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10 Reasons to Love a Streetcar
The 'streetcar effect' – offering Austinites far more than a free ride
News Story  July 20, 2007, by Katherine Gregor
"...Before Austin digs deep for an expensive streetcar system, it's sensible to ask, "Why not just run more buses or 'Dillos on the same route?" In fact, that's what Sen. Kirk Watson asked recently – and as chair of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, he is spending more time than most at the busy intersection of transit, land use, money, and local politics...."

Beside The Point
As the bond election nears, council takes up a light agenda
News Column  November 3, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...The centerpiece of the scant agenda is the 2pm presentation of the downtown circulator study by land-development savant Charles Heimsath. The presentation should prove especially interesting for Lee Leffingwell and Brewster McCracken, Capital Metro board members both..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  June 25, 2004
"...The pollution a car or rail creates per passenger mile is probably on the Web. With buses we should be able to get the numbers directly from Cap Metro..."

Cars Are Probably More Energy-Friendly Than Buses
Postmarks  June 17, 2004
"...(From a societal standpoint an electric engine powered by a coal-fired power plant may be the worst polluter.) The pollution a car or rail creates per passenger mile is probably on the Web. With buses we should be able to get the numbers directly from Cap Metro..."

Austin @ Large: Austin at Large
A slow summer news week means we get to take some well-deserved potshots.
News Column  July 11, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The Statesman: Wacky! Two big stinking piles of recent Statesman opinion have stuck in my gizzard. First, the daily used the regional clean air plan as an occasion to bash Capital Metro..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  May 24, 2002
"...If people in Austin quit screwing around and actually drove their cars, there wouldn't be the problem we face now. Cap/Metro is still working on implementing Light Rail..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  May 17, 2002
"...If people in Austin quit screwing around and actually drove their cars, there wouldn't be the problem we face now. Cap/Metro is still working on implementing Light Rail..."

Transportation and trash are heavy on the minds of readers this week.
Columns  February 4, 2000
"...While I agree with Prentiss Riddle's criticism of Cap Metro for having a "double standard" when it comes to the affiliations of their advertisers ["Postmarks," Jan. 28], it misses the more fundamental issue that seems to have escaped public debate entirely: the presence of advertising on our public transportation system..."

Harnessing Anger
News Story  February 13, 1998, by Kevin Fullerton
"...Schafer's pick-and-choose philosophy, which insists upon government goodies but resists the financial burden of metropolitan services not directly beneficial to the immediate community, is typical of homegrown attitudes that are reasserting themselves with renewed vigor in local Republican politics...."

Columns  January 9, 1998
"...For Austin why not consider an alternative "Network" transportation system? You will not find a "Network" transportation plan for Austin on the mayor's desktop, just plans that serve downtown Austin. You will not find a "Network" transportation plan for Austin at Cap Metro either..."

News Boss
News Story  July 11, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...As an example, he cites the Statesman's coverage of the BFI Recyclery in East Austin, and of the beleaguered Cap Metro. "There's a problem with BFI and noise and filth and rubbish around their plant..."

The Permanent Warning
Neglecting the Past Dooms Readers
News Column  September 13, 1996, by Chris Walters
"...A recent series of stories in the Austin American Statesman on Capital Metro shows how missing history warps understanding. Last Sunday's installment, "Cap Metro paid temp agencies thousands without bids," was typical..."

Wrong Side of the Tracks?
Light Rail May Be a Heavy Burden for East Austin
News Story  April 4, 1997, by Karl Pallmeyer
"...While light rail is being touted in some circles as the best solution to relieve traffic congestion, curb pollution, and rein in urban sprawl, several East Austin residents fear that they'll find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks if Capital Metro is allowed to go ahead with its plans to run a train through their neighborhoods...."

Return of the Panama Hat
Council spends for roads, buys a robot, & has a brief Zimm flashback
DAILY News  May 8, 2017, by Michael King
"...It was not quite a full dais last week (May 4), with District 2 Council Member Delia Garza out of town on Capital Metro board member business, but there were no items that came down to a swing vote. The agenda was sufficiently brief and uncontentious that it enabled a 7pm adjournment – although even that was misleading, as the meeting was elongated by a lengthy “executive session” intermission and a delay on a single item that carried beyond the evening’s music and proclamations...."

