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Postmarks Web Extra
Our readers' letters regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks
Columns  October 19, 2001
"...This historically unprecedented wealth transfer constitutes, in effect, a huge, self-perpetuating development fund. (The Saudis in particular protect this trade, raising or lowering their production to stabilize the world petroleum market and ensure a moderate price that encourages U.S..."

A right, a left, another right: our letters column takes it on the chin.
Columns  October 12, 2001
"...Every Friday night you could escape from the commonplace grind of your week. Like a spice market, you could enjoy taste-testing from locales like Peru, Brazil, the Caribbean, Louisiana, Greece, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pacific islands..."

Postmarks Web Extra
Our readers' letters regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks
Columns  October 12, 2001
"...This historically unprecedented wealth transfer constitutes, in effect, a huge, self-perpetuating development fund. (The Saudis in particular protect this trade, raising or lowering their production to stabilize the world petroleum market and ensure a moderate price that encourages U.S..."

Something Weird
How Tim League discovered 110 drive-in films in an East Prairie warehouse and other stories of disappearing celluloid.
Screens Story  February 16, 2001, by Jerry Renshaw
"...Take, for example, Mike Vraney -- the self-proclaimed King of Crackpot Cinema. After years of working in drive-ins and 50-chair storefront grindhouse cinemas, he started Seattle's Something Weird Video (weirdly enough, not affiliated with the Alamo's film series) in the mid-Eighties, having recognized a niche market for forgotten and obscure films to be released on video, a niche no one else was filling...."

Defending the death penalty, the new Gov, the schools, and all that Jazz.
Columns  January 19, 2001
"...The fact still remains that this town is segregated, and will remain so until the city does a better job of addressing the needs of its poor citizens. Instead of creating an overpriced housing market, perpetuating corporate welfare in the name of "Smart Growth," and annihilating old neighborhoods by asphalting over them so that suburbanites don't have to sit in traffic, the Austin community should be organized around the idea of building people capital through improved job training, affordable housing, and other social services for the parents of children of all ethnicities who attend schools in depressed neighborhoods...."

Rock en Tijuana
The border city of Tijuana gives birth to the bastard genre of Norteño and Electronica, Nortec.
Music Story  November 3, 2000, by Melissa Sattley
"...Buie says she also recognizes the challenges that Palm Pictures will have marketing the new music genre when the CD is released in February...."

You Should Start a Web Site ...
Though they claim to only answer to their man-on-the-streets tastes, both these Web sites demonstrate how diverse the dialogue on arts becomes when just the right voices cut in.
Screens Story  September 29, 2000, by David Garza
"...He's gonna tell it like it is." That's not to say, of course, that Lodger and Clark prove that just any old poseur should be able to put up a site full of rants and expect the rest of the world to pay much attention. What makes a site like File Thirteen or Juxtaposeur distinct and noticeable in an already-crowded film site market is the style of the writer himself...."

Room at the Inn
Case Marianella homeless shelter provides a badly needed haven for homeless Spanish-speaking immigrants.
News Story  June 16, 2000, by Anna Hanks
"...Since he'd already suffered through four semesters of Spanish, he says, he wanted to volunteer in a place where he could improve his grasp of the language. He usually volunteers at Casa Marianella about three times a week; on one recent Sunday, he took a group of residents to an Austin flea market..."

East Timor. Campaign Finance Reform. Napster. Living Wages. Little Richard.
Columns  May 26, 2000
"...Housing-Market Hell..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  May 12, 2000
"...The real threat from illegal drugs comes from the criminal culture which has been created by the black market. It is common knowledge that drugs are more available now than ever before despite the best efforts of law enforcement..."

The Chronicle endorsements (or lack thereof) under fire.
Columns  May 5, 2000
"...And then there's your publicly stated policy toward freelance writers in the Chronicle as printed in The Writer's Market (a paraphrase from memory): "We'll get back to you when we feel like it." Add this to the constant nepotism (You're Margaret Moser's brother? Sure, you can write for us ...) and in-group exclusiveness and you might as well be on Wall Street...."

Carrying the Burden
During Gov. Bush's campaign for his party's presidential nomination last fall, reporters asked the candidate to comment on a federal government report asserting that many Texans, including large numbers of children, were going to bed hungry. "I saw the report that children in Texas are going hungry. Where?" he demanded, going on to say, "You'd think the governor would have heard if there are pockets of hunger in Texas." Indeed, you would, especially if one of those pockets is just a few miles from his front door, Virginia B. Wood explains as she explores the very pockets of hunger in Austin Bush has difficulty fathoming.
Food Story  April 28, 2000, by Virginia B. Wood
"...Gibbs will share the food in her box with her recently widowed son and a four-year-old grandson. After the residents patiently work their way through the distribution line, many folks rummage through a large box outside that's filled with donated day-old bread from Central Market..."

