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Chris Cubas: King for a Month
How comedian Chris Cubas talked his way into being one of the wealthiest people in Austin – temporarily
Arts Story  October 20, 2016, by Carina Magyar
"...On the bus ride to the pitch meeting – this time an L.A. bus, so even slower and dicier than Cap Metro – the idea to do a fish-out-of-water documentary on income inequality struck him like lightning when he saw a Bentley pull up next to the bus...."

A Bicycle Built for Tunes
Steve Parker creates a music-making bike with Lo Fi Cycle
DAILY Arts  October 7, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...And Sat., Nov 5, 8pm, it's audio artist and sound designer Alex Keller. All concerts will be on the lawn between the intersection of South First Street at Riverside and the Cap Metro bus stop...."

District 10: Gallo vs. the World
Oft-criticized incumbent has three candidates vying for her seat
News Story  August 25, 2016, by Annamarya Scaccia
"...Nicholas Virden, a recent UT-Aus­tin alum and lifelong District 10 resident, said he's focused on mobility, affordability, and technology. Particularly, Virden is calling for more competition in bus systems that will allow for private companies to operate and fill mobility gaps, "instead of Cap Metro having a monopoly." "I used to ride the bus every day when I went to UT," said Virden, whose political résumé includes an internship at the Texas Capitol..."

Pedestrian Safety
Postmarks  June 15, 2016
"...I still buy bright-colored (red, green, etc.) clothing and shoes to help me from being run over, especially being a bus rider. There will be new Austin public housing on Ben White at the Villages apartments. Currently HACA is negotiating with Cap Metro to get buses to go through the senior, disabled, and family complex like it does for RBJ Senior Center on the river..."

Spitting Into Fires
Mayor Adler rolls out bond proposal on tight deadline
News Story  May 26, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...Adler said that he knows that people will only choose to ride the bus if it's getting them where they need to go more quickly than by car. The queue jump would give Cap Metro buses a green light before cars stopped at the same light..."

Filling the Gap
In the wake of Uber and Lyft's exit, drivers and riders look for alternatives
News Story  May 12, 2016, by Mac McCann
"...For those wanting to use public transportation, Cap Metro offers an app to help users find the best bus or rail line to take to their destination, or to buy a bus pass using PayPal or a credit card...."

Postmarks  May 2, 2016
"...Early adopters of high-tech are people of means. I encourage the Chronicle staff to read the application and ask for details on how it would impact transit and equity. There are a number of things the city can do to improve transit, including transit priority lanes and signaling, improved access and shelter at stations, land use designed to improve transit access, bond measures for capital projects, and direct contributions to Cap Metro operating costs, which we did briefly for the Red Line..."

Notes on Kamp: Everybody Loses
Council considers bad, outdated regs for Uber and Lyft
News Column  April 7, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...Driving is fine as long as you're not doing it during rush-hour traffic, which is getting perilously close to being an all-day phenomenon. If you're lucky enough to live within walking distance of one of Cap Metro's better routes, the bus can be an okay option..."

Car2Go Offers Promotion for New Members
Through Dec. 6, Car2Go waives its sign-up charge for new members from $35 to $5 and adds 60 minutes of free travel time
News Story  November 25, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...While commercial necessities inevitably drive decisions, DeLong argues that the changes in pricing and service areas will embed his firm deeper in the matrix of transit options, and continue to move Austinites from the current paradigm of what is effectively mandatory car ownership. He said Car2Go "complements Cap Metro, complements B-cycle, complements all the other modes of transport out there."..."

News Roundup: Smoke and Fire
Arsonists, burn bans, and heated arguments
DAILY News  August 17, 2015, by the News Staff
"...At the Aug. 13 meeting his sole target was Mayor Steve Adler, whom he accused of crypto-homosexual "assault." According to León, at the July 27 Cap Metro meeting, the mayor had apparently touched León when politely opening the door for him, or as León described it: "Adler put his hand on my lower back, an unnecessary, uninvited, physical contact against me..."

Help Desk
Tech-savvy ways to cut expenses
Screens Column  June 11, 2015, by Michael Agresta
"...The recent arrivals of Uber and Lyft (and, soon, the discount shared-ride service UberPool) have revolutionized the transit landscape in Austin. Combine the flexibility of Uber/Lyft with impressive mobile app-driven improvements in Cap Metro's user experience, Car2Go, and a growing bike-share program, and Austin could, accidentally, be turning into a city where car payments, insurance, and gas are optional expenses..."

