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Alejandro, Blaze & Townes Shake the Continental Club
Escovedo sets up Blaze duo Ben Dickey and Charlie Sexton
DAILY Music  July 2, 2018, by Doug Freeman
"...“It’s been quite a while since I played here,” offered Alejandro Escovedo on Saturday, the second installment of his two-night, packed-house return to the Continental Club. “I can’t tell you how much I missed everyone and how happy I am to see you again.”..."

Tameca Jones at Continental Club Gallery
Get your hips moving on SoCo every Thursday
DAILY Chron Events  June 5, 2012, by Cara Tillman
"...Ms. Jones lights up the Continental Club Gallery every Thursday night with infectious and grooveable covers ranging from Rubber Soul era Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Chaka Khan, all with a jazz-inspired vocal performance that drips with expression and showcases a fantastic set of pipes...."

Have Yourself a Continental Christmas
The Wagoneers and more at the end of the world (year?)
DAILY Music  December 21, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...’Tis the season, or maybe no reason, but reunion shows seem well-suited to the holidays. Starting tonight, Friday, the Continental Club rings the nostalgia chimes with Speedy Sparks’ “End of the World Party,” followed tomorrow Saturday with Paul Ray & the Cobras’ annual Christmas show, and the Wagoneers’ 2nd annual All Ages Holiday Show on Sunday...."

Continental Love Songs by Liv Mueller
Thursdays in the Gallery she marries punk/country/schmaltz
DAILY Music  May 29, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...Austin Chronicle: How did your residency at the Continental Club come about?..."

Anne McCue at Continental Saturday
Australian rocker plays Austin
DAILY Music  June 4, 2010, by Margaret Moser
"...A week in Europe was all it took to get me jonesing for the hometown sound, so when the Sin City Social Club offered the Iron City Soul Shakers at 7pm at Maria's Tacos on Thursday, I bit. Literally, too, because while we all know Maria's has muy bueno tacos, chips and salsa and beer are the water of life for me..."

Club Comings and Goings
Music Column  November 10, 1995
"...Rumors have been flying about another club's demise, and this time it's the Back Room, whose doors are said to be closing so that a Tejano club can open. Owner Ronnie Roark could not be reached for comment, but his wife Lisha Roark told the Chronicle that she thinks the rumors are coming from employees upset with the fact that the venue has trimmed their live music week down to Thursday through Saturday. Lisha says that "Ronnie's had the Back Room for 20 years and probably intends to keep it for another 20..."

Ted's Continental Blowout
Music Story  August 15, 1997, by Christopher Gray
"...If they live in Austin, they do, because Ted Roddy makes them. Twice a year, Roddy -- who works the year's other 363 days as a member of the Naughty Ones and the Tearjoint Troubadors -- turns the Continental Club into a packed, pulsating hive of Elvis remembrance..."

A Room With a View
Steve Wertheimer prepares to open a second Continental Club -- in Houston.
Music Story  May 26, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"..."It basically feels like a grown-up version of what's in Austin." Steve Wertheimer is standing on the debris-strewn platform that in a few weeks -- knock on plywood -- will host the likes of Mojo Nixon, Jon Dee Graham, Jimmie Vaughan, and maybe even the Jayhawks. It's soon to be the stage of the Houston Continental Club, which, provided all goes according to plan, will bring a touch of South Congress to the nation's fourth-largest city. With 50-foot ceilings, 4,300 square feet, 25 tons of air conditioning, and a 28-foot bar, the building at 3700 Main certainly has the potential to be a nightclub emporium the likes of which Wertheimer's beloved Austin establishment only hints at..."

To C-Boy, With Love
Continental Club maverick Steve Wertheimer pays tribute to his mentor – with a nightclub
Music Story  January 31, 2014, by Michael Corcoran
"...In 1978, a Jewish accounting student from the Houston suburbs went to a West Campus blues club called the Rome Inn. In time, he became protégé of the old black man who ran the joint..."

Greyhounds Get on the Grid
Continental Gallery residents grind out ‘Accumulator’
DAILY Music  April 8, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...August 2007, exactly one week into my new life as an Austin resident, I cruised south of the Colorado to the Continental Club. When I arrived, the red-walled blues venue had already reached capacity...."

Jimmie Vaughan: 50 Years Performing
Blues master crowds the Continental through the end of 2013
DAILY Music  November 25, 2013, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Eternal Austin guitar hero Jimmie Vaughan celebrates 50 years making music on Tuesdays at the Continental Club, hosting a residency that runs through New Year’s Eve. He usually brings his stinging blues to larger stages, so it’s a great opportunity to catch the older brother and original influence of Stevie Ray Vaughan up close and personal...."

