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Wonderful Article on Clifford Antone
Postmarks  May 30, 2006
"...Louis, Thank you for the wonderful article on Clifford Antone [“Page Two,” May 26]. I knew him a short time, but within this time period I was thrown into a world that you've been in forever..."

Take That F***er Back: Ronnie Lane/Texas Tornados/Clifford Antone Tributes 2007
Features Story  March 2, 2017, by Greg Beets
"...Although virtually every other award winner gave a shout-out to Clifford Antone, the real tribute came at night's end, when guitarists Jimmie Vaughan, Gary Clark Jr., and Derek O'Brien joined special guest harp blower James Cotton to play the departed back home to the blues. Physical traces of Groover's Paradise are increasingly hard to come by in today's Austin, but Augie Meyers' recitation of Doug Sahm's famous exhortation, "Don't take no shit from nobody," was a clear-cut reminder that the groove lives on..."

RIP Clifford Antone
Postmarks  May 24, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Clifford Antone always wanted to play bass on one of our blues songs. We'll just have to talk to him about that when we see him again..."

Playback – Antone's New Booker: Zach Ernst
Did Clifford Antone know he was grooming his nightclub's future booker when he mentored Zach Ernst?
Music Column  November 19, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...A decade ago, Zach Ernst sat quietly in the back of a classroom at the University of Texas, watching Clifford Antone preach the blues to eager underclassmen. It was a side gig for Austin's most respected club owner, then 30 years into operating his namesake blues venue, and a logical extension of his life's work: turning people on to the blues..."

Buddy Guy to Play Antone's on Monday
Blues legend performance benefits the Clifford Antone Foundation
DAILY Music  October 21, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Buddy Guy will play Antone’s for the first time in over two decades on Monday at a special edition of Blue Monday that benefits the Clifford Antone Foundation...."

Playback: Big Henry's Grooves Antone's
Antone's new vinyl annex, Scoot Inn's new look, Jackie Venson's new late-night TV fan, and new (bad) ideas for ACL Fest signage
Music Column  September 29, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...The careful resurrection of Antone's was nearly complete:..."

Playback: Antone's Reorganizes
Antone's restructures and nears a deal on a new home Downtown
Music Column  August 7, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...More than a club, Antone's remains monument to a man whose belief in low-down, 12-bar blues and respect for the good souls from whom it poured became so contagious that the venue evolved into both a museum and incubator for the genre. Clifford Antone opened his namesake nightclub on Sixth Street in 1975 and operated it until his death in 2006..."

Playback: Robert Johnson Plays Antone’s Anniversary!
Antone’s resurrects Robert Johnson for its 42nd anniversary
Music Column  June 29, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"..."It's been keeping me up at night since last October," Zach Ernst reveals of his musical obsession, the Antone's anniversary poster. "It's something you have to put together with a lot of care and love."..."

Gary Clark Jr. on Antone’s
"It changed everything really"
DAILY Music  August 11, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"...“I’ve been running around playing all these shows, but it’s good to be back in Austin. It’s good to be talking about Antone’s and trying to keep this alive..."

Houston's Famous Po’ Boys Available at Antone's Nightclub
But you'll have to wait until Saturday, Oct. 27
DAILY Food  October 23, 2018, by Emily Beyda
"...What’s in a name? Well, if you’re downtown blues venue Antone’s Nightclub and have recently decided to go into the sandwich business, quite a lot, as it turns out...."

Playback: Inside Antone's
Christening Antone's new location, SXSW reveals, and a new documentary on old Dicks
Music Column  March 5, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...Antone's was christened with a six-pack of Lone Star beer late Tuesday night. News had broken earlier in the day that Austin's world-famous Home of the Blues had secured residence on East Fifth Street, closing a 14-month chapter of homelessness, and beginning a new one where the club returns Downtown..."

Antone’s Sold
Austin’s historic home of the blues will relocate
DAILY Music  November 14, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...On Wednesday, almost two months after local club tycoon Frank Hendrix put the club up for sale, a team of investors announced they’d acquired Antone’s. As Gin & Pentatonic and Blues Scalable, the seven-person consortium bought the brand, which doesn’t include the lease for 2015 E..."