News Roundup: A Deadly Shooting, Rick Perry, and City Council
Police kill an armed man, Perry's ready to run, and more
DAILY News  February 9, 2015, by the News Staff
"...• … Don’t Let Me Get Too Deep: Before they get to all that decision-making, Monday’s meetings will continue the “Policy-Workshops-Formerly-Known-as-Deep-Dives.” Today’s morning discussion (9-11am) will consider “Water: supply and business model over the next 10 to 20 years”; the afternoon session (3-5pm) will address “Transportation and Mobility” (including Cap Metro). What happened to the “Deep Dives”? Last week Mayor Steve Adler explained that his was a “bad choice of words” because “it created an expectation that we were actually going to have a ‘deep dive’ and learn everything there was to know about an issue.” Instead, the latest version (scheduled for one or two a week through March, see the Council Message Board) features a plan to consider “three or four policy questions” in a given area..."

Transportation Apps
Screens Story  January 29, 2015
"...Cap Metro The ol' bus, $1.25. Day passes available for $2.50..."

Council Members on Their Initial Priorities
News Story  January 29, 2015
"...It would be nice to have some real conversation among the various taxing entities and see if we can come together on: Are we duplicating services? Are we considering the impact of all bond measures that are put up? ... I really want to be a part of the conversation improving our mass transit [by being on the Cap Metro board]..."

Gay Place: Seal '14 With a Kiss
Seal '14 with a kiss
Columns  December 31, 2014, by Kate X Messer
"...6) PINE STREET STATION closes after good faith negotiations with Cap Metro turn out to be not so good...."

The Lege Stirs Into Action
And the member shuffle continues
News Story  November 20, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Meanwhile Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, is promoting SB 119, turning the Cap Metro board into a purely elected body, and SB 120, increasing the penalty for interfering with a mail-in ballot from a state jail felony to a third-degree felony..."

After the Election, the Deluge of Bills
More than 400 new pieces of legislation already filed for 2015
DAILY News  November 11, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...A hot contender to become Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick's successor on the Senate Education Committee, she's pushing SB 199, turning the Cap Metro board into a purely elected body; and SB 120, upping the penalty for interfering with a mail-in ballot from a state jail felony to a third degree felony...."

Prop. 1: The CART Before the Train
News Story  November 6, 2014, by Michael King
"...Tuesday night, mayoral candidate and Cap Metro Board Chair Mike Martinez, considering the vote, said, "The voters have made a choice," and the agency is ready to go back to work, with more bus rapid transit, additional routes, whatever it takes for a more effective system. As for the future of rail – as MCM might say, that's a "big city" idea whose Austin time remains in Never-Never Land...."

Sidewalk Fail!
PHOTO GALLERY  August 28, 2014
"...So near and yet so far: Mary Pustejovsky (@mpusto) sent us this pic of the gap between the Crestview Red Line station and the actual apartment. Cap Metro explained via Twitter that the offending stretch is actually owned by the private developer, not them, so there's little they can do...."

There Goes the Neighborhood
North/South/Central – redistricting the live music capital
Music Story  July 24, 2014, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Construction, congestion, drunk driving, and Cap Metro's early curfews; getting Downtown for live music is a process now. If you don't live within walking distance and want to go out, you drive, you wait, you park, you pay...."

Curtain Up on Mayor’s Race
Centex Dem forum opens with ‘major’ candidates
DAILY News  June 22, 2014, by Michael King
"...Martinez also recited specific local progressive policies – economic incentives reform, Cap Metro reorganization (as board chair) – in which he had a central hand. Adler cited his own work as an attorney defending property rights and civil rights, his legislative work (with former Sen..."

News Story  June 12, 2014
"...› Only one more regularly scheduled Council meeting (June 26) before the annual July break, although Tuesday (June 17) features a joint "discussion" meeting with the Cap Metro board with one item on the agenda: Project Connect's urban rail proposal, with decision meetings to follow (June 23 and 26)...."

News Story  May 22, 2014
"...› Cap Metro riders: Don't forget, in two weeks, all buses will move off Congress, and start traveling on Guadalupe (southbound) and Lavaca (northbound) instead. Detours begin June 3 for the X Games, and become permanent on June 8...."

Bodies in (Public) Space
This dance work morphs, mixes, and disorients constructs of what's typical and atypical in movement
Arts Story  January 31, 2014, by Jonelle Seitz
"...South Congress and Monroe, Saturday, 1pm. We were lined up against the building behind Cap Metro's sleek new bus stop, watching four black-clad performers: one folded at the waist over the railing, one crouching behind it, one raising one crutch toward the sky, one staring at an imaginary watch..."

