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Bradley Files Again
Lawsuit-Happy Developer Sues His Own Lawyer
News Story  November 21, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...illustration by Doug Potter Gary Bradley spends more time at the courthouse than Lance Ito. While Bradley, the flamboyant developer of the about-to-be-annexed Circle C Ranch development in southwestern Travis County, has proven his skill at developing real estate, he has also shown himself to be a lawyer's dream..."

A Few Questions for a Newcomer
Got a Problem With Salamanders, Bare Feet, and One Algae Tie?
News Story  September 15, 1995
"...The most notorious MUDs are those at the Circle C Ranch, which is located above the Edwards Aquifer/Barton Springs recharge zone and also outside the city limits - meaning outside its taxing jurisdiction. You ridicule those who try to show you their Circle C files because you see this as "fight[ing] the lost war." I'll try to make this brief for you due to your aversion to hearing about the subject: Circle C was made possible through multi-million dollar subsidies from the state, county, city, Austin school district, and the federal government..."

Chamber of Avarice
Developers Costing City Its Future
News Story  July 7, 1995, by Daryl Slusher
"...The clearest example of this relationship (though far from the only one) lies over the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone at our newly sovereign southwestern neighbor, Bradleyville (aka the Circle C Ranch) outside the city limits. This notorious development constitutes one of the biggest threats to Barton Springs and the aquifer..."

The Battle for Barton Springs: A Brief Timeline
Twenty years of progress
News Story  August 3, 2012, by Michael King
"...2000: City Council approves a settlement agreement with Circle C Ranch developer Gary Bradley, decreasing planned density; enviro groups split on the settlement. A city study finds increasing levels of conductivity, sulfates, turbidity, and total organic carbon in Barton Springs water..."

An S-O-S for SOS
What will the Stratus deal mean for the Springs?
News Story  August 9, 2002, by Amy Smith
"...In fact, Circle C Ranch developer Gary Bradley, himself a former planning commissioner, pretty much pronounced the Tomorrow Plan kaput during testimony at the 1994 SOS trial initiated by northern Hays County landowners, including Bradley, who sued the city on property rights claims. With Bradley under cross-examination, the city's lawyer, Tom Watkins, asked the developer why he chose to build Circle C in such an environmentally sensitive area in Southwest Austin, when the Tomorrow Plan called for development in the north-south corridors of the city...."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
Can the new Green Council earn a mandate?
News Column  November 16, 2001, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...But the candidates with the GOP's backing, tacit or otherwise, have either been not ready for prime time, or a little bit wack, or both.Green With Envy At no point has it seemed to sink in with the GOP (or with the broader "Chamber community") that is supposedly the loyal opposition to the Green Council, that Garcia and Goodman, and even Slusher and Griffith, are real public servants with claims to hold office that go beyond their purported fetishes for birds and salamanders. Running college students, neighborhood cranks, or Sammy Allred against them is not going to work, even if they do carry Circle C Ranch...."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  March 7, 2003
"...A planned road extension through Circle C Ranch has been a done deal for more than a year, but did anyone tell Circle C residents? Apparently the Circle C Homeowners Association didn't speak for everyone when it signed off (as part of the Stratus Properties agreement approved last August) on the extension of Escarpment Boulevard to State Highway 45. Today (Thursday), City Council is scheduled to approve a $2.1 million construction contract for the extension, although Circle C residents and the SOS Alliance are seeking a postponement..."

Naked City
Bradley's Buda Dream
News Story  January 17, 2003, by Amy Smith
"...Gary Bradley's efforts to turn a swath of ranch property into the land of milk and honey are starting to show signs of fruition. Plans are underway for a massive, mixed-use development that would straddle the Travis/Hays County line near Buda..."

She's One of Us
Mike Clark-Madison Profiles New City Manager Toby Futrell
News Story  June 7, 2002, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...But Futrell's position was already established. Three months after becoming an assistant city manager, Futrell sat alongside the mayor as angry suburbanites in Circle C Ranch rushed the stage, yelling and screaming about being annexed and after an imagined slight from Garza..."