Getting School to Work
Aided by an infusion of new tax dollars from high-tech and other industries, Del Valle ISD finds success by investing heavily in school-to-career programs.
News Story  December 31, 1999, by Kevin Fullerton
"...The Del Valle community is one of the hottest home-building markets in the country, with 3,300 new homes planned there within just the next five years. "We see Del Valle as becoming a very large part of the Austin metropolitan community," says Kaufman and Broad's Oglesby, whose company expects to put up more than 700 homes by July near the site of the future Del Valle high school...."

Media Clips
The world’s major corporations have realized that the media can be big money, and they have invested heavily.
News Column  December 24, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...As antitrust regulations have loosened, and big investors have been swallowed up by even bigger investors, the landscape has been changing almost too quickly for consumers to keep up. Where it was once illegal for a company to own more than one radio or television station in a market, it is now possible to own several..."

Communication Breakdown
The city's plan to implement a radio system is turning into a long, high-dollar project
News Story  December 10, 1999, by Jordan Smith
"..."The coalition is not just public safety but also public service," says EMS's Stone. "Motorola tends to market heavily to public safety and Ericsson tended to market heavily towards public service..."

Wandering Preachers, Holy Fools
What best describes the modern playwright? Itinerant preacher? Holy fool? Several artists with an intimate knowledge of the playwriting life offer their views in this roundtable discussion.
Arts Story  November 19, 1999, by Robert Faires
"...Ehn: A lot of writers complain -- and it's completely understandable, their lives are consumed with complaint -- that the marketplace isn't taking care of them. And I think the answer must be that the artist is in an argument against the marketplace..."

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature
Understanding the Science
Food Story  August 5, 1999, by Virginia B. Wood
"...In a weekly column called "Focus on the Corporation," Washington journalists Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman reported that some public interest groups have sued the FDA, alleging the agency "violated federal law by allowing biotech foods onto the market without first adequately testing the foods for safety" or labeling them with necessary consumer information. The federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act incorporates the precautionary principle that a new food additive is presumed unsafe until it is established to be safe through standard scientific procedures..."

Mueller Will Gentrify
Columns  March 4, 1999
"...The author reports that "nobody is really interested in tying the market's hands." Then he tells us what "nobody" actually thinks: "we really don't know what's going to happen" with prices. If this is true, it smacks of some pretty unsmart growth ......"

The Sweet Science
Columns  February 4, 1999
"...In her letter, "Seeking Answers to Drug Problem" ["Postmarks," Vol.18, No.21], Peggy Kelley voices sentiments of bewilderment, anger, and helplessness as she ponders the results of our drug policies. Here's a point to consider; the international market for illegal drugs is now worth more than the international market in automobiles (as per the U.N.'s own report) and this figure does not account for the plethora of legal players which have come to rely on the drug war as an institution (politicians, prisons, drug-testing companies, the media, the military, police, DEA, FBI, BATF, NIDA, CASA, etc.)..."

Scaggs Photo in Bad Taste
Columns  December 18, 1998
"...The South Austin Guide [Vol.18, No.14] was well-done, but how could you include City Market without including Phoenicia Bakery (2912 S. Lamar) or Sun Harvest (4006 S..."

United Way Clarifies
Columns  June 12, 1998
"...Vice President of Marketing..."

Dropping Out
Teachers Trade Low Pay for High Tech
News Story  June 5, 1998, by Kevin Fullerton
"..."I believe the answer is `yes.'" Yes, except for one thing: Many of those ready-to-work workers are public school teachers - the ones whom the state desperately needs to create a skilled workforce. In increasing numbers, teachers are trading in their low-paying teaching careers for more lucrative jobs in the high-tech market..."

Back in 1972...
Screens Story  June 5, 1998
"...In a December 1993 Chronicle cover story, Louisa C. Brinsmade and Chris Walters mourn ACTV's conversion from true community stomping ground to a "market driven communications center."..."

Polling the Poleyard
Questions Abound on Downtown
News Column  March 6, 1998, by Kayte VanScoy
" conjunction with a twin apartment project built on a privately owned parcel at Third and Colorado. City officials weren't taking chances this time around, however, after their January passage of a letter of intent with AMLI stirred up controversy when Councilmember Beverly Griffith protested the inclusion of the financial terms of the agreement prior to the completion of appraisals or market analyses..."

