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More HB 2 Fallout: Abortion Doctors Sue Dallas Hospital
HB 2 politics hits doctors unlawfully discriminated against by UGHD
DAILY News  April 17, 2014, by Jordan Smith
"...For more than 30 years, obstetricians Lamar Robinson and Jasbir Ahluwalia provided legal abortion care at licensed women's clinics. And after the legislature last year passed House Bill 2, requiring that all abortion doctors receive hospital admitting privileges, the doctors sought and received privileges at University General Hospital Dallas...."

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders
With an unflinching camera and candid observation, this documentary follows four medical volunteers, ranging from fresh-faced newbies to battle-scarred veterans of the organization.
Film Review  June 11, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"...Hopkins. The title makes explicit that this documentary takes the perspective of the volunteers of the humanitarian aid group Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), which is perhaps wise: No one ever idealized the plight of victims of famine or genocide, but certainly some of us have been naively attracted to the combination of do-gooding and danger that defines volunteer work in geopolitical hot spots..."

Bills Grant Texas Doctors Legal Cover to Mislead Pregnant Women
Is the Lege giving doctors a license to lie?
News Story  April 13, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"..."I can't imagine how we would feel if our doctors hadn't given us the absolute most information they could and we decided to continue the pregnancy," said Wall. "We would be entitled to compensation and assistance in every possible way."..."

Doctors After Death, Doctors After Life
Dash Shaw's newest graphic novel walks darkly toward the light
DAILY Books  October 14, 2014, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Shaw's tale of Doctors isn't the sort of big-picture techno-thriller that you might expect from such a concept if you're used to a steady stream of Hollywood blockbusters. But it is precisely the sort of story you'd expect if you're familiar with the artist's previous works: Bottomless Belly Button, BodyWorld, New School, and so on..."

Spin Doctors
Postmarks  September 8, 2003
"...I noticed with no surprise, some dismay – and not a little disappointment in their naiveté – that the two letters in the last issue whining about how vital Proposition 12 is to Texans were from doctors ["Postmarks," Sept. 5]..."

Doctors Say Vote Yes On Proposition 12
Postmarks  August 22, 2003
"...Michael King is imagining the "financial army" behind the "poor beleaguered doctors " who are supporting Proposition 12 ["Capitol Chronicle," Aug. 22]..."

The Doctors in Van Boven's Corner
Baylor Scott & White disputes amicus submission in Van Boven hospital litigation
News Story  August 23, 2018, by Michael King

Probably Not Doctors
Postmarks  October 26, 2015

Spin Doctors
Spin reps Austin.
DAILY News  March 6, 2007, by Christopher Gray

UPDATED: Abortion Regulations Trial Continues in Federal Court
Second day of testimony continues this afternoon
DAILY News  October 22, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...UPDATE: Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman's Health, which operates five abortion clinics across Texas, says she's worked hard to recruit and retain well-qualified doctors to provide Texas women with high-quality abortion care – and it hasn't been easy, she testified this afternoon in federal court...."

After Tiller
After the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, what's life like for the 4 remaining doctors who perform late-term abortions in this country?
Film Review  October 11, 2013, by Kimberley Jones
"...George Tiller was assassinated in 2009. He was one of only a handful of physicians to provide late-term abortions in America; this documentary profiles the remaining four doctors, all Tiller protégés who do their work under constant stress and the threat of attack by anti-abortion proponents...."

Who's On First
New to Doctor Who? Here's a cheat sheet for tonight's premiere
DAILY Screens  September 1, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Following David Tennant’s seemingly-unbeatable performance, Matt Smith is the latest actor to pilot the Doctor’s time-traveling box. (We talked more about the transition between the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors here.) [image-2]..."

Under Our Skin
This documentary probes the human, medical, and political dimensions of Lyme disease, its treatment, and diagnosis.
Film Review  October 2, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Under Our Skin makes a carefully structured argument concerning the many reasons for this neglect: Lyme disease resembles many other common illnesses, such as M.S. and Alzheimer’s; it attacks multiple organ systems so there is no single paradigm for its development, and it often commingles with other diseases; there is no reliable test for Lyme; and there remains a widespread impression of Lyme as a fashionable disease “du jour,” and many doctors believe the symptoms are psychosomatic..."

