin Walker Presents
DAILY Music  May 16, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Austin’s largest independent concert promotions company, Transmission Events, has been sold to minority investor Stratus Properties, who now own 100% of Transmission and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Meanwhile, Transmission co-founder and booker Graham Williams has launched his own booking company: Margin Walker Presents...."

There's not much about Texas that isn't in the new Texas Short Stories 2; editor Billy Bob Hill reveals why.
Books Column  March 10, 2000, by Clay Smith
"...Better to just dive into the tome and begin wherever the spirit leads you. The spirit lead me to Don Graham's "Oil Field Girls," a little three-page marvel of personality depiction that tells the story of a security guard at UT's Harry Ransom Center who is supposed to protect the "Gunterberg Bible": "They kept it in a big glass case where couldn't nobody touch it..."

Further Reflections
SXSW Film Festival
Screens Story  March 21, 1997
"...Dir: Jim Brennan; Prod: Kirby Warnock; DP: Randel Bird; Ed: Sandy Schwartz; with Don Henley, Dennis Hopper, Earl Holliman, Carroll Baker, Fran Bennett, Bob Hinkle, Rock Hudson, George Stevens, Jr., Don Graham...."

Big Sweet Life
An intimate interrogation of Jon Dee Graham
DAILY Music  November 13, 2012, by William Harries Graham
"...A Google search of my father Jon Dee Graham's name produces over 6,440,000 hits in one second, but there are still things you can only find out if you ask someone directly. How do you make an interview different for a musician who's been interviewed his entire life? Take him down into Blunn Creek and ask personal questions, that's how...."

Q: Amis, Armey, Avedon? A: The 12th annual Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest. Plus: Sandra Bullock buys a book.
Books Column  November 14, 2003, by Shawn Badgley
"...Li'l worm nibbles: Chronicle contributor and new mother Amanda Eyre Ward confirmed that Sandra Bullock's production company, Fortis Films, has optioned her riveting debut novel, Sleep Toward Heaven (and that Bullock has expressed personal interest in the role of Fanny), while powerhouse HarperCollins, which originally passed on the manuscript (leaving it instead to upstart San Francisco publisher MacAdam/Cage) has purchased the paperback rights. Also: Sarah Bird said Don Graham called D.B.C..."

Salon of the West
They may not notice us every time we go to Barton Springs -- after all, they are thinking, passionate men, deep in conversation. But we sure notice them: the men at Philosophers' Rock. Who are they? And why does Austin owe them such a debt of gratitude?
Books Story  July 4, 2003, by Steve Moore
"...After all three men had died, an epic flood washed it toward the Colorado. The Texas writer Don Graham says that flood came in the late Sixties, but he can't remember how he knows that, and no one else seems to know at all...."

Austin literary agent Jim Hornfischer hasn't been sleeping. He's taking the bar at the end of the month, he and his wife have three children, and he recently founded his own agency, Hornfischer Literary Management, Inc., after eight years with The Literary Group, an agency headquartered in New York known for handling celebrity books.
Books Column  July 13, 2001, by Clay Smith
"...Brands' The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin (Doubleday, $35), which was a finalist for the Pulitzer this year. His clients also include Texas writers Jan Reid, Mary Beth Rogers (Barbara Jordan: American Hero), Don Graham, the Chronicle's Margaret Moser, and Bill Crawford, among others..."

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