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My Father’s House: A Moment With Bruce Springsteen
“His lyrics tethered me to my family, the way they grew up”
DAILY Arts  December 2, 2016, by Libby Webster
"...Winding from the entrance around the back of the building and down Sixth Street, the line at BookPeople on Thursday bustled with hundreds of people waiting to get a picture taken with Bruce Springsteen. The event, supporting his memoir Born to Run, allegedly sold out 1,200 tickets in one minute..."

SXSW Music 2012 Keynote Speaker: Bruce Springsteen
SXSW Music announces Bruce Springsteen as its 2012 keynote
DAILY Music  December 1, 2011, by Raoul Hernandez
"...When Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band started performing requests at its 2009 Erwin Center blow-out, fans frenzied. With the South by Southwest Music conference announcing this morning that Jersey's favorite son will be its 2012 keynote speaker, local die-hards now have three-plus months to work themselves into a similar state, myself included!..."

Did I Know Bruce Springsteen Was Going to Play 2012?
Features Story  March 2, 2017, by Margaret Moser
"...Three weeks ago, I interviewed with Russ Hartman, who printed an offhand comment of mine in Austin Daze: "Mr. Springsteen, if you're not busy on Wednesday night before your keynote address, I've got a place for you to be, because Alejandro is going to be workin' it up at the end of the show and you're not going to want to miss that..."

Springsteen’s High Hopes in Houston
Rarities set-list turns on a pair of Hispanic siblings
DAILY Music  May 8, 2014, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Bruce Springsteen’s SXSW showcase at the Moody Theater in 2012 meant the E Street Band never returned to play for 10,000 additional diehards at the Erwin Center, a fact he lamented in citing Texas when asked if the tour would return to the U.S. after an Australian trek this winter..."

Springsteen Is Born to Sign in Austin
BookPeople snags the Boss for his only memoir tour stop in Texas, Dec. 1
DAILY Arts  November 22, 2016, by Robert Faires
"...Bruce Springsteen has extended his current tour and just announced a stop in Austin Thu., Dec. 1..."

Springsteen Takes Dallas to The River
Epic stand once again reiterates who’s the boss
DAILY Music  April 6, 2016, by Raoul Hernandez
"...At the 3:20 mark – hours, not minutes – Bruce Springsteen could only repeat, “I got nothing.” Some 20,000 fanatics at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas on Tuesday knew better, even if the E Street Band looked ready for a post-concert cocktail. A somewhat anti-climactic “Bobby Jean” served as canny come down from three-plus hours at dizzying heights...."

Sahm and Springsteen: Same Size, Same Power
Postmarks  March 18, 2012
"...Dear Editor, Thanks for the article on Bruce Springsteen at the Armadillo World Headquarters [“'The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle,'” Music, March 16]'. The big Texan vs..."

SXSW Springsteen Show Finally Announced
Tickets to Bruce Springsteen's SXSW set will be by lottery
DAILY Music  February 27, 2012, by Raoul Hernandez
"...South by Southwest just announced the date of Bruce Springsteen's performance during the festival, Thursday, March 15, also the day of his keynote speech for the Music side of the festival. SXSW has put together a lottery system for tickets, without yet naming the venue...."

'The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle'
Once upon a time, at a venue far, far away, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band made their name in Austin
Music Story  March 16, 2012, by Chase Hoffberger
"...The South hadn't been kind to Bruce Springsteen...."

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Darkness on the edge of Springsteen
Music Story  December 17, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Bruce Springsteen's stake into such exclusive ranks, The River, at 20 tracks, runs some four minutes too long to fit onto an 80-minute commercial CD. Originally, the album was turned in to Columbia Records as a single disc, only to be second-guessed by its author, who then added to and subtracted from it for another year..."

Thunder Road
SXSW award winner is a captivating study of a mess of a man
Film Review  October 12, 2018, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Cummings’ Thunder Road – which he wrote, directed, and stars in – is an idiosyncratic character study. Based on a short film he made in 2016, Cummings developed it into a feature that has nothing to do with illegal booze and everything to do with the kind of small-town losers with dreams of grandeur that Bruce Springsteen sings about in his anthemic song “Thunder Road.”..."