Playback: Antone's Resurrected
The return of Antone's, Free Week, and the Austin Music Poll Ballot
Music Column  January 7, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Technically, it wasn't a "grand opening," but there was nothing "soft" about the New Year's Eve unveiling of Antone's. The comeback of Austin's brand venue, reopened Downtown after two years on mute, proved a heartfelt cause for community celebration..."

Antone’s Reopening on New Year’s Eve
Zydeco heir C.J. Chenier breaks in the stage
DAILY Music  December 29, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...In a beautifully full circle affair, Clifton’s son, C.J. Chenier, performs at Antone’s surprise soft opening this Thursday...."

Antone’s for Sale
Frank Hendrix leaving local music scene for oil speculation
DAILY Music  September 17, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...Frank Hendrix is putting Antone’s up for sale. The local club tycoon, who famously owned Emo’s and took over Antone’s in 2010, confirmed to the Chronicle this morning that he’s exiting the Austin music scene...."

Update: Antone's Partners With Frank Hendrix
The Emo's owner will handle operations at Clifford's Home of the Blues
DAILY Music  August 16, 2010, by Austin Powell
"...Mere weeks after celebrating its 35th anniversary, Antone's has partnered with Emo's owner Frank Hendrix. Contrary to my previous report, Susan Antone will remain a part owner of the venue, while Hendrix will handle daily operations and assist with booking duties...."

Point Austin: Blues for Clifford
Men are remembered not for what they had, but for what they gave
News Column  May 26, 2006, by Michael King
"..."People in Austin are spoiled to so much good music, but when it comes to the blues, there aren't that many masters left." – Clifford Antone, 2001..."

C. Denby Swanson: A play for Clifford
Austin playwright C. Denby Swanson has received a prestigious national grant to develop a play based on the life of Clifford Antone with the Zachary Scott Theatre Center
Arts Story  May 4, 2007, by Robert Faires
"...Clifford Antone spent his life around stages, but most were in clubs. The late, great blues patron likely never pictured himself on a stage in a theatre, but that's where he's headed, courtesy of C..."

Antone: Our Gift From the Coast
Postmarks  June 19, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Every good person has a Clifford Antone story. I call Clifford Antone "the gift from our Texas coast." His musical grace and independence for the blues and other good sounds secured our city for future generations..."

Playback: Uprooting Antone's
Antone's moves for the fourth time in 37 years
Music Column  January 25, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...Antone's, one of the capital's landmark live music venues, will vacate its West Fifth Street space after South by Southwest. Proprietor Frank Hendrix confirmed Monday that two Downtown hotels, a condo development, the Beauty Ballroom, and another large property on East Riverside Drive are all being considered for future locations..."

Let's Give Clifford a Statue
Postmarks  June 3, 2008
"...Dear Editor, Howdy. I've been missing Clifford's presence at Antone's more and more these days..."

Delbert's Heartfelt Tip of the Hat to Clifford
Postmarks  May 24, 2006
"...Dear Editor, Clifford Antone was the most generous and supportive mentor to all musicians. But Clifford’s first love was the blues..."

Austin Owes a Debt of Gratitude to Clifford
Postmarks  May 26, 2006
"...It is so refreshing to see that someone really does understand what the Constitution is all about and that we are not a democracy but a representative republic based on constitutional law. I just read what Louis wrote about Clifford Antone, and I have to say "Amen" [“Page Two,” May 26]..."

On Clifford's Legacy
Postmarks  June 2, 2006
"...Black, This morning, as I watched the local news over a cup of coffee, I learned of the passing of one of Austin's greatest and most defining members of the community. I did not know Clifford Antone personally..."

'Antone's: Home of the Blues'
The world premiere: Friday, March 12, Paramount Theatre
Screens Story  March 19, 2004, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Even now, 10-20-50 (!) years off its peak, Austin is considered a blues town – across the country and around the globe. And we have Clifford Antone to thank for that..."

