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'The Last Supper'
Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: 30 Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas: an excerpt
Screens Story  February 26, 2010, by Alison Macor
"...From the book Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: 30 Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas by Alison Macor. Copyright 2010 by Alison Macor..."

Moving Pictures
Alison Macor charts 30 years of Austin history, one film at a time
Screens Story  February 26, 2010, by Kimberley Jones
"..."I'd been covering the Austin film scene at that point for about six years or so," Macor said, "and I just thought, 'Well, is there a story here that I want to write?'" That was 2001. Nine years later, on the eve of the publication of Macor's Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: 30 Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas (UT Press), the answer, it seems, is a qualified yes..."

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Once upon a time (back in 1995), this movie was titled The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it starred a couple of “unknown” actors named Renee Zellweger and...
Film Review  October 17, 1997, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Once upon a time (back in 1995), this movie was titled The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it starred a couple of “unknown” actors named Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey. The Austin-lensed film played a few festival dates (SXSW among them) and it was eventually picked up for distribution but then… well, it's a blurry story of delays and complications, which over the years have become so tangled that chainsaws themselves could not cut a clear swath through the overgrowth..."

Alison Macor Tells the Tale of Austin’s Greatest Rewrite Man
New book delves into the career of Top Gun script doctor Warren Skaaren
Screens Story  June 1, 2017, by Sean L. Malin
"...For her 2010 book, Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids: Thirty Years of Filmmaking in Austin, Texas, Macor interviewed virtually every industry luminary (Hooper, Linklater, Rodriguez) who lived or worked in the area. The complex web of collaborations she ultimately wove together, which won her the 2011 Peter C..."

Halloween: Resurrection
Rushing out the latest in this perrenial fall franchise during the sweat-soaked dog days of summer makes about as much sense as releasing Friday the 13th: The Spurting on Arbor...

Film Review  July 19, 2002, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Daisy McCrackin, Sean Patrick Thomas, Bianca Kajlich, Busta Rhymes, Brad Loree and Jamie Lee Curtis. Rushing out the latest in this perrenial fall franchise during the sweat-soaked dog days of summer makes about as much sense as releasing Friday the 13th: The Spurting on Arbor Day (Finally! Putting those chainsaws to good use!), but as even the most die-hard gorehounds must realize by now, the Halloween series ceased making sense years ago..."

Very Bad Things
Chicago Hope's Peter Berg hangs up his scrubs in favor of the director's chair and ends up with more blood on his hands than a whole season's worth of television...

Film Review  November 27, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Unfortunately, before they can get their act together, hotel security drops by and leaves them, eventually, with another corpse. After a vaguely disturbing scene in which the boys load up on such high-desert incidentals as chainsaws, shovels, and gore-proof slickers, the deed is done and they return home to a life forever changed..."

Urban Legend
What hath Kevin Williamson wrought? Not this sad excuse for a horror film, thankfully, but the lineage of the recently reanimated slasher genre can indeed be traced right on back...
Film Review  October 2, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Still, like Victor Frankenstein, his intentions were good, though the marketing juggernaut he's created is beginning to bear bitter fruit. Like chainsaws and Karo syrup, it comes, I suspect, with the terror-itory (as does Brad Dourif, whose brief cameo here is far more interesting than it should be)..."

The True Story of the Somewhat Lost Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Matthew McConaughey and Renée Zellweger star in this largely forgotten sequel
Screens Story  December 20, 2018, by Marc Savlov
"...For all its budgetary constraints, unjustly excised sequences, and perceived failings at the time of its non-release (which have, in the fullness of time and, morphed into an all-too-believable, "whodathunkit" sort of prescience) Kim Henkel's Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation can finally take its rightful place in the Cut-Rite Chainsaws pantheon...."

Utopia Fest Announces New Location and Lineup
Music festival lands in Burnet County
DAILY Music  April 16, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Soon, the pair brought out reinforcements – chainsaws, riding mowers, skid-steer loaders – and cleared out acre upon acre of tall grass, cedar, and lifeless oaks that had been casualties of drought...."

