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Bell Rings for Kinky in Agriculture Race
Former Dem governor hopeful endorses man that helped him lose in '06
DAILY News  May 7, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...What the hell has Chris Bell been smoking? The former Democratic US congressman has apparently endorsed Kinky Friedman in his party's primary run off for agriculture commissioner...."

Backstage With Bell
Chris Bell knew the TV debate was his one shot, so he tried to hit it out of the park
News Story  October 27, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Chris Bell knew the Oct. 6 gubernatorial debate would determine the course his campaign would take in the final stretch before Election Day..."

Bell Blasts Perry for Underfunded Parks
Crisis predates current administration, but Dem says guv could have prodded Lege
News Story  August 4, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...The financially strapped park suffers from the same parental neglect as every other state-owned park across Texas, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell has made the park-funding crisis a key component of his "Healthy Texas" environmental plank. Bell sought to highlight Gov..."

Attacks 'AC's Endorsement of Bell
Postmarks  October 24, 2006
"...Dear Editor, In endorsing Chris Bell [“Endorsements,” Oct. 20], the Chronicle staff apparently overlooked Bell’s very conservative stands on several important issues..."

Bell Pushes Ethics Reform
Chris Bell lays out his Don't Mess With Ethics campaign
News Story  October 21, 2005, by Amy Smith
"...In Texas, trying to rally public enthusiasm for ethics reform can be as challenging as running for governor as a Democrat, but Chris Bell is making the effort on both fronts, nonetheless. Last week, Bell laid out a "Don't Mess With Ethics" proposal that he intends to make a hallmark of his platform to clean up government corruption..."

Bell Files for SD-17
Former U.S. Congressman to run in Galveston State Senate seat
DAILY News  July 21, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...In "I thought you'd already filed" news: Chris Bell has become the first Democrat to throw his hat in the ring to replace the retiring Sen. Kyle Janek, R-Galveston, in Senate District 17...."

Bell Best Shot at Getting Rid of Perry
Postmarks  October 23, 2006
"...Dear Chronicle, I was happy to see that you endorsed Chris Bell and are telling it like it is about Kinky Friedman [“Endorsements,” Oct. 20]..."

Bell files ethics complaint
DAILY News  November 2, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Democrat Chris Bell said today he has filed an ethics complaint against Health and Human Services chief Albert Hawkins, charging that the commissioner violated the state's ban on conflicts of interest by also serving as a trustee of the Texas Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that has reaped contract work and grant money from his agency. The Statesman reported last week that Hawkins failed to provide this information in his personal financial disclosure statements filed with the Texas Ethics Commission..."

Bell and Gammage on the Issues
News Story  February 10, 2006
"...Democratic gubernatorial candidates Chris Bell and Bob Gammage are more at odds with Gov. Rick Perry than with each other..."

Chris Bonno
A former Funniest Person in Austin on the comedy life in Los Angeles
Arts Story  June 19, 2009, by Robert Faires
"...Such was the case with 1990's FPIA, Chris Bonno. Shortly after, the local stand-up stalwart, who also performed with Esther's Follies and the Laff Staff improv troupe, packed his punch lines and left for the Left Coast, where he's done a little of everything: sketch comedy (Mondo Garage Sale), improv (the Fugitives), old radio plays (Fake Radio Players), Internet videos (, TV and film acting (Mad About You, Just Shoot Me!), voiceovers (Red Bull), book illustration (The Book of Lost Quotes), studio audience warm-ups (Saved by the Bell), and Foley work (Independence Day)..."

"Chris Guarino: From the Unknown"
The haunting array of sculptural mutants displayed at Art on 5th are at once foreign and familiar, frightening and comical
Arts Review  June 16, 2016, by H.C. Arnold
"...The head of We Are Ephemeral uses both an animal skull and a human face. Encased in a bell jar, it can swivel..."

The Rise of the Invisible Man
Can longshot Democrat Chris Bell ring up a miracle?
News Story  October 27, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...When Chris Bell kicked off his bid for governor on a sleepy August day in 2005, the little-known Democrat had just $11,000 in his cash box – about enough to set up a Web site and print some push cards to hand out at campaign events...."

Naked City
Democrat declares candidacy for governor courts 'the new mainstream'
News Story  August 19, 2005, by Michael King
"...Rep. Chris Bell, D-Houston, formally declared his candidacy for governor..."

Grandma's gone missing again...
DAILY News  November 1, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...Now this is some funny shit, from the Chris Bell campaign: Background: in 1990, as co-chair of the Clayton Williams campaign, Carole Strayhorn staged an "Ann Watch" outside the State Treasury, wanting to make sure that Richards was putting in her time as State Treasurer. AWR (Ann Willis Richards) Women and Men for Bell will monitor the Comptroller's Office to make sure Strayhorn is now doing her job..."