Farmers Market Report: August 24-25, 2013
Melons. soft-shell crabs, popcorn, and fermented pasilla salsa
DAILY Food  August 23, 2013, by Kate Thornberry
"...Well, now I am doing a happy dance because they are going to be selling at the Tuesday SFC East Market. This market runs from 3 PM-7 PM at the Cap Metro M Station at MLK and Miriam Avenue..."

Wal-Mart Clan Buys Tex-Mex Site
News Story  August 23, 2013, by Amy Smith
"...Current market trends point to an apartment development as a more likely use for the site; the description of one online sales listing said the property could accommodate 200 units. It's comprised of three parcels in the 1500 block of East Sixth, covering just under 1.4 acres near Plaza Saltillo and the Cap Metro rail station..."

Wal-Mart Clan Buys Tex-Mex Site
Bentonville Comes to East Sixth
DAILY News  August 19, 2013, by Amy Smith
"...Current market trends point to an apartment development as a more likely future for the site; the description of one online sales listing said the property could accommodate 200 units. The property is comprised of three parcels in the 1500 block of East Sixth, covering just under 1.4 acres near Plaza Saltillo and the Cap Metro rail station..."

Fantastic Fest Heads to Lakeline
Genre festival moving to newest, biggest Alamo
DAILY Screens  May 10, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...The trade-off is that, unlike Alamo South Lamar, Lake Creek is way out in the 'burbs. Good news for users of public transport: There is a Cap Metro bus that goes out the far, the 383..."

One Man's SXSW ... Times 4
Our intrepid correspondent wanders through all four Festivals – and lives to write about it
News Story  March 29, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...It's not always to the benefit of Austin's reputation. One of the Chronicle's correspondents castigated a demographic at the annual Austin Music Awards as "AARP-eligible drunks talking way too loudly and looking to hook up." I suspect I may have shared the Cap Metro Red Line with some of them..."

Texas Rollergirls
It's a flat-track Roller Derby doubleheader
Sports Story  March 29, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...Cesar Chavez. $15; ages 12 and under, free; $5 discount with any Cap Metro pass..."

Why More Roads?
Postmarks  February 6, 2013
"...Why? Our elected officials – local, state, and federal – have been bought by the highway lobby (real estate, construction, oil, and autos). Maybe Cap Metro fares should include a political surcharge to raise money to buy some politicians who would provide the funding that public transit deserves...."

Think 'New' Music
eighth blackbird helps Texas Performing Arts change how we regard classical
Arts Story  January 25, 2013, by Robert Faires
"...To support her viewpoint, Panoff points to the nontraditional concert that So Percussion – the resident ensemble during the initiative's first season – performed on a Cap Metro MetroRail car last fall. And she's particularly gratified by the success of The Planets: An HD Odyssey, which filled more than 2,000 seats in Bass Concert Hall last October..."

Civics 101
News Column  December 14, 2012
"...STUFF THE BUS FOOD DRIVE Fill a Cap Metro bus with 10 tons of food to help hungry families during the holidays. Through Dec..."

News Story  September 28, 2012
"...› The Cap Metro board this week adopted a $274.5 million budget for fiscal year 2013, which includes nearly $20 million in grant funding for the agency's new MetroRapid routes between North Lamar and South Congress, and Burnet and South Lamar...."

How Sweetlamb It Is
The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival's founder returns to power
Arts Story  August 31, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"..."And that spiraled into us doing five shows in one week at weird places: the No. 8 Cap Metro bus, atop a parking garage, in Barton Creek, on Hancock Golf Course, and on the steps of the Capitol..."

All About Juneteenth
Festivities kick off this weekend
DAILY News  June 15, 2012, by Jordan Smith
"...The party will include characters in period dress sharing Emancipation Proclamation-era stories, performances by the Carver African Drum Class and Frenesi. The Theater Action Project will offer a self-portrait art instruction class and Cap Metro will be providing a bus for the public to decorate...."