Tension Mounts at City Council
The dais considers what constitutes “too tall”
News Story  February 23, 2017, by Michael King
"...Height was also at issue in the evening, when the Plaza Saltillo zoning case returned to the floor, for a second reading to consider whether 1) a tract at the western edge of the site, bordering I-35, should be granted a variance to allow an eight-story (instead of a four-story) commercial tower; and 2) landowner Capital Metro and the developer (Endeavor Real Estate Group) had been misleading in 2014 when they promised a 25% quotient of affordable housing. The former is a request from Cap Metro to stimulate ridership and increase agency (and city) revenue; the latter a dispute over whether it was made publicly clear that 25% affordability (promised by both competing development teams) was only possible with 10% city participation (the estimated difference would be 141 units vs..."

Poetry in Motion
A new partnership will bring poetry to the Cap Metro fleet
News Story  June 15, 2012, by Monica Riese
"...Thanks to a new partnership between Capital Metro and the Austin Poetry Society, that could soon change. The transit authority is giving over unused ad space inside its fleet to signage featuring poems...."

Top 10 Most-Viewed Stories on
Notes on our virtual relationships
Features Story  January 6, 2012, by Cindy Widner
"...7) "Access Denied: Cap Metro saving money means hardship for neediest riders"..."

Bigger, Faster Buses
Cap Metro gets grants for Bus Rapid Transit
News Story  July 8, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...Capital Metro announced last week that it will receive $24.2 million in federal funds for its planned Bus Rapid Transit service. The grant comes from the Federal Transit Administration's Small Starts program, which helps with capital costs for mass transit programs..."

The Action's in Place 3
Shade, Tovo, Nofziger race most watched and closely contested
News Story  April 29, 2011, by Wells Dunbar
"...About that rail election, proposed by Mayor Lee Leffingwell for fall 2012: Tovo and Shade both support the urban rail proposal in principle, though both have plenty of questions. Nofziger, however, played a prominent role in opposing Capital Metro's initial 2000 urban rail referendum, and he remains opposed to the latest version of the project...."

No Bus, No Fuss
New app allows real-time tracking of buses, trains
News Story  April 29, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...If you're a bus rider, you know how annoying it can be sitting at a stop and wondering how long until the next bus arrives. But if you have a smartphone, Capital Metro will ease your pain a bit through the use of quick-response codes at bus stops and rail stations..."

MetroRail vs. Pickup Truck
MetroRail made it 367 days without a crash
News Story  April 1, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...Talk about your bad timing. Only two days after celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of the MetroRail Red Line – a year, Capital Metro noted, with "zero vehicle or passenger accidents" – the train had its first crash..."

Naked City
Ridership is up, but not as high as once predicted
News Story  March 25, 2011, by Lee Nichols
"...MetroRail, One Year Later..."

Public Transportation Should Be Top Priority
Postmarks  October 28, 2009
"...Dear Editor, Capital Metro has one job and has yet to do it right: transporting the public. A significant percentage of the public which requires transportation is comprised of elderly, frail, and/or other-abled people..."

Watching Jay Like a Hawk
Transit agency's eye follows union leader's moves
News Story  October 2, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...Restricting an ex-employee's access to the workplace premises might normally seem like standard procedure, but in the case of Jay Wyatt, there's a catch: He's still the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091, which represents most of Capital Metro's drivers and mechanics...."

Naked City
News briefs from Austin, the region, and beyond
News Story  January 9, 2009
"...• SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT? Hundreds of revelers were left in the cold New Year's Eve when Capital Metro put its late-night service on detour with little warning. The transit authority encouraged Austinites to use the six Night Owl routes but put less effort into announcing that the buses weren't going to be where they normally are..."

Have They Not One Iota of Shame
Postmarks  September 2, 2008
"...Dear Editor, Let me get this straight: Sue Spencer, who lives in Pflugerville, a community which absolved itself from paying the Capital Metro sales tax a few years ago, is upset that bus fares are about to increase, calling the fare increase "price gouging" [“Postmarks,” Aug. 29]..."

Res Publica
This week's civic duties: Aug. 21-28
News Story  August 22, 2008
"...CAP METRO LUNCHEON: METRORAIL The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents a discussion on the future MetroRail. 11:30am..."