Margaret Moser Tribute: Susan Antone
“If I could do in my lifetime half of what she’s done, I’d be a happy person”
Music Story  June 29, 2017, by Thomas Fawcett
"...This summer marks Antone's 42nd anniversary. I met Margaret sometime that first year in 1975..."

Clifford Will Be Missed
Postmarks  May 26, 2006
"...Dear Nick, Louis, Raoul, Taylor, et al., Many thanks for your wonderful tribute to Clifford Antone [Music, May 26]. I know what it took to pull this issue together at the last minute, since I was working at the Chron in 1990 when the Stevie Ray Vaughan issue was published..."

KGSR’s Blues On the Green: Antone’s All-Star Revue
PHOTO GALLERY  June 4, 2015
"...Denny Freeman performs with Antone’s All-Star Revue..."

Texas' Holy Trinity: SR Vaughan, Sahm, Antone
Postmarks  May 26, 2006
"...Dear Editor, I read in my Dallas Morning News today about the passing of Clifford Antone. As soon as I could, I came to your Web site because I remembered this is Thursday, and I just knew you would have more about him, and oh, my, have you come through [Music, May 26]..."

Clifford a Perpetual Child
Postmarks  May 30, 2006
"...Dear Editor, I have heard him referred to as "godfather,” "father of the blues,” but to me Clifford Antone was a perpetual child [Music, May 26]. He loved music the way we did as children..."

What Would Clifford Think of All This?
Postmarks  June 7, 2006
"...I wonder what Clifford would think about all of this? Your stories and coverage of Cliff's life have been amazing. You have been our friends for a very long time. I guess the Chronicle and Antone's pretty much grew up together..."

Page Two: More Stars Than There Are in Heaven
Honoring those who helped create, and now tend, the legacy of Clifford Antone
Columns  June 2, 2006, by Louis Black
"...But this column is different; it's about Clifford, yes (next week we'll get back to the Constitution), but this one is for Susan Antone...."

I Saw the Light
Clifford Antone, hardcore to the end
Music Story  May 26, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"...What's not typical on the night of May 23 are the long faces on the patrons, many in tears. There's an empty chair by Pinetop where Clifford Antone always sat..."

Page Two: Praise and Lamentation
Saying goodbye and a final thank you to Clifford Antone
Columns  May 26, 2006, by Louis Black
"...A Long Slithering Moan Snaking Through the Night: The Body, the Heart, and the Soul; the Man, the Club, and the Music. Saying goodbye and a final thank you to Clifford Antone...."

This Be an Empty World Without the Blues
Sometimes a sandwich – and its maker – is a hero
Music Story  May 26, 2006, by Bill Bentley
"...The first time I met Clifford Antone, he sold me a sandwich...."

Okie Dokie Stomp
Clifford Antone didn't invent the blues, he immortalized them
Music Story  May 26, 2006, by Joe Nick Patoski
"...Clifford Antone didn't invent the blues. Hell, he couldn't even play the blues very well, although later in life he did become a decent bassist..."

Those Magic Moments
Clifford Antone reminisces from prison on 26 years in the blues business.
Music Story  July 6, 2001, by Margaret Moser
"...Clifford Antone began serving his four-year sentence for conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana and money laundering just days before his club's 25th anniversary show last year. He's allowed some privileges, and can keep in telephone contact with Antone's record store, the nightclub, the record label, and his sister Susan..."

Maceo Parker's Cold Sweat
The sax man cometh (to Antone's)
DAILY Music  October 27, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...Of the many illustrious friendships forged between musicians and the club known as Antone’s, few have been as powerful as the one between Maceo Parker and the late Clifford Antone. This isn’t one of those remember-when-on-Sixth-Street tales; Parker’s time on the internationally famous club’s stage came when it moved to the third location on Guadalupe, the one most regard as its golden era...."

Floyd Moore R.I.P.
DAILY Music  January 29, 2008, by Margaret Moser
"...As Floyd told it, he was the leader of the Marsh Mongrels, who played an infamous battle of the bands in the 1970s at the Ritz, where he worked. The Marsh Mongrels were later mildly famous for having Clifford Antone as their bassist...."

