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Tis' Tamalada Season at Travis High School
Students and parents work together for delicious, authentic results
DAILY Food  November 29, 2012, by Virginia B. Wood
"...What impressed me even more than the facilities (which are indeed remarkable) or the tamales themselves, however, was McDonald’s decision to make create this class module in the first place. What I saw is a savvy young Anglo instructor making sure his mostly Hispanic students have a hands-on connection to an ancient culinary tradition that is a vital part of their ethnic heritage by teaching them to research, prepare, and market a food item..."

The AggreGAYtor: November 13
Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news
DAILY Qmmunity  November 13, 2012, by Brandon Watson
"...• Frank Schubert, a black market Teddy Ruxpin hastily made from scraps of pleated Dockers, insists that marriage equality victories don’t mean a thing...."

Spank Glenn Eaddy one time for us!
Columns  September 7, 2012, by Kate X Messer
"...6, 6-8pm. Whole Foods Market, 525 N..."

Beer Flights
Legendary 'witbier' brewery to return to Austin
Food Column  August 17, 2012, by Lee Nichols
"...Celis says she's talking with investors about building a new brewery in Austin (the old one was on US 290 E. toward Manor), with plans to get on the market "as soon as possible." In the meantime, she'll be sending out updates at and on Twitter @CelisBrewery...."

Council: Follow the Props and the Money
It's a full docket as council tries to set November's bond election
News Story  August 17, 2012, by Michael King
"...2 regular meeting and at the work session), council members appeared evenly split on both, and in the absence of Bill Spelman (ill and on indefinite leave; see "Headlines" ), it seemed possible that both these proposals may stalemate. On Tuesday, after a quick discussion, only Mayor Lee Lef­fing­well still supported putting the "lease or sell" proposition on the ballot; his argument that the utility needs that management flexibility in a volatile energy market did not persuade his colleagues, who voted 5-1 to shelve the proposition...."

1, 2, Tres, Cuatro: Waltz Across Texas
San Antonio rock & roll posters and Central Texas dance halls – preserve them.
Music Column  April 6, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...That S.A. still rules as a universal metal market is no secret, but it's Texas' guilty pleasure town..."

Sixth Sense
Neighbors, business owners, and the city are all searching for the future of East Sixth Street
News Story  February 24, 2012, by Mike Kanin
"...Martinez compares the situation to the housing market. "Where there are cheaper locations, businesses will migrate," he wrote..."

Cajun Heat
Thanksgiving fire takes out Sambets
Food Story  December 30, 2011, by Kate X Messer
"...In 1997, Doug became interested in the little Cajun grocery for sale on Spicewood Springs Road. Both he and Catherine entered Central Market's annual gumbo contest..."

Water Fall
Between Austin Water's conservation goals and its execution ... lies a shadow
News Story  June 17, 2011, by Nora Ankrum
"...Staff hadn't included cost-savings that would be achieved beyond 2020. For example, the amount of water the city draws from the Colorado River will at some point hit a threshold (201,000 acre feet, two years in a row) at which AW will have to start paying the Lower Colorado River Authority the market rate, whatever it is at that time..."

Why Rail?
The city is pushing for a 2012 vote to build urban rail. The critics are asking, 'Who needs it?'
News Story  April 8, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...O'Toole dismisses the importance of peer review. "I don't work in that market," he says..."

Two culinary programs change, Wheatsville wins, M Two debuts, and more
Food Column  June 25, 2010, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Considering pork ribs for the Fourth of July menu? Kocurek Family Artisanal Charcuterie has a limited supply of Richardson Farms pork ribs available for the holiday. Reserve your ribs at 291-4461 or and pick them up at the farmers' market of your choice on June 26 or July 2....."

The Daily Hustle: 5/4/10
My breakfast with Marc
DAILY News  May 4, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...The Renaissance Market Commission sets up shop at the Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs, 6pm. Lots of staff reports to be delivered on vendors, surroundings and more...."