Dianne Scott: Gatekeeper
Continental Club’s back door guardian and possessor of secrets
DAILY Music  July 16, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...Steve Wertheimer owns the Continental Club, but Dianne Scott remains its face. After moving to Austin from upstate New York in 1987, Scott went from being a booking agent and regular at Blues Specialists shows to working full-time at the Club...."

Margaret Moser’s Retirement Party
Christopher Cross crowns the Continental’s all-star love-in
DAILY Music  May 6, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...Margaret Moser’s retirement party, which I put together at the Continental Club on Sunday, began at 2:15pm with the rock & roll thrill ride of the Hickoids. No slow build, the show rocked all day long and closed with a surprise performance from Christopher Cross some seven hours later..."

Poi Dog Pondering Laughs, Talks Story, and Plays Like There’s No Tomorrow
Bassist Bruce Hughes relishes a family reunion of sorts
DAILY Music  February 14, 2014, by Margaret Moser
"...Looking for a musician to nominate as Best Bassist? How about Bruce Hughes? From Bob Schneider to Arthur Brown, Hughes handpicks his projects with love and caution. This weekend, he’s the bottom line with Poi Dog Pondering at the Continental Club...."

Like A Bird On A Wire
Wisebird, as Southern bedrock as Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood
DAILY Music  September 1, 2010, by Jim Caligiuri
"...That's about to change. The quartet, among the most talented in the recent surge in local Southern rock bands, has begun a residency every Tuesday night in September at the Continental Club...."

Mr. Blue
Denny Freeman's epic remembrance of Alex Napier
DAILY Music  February 24, 2011, by Austin Powell
"...It's a moving account of their enduring friendship and Austin blues history. On the occasion of the Continental Club's memorial for Napier on Sunday (2-5pm), it's been copied below, in its entirety...."

First Concert: Steve Wertheimer
Continental Club and C-Boy’s Heart & Soul owner revisits Dazed & Confused
Music Story  September 20, 2018
"...Steve Wertheimer Owner, Continental Club, C-Boy's Heart & Soul, Avenue Barber Shop, Dave's Perfection Automotive..."

Kool & Together – Forever
Detroit black rockers Death, look out
DAILY Music  August 3, 2012, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Black rock Texas funk outfit Kool & Together hits the Continental Club Saturday night for its fifth show in more than 30 years. A band of brothers from tiny Victoria in the Seventies, they were all but forgotten until Noel Waggener's local Heavy Light Records unearthed 19 master tapes and issued them last fall as Original Recordings 1970-1977...."

Hard to Kill
Meat Purveyors never die
DAILY Music  November 5, 2008, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Look at the club listings for this week and you’ll notice the Meat Purveyors are playing at the Continental Club on Thursday night. Didn’t they break up two years ago? Well, they had a "last show" in October 2006, but the punk bluegrass quartet seems hard to kill..."

First Concert: Dianne Scott
The Continental Club’s guardian at the gate began her life in live music inauspiciously
Music Story  September 20, 2018
"...Dianne Scott Media Relations, Continental Club, C-Boy's Heart & Soul..."

Kalu James’ Feel Music
Nigerian émigré makes Austin a better place one song at a time
DAILY Music  April 30, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...The warmth, the soul, the voice, the smile, the presence that is Kalu James and his Thursday night residency at the Continental Club Gallery is fast becoming an Austin highlight. Tell the locals to get there early and plan to stay late..."

Diaryland: Matt the Electrician
Mr. October releases a new ‘Beacon’
DAILY Music  October 30, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...There was a time when I had “Diaryland” by Matt the Electrician stuck on repeat. Then, this past Sunday, I shared the stage with the local singer-songwriter at the new guitar pull series I’m co-hosting with Bonnie Whitmore at the Continental Club Gallery..."

Audio Hype: Jimbo Mathus
One of the Premiere Purveyors of Catfish Music
DAILY Chron Events  July 9, 2013, by Derek Van Wagner
"...The founder of the Squirrel Nut Zippers is out on the lam and bringing his gang to the Continental Club this July 12th...."

The Bruce & Kelly Show
Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis theme their Antone's residency
DAILY Music  July 3, 2012, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Earlier this year, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis took over the Continental Club Gallery on Thursdays. Along with a crack band, the husband and wife team put on what I thought was the best local act I’ve seen so far this year..."