Election-Related Events: Updated
DAILY News  November 3, 2006, by Lee Nichols
"...4 at 7pm Where: The Victory Grill, 1104 E. 11th Who: Cyril Neville & Tribe 13, Omerta Ignored, and the Blues Specialists; Democratic candidates including gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell How much: Free, but BYOB (More events behind the "continue reading" link)..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  October 27, 2006
"...Anyway, I'm glad she got away with it. I hope it's the beginning of a rebellion...."

Let Him Have It
London, 1941. The Blitz is on, and buried in the rubble of a toppled house lies 12-year-old Derek Bentley, his skull fractured, his fragile frame racked by a sudden, uncontrollable...
Film Review  April 10, 1992, by Marc Savlov
"...Directed by: Peter Medak. Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Paul Reynolds, Tom Bell and Eileen Atkins..."

Staking Out the Senate
A few Dem wins could temper the Republican majority's agenda
News Story  October 17, 2008, by Richard Whittaker
"...Chris Harris, the ranking Senate Republican, with no money. But three seats are in the Democrats' sights: Senate District 17Chris Bell (D), Stephanie E..."

She's Her Own Grandma
Carole Keeton Strayhorn – what a long strange trip it's been
News Story  July 28, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Her prime target in this five-way contest is Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who, despite voter-approval ratings that range from low to mediocre, is at this writing well ahead of Strayhorn and three other rivals – Democrat Chris Bell, independent Kinky Friedman, and Libertarian James Werner..."

Gubernatorial Booty
How our candidates for governor are spending their dough
News Story  August 25, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...That's a tall order from an independent candidate running against three major conventionals -- Republican Gov. Rick Perry, Democrat Chris Bell, and "D"-turned-"R"-turned-indie Carole Keeton Strayhorn..."

Election 2006
Chris Bell goes on a snipe hunt, and other campaign news
News Story  September 15, 2006
"...Doves Safe From Bullseye Bell Standing in a West Texas field of sunflowers and wild daisies, Chris Bell raised his shotgun, fixed the crosshairs on a dove winging across the evening sky, and squeezed the trigger. Whoops! "I'm the anti-Dick Cheney," Bell quipped after realizing the shotgun he had borrowed from hunting guide Tony Timmons was locked in the safety position..."

Election 2006
The latest dispatches from the campaign trail
News Story  September 8, 2006
"...Both Perry and Strayhorn have raised the kind of money it takes (about $1 million a week) to make hefty TV buys between the traditional kickoff – the day after Labor Day – and the election. Democrat Chris Bell ran a TV ad for a limited time in July, while Kinky Friedman bought some airtime in December..."

The Posse Convenes
In Houston, Texas Democrats unite behind one cause: dumping Bush
News Column  June 25, 2004, by Michael King
"...John Edwards and Rep. Dennis Kucinich, as well as Houston Congressman Chris Bell...."

Election 2006
One last stop on the campaign trail before Election Day
News Story  November 3, 2006
"...Track the latest developments from now until the ballots are all counted at our 2006 Election Blog: Governor Candidates Dash for Cash, Votes Down the Stretch The governor's race is now a three-way tit-for-tat scrimmage fought on the airwaves, with Rick Perry fending off attack ads with musical jingles, and Chris Bell and Carole Keeton Strayhorn pummeling Perry with accusations of corruption and "trash." Strayhorn bops Perry and Bell in one spot with "Party Animals," to show that she's above all the partisan fussin' and fightin'. Uh-huh..."

Big Stars in Your Eyes
A Q&A with Big Star documentarian Drew DeNicola
DAILY Screens  July 18, 2013, by Scott Schinder
"...AC: Alex Chilton and Chris Bell are both surrounded by a great deal of mystique and myth-making. How did the fact both are no longer around influence the way you told their stories in the film?..."

The 'Chronicle' Endorsements
Our picks for the Nov. 7 election
News Story  October 20, 2006
"...We encourage Austinites to turn out for Ankrum and make DeLay's "safe Republican district" explode in the GOP's face.Governor: Chris Bell Democrat Chris Bell deserves decisive support at the polls. He offers the best hope actually to improve state government and to restore the political balance nearly destroyed by years of Republican rapacity and Democratic lethargy..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  July 21, 2006
"...• The latest gubernatorial campaign-finance filings show incumbent Rick Perry still with a comfortable lead, Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn running hard, and Democrat Chris Bell finally accumulating some green firepower. For more detail, see "Beyond City Limits," below...."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  February 24, 2006
"...1, even if just 36% of voters say they would vote for him. That's the word from a recent Dallas Morning News poll that also gives Chris Bell the nod for the Democratic nomination, with 28% of likely Dem primary voters favoring him over Bob Gammage, who took 12% in the poll..."