Dems for Governor: Bill White, et al.
White stands out as Dems' best shot
News Story  February 19, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"..."Star" Locke (he says John Wayne gave him the nickname after a bar fight) has taken up the traditionally Republican issue of border security: He wants a standing army of 30,000 troops to break the Mexican drug gangs and end the slave labor conditions that drive Mexican workers into the U.S. job market; unfortunately for him, his unreconstructed use of terms like "wetback" at candidate forums has drawn hisses from audiences..."

Let Him Entertain You
Why producer Charles Duggan is staging the biggest holiday spectacular Austin's ever seen
Arts Story  December 25, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...That's why he's devoted a full year to planning the project and developing an audience. The better part of the spring he spent pursuing a unique marketing strategy: Getting local charities to help market the show to their constituencies for a portion of the ticket sales; for every ticket you buy on behalf of, say, the Austin Children's Shelter, the shelter gets 20% of the price as a donation..."

Naked City
News briefs from Austin, the region, and beyond
News Story  October 9, 2009
"...18 with the 3-mile AIDS Walk Austin. The AIDS Memorial Quilt, the world's largest community art project, will also be on display at City Hall, Whole Foods Market (Sixth Street), and other locations around town..."

Res Publica
Citizens calendar, Sept. 24-Oct. 1
News Story  September 25, 2009
"...25-27. Market Square, Fredericksburg..."

Dumping the Water Pump
Should Austin's conservation success forestall WTP 4?
News Story  February 20, 2009, by Katherine Gregor
"...WTP 4 Phase I is exactly the kind of "shovel-ready" infrastructure project that the Obama administration advocates for 2009 in this serious recession. If council froze the additional $400 million now for design, consulting, and construction contracts, it would be another hit to the Austin economy and job market..."

Biomass: A Question of Wood, Not Could
Council will vote this week on a proposed wood-waste-fueled power plant, but just because it's carbon-neutral doesn't mean it's perfect
News Story  August 22, 2008, by Daniel Mottola
"...The plant's billion-dollar price tag "is very comparable to the same amount of electricity from a modern natural gas plant based on today's prices," said Mayor Will Wynn via e-mail. "The difference is, this energy is a hedge against the wild spikes of the gas market." Plus, "it's carbon-neutral, so the cost isn't going to climb when federal climate legislation passes in the next year or two, driving up the cost of coal and natural gas (legislation both Presidential candidates have said they'll sign)..."

To Opt, or Not?
How one neighborhood-planning team carefully weighed VMU's power to change its surroundings
News Story  February 1, 2008, by Katherine Gregor
"...Zilker wants its affordability level lowered from 80% of median family income (standard for VMU) to 60% MFI. Jack said 80% MFI already corresponds to the market rate for apartments nearby, so ZNA desires deeper affordability..."

The Affordability Toolbox
News Story  September 14, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...• Funding initiatives: Washington, D.C.'s Site Acqui­sition Funding Initiative leverages public funds with private investments, offering below-market-rate loans for development of affordable housing...."

June 21-27
News Story  June 22, 2007
"...COOL HOUSE TOUR 2007 Some of Austin's most energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes are open to the public for self-guided tours. Get a guidebook at either Central Market location ($13), or order one online ($14); buy tickets for companions at whichever house you tour first..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 15, 2006
"...Whole Foods Market community relations coordinatorTo Lizbeth!Dear Editor,..."

'Black and White and Read All Over': They got the shots
'The Austin Chronicle' pays tribute to the often-unsung shutterbugs who have added so much to our pages with the exhibit 'Black and White and Read All Over: 'Austin Chronicle' Photographers Celebrate 25 Years'
Arts Story  September 8, 2006, by Robert Faires
"...Sunday, Sept. 10, 5-7:30pm: free food from Central Market & Fisheye Wine..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  March 3, 2006
"...Is SXSW profiting at all from these "after-market" sales, beyond the face value?..."

