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Is Knowledge Power?
A profile of precarious global intelligence firm Stratfor
News Story  September 14, 2001, by Michael Erard
"...A Toll Booth on the Information Superhighway? As an "open source intelligence provider," Stratfor could exploit unclassified Internet information better than even the Central Intelligence Agency (which was undergoing its own post-Cold War identity crisis). But was it a consulting business? A publishing company? Another Web content provider? In the multibillion-dollar business intelligence market, would it succeed? The answers weren't clear..."

Capitol Chronicle
Would David Dewhurst really know a terrorist if he saw one?
News Column  November 16, 2001, by Michael King
"...When Gov. Rick Perry appointed Dewhurst to head the task force, he cited the commissioner's experience as an Air Force officer and in "intelligence" -- referring obliquely to Dewhurst's stint as a Central Intelligence Agency case officer in Bolivia, from 1970-73..."

Mutual Interests
Military might makes investments right for teachers and state employees in Texas.
News Story  December 19, 2003, by Lucius Lomax
"...Patent and Trademark Office; November 2002, $10.8 million, Department of Homeland Security; November 2002, $166.9 million, Navy; January 2003, $123 million, Navy. (Contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency are not usually divulged.) Two complaints by Veridian's competitors, presumably for unfair trade practices, were overruled last year by the U.S..."

UT Students Sell the CIA
Controversial biz-school course offers 'real-world' marketing for spy shop
News Story  October 8, 2004, by Rachel Proctor May
"...The Central Intelligence Agency wants to do a better job of educating students about the exciting career opportunities it has to offer. "The CIA wants to change its image," said Grant Jones, a University of Texas finance major..."

Weird, Spooky, and Rich
David Dewhurst runs against everybody but money.
News Story  October 18, 2002, by Robert Bryce
"...Who Is This Guy? The 57-year-old Dewhurst was born and raised in Houston, attended the University of Arizona, then enlisted in the Air Force. In 1971 Dewhurst went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency in Bolivia, where he was assigned, he says, to "monitor certain terrorist and other foreign targets." Dewhurst trades on and revels in his image as a former cloak-and-dagger operative for the CIA during a time when the Bolivian government was in crisis -- and he simultaneously deflects all questions about the substance of his work there..."

The Last Don
Bob Bullock: The Crusty Boss of Texas Politics
News Story  January 31, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...His former staffers seem omnipresent, many directing state agencies or wielding influence as lobbyists, lawyers, and consultants. It's a network that Dave McNeely of the Austin American-Statesman says "gives Bullock an information system to rival the Central Intelligence Agency."..."

Letters at 3AM: The Sixth War
America is engaged in hostilities on six fronts
Columns  July 15, 2011, by Michael Ventura
"...Fourth war: "The Central Intelligence Agency is building a secret air base in the Middle East to serve as a launching pad for strikes in Yemen using armed drones" (The New York Times, June 15, p.A12). Fifth war: "U.S..."

UT Class Spikes CIA Project
Concerns over 'human subjects' research lead to end of marketing effort
News Story  October 15, 2004, by Rachel Proctor May
"...An independent study project in which students conducted marketing research in University of Texas classrooms for use by the Central Intelligence Agency has been stopped after concerns were raised about whether the project runs afoul of UT research regulations...."

Naked City
News Story  July 18, 2003, by Michael King
"...The Bush administration continues to deny that the president ("the intelligence I get is darn good intelligence") misled the country when he described a nonexistent Saddam Hussein WMD uranium-procurement program in his State of the Union address. That is, they say it was Central Intelligence Agency head George Tenet who approved that sentence..."

Letters at 3AM: About 18 a Day
About 18 U.S. veterans commit suicide on an average day
Columns  July 1, 2011, by Michael Ventura
"...Obama was told explicitly that Pakistan wanted no part of it. Two months before his "surge" speech, "the head of Pakistan's chief spy agency ....."