Stronger With Each Tear: Mary J. Blige
Soul queen slays the Moody Theater
DAILY Music  March 1, 2013, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Doesn’t start until Thursday, but as a host, I don’t get to enjoy it – much. Moby Grape, Stooges, and PJ Harvey fell on my lone Saturdays off, but I missed Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, and worst of all, Flower Traveling Band..."

Dead Man Walking
Sarandon won an Oscar for her performance as Sister Helen Prejean in this nuanced story about capital punishment.
Film Review  February 2, 1996, by Alison Macor
"...The use of flashbacks further fleshes out the main characters as well as the events for which Matthew is imprisoned. Providing haunting musical backlighting for the film's visuals are songs written expressly for Dead Man Walking by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, and Johnny Cash..."

Born to Run
Capitol 10K motivation through song
DAILY Music  April 4, 2013, by Abby Johnston
"...As I crossed the finish line for my first half-marathon, Bruce Springsteen blared in my headphones as I employed one last burst of energy to bring my jelly legs up to a sprint. You try running 13.1 miles without Brother Bruce blessing your journey...."

Behind the Obama Bookings
SXSW Director Roland Swenson on the conference’s biggest get ever
DAILY Music  March 2, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Today’s announcement that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will give keynote speeches at South By Southwest – him for Interactive, her for Music – makes past keynoters like Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, and Lady Gaga seem like C-listers by comparison. SXSW Director Roland Swenson talked us through the booking process...."

The Ballad of Alejandro Escovedo
Austin icon pulls off a marathon performance at the Moody
DAILY Music  January 14, 2013, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Apparently, sharing management with Bruce Springsteen has rubbed off on Alejandro Escovedo. The poetic, corazón-on-his-suit-sleeve Austin rocker staged a four-hour concert at the Moody Theater Saturday night..."

Steven Van Zandt: The Fixer
Bruce Springsteen's first lieutenant goes top dog on Netflix
DAILY Music  April 3, 2012, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Steven Van Zandt's always played lieutenant. He's the man on Bruce Springsteen's left in the E Street Band, and second in command on The Sopranos..."

SXSW Music Live: NPR Music Presents Pwr Bttm, Lizzo
Punk and pop-hop for outsiders
DAILY SXSW  March 16, 2017, by Libby Webster
"...Jon Landau saw the future of rock & roll in Bruce Springsteen in ’74, but those at Stubb’s Wednesday night saw the future of punk, and its name is Pwr Bttm...."

1, 2, Tres, Cuatro: Dear Diary
Did I know Bruce Springsteen was going to play the Austin Music Awards? Excellent question.
Music Column  March 23, 2012, by Margaret Moser
"...But once a year, we all meet on common ground, tap into our assignments at odd hours, scarf Fritos, and swap war stories of who we saw in the trenches in 15- and 30-minute increments; then it's back into the night, sometimes not to meet again for a year. Most of them asked one thing: Did I know Bruce Springsteen was going to play the Austin Music Awards?..."

Kingdom of Days
Bruce Springsteen doesn't call E Street pianist Roy Bittan "Professor" for nothing
Music Story  April 3, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Beginning with Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run in 1975, Roy Bittan's piano playing finds perfect complement in one word supplied by an accordionist describing the emotional palette of his instrument: pathos. Bittan (pronounced "bitten") expresses more sympathetic compassion on 88 keys than 35 years of "Jungleland" crystallized by a Rockaway Beach comber in service of Springsteen's E Street Band...."

SXSW Music Keynote: Bruce Springsteen
SXSW Showcase Reviews
Music Story  March 16, 2012, by Dan Oko
"...SXSW Music Keynote: Bruce SpringsteenAustin Convention Center, Thursday, March 15..."

Bruce Springsteen
Record Review
Music Review  August 23, 2002, by Dan Oko
"...Bruce SpringsteenThe Rising (Columbia)..."

Music Review  January 19, 1996
"...All the promo material that came with this LP screams so loudly about Bruce Springsteen's involvement that the real artist gets lost in the fray. El Jefe produced, co-wrote a couple of fine songs, and played guitar on a majority of tracks, but it's Rust Belt Rocker Grushecky's pen and voice that make this one of the most impressive roots-rock LPs this reviewer has ever heard..."

Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock & Roll
Can't get academic on the Boss' keister.
Music Story  December 7, 2012, by Doug Freeman
"...Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock & Rollby Marc Dolan Norton, 529 pp., $29.95..."

Bruce Springsteen
SXSW Showcase Reviews
Music Story  March 16, 2012, by Austin Powell
"...Bruce SpringsteenACL Live at the Moody Theater, Wednesday, March 15..."

Bruce Springsteen
Music Review  February 6, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Bruce SpringsteenWorking on a Dream (Columbia)..."

Hot Diggity
Springsteen, moms, and more
DAILY Music  February 2, 2009, by Margaret Moser
"...Having been a fan of the 1970s Steelers, they were naturally my pick in the Superbowl, so I’m feeling pretty smug. I even watched Bruce Springsteen during halftime and came away from it thinking, “Not bad, Bruce – ya stuffed your career into a 12-minute medley..."

Music Story  December 25, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...• George Harrison accepting Mick Jagger's Fab Four induction, 1988, then the Stones frontman and Bruce Springsteen screeching "I Saw Her Standing There" with the Beatle's harmony...."

Page Two
Limousines?!? At Springsteen?
Columns  April 21, 2000, by Louis Black
"...The most disconcerting part of the otherwise inspiring Bruce Springsteen concert at the Erwin Center was encountering a block full of limos when I left. Most were either black or white, some stretch, stacked up on both sides of the street, in some places two rows thick..."

Bruce Springsteen
Gift guide
Music Story  December 16, 2005, by Scott Jordan
"...Bruce Springsteen..."

Box Sets
Herbie Hancock
Music Story  December 11, 1998

Fantastic Journey
Alejandro Escovedo comes full circle
Music Story  June 20, 2008, by Dave Marsh
"...For the last 16 years, Alejandro Escovedo has been one of America's two or three greatest popular music artists, but if you just moved to Austin, you probably don't know it. If you live somewhere else and know the longtime local, perhaps it's because you saw the YouTube video of him performing "Always a Friend" with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, April 14 in Houston..."

35 Years of the Austin Music Awards
Living in a dream
Features Story  March 2, 2017, by Doug Freeman
"...The 30th anniversary convergence promised a headlining set from AMA fixture Alejandro Escovedo, billed with special guests, but even Moser didn’t know until the day of the show whether Bruce Springsteen would show up, let alone get onstage (see “Did I Know Bruce Springsteen Was Going to Play 2012?”)...."

Born to Run
Born to Run
Music Review  December 8, 2016, by Libby Webster
"...Written over seven years – longhand, in the author's notebooks – Born to Run transcends mere fulfillment of fans' desires. Rather, Bruce Springsteen boldly sails a remarkable, fantastical odyssey: Blue-collar kid from small town New Jersey becomes a singular musical embodiment of the American spirit..."

The Sound and the Fury
David Chase on the Sixties rock that inspired 'Not Fade Away'
Screens Story  October 19, 2012, by Raoul Hernandez
"...AC: The tension between father and son, especially in the kitchen scene, reminds me of Bruce Springsteen's descriptions of growing up. Was that also your experience growing up in Fifties/Sixties Jersey and wanting to be a musician?..."

Tales Behind the Posters
Arts Story  October 6, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"..."Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen were the preservers of truck-stop music and honky-tonk music in the Seventies. They were always singing about the ozone, so I drew the Ozone Express, headed out between two worlds."1974: Bruce Springsteen, AWHQ..."

4th of July, Asbury Park: A History of the Promised Land / Runaway American Dream
Music Review  October 7, 2005, by Jim Caligiuri
" lists more than 80 books under the subject of Bruce Springsteen, including one written by the man himself (Songs). None, however, have used Springsteen, his music, and his popularity as a jumping off point to explore the history of Asbury Park, N.J., the place where Bruce became "the Boss." Wolff paints a well-researched, detailed portrait of South Jersey, but his thesis that the story of the seaside resort is the story of America doesn't really congeal..."