Halloween Is Serious Business
Behind the gates at Scream Hollow and the House of Torment
DAILY Arts  October 31, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Yet while Glenn is as happy to see parents drop their kids and hang out as he is to see them go through the haunt, it's still the scares that matter the most, and so the location is as much a source of unease as any single shock. That's why Glenn picked an old wooded ranch, close enough to the highway for an easy drive but remote enough that the sound of chainsaws has a different resonance..."

Future Imperfect: Our Favorite Dystopian Films
VOTE: Deadly roller derby, sad clones, and a Road Warrior duke it out
DAILY Screens  September 28, 2017, by Kimberley Jones
"...The most dystopian thing about Rollerball is that in the “not too distant future” the best public entertainment/bloodsport we could come up with is roller derby. No slam on roller derby, but this is America, goddamn it, and if we are going to do bloodsport it should involve monster trucks, dirt bikes, chainsaws, and piles of trashcan meth..."

Public Notice: Ten Things
A CodeNEXT primer, and happy Earth Day
News Column  April 20, 2017, by Nick Barbaro
"...Fortunately, on April 22-24 we celebrate a sales tax holiday for emergency preparation supplies: Buy as many batteries, hurricane shutters, emergency ladders, and portable generators as you need, and pay no sales tax at all. Sorry, car batteries, chainsaws, plywood, and camping supplies don't qualify..."

Soccer Watch
Sports Column  December 10, 2015, by Nick Barbaro
"...Chainsaws and redwood logs were banned from the Columbus Crew soccer stadium on Sunday, but the Portland Timbers won the MLS Cup anyway, beating Columbus 2-1: their first title, and the first title for any of the three "Cascadia Cup" teams from the Pacific Northwest. A well-deserved win for a well-managed team...."

Top 10 Video Games
From impossible geometry to glitching goats, it's our favorite games of the year
Screens Story  December 31, 2014, by James Renovitch
"...9) Bayonetta 2/Sunset Overdrive (Platinum Games/Insomniac Games) While many big-budget games strive for realism, two titles went over-the-top to make players feel like badasses. Whether it was grinding on a wire to gun down foes or strapping chainsaws to your shoes to level a demon, there was always a sense of pure (if somewhat guilty) joy...."

DVDanger: Every Day Is Halloween
See No Evil 2, The Houses October Built, and LFO
DAILY Screens  November 4, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...It starts after their first haunted house, where they manage to piss off one of the haunters so badly that they're chased off the property. At this point, they're so annoying that you really hope that one of those chainsaws (a common tool to scare people out of haunts when their time is up) is real...."

Cowboys vs. Hippies: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Subtext
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre reflects Austin's culture in 1974
Screens Story  October 2, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...We'd used Headcheese and Leatherface, but these were clearly working titles. We were tossing things around, Texas and chainsaws and that sort of thing, and he came up with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre...."

Faster, Pussycat! 'GLIFF! 'GLIFF!
A busy Polari mentors young queer filmmakers and preps for aGLIFF
DAILY Qmmunity  August 6, 2014, by Sarah Mortimer
"...The night's special highlight is professional ice sculptor TJ Maclaskey, who will be carving a life-size Revival Motorcycle during the event. Let the chainsaws roar!..."

Roller Derby Update 1/22/14
From recruiting wranglers to world cups, start filling your schedule
DAILY Sports  January 22, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...101B) All ages, sizes and genders welcome. Miniskirts and chainsaws not provided...."

'Nothing Is Done Alone' Extended Interview
The TxCC and their role in Bastrop's recovery after the fires
DAILY Chronolog  December 2, 2013, by Kate X Messer
"...CS: American Youth Works, for a long time, has played very minor roles in disasters, primarily in Texas. But when Katrina and Rita happened, we would send crews with chainsaws..."

ACL Interview: True Believers (Part I)
Reunited with blood fury and dedicated to Brent Grulke
DAILY Music  October 10, 2013, by William Harries Graham
"...I couldn’t believe that was my dad, Jon Dee Graham, up onstage playing with such powerful fury alongside Javier and Alejandro Escovdeo – a rock & roll wall of three guitars on fire. As KUTX’s Kevin Connor said, “They’re playing chainsaws.” The show was capped with an explosion of blood as Rey Washam’s thumbs both burst open thrashing his drums..."

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