Letters at 3AM: Critical to the Success
Pakistani public opinion runs strongly against the United States, even though our president insists we're partners fighting a common enemy
Columns  January 15, 2010, by Michael Ventura
"..."The past" he referred to looks awfully like the present. "The head of Pakistan's chief spy agency ....."

Freeport's Motherlode
The Feds Undress Jim Bob
News Story  November 10, 1995
"...Well, either Jim Bob is full of cyanide or he wasn't completely forthcoming about the pollution caused by his company's operation. In any event, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the federal agency which provides insurance and financing to American companies doing business overseas, has cancelled a $100 million political risk insurance policy which covered Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.'s huge mining operation. (Freeport-McMoRan is the parent company of Freeport Copper & Gold. According to the company's 1994 annual report, it owns 68% of the subsidiary, and Moffett is the chairman of the board of the subsidiary.)..."

The Self-Flagellation of David Dewhurst
New campaign spot from lite guv hammers on baby boomers
DAILY News  March 26, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...And why does Dewhurst the Younger concentrate on his father's service career? Why not talk about his own illustrious time in the Central Intelligence Agency? Wait, you didn't know about that? His job as a CIA case officer in Bolivia? Back in 2001, Michael King tried to ask Dewhurst about his involvement in that nation's particularly bloody 1971 CIA-backed coup, and whether he had ever met CIA asset and wanted Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, known as the "Butcher of Lyons." Dewhurst declined to comment about his time in the Tropics, instead replying that "I never comment on intelligence matters." Seems that applies to his campaign spots too...."

War Made Easy
New echoes of Vietnam: 'Withdrawal would cripple U.S. credibility'
News Story  July 15, 2005, by Norman Solomon
"...entanglement, identifying him as "a Shiite close to the CIA." The contradiction did not seem to trouble American media outlets, though they sometimes openly fretted that Iraqis might not be so accepting. Allawi "is the secretary general of the Iraqi National Accord, an exile group that has received funds from the Central Intelligence Agency," The New York Times reported..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  December 31, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...10 at his home near Sacramento, apparently by suicide. In a 1996 series, "Dark Alliance," written for the San Jose Mercury News, Webb described the alliance of convenience during the Eighties between Central American cocaine traffickers, who were transporting drugs for sale in Los Angeles, and the Central Intelligence Agency, which turned a blind eye to the drug trade as long as a large share of the money was returning to the counterrevolutionary war effort against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua..."

Letters at 3AM: A Big Picture and a Long Game
A U.S. military powered by biofuels could be a game-changer that ends the oil wars
Columns  October 19, 2012, by Michael Ventura
"...But something is true today that has not been true for most of those seven decades. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (, China is the No..."

Letters at 3am
If one is to vote for McCain-Palin, what, precisely, would one be voting for?
Columns  September 12, 2008, by Michael Ventura
"...McCain has spoken forcefully against torture, and, as we know, he was severely tortured for five years. Yet he voted against a bill to "curtail the Central Intelligence Agency's use of harsh interrogation tactics" (The New York Times, Feb..."

In Person
Books Story  July 18, 1997
"...Her quest for the truth has become an ongoing life mission. On Saturday, July 19, 7pm, Harbury will speak at BookPeople, present and sign her new book, and discuss continued efforts to learn the full truth about Everardo's fate, and the roles played by the Central Intelligence Agency and other U.S..."

Scooter Finally Goes to Press
And This Is Just the A's
News Story  November 17, 1995
"...* Two sources have confirmed that James Woolsey, the man who headed the Central Intelligence Agency whilst Aldrich Ames was giving the Russians some of America's most sensitive secrets, is indeed representing Freeport-McMoRan in their arbitration case with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. So, Freeport has an inept spy representing them..."

Letters at 3AM: An Extraordinary Silence
Oddly, American progressives don't protest Obama's war in Pakistan
Columns  August 12, 2011, by Michael Ventura
"...Set that beside this: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation has suspended work on parts of its huge computer overhaul, dealing the agency the latest costly setback in a decade-long effort to develop a modernized information system to combat crime and terrorism. ....."

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