Our Little Town
Travis Heights Arrives
News Story  December 4, 1998, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...William Harwood Stacy, and later his sons Harwood and Gillespie Stacy, to create a successful uppity Southside neighborhood with Travis Heights proper. This was unquestionably the most heavily promoted neighborhood of its time, the Circle C Ranch of pre-WWII Austin, with ads in nearly every edition of the papers bearing the classic slogan: "Out of the Noise-Zone and Into the Ozone."..."

What's the Deal?
The Details in the City's Proposed Settlement With Stratus Properties Are the Fine Print in the Term Sheet.
News Story  December 1, 2000
"...Stratus has shown less interest in developing Circle C Ranch than in its other southwest properties, so they might be eager to talk about a trade here. The zoning Stratus is requesting would considerably increase the value of the property, were it to be offered in a trade for property at Robert Mueller Airport...."

Naked City
Off the Desk:
News Story  August 29, 1997
"...In a strongly worded opinion handed down Tuesday, State District Court Judge Scott McCown sided with the city in ruling a 1995 Austin-bashing bill unconstitutional. HB 3193 granted special powers and privileges to an area surrounding the Circle C Ranch development..."

Hot Buttons in Hays County
News Story  October 15, 1999, by Rob D'Amico
"...Spillar Ranch: A residential and commercial development on 1,000 acres just east of Circle C Ranch on the northern edge of the county. Backed in part by Circle C's Gary Bradley, the project would have about 700 homes, a 350-room hotel, a golf course, and other retail..."

Houston's Long Shadow
Austin-Bashing: It's Not Over Yet
News Column  April 4, 1997, by Louisa C. Brinsmade
"...Certainly, most city leaders from Houston, as well as from Austin, consider a city's right to annex its lifeblood. "What is really at stake is the economic health of our city over time," says Austin Councilmember Beverly Griffith, who recently opposed a wastewater service contract with nearby Davenport Ranch which was to be given before full annexation of the area..."

Columns  November 13, 1998
"...The campaign consisted of door-to-door flyering and the posting of bond signs. I live in precinct 304, which happens to be Circle C Ranch (Bradley Development)..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  April 11, 2003
"...At issue are agreements with Cypress Realty Inc. and MAK Foster Ranch LP, now defendants in the case..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  April 25, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...For now, San Antonio lawyer Ray Battaglia replaces Austin's Steve Roberts. The most formidable challenge in the case involves fending off the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which is trying to recover at least a portion of the more than $70 million that Bradley owes taxpayers as a result of failed loans he used to build Circle C Ranch..."

Naked City
News Story  February 22, 2002, by Lauri Apple
"...Ken Rigsbee, secretary-treasurer of the Circle C Homeowners Association, listed a number of the group's concerns in a Feb. 13 letter to the Council, as follows: Address the educational needs (i.e., schools) that would grow out of such a development; convert the proposed 800 multifamily rental units to owner-occupied residences; and outline in writing the specific development plans for the 1,200 Stratus-owned acres within Circle C Ranch..."

The Growth Word
Schoolhouse Rock and a Hard Place
News Story  December 12, 1997, by Roseana Auten
"...One of Kiker Elementary School's 22 portable buildings is used as a "satellite" gymnasium -- for tumbling, aerobic activity, and even bowling -- so that all of its 1,212 students can get in a little physical education. Located inside the swanky Circle C Ranch housing development off Slaughter Lane in Southwest Austin, Kiker was only built for 675 students, but has been over-enrolled since it opened in 1992 -- a situation that, as rumor had it, prompted a cabal of parents to lobby for "Circle C residents only" status for the school a few years ago..."

The Road to 10-1 ... Is Getting Crowded [Updated May 12]
As May money season opens, candidates blossom
News Story  May 2, 2014, by Michael King
"...District 6 sprawls from Brushy Creek near Round Rock and Cedar Park in the north, southward through Anderson Mill and the surrounding commercial areas, all the way down a corridor to Bee Caves Road (FM 2244) and around Steiner Ranch along the Colorado. But it is effectively a far-Northwest district, relatively wealthy, heavily Anglo, although with sizable percentages of Hispanics and Asians (15-16% each)...."

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