A descendant of the father of our country in the Antone's House Band? For three decades now, believe it!
Music Story  January 14, 2016, by Sarah Brown
"...It's Dec. 31, 2015, and I've got a rare blues double-header: My regular Thursday happy hour at C-Boy's Heart & Soul with Paul Oscher – Muddy Waters' harp blower 1967-72 – followed by the New Year's Eve rebirth of Antone's Nightclub..."

Wolf Pack
Howlin' Wolf, in tribute and spirit
DAILY Music  June 1, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...The last few days found me thinking a great deal about Clifford Antone, as I tend to do around the anniversary of his death last week. I try to balance the staggering sense of loss by remembering the incredible music he brought into my life for so many years, but the emptiness still echoes...."

Texas Music Group
TMG label rises from the ashes of Watermelon and Antone's.
Music Story  September 29, 2000, by Jim Caligiuri
"...It announced the "launch" of the Texas Music Group, a new, local record label with distribution by boutique indie label Rykodisc. The announcement trumpeted a company building "on the success of Austin's two most prominent indie labels of the Nineties -- Antone's Records and Watermelon Records -- to create a new, dynamic, and multi-faceted record company." There was more...."

Chairman of the Board
Antone's Blue Monday boss Derek O'Brien keeps the music alive and blue
Music Story  April 25, 2014, by Margaret Moser
"...Call O'Brien by any number of titles: first-call guitarist in Antone's still-intact stable and leader of the brand's decades-old Blue Monday tradition (revisit "Earache!" bulletin "Blue Monday Returns," March 31); Grammy-nominated producer of Doug Sahm's The Last Real Texas Blues Band (1994) and Willie Nelson's Milk Cow Blues (2000); member of the mysterious Titty Bingo band; VIP bandleader for endless local benefits and tributes; and of course, blues Everyman...."

Dancing About Architecture
The Antone's Dance
Music Column  October 2, 1998, by Ken Lieck
"...Changes are in store for Antone's nightclub in the near future. No, the club isn't moving, changing its booking policies, or selling out to a big chain..."

City of Women
Ladies night at Antone's
DAILY Music  March 26, 2008, by Jim Caligiuri
"...When Sue Foley moved to Austin from Ottawa, Canada, in the early 1990s, she drew a tremendous amount of support from Clifford Antone. The guitar-slinging redhead went on to release several discs on Antone’s record label and literally grew up here..."

Night and Day With Maceo
Still blowin'
DAILY Music  February 19, 2008, by Thomas Fawcett
"...In advance of his Feb. 26 gig at Antone's, Bump & Hustle spoke with Parker from his home in Kinston, North Carolina about the new album and his long musical journey..."

Blue Monday Returns
Longstanding residency resumes at Midway Field House
DAILY Music  March 31, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The longest lag in a decades-long residency concluded two weeks ago at a sports bar. Antone’s enduring Blue Monday, ongoing since the early Seventies, returned after a two-month hiatus March 10..."

Eve & the Exiles in August
Hanging out with Antone’s Records co-owner Eve Monsees
DAILY Music  July 29, 2014, by William Harries Graham
"...Eve Monsees owns Antone’s Records with husband Mike Buck. A local since she was 8, the guitarist came up with Gary Clark Jr., who thanked her immediately when he won a Grammy..."

Blues Lessons with Eve Monsees
Guitarist starts at Jimmy Reed and ends up in New Orleans
DAILY Music  December 3, 2015, by William Harries Graham
"...Native Austinite Eve Monsees, 32, relishes running Antone’s Record Shop. “I used to go there when I was first starting to play..."

Dr. Lonnie Smith’s B-3 Love Affair
Getting existential with the organ’s greatest suitor
DAILY Music  September 29, 2017, by Thomas Fawcett
"...Antone’s is booking a who’s who of Hammond B-3 organists lately, including a summit last year with Ike Stubblefield plus locals Dr. James Polk, Mike Flanigin, and Red Young..."

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