Who Are These Guys?
Dem primary candidates try to strike a campaign flame
News Story  February 10, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...But with less than a month before the March 7 primary election, the two main contenders for the Democratic nomination – Chris Bell and Bob Gammage, both former U.S. congressmen – say they are undaunted by the party's skeptics who insist that one of their own can't possibly win a statewide post in Texas, much less the governor's seat, in 2006..."

At Least We're Not Kansas
New blog draws Chris Bell into election debate
DAILY News  November 29, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...Meant as part postmortem on the party's flagging statewide fortunes, and part bitch session, the blog has already accumulated some big readers. Like Chris Bell..."

Naked City
Headlines and Happenings from Austin and Beyond
News Story  March 24, 2006
"...• And then there's the issue of teachers' salaries. Two gubernatorial hopefuls – Democrat Chris Bell and state comptroller and GOP-turned-indie Carole Keeton Strayhorn – urged Perry in separate press conferences Monday to include across-the-board teacher pay raises in next month's special session..."

Here Comes the Guv
Kinky Friedman lights up his campaign
News Story  February 17, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...First and foremost, however, Friedman must overcome a restrictive state election law that requires him to secure, within a maximum of 60 days, commencing March 8, the day after the primary elections (or perhaps just 30 days, in the event of a run-off in the primary race between Democratic hopefuls Chris Bell and Bob Gammage), the valid, notarized signatures of 45,539 registered Texas voters (1% of the votes for governor in the 2002 general election), none of whom may have voted in either political party's March primary (and none of whom should have signed a petition in support of competing independent Carole Keeton Strayhorn), in order to secure a spot as an independent candidate on the general election ballot...."

Third World Cop
In all likelihood, few of us would be able to name any Jamaican movie other than Perry Henzell and Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come. And that movie dates back...
Film Review  July 14, 2000, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Directed by: Chris Browne. Starring: Paul Campbell, Mark Danvers, Winston “Bello” Bell, Audrey Reid, Carl Bradshaw, Lenford Salmon and Desmond Ballentine..."

Election 2006: Key Texas Races
Key Texas election returns
News Story  November 10, 2006, by Amy Smith and Jordan Smith
"...Given that the majority of Texas voters wanted someone other than Perry in the state's top spot, the governor's campaign staff may have strategically staked out the room with the tightest squeeze in which to celebrate the boss' underwhelming yet unmistakable win. Perry beat his lead challenger, Democrat Chris Bell, by about nine percentage points...."

Perry Inc. Responds to Suit With Characteristic Smirk
Just another day at the governor's office: questionable campaign contributions
News Story  November 23, 2007, by Richard Whittaker
"...Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell is suing Gov. Rick Perry's political action committee, Texans for Rick Perry, and the Republican Governors Association for violating state campaign finance laws during the November 2006 election..."

Election 2006: All Their Base Are Belong to Us
Crunching the numbers on the November 2006 election
News Story  November 17, 2006, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...GOVERNOR CandidateESWNWCENTNSETOTAL Bell (D)54.838.038.858.339.354.445.1% Perry (R)15.933.234.813.532.113.226.4% Strayhorn (I)17.014.712.79.515.715.613.7% Friedman (I)11.313.012.417.511.615.613.5% Werner (L)1.0% U.S. SENATE CandidateESWNWCENTNSETOTAL Radnofsky (D)67.544.244.069.445.568.653.2% Hutchison (R)28.851.952.626.250.426.542.8% Jameson (L) Hutchison>Perry12.818.817.812.718.313.316.4% Radnofsky>Bell12."

Democratic and Republican Primaries, March 7
News Story  February 24, 2006
"...While Foreman – who also served during Vietnam – seems to be a great guy, we don't share his confidence that a poet and "former Berkeley radical" can reach the rural voters, even if he does have small-town Texas roots. We support Ankrum as the best of four progressive candidates who care deeply about America and its current direction. Governor: Chris Bell..."

Political Realist
An Interview With Ben Barnes
News Story  July 7, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Today, Barnes remains a visible force in politics, both as a Washington lobbyist and Democratic fundraiser. (This election year, Barnes is putting his money on Carole Keeton Strayhorn, a Republican-turned independent candidate for governor, instead of Democratic nominee Chris Bell.) A consummate insider who knows how to spin a good yarn, Barnes is currently on the book-tour circuit with his latest work – Barn Burning, Barn Building, a Texas tale of the rise and fall of the Democratic Party...."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  June 2, 2006
"...According to a declaration filed by FEMA during a May 25 hearing in U.S. District Court in Houston – the product of a class-action suit filed May 19 by a group of attorneys on behalf of six named evacuee plaintiffs – the agency has approved an extension through at least June 30 for all evacuees still receiving public aid in Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Grand Prairie, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio, Texarkana, and Bell County..."