Julianne Moore brilliantly leads the strong cast in this sci-fi parable which takes us to the depths of human degradation before letting in the light.
Film Review  October 3, 2008, by Kimberley Jones

UPDATED: Abortion Providers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court
Asking court to vacate appeals decision in HB 2 lawsuit
DAILY News  November 4, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia has ordered the state of Texas to respond by Nov. 12 to an appeal filed by abortion providers seeking to block implementation of the controversial requirement from House Bill 2 that abortion doctors have nearby admitting privileges...."

Mia Madre
A filmmaker says goodbye to a mother
Film Review  September 9, 2016, by Kimberley Jones
"...Drawing inspiration from the death of his own mother, Moretti (Caro Diaro, The Son’s Room) and his co-authors relay the bedside stress and sadness of attending a loved one at her end of life. (As with 8½, stress is manifest in a suppleness that shifts between real life, dream life, and memory.) Mia Madre is effective in dramatizing the familiar paces adult children go through tending to their parents: the hospital indignities, confused consults with doctors, and helplessness at encroaching dementia..."

Life, Animated
The magic of Disney unlocks a boy's mind
Film Review  July 22, 2016, by Kimberley Jones
"...He stopped speaking and overstimulated easily. (The film’s audio mix attempts to re-create and literalize that cacophony of stimuli.) Doctors were consulted, and a diagnosis was arrived at, without any simple prescription for how to help Owen reconnect..."

Dallas Buyers Club
Matthew McConaughey gives a searing performance in this true-life story set in the early years of the AIDS epidemic.
Film Review  November 15, 2013, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...When an accident on the job knocks him unconscious, he wakes up in the hospital and is told by the doctors (Garner and O’Hare) that routine blood work has revealed that he is HIV positive and that he has only a month to live. Predictably, the diagnosis is met with anger and denial by Woodroof, but gradually his survival instinct kicks in..."

Good vibrations flow from this fictional story about the invention of the vibrator in Victorian England; Maggie Gyllenhaal stars.
Film Review  June 15, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Before Betty Friedan wrote the book on "the problem that has no name," 19th century medical practitioners called it "female hysteria," a condition with symptoms that included listlessness, anxiety, irritability, raging libido, or an altogether absent sex drive. "Hysterical paroxysm" was prescribed to beat the blues away, wherein doctors would manually massage a woman to orgasm..."

Beyond the Black Rainbow
Visually striking but completely nuts, this filmmaking debut received a Special Jury Award for Boldness of Vision at last year's Fantastic Fest.
Film Review  June 8, 2012, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This is a crazy movie about crazy people doing unearthly things. This Canadian film is set in 1983 in some kind of therapeutic enclave where there appears to be only two doctors, one nurse, and one patient who possesses inexplicable telepathic powers and is being held against her will..."

Syndromes and a Century
Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul creates a baffling yet intriguing film of meandering abstractions. (AFS@Dobie)
Film Review  July 13, 2007, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...In the spirit of complete candor, I feel I should admit that I spent the majority of Syndromes and a Century completely lost. In my defense, I hung in there pretty well for a while: Despite the fact that the film is composed almost entirely of long shots, I managed to pick out and recognize the main characters – a couple of doctors, a few monks, a dentist – and I sensed with just the right amount of intellectual acumen that Thai director Weerasethakul was trying to say something with his detached camera placement about the emotional distance that separates people in our post-industrial world..."

Naked City
Student accused of murdering piano professor may proceed to trial
News Story  November 5, 2004, by Emily Pyle
"...A UT student accused of murdering his professor in April may be competent to stand trial, doctors at the North Texas State Hospital said last week. If a district judge approves the doctors' finding, 23-year-old Jackson Ngai could proceed to trial in a few months...."

Super Size Me
In his cheeky but incendiary documentary about our fast food nation, Morgan Spurlock chronicles the deterioration of his body after a 30-day "McDiet."
Film Review  May 14, 2004, by Kimberley Jones
"...And that’s only day three. The monthlong McDonald's binge basically wrecks his body: His team of doctors and nutritionists is unsettled by the weight gain (more than 20 pounds) and aghast at the diet’s "pickling" effect on Spurlock’s liver, while his girlfriend (a vegan chef, no less) is disappointed by his declining sexual performance..."