Outlaw Onda
If Tejano music isn't on the radio, does it still exist?
Music Story  February 17, 2006, by Belinda Acosta
"..."When a radio station gets its license, they're supposed to serve the community they cover. Right now, I would say that the Tejano community in Austin is not being served," she says, pointing to the localism issue that appears in other markets across the nation when large, corporate broadcasters move in to communities but forget part of their mandate...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 21, 2005
"...While I am an avid supporter of alternative fuels, I disagree that anything of significance will happen right away. The oil "bidness" is famous for its wild price swings, and there is evidence that there is plenty of crude oil on today's market..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  September 30, 2005
"...The author lends some authority to his views by citing Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching, who unfortunately died 1,200 years before the arrival of the phenomenon of sustained growth in living standards. But let's ask ourselves what Tzu would think about capitalism in China if he were alive today? Wouldn't he look at the experience of his country over the last 70 years and determine that the reliance on sharing wealth rather than creating wealth does not work? Wouldn't he conclude based on China's experience and on the experience of their neighbors like India and North Korea that economic growth fueled by capitalism and free markets is obviously the best long-term answer to poverty, disease, and environmental damage? He might also point out how well-intentioned, anti-capitalists like our author do more real harm to impoverished people of the world than any injustice capitalism or free markets inflict...."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  June 17, 2005
"...We should all be pleased that the Supreme Court set back the push for legal medicinal marijuana, as such laws are nothing more than another angle for a certain type of doctor/lawyer to corner the market on a "new" product. That said, we should now focus on an across-the-board, FDA-, Department of Agriculture-protected legalization of marijuana as a common commodity..."

Lege Notes
Odds and ends (mostly odds) from the 79th
News Column  May 6, 2005
"...Public Citizen's Tom "Smitty" Smith calls the bill "well-intentioned, but woefully inadequate," increasing the state's RPS to about 5% by 2015 from the current goal of about 3% by 2009. "The new goal isn't aggressive enough to make Texas the renewable energy leader it should be," said Smith, nor is it big enough to trigger the construction of new transmission lines needed to transport sizable amounts of cheap West Texas wind power to market in the cities..."

Roadside Playboys and Texana Dames
The Hancock Family's long, strange, supernatural musical journey
Music Story  December 31, 2004, by Margaret Moser
"...The town's hip cognoscenti didn't fare much better. The occasional coffeehouse would pop up and disappear, but not until a health food store called the Supernatural Market opened did the restless souls find a kindred spirit and a place to gather..."

Austin @ Large: Balancing the Books
The big hole we need libraries to fill
News Column  October 22, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Remember, Texas already gives its citizens the power to roll back unacceptably high municipal property taxes. But that rollback rate derives, ultimately, from the total value of the tax roll – a rather non-negotiable measure of the size of the market – not some voodoo statistic that sounded good when the Jack got passed around at Babe's Cabaret..."

Page Two
The mainstreaming of extremism
Columns  October 8, 2004, by Louis Black
"..."If only the tax-and-spend Democrats weren't stymieing the Bush administration's efforts, taxes could be even more drastically cut. Rolling back almost all regulations and restrictions would lead to a free market, which would eventually solve most social problems, create the world's greatest education system, ensure an unparalleled health care system, and safeguard the environment."..."

Imperfect Game
The Texas Documentary Tour: 'Small Ball' follows a Little League team – and their parents – to the World Series
Screens Story  October 8, 2004, by Anne S. Lewis
"...You can imagine what happened to our PR campaign. But still, people sought it out on TV, and it's a huge success in the educational market and will probably remain so for years to come..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 1, 2004
"...The money you earn is spent on merely living, and your families can't afford to help you. You complain about the job market, yet most of you have accepted it as a sacrifice we've had to make for the war on terror..."

Is There a Doctor in the House?
Below the budget storm clouds, plans form for UTMB campus at Mueller
News Story  September 10, 2004, by Amy Smith
"...That's assuming, of course, that UTMB can forge a contractual agreement with Seton, which leases and runs the hospital. It's no secret that UTMB has been champing at the bit to enter the Central Texas market..."

Naked City
News Story  August 6, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The company's sponsorship of Austin City Limits will also come to an end. Back in the heady stock-market days of 1998, the company's stock (NASDAQ symbol: BUNZ) reached a high of $23.38 per share; after the bankruptcy announcement, it closed Tuesday at 72 cents..."