Columns  December 12, 1997
"...No "Christian" mercy, none of that silly "Forgiveness," just blood and guts and nooses. The play's bad guy is Old Scratch himself, fronted by a company called The Universal Consciousness Organization, run by a demon and several sympathizers, one of which (a woman) teaches high school kids demonic concepts such as "try to be at peace" or "meditation can be positive." According to the playwright everyone that has not sold their souls to Jesus in exchange for whatever the market will bear is demonic! This play is spiritual pornography, hardcore `My-way-or-no-way' stuff..."

All Wrapped Up
Holiday Film Previews
Screens Story  November 28, 1997, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...All the movies listed here officially debut before the end of 1997 -- although not necessarily in Austin. The dates provided are specifically customized for the Austin market and many of the movies that open nationally in late December won't arrive here until early 1998..."

Slum, Sweet Slum?
An Annual Look at My Own Backyard
News Column  October 24, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The boundaries don't correspond to any other boundaries -- neighborhood associations, community-development target areas, the holdings of individual property owners -- that currently organize the Inner Eastside. The Survey document does, however, admit that its lines were drawn to cherry-pick sites with future market value, and to make the blight seem worse than it actually is...."

La Vista at the Hyatt
Food Story  August 8, 1997
"...The good thing is that we finally made it out there; the bad thing is that they've stopped making the special eggplant. Preparing eggplant is too labor-intensive for these quarters; a tiny market of the quasi-convenience ilk, selling beer and wine, live bait, fajita marinade, and ice cream out of about 400 sq..."

Sleeping With the Television On
Teething Problems at the Austin Music Network
Music Story  February 21, 1997, by Michael Bertin
"...The program manager isn't very good at programming because that's not the job she was hired to do. Matthews was once former councilmember Max Nofzinger's aide, and when he stepped down, she was reassigned to AMN as what she calls "kind of a media communications coordinator," helping market the channel and acting as a liaison between the network and the city's many commissions and sub-committees...."

Run, Max, Run
Columns  January 17, 1997
"...That growth includes not only people but industries. Many of these industries are probably using some of the over 72,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today..."

Billy Clayton's Flying Circus
State, City Head for a Dogfight Over Mueller
News Story  January 17, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The new tower construction at Bergstrom. Bergstrom's old tower is in the background.photograph by Kenny Braun It could if the state pulls out its big stick and condemns Mueller, then buys it for its own use, which it's free to do as long as it pays the city fair market value..."

Our Areas Are Sensitive
Columns  November 29, 1996
"...This is an industry that is only just exploding. There is still much development and innovation to come from this market..."

Mixed Signals
Behind the Glass at KUT Radio
Music Story  July 19, 1996, by Christopher Gray
"...Lest anyone think these tales of paperwork nightmares and eight-year waits for permits are just modern-day bogeyman stories about the evils of bureaucracy, Giorda is a one-man testament to the fact that, yes, they do happen, and yes, the amount of red tape involved is indeed prodigious. In one shining example, FCC rules, dictated by the number of stations in a market and the market's proximity to Mexico, classified KUT as a Class A station, one that could not broadcast over 5,000 watts or have an antenna higher than 300 feet..."

Common Ground
Alice Waters and Carla Marshall Promote Vegucation
Food Story  June 28, 1996
"...This year, the very first group of pre-K students who began in the Green Classroom are proud fifth graders, seasoned veterans who enjoy sharing their gardening experience with younger children. Several times over the past two years, students have been invited to sell organic vegetables from their garden at a local Whole Foods Market..."

In With the New
So Long, Seis Salsas and Green & White's Groceries
Food Story  January 26, 1996, by Virginia B. Wood
"...With the current local boom in restaurants and specialty foods, it gets harder and harder to remember a time when exotic produce and varied ethnic food products weren't available in your neighborhood grocery and your ethnic restaurant choices were limited to Tex-Mex, Italian, and Chinese. While Austin shoppers and restaurant diners are the beneficiaries of all the expansion and competition, some long-established businesses have found it necessary to adapt to the market changes and, in some cases, close their doors...."

Gay Place
A radical week of queer events is full speed ahead!
Columns  April 19, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Fuego ATX This month's queer-market-meets-dance-party is open to all ages with beats by Chulita Vinyl Club and See Jane Spin. Thu., April 26, 6-10pm..."

The Problem With K2, Downtown Austin’s Most Dangerous Drug
APD cannot depend on big busts alone to solve the problem
News Story  March 14, 2018, by Nina Hernandez
"...Those efforts have led to some results: In November, after learning that a group had been busy moving massive amounts of K2 around the city, the department's Organized Crime Division coordinated with the Houston Police Department's Kush Task Force to haul in 164 pounds of product. In that one bust, police removed more than 200,000 doses from the market – a street value of $1.1 million..."