Naked City
Do Texas M.D.s now have to report pregnant drug users?
News Story  January 9, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Allen tells Texas Medicine he thinks King's interpretation is just wrong, but King says her view is based on a "clear reading" of the statutes. And while SB 319 immunizes health care providers from liability for actions they might take that harm a fetus -- such as performing a legal abortion -- nothing in SB 319 specifically addresses the Family Code reporting requirements upon doctors..."

Gun Shy
Gun shy is right: This ensemble comedy-drama from first-time director/writer Blakeney is about as interesting as a mayo sandwich on day-old Wonder Bread. It's a downright odd hybrid of feel-good...
Film Review  April 21, 2000, by Marc Savlov
"...Scrunched down beside the American Standard, briefcase by his side, he runs through the many reasons why he can't accept his current job. Later on he hooks up with a Manhattan shrink and doctors encounter group, and lays it all out for them..."

House on Haunted Hill
The nicest thing I can say about this remake of William Castle's 1958 shocker is that Geoffrey Rush, god bless him, sure can do a fine imitation of Vincent Price's...
Film Review  November 5, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Price's cruel pranks? Malone's first problem is going overboard on the spooky theatrics. Whereas Castle, limited by budgetary constraints, went easy on the outright scare tactics, Malone tosses wandering lunatics, mad doctors, and hell's spawn into the mix right off the bat, which then makes it all that much more difficult to maintain an air of unease throughout..."

Men With Guns
One of the most original filmmakers working today, John Sayles never takes the easy way out when he can take a more interesting -- if convoluted -- one. From Matewan...
Film Review  April 17, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Luppi (perhaps best known as the old man in Cronos) plays Humberto Fuentes, an aging physician in a large, unnamed Latin American city who is approaching retirement. Some time before, he trained a group of young doctors as part of an international program to provide care to the poor and disenfranchised who reside deep within the heart of the jungles and the tiny, economically ravaged communities that dot the southern landscape..."

Everyone is having a hard time putting a finger on Carol's problem, but nothing seems to cure her discomfort and, steadily, she wastes away. Is her problem medical, societal, or psychological? All of the above?
Film Review  September 22, 1995, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Bit by bit, auto fumes make her retch, a trip to the dry cleaners results in suffocating hysteria, and her hair won't take a permanent. Her doctors prescribe, her friends console and suggest diets, her husband tries to understand and support..."

Caro Diario
Caro Diario (Dear Diary) makes it clear why philosopher-filmmaker Nanni Moretti is often called the Woody Allen of Italy. Though Caro Diario is Moretti's eighth completed film, it is the...
Film Review  November 11, 1994, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Gerard gets sucked in by TV soap operas to the extent that he begs information about The Bold and the Beautiful from American tourists spotted during a climb across the volcanic mountains of Stromboli. The final segment involves Moretti's almost fatally absurd experience with doctors and cancer..."

The Wedding Gift
The Wedding Gift is the true story of Diana Longden (Walters) who, suddenly and without warning, contracts an unclassifiable, mysterious disease. Throughout the course of the illness, her husband Deric...
Film Review  August 12, 1994, by Brian Baker
"...He ignores his business, which is losing 200 pounds per week, and becomes so worn out that he often falls asleep behind the wheel of his car. The couple is forced to put up with doctors who cannot find the cause of her problem and who often act as if they couldn't care less..."

Lunatics: A Love Story
Crazy love: Raimi style. Hank (played by Theodore Raimi, brother of legendary Sam Raimi -- director of the Evil Dead movies and Darkman and who co-executive produced Lunatics) hasn't left...
Film Review  May 29, 1992, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Hank (played by Theodore Raimi, brother of legendary Sam Raimi -- director of the Evil Dead movies and Darkman and who co-executive produced Lunatics) hasn't left his apartment on Hope Street in six months. You see, there are these spiders in his brain and doctors who shoot x-rays and thrust hypodermics through his walls..."

Think No Think Endures Stomach Surgery From Butthole Surfer Guitarist
Watch the proggy local trio’s new clip “9-5er” now
DAILY Music  February 7, 2019, by Kevin Curtin
"...Think No Think singer/guitarist John Dowey opens up in a new video for their track “9-5er.” Or, rather, he’s opened up. That’s him receiving intestinal splaying surgery at the hands of two demented doctors, one of them being Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers...."