Party on the Patio
Live review of ZZ Top's 1st Annual La Grange Fest.
DAILY Music  October 24, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Never mind Johnny Depp and Billy Gibbons joining Bill Carter onstage at the Continental Club Saturday night. YouTube footage proves far more satisfying than having had to outmaneuver the star-crossed midnight mob at the South Congress speakeasy..."

AFF: Johnny Depp in the ATX
Johnny Depp gets award, presents Rum Diary, and strums with the best
DAILY Screens  October 24, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This weekend Johnny Depp held the city of Austin in giddy thrall – from the grand stage of the Paramount Theatre to a mid-sized student venue on the UT campus to the intimate stage of the Continental Club while playing guitar with Bill Carter and the Blame and Billy Gibbons. He was in Austin for the Austin Film Festival...."

The Slacker 2011 Interviews: Scott R. Meyers
Director Scott R. Meyers on Slacker 2011
DAILY Screens  August 29, 2011, by Marc Savlov
"...Austin freakrock legends Ed Hall are no more but that didn't stop Scott R. Meyers, the director of the Alamo Drafthouse's Slacker 2011 team, from re-weirding up the iconic Continental Club pickup scene...."

Interview With a Prophet
Chuck Prophet holds forth.
DAILY Music  January 23, 2008, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Thinking man’s rocker Chuck Prophet rolls into the Continental Club Friday with Alejandro Escovedo, and I caught up with him Monday night as the van was traveling down I-10 near Fort Stockton, on its way toward Central Texas. We spoke about his latest disc, the indefinable Soap and Water (Yep Roc); his recent appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman; and the new album of songs he’s written with Escovedo. Geezerville: I saw you on Letterman a week or so ago..."

Six Questions for Patricia Vonne
Patricia Vonne takes the bull by the horns.
DAILY Music  September 28, 2007, by Jim Caligiuri
"...With her third record, Firebird (Bandolera), Patricia Vonne makes good on her potent Texas roots rock and San Antonio heritage. Because she’s fighting laryngitis this week, the singer-songwriter-actress wanted to save her voice for tonight's CD release party at the Continental Club, so we checked in via email..."

After Hippie Hour
Casper Rawls takes over the Continental Club's Tuesday's Hippie Hour.
DAILY Music  September 13, 2007, by Jim Caligiuri
"...After 15 years, Toni Price played her last Tuesday early evening gig at the Continental Club in April. Price has since moved to San Diego, but she left a huge hole in the SoCo venue’s schedule that left owner Steve Wertheimer scratching his head as how to fill it..."

Step Outside
California's Smoking Ban... Coming to a Club Near You?
Music Story  February 13, 1998, by Michael Bertin
"..."Well, if that proves to be wrong in California, and the jury's out at this point because it's only been in effect for less than a month, but if those businesses survive without being harmed by that legislation, and again that's a question mark - nobody really knows because nobody's done it before - but if they stay alive and thrive with the `no smoking' provision, then it would obviously be easier to pass in other states, because you couldn't make the economic argument that it was going to destroy club business if it was passed in those other states."..."

Night in, Night Out
Steve Wertheimer describes working longtime Austin clubs
News Story  October 8, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...In 2008, the city of Austin deemed the Continental Club a historic landmark. It wasn't just because its iconic neon sign appears on nearly every "Greetings From Austin" postcard..."

Miraculous Sound: Jamie Wellwarth
Austin engineer acquiesces to online fund for his surgeries
DAILY Music  January 30, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...Beloved local sound engineer Jamie Wellwarth, a regular at the soundboards for Nomad and the Continental Club, went in for surgery yesterday at Seton Hospital. A father of three young children, he’s also sticking close to his wife, who’s expecting a new baby any moment now...."

Whitney Rose’s Full House
Austin’s newest country ingenue lands on South Congress
DAILY Music  November 18, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...Prince Edward Island songstress Whitney Rose landed her new Thursday happy hour residency at the Continental Club when Mavericks frontman Raul Malo told club owner Steve Wertheimer about the album he’d just produced for her...."

Jingle Bell Rock and Blues
Two legendary Austin bands reunite for the holidaze.
DAILY Music  December 21, 2007, by Margaret Moser
"...It’s one of my favorite weekends on the town, when the students are gone and the traffic is easy. Most of the folks you see in the clubs are the hardcore fans and that suits me just fine..."

Poll Position
Ruminations on polls.
DAILY Music  March 24, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...In the odious task of tallying votes for the Chronicle's annual Music Poll, the Best New Club category kept my attention throughout the process. Lamberts won well, though Patsy’s Cowgirl Café came in strong behind them..."