Naked City
News briefs from Austin, the region, and elsewhere
News Story  April 25, 2008
"...• The Bus Riders Union of Austin, formed last year to advocate for mass-transit users, called on Capital Metro Tuesday to return to a free-fare system. Such a move would be a complete turnaround for the agency, which declared last fall that it intended to double fares – a plan put on hold after widespread protests..."

Naked City
News Story  May 25, 2007
"...• In other transportation news, just in time to help mitigate this week's widespread whining over rising gas prices, Capital Metro revealed on Monday a new, easier-to-use system map, which includes route and frequency information as well as a "how-to-ride" guide, all packaged in a more portable alternative to the previous Destinations schedule book. The new maps are now available free on all buses and at Cap Metro ticket locations..."

Naked City
Headlines and Happenings from Austin and Beyond
News Story  February 3, 2006
"...Quote of the Week "I never once doubted that if people stayed at the table and continued to negotiate in good faith there would be an outcome that met the needs of this community. … If I did only one thing in this process, it was to make sure that we left no stone unturned in the final hours of these negotiations." – Mayor Will Wynn, following his successful intervention in the contract negotiations between Capital Metro, StarTran, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091.Headlines• Early voting in the House District 48 run-off special election runs this Monday through Friday, Feb..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  September 30, 2005
"...• In yet another low-water mark for Austin's institutional politics, Capital Metro threatened to fire any bus drivers who participate in additional strike action, following the one-day strike by the drivers' union last week. On Tuesday, the union fired back with a lawsuit accusing Cap Metro of illegally interfering in negotiations between the workers and the contractor that employs them..."

Naked City
Headlines and happenings from Austin and beyond
News Story  September 24, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Updates from the waning days of the summer budget season: Capital Metro has proposed a 5% spending increase in its fiscal 2005 plan, thanks to healthier-than-expected sales-tax collections and projected increases in fare and freight-rail revenue. Much of that money will be eaten up by higher fuel prices, along with employee raises and health benefits, but Cap Metro is also bringing new facilities online and, you may have heard, will be holding an election in November (price tag: $1.3 million) on its commuter rail plans..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  July 25, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
" a whole gained a whopping 4,858 residents, mostly in the unincorporated county or in Pflugerville. The other four counties in what is now the "Austin-Round Rock" metro area (sorry, San Marcos), and their principal cities, all saw population gains in the 4-5% range..."

Will Fernandez Bust Throw Eastside Détente Into Turmoil?
El Concilio leader's drug-and-assault arrest comes just as Mexican-American political cooperation is on the rise.
News Story  June 6, 2003, by Lauri Apple
"...As coordinator of the El Concilio association of Mexican-American neighborhoods, he had been participating in preparations for the Feria de la Calle Cinco celebration planned for this Saturday, June 7 at Plaza Saltillo. Featuring music, food, artists, information booths, and a tribute to outgoing Mayor Gus Garcia, the Feria represents just one attempt by the city and Capital Metro to spur economic development and tourist traffic at Saltillo, the inviting but underutilized public square between East Fourth, East Fifth, Comal, and Onion streets...."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  February 28, 2003, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Capital Metro has released a request for proposals for what is now called the Saltillo District Redevelopment Master Plan -- an effort to transform the transit authority's long-vacant rail yard property on East Fifth into a hub of Eastside revitalization. The project had been troubled last fall by charges that Cap Metro was favoring certain East Austin constituencies over others in its community outreach efforts and by fears from the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood that the agency's plans would conflict with the goals of its adopted neighborhood plan..."

Naked City
Capital Metro hires Ann Richards; Linda Dailey decides against running for Place 6; three candidates : Raul Alvarez, Gloria Mata Pennington and Rafael Quintanilla are running for Place 2 on City Council
News Story  February 11, 2000
"...Move over Lance Armstrong! Capital Metro now has another star lobbying for light rail: Former governor Ann Richards has been hired to work for the local transportation agency. On Jan..."

Corner to Corner
Top Ten Neighborhood War Zones of 1997
News Column  January 9, 1998, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...5) The Red Line. Folks who own vacant land along Capital Metro's proposed light-rail line think it's a great amenity; folks who already live along the tracks think it's a dreadful menace..."