Trail of Crumbs Down Memory Lane: 'Pioneers of Television'
Season four debuts tonight on KLRU with 'Standup to Sitcom'
DAILY Screens  April 15, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...The fourth season of the Emmy-nominated documentary series Pioneers of Television returns to PBS tonight with a new slate of topics, ranging from the beloved doctors and nurses who have graced our television screens to a new look at comedy. This season looks at television comedy a few ways, this time, in two episodes...."

Senators Want Suehs to Nix the Rules
Rules circumvent legislative process
DAILY News  June 28, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...A week after the Department of State Health Services Council passed controversial new rules that would increase the amount of information that both women seeking abortion and their doctors would be required to report to the state, a group of Democratic senators is asking outgoing health commissioner to put on the brakes...."

Judge Overturns Abortion Bill Provisions
But junk science is still all the rage in Texas
DAILY News  August 24, 2009, by Jordan Smith
"...In the case of South Dakota, Judge Karen Schreier ruled Aug. 20 that it was lawful for doctors to tell women seeking abortion that the procedure will terminate the "life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being," (potentially troublesome in the fetus-as-person debate,) but struck down language claiming that abortion increases the likelihood of suicide and suicidal thoughts and that it breaks the "existing relationship" a woman has with a fetus..."

Making Abortion Harder, Vol. 877,834
A bill that passed through senate today puts a new level of bureaucracy on medical staff practicing abortions.
DAILY News  April 26, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...Another legislative end-run around Roe v. Wade has made its way through the Texas Senate today, with Senate Bill 785 getting through its final vote on a 20-10 split vote. This over-the-shoulder legislative intrusion into clinics and hospital says that doctors will have to file an abortion-reporting form with the Department of State Health Services whenever they perform an abortion..."

10 Pounds of Blue Horseshoes in an 8-Pound Game, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving 'the Best of You'
DAILY Sports  February 11, 2007, by Timothy Braun
"...A fist full of blood thinners, a gallon of bluegrass bourbon, and a room full of physicians is how I witnessed Super Bowl XLI – although one of the doctors is a New England Patriots fan, the hated nemeses of my Colts, and I would never allow such villainy to touch my flesh in a time of need. Of course, I do believe that Dr..."

What Now? What Next?
With clinics already closing, Texas' extreme abortion restrictions head to the courts
News Story  July 26, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...On its face, the new law bans abortion after 20 weeks except in very narrow circumstances, requires abortion clinics to transform into costly ambulatory surgical centers, requires abortion-performing doctors to obtain hospital-admitting privileges within 30 miles of each facility where they perform the procedure, and mandates that doctors administering pharmaceutical abortions adhere to the original Food and Drug Administration protocol designed for the drug when it was first approved more than a decade ago...."

High Tech vs. High Touch
The midwifery debate is not new in Austin -- a Chronicle reprint from June 18, 1993
News Story  November 14, 2003, by Robert Bryce
"...Despite the need for more primary care providers, hundreds of non-nurse midwives in Texas cannot practice their trade without being harassed by the medical profession. Two non-nurse midwives in Austin were recently prosecuted (and acquitted) for attending a home birth that doctors considered high risk..."

Why Should Anyone Care Now?
Music Story  August 26, 1999, by Kent H. Benjamin
"...Famous for their motto "Show up drunk, show up late, or don't show up at all," Doctors' Mob, along with other mid-Eighties local bands like Glass Eye, the Reivers, True Believers, Wild Seeds, and Texas Instruments, defined a short-lived musical movement specific to Austin, one forever saddled with the unfortunate moniker "New Sincerity." Emerging in the aftermath of both punk rock and New Wave, bar bands such as Doctors' Mob were neither, defined by loud guitars as well as their ability to pen songs of substance. They rocked, sure, but they were so sincere about it...."