SXSW Interviews
Death: Detroit's reunited proto-punks riff on the Motown connection; Big Star: Still shining brightly after 40 years
Music Story  March 19, 2010
"...That's how musician/producer Jody Stephens, a founding member of the seminal Memphis-based power-pop band Big Star, recalls the early days. The year was 1971, and the 17-year-old drummer had been invited to play with Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, and Andy Hummel at Ardent, where the band recorded its first three albums...."

The 'Chronicle' Endorsements
Our picks for the Nov. 7 election
News Story  November 3, 2006
"...We encourage Austinites to turn out for Ankrum and make DeLay's "safe Republican district" explode in the GOP's face.Governor: Chris Bell Democrat Chris Bell deserves decisive support at the polls. He offers the best hope actually to improve state government and to restore the political balance nearly destroyed by years of Republican rapacity and Democratic lethargy..."

The 'Chronicle' Endorsements
Our picks for the Nov. 7 election
News Story  October 27, 2006
"...We encourage Austinites to turn out for Ankrum and make DeLay's "safe Republican district" explode in the GOP's face.Governor: Chris Bell Democrat Chris Bell deserves decisive support at the polls. He offers the best hope actually to improve state government and to restore the political balance nearly destroyed by years of Republican rapacity and Democratic lethargy..."

IAF: The Promised Land Visits the Hilton
Preachers quiz the gubernatorial candidates – and ban them from preaching
News Story  September 15, 2006, by Michael King
"...Whatever the reason for Friedman's withdrawal, that left the IAF field to Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Democrat Chris Bell, who respectively appeared on Friday and Saturday morning. (Libertarian candidate James Werner was not invited.) The conference itself, of about 600 IAF Org members, was primarily devoted to workshops and networking on the organization's major legislative issues, ranging from education to tax reform..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  July 28, 2006
"...• Democrat Chris Bell last week rolled out a four-part environmental platform that would, among other things, dismantle some Austin-bashing state laws that give developers the edge in challenging local water-quality and land-use regulations. The enviro plank would also elevate the role of local community leaders in decisions ranging from urban sprawl to inner-city neighborhood planning..."

Naked City
Headlines and Happenings from Austin and Beyond
News Story  June 23, 2006
"...• Speaking of the governor's race, in the final leg of his "Strayhorn Reality Tour," Democrat Chris Bell chided Strayhorn in Austin Tuesday, citing her history of shifting positions on major political issues, from toll roads to privatization of children's health services. "Carole Strayhorn can change her name, and she can change her positions, but she can't change history," Bell said..."

Gammage Stumps Austin for Dem GUV Nomination
Gubernatorial hopeful fends off attacks from fellow donkey Bell
News Story  January 20, 2006, by Amy Smith
"...Thirty minutes into the press conference, however, Gammage was forced to defend his own record in response to charges from Democratic opponent Chris Bell concerning his votes on abortion. Specifically, Bell and a dozen prominent pro-choice women took issue with a series of congressional votes in which Gammage opposed federally funded abortions for low-income women..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  November 18, 2005
"...21 and Oct. 31, while Democratic candidate Chris Bell dropped from 27% to 25%, and indie Kinky Friedman picked up steam with 21%, up from 18%..."

Mapping 'Political Apartheid'
The new map gives DeLay more R's, but perhaps fewer than he wanted.
News Story  July 11, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...(By the next census, Dist. 10 will surely be majority-minority and perhaps majority-Hispanic.) DeLay's pique that white reps -- Lloyd Doggett, Chris Bell, Gene Green, and Martin Frost, the Four Horsemen of his Apocalypse -- represent nonwhite districts would better be addressed in therapy, not in the Legislature...."

DeLay: Ethics, Shmethics
The Bug Man gets a helping hand from the GOP caucus, ethics committee
News Story  November 26, 2004, by Michael King
"...A couple of days later, the House ethics committee issued a reproving letter to Rep. Chris Bell, D-Houston, whose complaint against DeLay earlier this year resulted in two formal admonitions of the Sugar Land Hammer..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  December 23, 2005
"...… He's done the best he could, but his best is not good enough for Texas." Strayhorn is also running for governor, along with independent singer/songwriter Kinky Friedman, but it's uncertain if she'll run as a Republican or an independent. Democratic hopefuls include Felix Alvarado, Chris Bell, and Bob Gammage..."

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