Ruby’s BBQ Set to Close
The beloved barbecue restaurant will shutter by the end of February
DAILY Food  January 31, 2018, by Jessi Cape
"..."The Austin scene and market has changed significantly. With the saturation of the restaurant market, high property taxes, increasing meat/food prices, and shortage of labor, it’s become difficult to do business as a small operator..."

Who Is Cast in the Story of Austin Food?
Eight underrepresented views from the local food scene
Food Story  November 16, 2017, by Nina Hernandez
"...They persevered, even if the cash register was empty. At that point, they didn't have social media, and they certainly didn't have money for a marketing campaign..."

Playback: “Hastily Prepared” Ordinances Head to City Council
Revised drafts of Agent of Change and OMV permitting head to Council, but again, live music interests raise alarms
Music Column  June 8, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"...He's installed scene veteran Paul Minor, musical architect of the immensely popular ABGB, as booker; Samantha Carey, a fixture at White Horse, Stay Gold, and the Hole in the Wall, now handles marketing; and Sailor Poon siren Billie Buck, who won Best Poster Artist in the 2016 Austin Music Poll, follows in the footsteps of her 'Dillo hero Jim Franklin as visuals generator...."

Questions of Church-State Separation at Dell Seton Medical Center
Do the hospital’s ties to the Catholic church and limits on women’s reproductive health care compromise Dell Med students' training?
News Story  January 19, 2017, by Mary Tuma
"...Seton would in turn own and operate the $310 million teaching hospital slated to replace longstanding University Medical Center Brackenridge, which, since 1884, has provided care to Austinites just across 15th Street from the new center. (The 14 acres Brackenridge sits on will become a mixed-use development, likely including medical offices, housing, and a public market.)..."

Page Two: Vote Yes on Prop 1
Why the hell not?
Columns  May 19, 2016, by Louis Black
"...We were told that the MAHs were going to destroy the economy and wreck the city. By insisting on these strict standards we would destroy the real estate market..."

A Structural Problem
Family fights eviction from Georgian Acres apartment
News Story  April 14, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...Many of Woodland Heights' residents are immigrants, and are unlikely to feel confident in complaining to or about the complex's management. And Yeyn says he sees the effect of Austin's brutal rental market in his classroom: Many students come and go throughout the school year because of a lack of permanent housing...."

Follow the Money
City attempts to keep up with growing need for services
News Story  October 22, 2015, by Amy Kamp, Kahron Spearman and Mary Tuma
"...With no major changes from last cycle, the level funding doesn't match the growing need: Occupancy levels average around 98% across the city, with average rent outpacing $1,000 per month, not including utilities. While the city has about 18,500 units of subsidized rental housing, data shows there remains a shortage of some 48,000 units for residents earning $25,000 or less annually, according to 2014 city-commissioned housing market study...."

A Safe Place?
Parties, alcohol, and attitudes are contributing to a high number of sexual assaults in Austin
News Story  September 24, 2015, by Sarah Marloff
"...According to Nelson, alcohol – and drugs, but to a much lesser degree – play a large role in the attacks that get reported to law enforcement. In fact, alcohol is the most frequently used – and detected – date rape drug on the market...."

A lot of belt tightening and creative thinking make getting by with low dollars possible for AISD
News Story  September 3, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...However, there have been some tweaks in the columns. With staff retention an eternal concern in Travis County's highly competitive education job market, trustees approved a long-overdue 3% pay increase for all staff, totaling $14 million..."

Public Notice: Paralysis by Committee
STRs: One minus two proving to be a difficult concept
News Column  August 20, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...To recap: There's been mounting discontent over the current city ordinance licensing and regulating STRs passed amid considerable controversy three years ago. Critics, including city staff, say the ordinance doesn't allow them to enforce standards, or to identify unlicensed operators – which is especially problematic with the non-owner-occupied, or commercial, Type 2 units, which take housing off the market, and also generate the bulk of the code complaints..."

Collateral Damage
Assessing the cost of service for minority veterans
News Story  July 16, 2015, by Kahron Spearman
"..."That's our biggest barrier in Austin. We're at a 98% occupancy rate, so landlords can and are charging well above fair market value..."

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe
A little extra Austin food news
DAILY Food  June 26, 2015, by Virginia B. Wood
"...In keeping with our new reputation as one of the hottest dining markets in the country, Austin food is all over the national media again this month...."

Playback: Holy Mountain Closing Oct. 1
Holy Mountain falls prey to skyrocketing rents Downtown
Music Column  June 25, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Leases are time bombs in Austin's increasingly exorbitant real estate market. As the contract ticks down, rent hikes turn meteoric, and if the renter can't compensate ....."

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