The Future of Health Care?
Dell and Central Health "re-think" the way we provide – and pay for – health care
News Story  March 23, 2017, by Michael King
"...Early one recent Monday morning, in a basement clinic at University Medical Center Brackenridge, a half-dozen doctors and assistants huddled around computer screens reviewing patient records and X-rays. For roughly an hour, they skimmed through patient records, considering both the monochrome images on the screen – knees, pelvises, a few ankles in various states of damage or disrepair – and a collection of printed reports on the patients' overall physical and emotional health..."

Take Two Aspirin and Ping Me in the Morning
Heath care: an oral future
Screens Story  March 8, 2013, by Shawn Badgley
"...We've turned doctoring into a very transactional event. So, yes, in the sense that, we could turn our current primary care physician into the Bones McCoy Tricorder, because we don't really talk to our doctors now, anyway..."

A Parliament of Experts
Did 'expert testimony' convict an innocent woman of murder?
News Story  February 4, 2011, by Jordan Smith
"...Her protestations that she had nothing to do with Bryan's choking and that she could not explain how it had happened – in essence, that it was a tragic accident – impressed neither law enforcement officials nor the doctors who treated Bryan at the hospital. When asked in court for their opinions about whether this could have been an accident, each of the doctors the state called to the witness stand – an emergency room doctor, a pediatric intensive-care doctor, a medical examiner, and a child abuse specialist – testified that there was no way it could have been an accident...."

Page Two
Proposition 12 indicates the problems with Texas constitutional amendment process as well as the current administration's and legislative majority's cynical agenda.
Columns  August 29, 2003, by Louis Black
"...As a piece of legislation, it stinks. Under the guise of helping doctors, it will ultimately indemnify industry and take power away from consumers..."

Naked City
Are Texas doctors doing harm to truth and justice?
News Story  September 12, 2003, by Michael King
"...Proposition 12 would make constitutional the Lege's already-enacted $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages in medical-malpractice lawsuits and empower the Legislature to place similar caps in "other actions" -- the bland euphemism used by the drafters to allow limits on all civil lawsuits. As Chronicle readers can tell from the prime-time TV commercials, both sides are pouring money into the campaign, with plaintiffs' law firms carrying much of the load for opponents, and doctors, health care institutions, and insurance firms underwriting the supporters..."

Lawsuit Filed Against HB 2
Reproductive rights groups take state abortion restrictions to court
DAILY News  September 27, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...HB 2 contained four provisions that, taken together and passed into law this summer, create new and sweeping restrictions to abortion access. The law enacts a ban on all abortion after 20 weeks; a requirement that abortion-providers transform their clinics to meet the state's operating requirements for “ambulatory surgical centers” (expensive and complicated physical spaces that are meant for actual surgeries); a requirement that all abortion-providing doctors obtain hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles of each clinic where they perform abortions; and a mandate that any clinics that provide medication (i.e., pharmaceutical) abortion do so in compliance with a more than decade-old protocol that many women's health providers say is outdated...."

UPDATE: Abortion Bill Passes
Testimony will end at midnight
DAILY News  July 3, 2013, by Jordan Smith
"...Turner said he wanted to offer several amendments to the bill that he said was "on its face unconstitutional." Those amendments – to have the state pay for upgrades to clinics or to find a way for doctors to receive hospital admitting privileges – could be offered on the floor during debate, Cook said...."

The Med School Solution
A medical school, a teaching hospital, and a new health care system?
News Story  September 14, 2012, by Mike Kanin
"...We're not building buildings. What we're proposing to do is pay for care through medical school faculty, residents [doctors in training] and medical students," she told Roser..."

Ultrasound Suit Loses Ground
Sparks says his hands are tied after 5th Circuit finds ultrasound law constitutional
News Story  February 17, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...Rick Perry deemed it an "emergency" to do so, requires women seeking abortion to first undergo an ultrasound a day before the termination. It also requires that women view an image of the fetus and listen to the fetal heartbeat, and that doctors describe the fetal development..."

The Operation Was Successful ...
The jury's still out on "tort reform" – but the courthouse door is closed
News Column  September 3, 2004, by Michael King
"...Perry took that message on the stump last week, delivering a series of speeches around the state on a turnaround he described in glowing terms. "Because of major reforms to medical liability laws that I worked with legislators to enact and that were approved by voters, health care is on the mend, patient access is improving, insurance costs for hospitals are down by 17%, and lawsuits against doctors and hospitals have dropped precipitously."..."

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