McLeese's Pieces
Statesman Columnist Vents Spleen on Greens
News Column  September 12, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...Actually, the most glaring examples of this haven't come from the usual suspects. Rather than suburb-loving Senior Editor Tom Barry or Eric Mitchell-booster editorial writer Susan Smith-Richardson, it is now the daily's former Music Man, Don McLeese, who is taking the most frequent potshots at progressives in his Metro & State section column...."

Implementing the Mobility Bond and Corridor Construction Program, if You Can Wait for It
Going to take a long, long time
News Story  June 7, 2018, by Jack Craver
"...Construction should also begin around that time on a $6.75 million urban trail to run along Country Club Creek between Elmont and East Oltorf. Another $5 million has been set aside to build a trail along Cap Metro's Red Line at the end of 2021..."

Public Notice: Old News on CodeNEXT
Scattershots, while waiting for Draft Three
News Column  January 25, 2018, by Nick Barbaro
"...• Parallel planning efforts in transit corridors – between the city transportation department, Capital Metro, and CodeNEXT planners – have lacked coordination throughout. Only now, as the "final" code draft is readying for release Feb..."

Public Notice: The Business of Governing
Choosing a transit chief, a debt level & more
News Column  January 4, 2018, by Nick Barbaro
"...Amid the PR farce that was the Austin city manager search process, another major CEO search has gone relatively unnoticed. The Capital Metro CEO – like the city manager, an autonomous head of a massive public enterprise, hired by public officials but otherwise independent of their control – will be chosen this coming Tuesday, with few seemingly knowing or caring, even though transit woes rank way up there on most lists of Austin's problems..."

Notes on Kamp: Will Austin Ever Get Smart About Public Transportation?
Mobility is closely tied to equality
News Column  April 21, 2016, by Amy Kamp
"...While I wasn't in love with the proposed light rail route, it's hugely disappointing to me that Austin just can't seem to get anywhere when it comes to public transportation. The affection people feel for Uber and Lyft surely stems in part from the frustration of trying to use Cap Metro...."

SXSW Interactive Pro Tips
How to get around, find that forgotten cord, and get your coffee fix
DAILY Screens  March 3, 2015, by James Renovitch
"...Buses The Cap Metro system is going out of its way to help out SXSW-goers. Buses between the airport and Downtown will be running more frequently to keep up with demand..."

The 803 Rolls Out
News Story  August 28, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Capital Metro held a dedication service for its new 803 MetroRapid Bus Service on Aug. 25 – even though the new express route, connecting the Domain to Westgate Mall via Burnet Rd., UT, and Downtown, started running the day before..."

New Bus Is a Bad Deal
Postmarks  February 3, 2014
"...Dear Editor, Capital Metro's new 801 bus is a more high-tech and 50% more expensive version of the 101 bus that it replaces [“Here Comes MetroRapid,” News, Jan. 24]..."

Civics 101
News Column  August 31, 2012
"...CAP METRO SERVICE INPUT MEETING The last set of thrice-yearly service changes just went into effect, but Cap Met already wants your input on the proposals for Jan­u­ary, including extensions in South Austin, Domain connections, and more. See full meeting schedule online..."

Poetry in Motion
Capital Metro partners with local society to feature poems in buses
DAILY News  June 6, 2012, by Monica Riese
"...Thanks to a new partnership between Capital Metro and the Austin Poetry Society, though, that could soon change. The transit authority is giving over unused ad space inside its fleet to signage featuring poems...."

If Austin Had Rail ...
News Story  April 8, 2011
"...• The rail would connect with Capital Metro's Red Line at the Martin Luther King Station and the Downtown Station. If other proposed mass-transit plans materialize, it could connect at Downtown with Cap Metro's Elgin Green Line, the Georgetown-to-San Antonio Lone Star Rail, and Cap Metro's Bus Rapid Transit...."

Res Publica
Citizens' calendar, Nov. 25-Dec. 2
News Story  November 26, 2010
"...CAP METRO MEETING Stop by one of two meetings Monday night to discuss proposed changes to Cap Metro's policies regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act. 6-7:30pm..."

Res Publica
Citizens' calendar, Oct. 28-Nov. 4
News Column  October 29, 2010
"...CAP METRO PUBLIC HEARING Weigh in on the proposed fare hikes. 5pm..."

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