Moontower, Grackle, Swans, Soltanoff Trainwreck Betrayal
Not necessarily in that order, no
DAILY Chronolog  April 30, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...You catch any of that incredible stuff this past weekend? You, flitting around like a bird from venue to venue, dealing with the traffic, still a bit sweaty from having spent some patchouli-scented afternoon time at Eeyore's Birthday Party on Saturday? If you missed Moontower Comedy Festival's flood of stand-ups, or maybe even especially if you caught a few of the best shows, these Inside Joke video interviews by Kerri Lendo and John Merriman will amplify your comic experience. If you caught Fusebox Festival's "Sweet Betrayal" event, with Kaci Beeler painting desserts created by Foreign & Domestic's Jodi Elliott from original descriptions by David Moses Fruchter, you can understand the tasty depths of it better with this appreciation by Hyperliterature's Mark Gifford. If you missed Phil Soltanoff's An Evening with William Shatner Asterisk, fear not: You can still catch the brilliant, evocative, and at times hilarious piece on Friday, May 4th. But, until then, here's Soltanoff's website. If you're mildly (or more) unhappy to be referred to as "flitting around like a bird," be glad that at least you're 1) not actually a bird and 2) didn't drive athwart some Cap Metro train and wind up like the grackle in this beautifully morbid photo by Stella Alesi. We all die eventually, of course, for any number of reasons..."

Bus-Only Lanes Needed for Entire Route
Postmarks  April 24, 2012
"...Dear Editor, I’m delighted that Cap Metro is using federal funds to improve bus service [“FTA 'New Start' Funds MetroRapid Buses,” News, April 20]. Using larger buses and having bus-only lanes Downtown is a smart move..."

News Story  March 23, 2012
"...› South by Southwest provided a bumper ridership for Cap Metro's Red Line: The agency reports 34,734 boardings during the nine days of the Festival – while average monthly ridership is only 35,000. However, some riders experienced ticketing woes with out-of-service machines...."

Top 10 Most-Viewed Stories on by Section
Drill down, baby
Features Story  January 6, 2012
"...6) "Access Denied: Cap Metro saving money means hardship for neediest riders"..."

News Story  June 17, 2011
"...• City Council got a tantalizing glimpse at urban rail Tuesday, as staff presented four routes with price tags ranging from $250 million to $680 million. That most expensive route combines the three others, connecting at a MetroRail stop, heading Down­town, and crossing Lady Bird Lake before turning onto Riverside and Pleasant Valley..."

TDH: 5/26/11
City Council meets today
DAILY News  May 26, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...Your elected representatives in the City Council convene today. Among the people's business: Changes to the city's tax abatements for historic properties, rapid bus for Cap Metro, cell-phone waiting at Austin Bergstrom..."

The Daily Hustle: 3/10/11 (Liveblog)
City Council meets today - we'll keep you updated.
DAILY News  March 10, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...10:12am: Enviro Scott Johnson speaking on (already passed) Item 16, partnering with Cap Metro to build ADA-approved bus stops - concerned about environmental impact of concrete production. Now, cabbie advocate D'Ann Johnson, speaking in favor of Item 8, building a climate controlled rest space at the airport for taxi drivers..."

No MetroRail This Afternoon
Flood damage stops trains
DAILY News  September 8, 2010, by Lee Nichols
"...A quick note from Cap Metro:..."

The Daily Hustle: 4/13/10
Parks & Rec, B&Cs catch wreck
DAILY News  April 13, 2010, by Wells Dunbar
"...The Urban Transportation Commission meets in the B&C room at City Hall at 6pm. Briefing and possible action is penciled in on the Downtown Bicycle Boulevard, Cap Metro's proposed service changes, and more...."

World Theatre Day
On March 27, you may encounter theatre where you least expect it
Arts Story  March 26, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...Every year, the ITI asks a notable theatre artist to share some thoughts on the art form with the international theatre community. This year, that artist is Dame Judi Dench, and her message will be read publicly in Austin that day, but not before more than 50 actors present some guerrilla-style performances in public places across the city – around City Hall, at Auditorium Shores, inside Whole Foods Market, on the Pfluger Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, and on buses (with permission from Cap Metro)..."

Stay Classy, Lee?
Postmarks  March 18, 2010
"...Dear Editor, Re: “Cap Metro Botches Another Big Event” [Newsdesk blog, March 18]: Wow. Complaining about a service that is meant for low-income people and because you barely got a ride after a night of partying? Stay classy, Lee...."

Where Are the Facts?
Postmarks  March 12, 2010
"...Single-family housing comprises less than 10%. A minimal amount of research clearly shows how few single-family properties are left in Riverside and Pleasant Valley. Cap Metro's Feb..."

CAMPO Needs Updated Approach
Postmarks  February 23, 2010
"...Dear Editor, Re: “Cap Metro Turns Toward a 2020 Vision” [News, Feb. 19]: I was disappointed to see that the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization had failed to come up with anything approaching state-of-the-art technology along Lamar..."

Res Publica
Citizens' calendar, Dec. 24-27
News Story  December 25, 2009
"...CAP METRO HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Buses run on a Sunday schedule on Friday. Don't bother to call and complain, because the offices are closed as well..."

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