The Dark Horses
The redistricted Centex Democrats bravely into battle go
News Story  July 30, 2004, by Lee Nichols
"...In fact, he's banking on Austin. CD 21 has long covered western Travis County, but re-redistricting pulled it into the heart of the city, right across 38th Street from Central Market..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 2, 2004
"...Corporate America has completely embraced the Spanish language. Capitalists work to increase profits, and see the Hispanic market as largely "untapped." A common practice as of late is to digitize customer services; however, profits don't increase with the hiring of bilingual customer service representatives..."

Page Two
If you think we're asinine, don't blame it on our advertisers.
Columns  November 7, 2003, by Louis Black
"...Relatively speaking, in terms of market size, the Chronicle is among the most successful weeklies (though not among the most profitable). These days, other papers regularly ask us about how we do things, though at the time we first did most of them they cost more than they earned..."

Naked City
News Story  November 7, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Well, okay, it is surprising -- we expected all 10 would be lefties. For "balance," the YCTers included economics professor and free-market champion Steve Bronars, and were even nice enough to say that economics professor and "former 1960s and Seventies Marxist radical" Harry Cleaver, who is on the watch list, is also "a great lecturer and well informed." Journalism professor and peace activist Robert Jensen topped the list: He "introduces the unsuspecting student to a crash course in socialism, white privilege, the 'truth' about the Persian Gulf War, and the role of America as the world's prominent sponsor of terrorism." For the full list, go to"

Our readers talk back.
Columns  June 27, 2003
"...The rail system, in particular, has been a raving success. This despite the neglect of municipal planners, who continue to allow big-box drugstores, convenience stores, office-supply outlets, supermarkets, and service stations to snatch up land that could have been better allotted for high-density development..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  May 30, 2003
"...It's shovel time for Whole Foods Market; the groundbreaking for the organic-grocery chain's new headquarters and superstore is set for Friday, June 6, at 10am, on the lot at Sixth and Lamar, due south of the existing Whole Foods. No word on whether celebratory orzo salad or free-range-chicken wings will be available. -- Lauri Apple..."

Only Natural
The Texas Memorial Museum decides to focus on its natural history roots.
News Story  February 21, 2003
"...During the past three or four years, Theriot said he has assembled an advisory council, drawing heavily on people involved with business and marketing. "They suggested change," he said..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  January 10, 2003
"...The business section: Once again, Whole Foods Market and National Instruments are the two Austin companies on Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" roster. (For a different view of working at Whole Foods, check out our issues of Oct..."

Page Two
Editor in Chief Louis Black reflects on the Chronicle's 21st anniversary.
Columns  September 6, 2002, by Louis Black
"...We're here because of you and we appreciate it. The Chronicle's market penetration is greater than most alternative weeklies and we sell more advertising than most papers in similar size markets..."

Naked City
News Story  May 31, 2002, by Lauri Apple
"...In the market for a used rotunda? How about an airline terminal and concourse? The city's Economic Growth and Redevelopment office has notified all ready buyers that the deconstructed pieces of the old Robert Mueller Airport are up for sale. "Deconstruction is the operative word," said Nellie Nutting, interim Mueller property manager..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  February 15, 2002
"...Stratus Properties will come before the council and ask that they be permitted to build 200 units on their Bear Lake properties, in the area known as the Crescent. With this number of units in this area it will increase the number of trips on an old farm to market (unimproved) road, to the point that accidents are bound to happen..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  January 25, 2002
"...Yet, a quick glance at page 21 of last week's edition both reports on two local women's rapes by executives of a dot-com corporation ["Raped by the Players," Jan. 18] and markets computers through an image of a female technician in a sexual posture..."

Brave New Web
In the wake of Sept. 11 and the hard-line USA Act, the Internet has become a very unfriendly place for hackers.
Screens Story  December 14, 2001, by Michael Connor
"...The cypherpunks take privacy very seriously. If you're interested in attending one of their meetings, just go to Central Market on the third Tuesday of every month and look for the group with the Applied Cryptography book on the table..."

Critic's Picks
Arts & Entertainment
Best of Austin Story  October 5, 2001
"...The housing market may not be quite what it was a year ago, but that doesn't mean that the houses are any less impressive. What better way to put some of those fine social chambers to use than with social evenings of classical chamber music performed by excellent musicians, accompanied, of course, by delectable victuals and vintages? It's the way this music was meant to be enjoyed..."

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