Record Reviews
Music Review  September 26, 1997

Playback: Tip Jar Etiquette
See that tip jar? Give.
Music Column  July 3, 2014, by Kevin Curtin
"..."Every song on Born in the U.S.A. is a brilliant piece of working-class poetry," praises Johnny Walker, who channels Bruce Springsteen on Friday, fronting the E..."

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
Music Review  April 10, 2009, by Austin Powell
"...Bruce Springsteen & the E Street BandFrank Erwin Center, April 5..."

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Frank Erwin Center, April 17
Music Review  April 21, 2000, by Christopher Gray
"...Bruce Springsteen & the E Street BandFrank Erwin Center, April 17 Life is good here in the promised land. If Bruce Springsteen's themes -- rivers, cars, highways, girls, work, freedom -- have always been quintessentially American, the fundamentalist zeal of his music is outright Lincolnesque..."

Playback: Black Friday? End of an Ear!
End of an Ear's new digs thrive just in time for Black Friday
Music Column  November 23, 2016, by Kevin Curtin
"...Bruce Springsteen appears at BookPeople next Thursday promoting his bestselling autobiography Born to Run, not to be confused with a 1996 Bruce-ography of the same title written by sometimes Chronicle contributor emeritus Dave Marsh. The tell-all, focusing on music first, life second, delves deep into the Boss' recurring depression issues..."

Dancing About Architecture
Doug Sahm returns from beyond, MP3s shake up Austin music, Hip Hop meets R&B, and the Watermelon Saga continues...
Music Column  April 21, 2000, by Ken Lieck
"...By the by, the Butts have also announced tentative plans to re-release their hard-to-find Double Live album, in MP3 form only, sometime this year... If you spotted Bruce Springsteen at the Bob Marley Festival last weekend, it wasn't because somebody spiked your ganja, say volunteers at the event..."

Music Story  March 14, 1997
"...BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY: If Southside Johnny traded his Jersey sneer for some Memphis jump and West Coast sheen, Voodoo Daddy might've toured with Springsteen in the early Eighties, and.... Huh? Well, if Jack Ruby had taken up music and gone straight....."

All Things Must Pass
Spirited doc traces the rise and fall of Tower Records
Film Review  November 6, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Once the Sacramento outlet expanded to open a store on L.A.’s Sunset Strip, within spitting distance of all the record companies’ headquarters, Tower Records grew to iconic status. Elton John, in one of the crucial non-employee interviews (David Geffen, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Grohl are some of the others) would ritualistically come in every Tuesday morning and walk all the aisles with a list of planned purchases, while his limo driver followed with a container to hold them all..."

Bruce Springsteen
Music Review  April 27, 2012, by Chase Hoffberger
"...Bruce SpringsteenWrecking Ball (Columbia)..."

Crossroads 3
I went up to the Crossroads – and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – fell down on my knees
Music Story  July 2, 2010, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Joy Division constricting into New Order, Johnny Ramone's downstroke-sanded Mosrite Ventures II guitar, Joan Jett's Jaguar XJ-S – there isn't even time for the Hall's next two floors, housing fuselage wreckage from Otis Redding's last flight and a telegram from comedian Redd Foxx to Jackie Wilson on the occasion of the soul pioneer's ultimately fatal, decadelong coma: "Get up niggah, we need you and love you and screw you." The acid blotter in Janis Joplin's glass case has been removed, the Hall's 25,000 items yielding only 4,000 on display. Upstairs, bricks in The Wall offset the spire-bound special exhibit "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen." The Long Center's local screening two weeks ago of Springsteen's new DVD set, London Calling – Live in Hyde Park, suddenly seems 2-D...."

Prove It All Night
Preaching 2008 and beyond
Music Story  January 2, 2009, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Alejandro Escovedo striding onstage for the first encore at Houston's Toyota Center arena the night of April 14 still seems surreal. Bruce Springsteen talked up but didn't immediately name a Lone Star singer-songwriter who could have been anyone from Billy Joe Shaver to Britt Daniel..."

Bruce Springsteen
Record review
Music Review  June 30, 2006, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Bruce Springsteen..."

John Prine / Bruce Springsteen
Music Review  May 6, 2005, by Jim Caligiuri
"...Fair & Square (Oh Boy)Bruce Springsteen..."

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