Blue Monday Returns
Longstanding residency resumes at Midway Field House
DAILY Music  March 31, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Antone’s enduring Blue Monday, ongoing since the early Seventies, returned after a two-month hiatus March 10. Despite the fact that the live music brand is still searching for a new venue, organizers have restarted its mainstay series where the club last stood...."

The Complete Jake Langley
Guitarist makes dazzling choices and then some
DAILY Music  March 28, 2014, by Tim Stegall
"...Jake Langley of Toronto may be a relative newcomer to Austin, having moved here in 2010, but he’s impressed huge swaths of the local music scene. Jazz heads upstairs at the Continental Club for Church on Monday, Tex-Mex two-steppers at raucous Los Texmaniacs gigs, and even Dupree fan Mike Judge can attest to Langley’s guitar prowess...."

Face to Face with Chris Gerniottis
Zakary Thaks frontman parties like it's 1969
DAILY Music  October 16, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...This Saturday, Oct. 20, at the Continental Club with local garage stalwarts Eve & the Exiles isn’t the first time Gerniottis has performed with the Ugly Beats...."

You Must Never Break the Chain
Aussie on Aussie: Wolfmother vs. the Grates
DAILY Music  November 3, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Erika Wennerstrom’s blistering blues made Dhani Harrison crouch down for a better look upstairs on the Stubb’s VIP deck, while Wolfmother, Friday night’s Aussie Afro and headliner, watched from the wings. Too bad the Heartless Bastards’ volcanic voice and Les Paul wringer wasn't at the Continental Club later to grin at Down Under’s the Grates...."

Dead Pyrates and Sonic Boomers
DAILY Music  June 8, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...If there was any real justice, these guys would be the toughest band in town, bringing the younger ones to their knees. Tearing up Antone’s on both weekend nights and smokin’ the Continental Club clean..."

Keep Austin Kustom
Chrome lines South Congress this weekend, in the street and clubs
DAILY Music  April 13, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...My place was right below Downtown, and for the first four years of the Round Up I had a second row seat. The first row is always South Congress, when the cars start parking on Thursday around the Continental Club..."

Check This Action
The LeRoi Brothers at 30
DAILY Music  May 11, 2011, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Others, like Asleep at the Wheel, do it for the love of the music, not to suggest there’s no cash attached. Friday at the Continental Club, another Austin band enters the 30-year club: the LeRoi Brothers...."

Book 'em Dan-o!
The Club Runners Call 'Em
Music Story  September 22, 1995
"...More picks, only this time from the critics that really count: the club owners and booking agents who put local bands into their clubs each and every night. Here are the bands they already book, and look to book more in the future, and a few words on why they like 'em...."

Kerrville Fall Folk Fest & Island Folk Festival
The future of folk looks bright in Texas
DAILY Music  September 2, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...I played the Kennedy stage at the Kerrville Fall Folk Festival Saturday night. My dad, Jon Dee Graham, and I have become a duo for just such very special occasions, which I’m in love with as much as jumping off the Continental Club stage in a rock & roll spasm..."

New single, new imprint, new Black Joe Lewis tour
DAILY Music  November 13, 2013, by Andy Bianculli
"...Psychedelic noise outfit ThinkNoThink continues making a name for itself thrashing and belting on Red River. Forged in the now-boarded up confines of Club de Ville, and possibly the final result of the community of musicians who loitered there, they exhibit an urgency derived from singer John Dowey...."

Sleepy LaBeef in a Bread Truck
Tom Lewis recalls his rockabilly adventures with a legend
DAILY Music  January 25, 2013, by Margaret Moser
"...For young musicians, life’s a crap shoot as to where the road leads, and there’s no reality check like touring. For Tom Lewis, first-call rockabilly and country drummer for locals Heybale! and the Wagoneers, Saturday’s show at the Continental Club with Sleepy LaBeef constitutes a trip down memory lane...."

Death Takes No Holiday
Mourning two Austin players.
DAILY Music  October 1, 2007, by Margaret Moser
"... Primich was an outstanding harp player, one of the most loved and respected ones. His name was evoked this past weekend in places like Patsy’s Cowgirl Café and the Continental Club..."

Spotlight: Barbara Lynn
Beaumont's southpaw R&B queen, oh yeah
Music Story  March 17, 2006, by Jay Trachtenberg
"..."I first came to Austin in the mid-Seventies to play at Antone's blues club, and Mr. Antone has been calling me back ever since," she says..."

Road Shows
Music Story  June 12, 1998
"...FRI 12 Kim Lenz, Continental Club..."

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