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Darby Is a Phony
Postmarks  January 27, 2009
"...Dear Chronicle, I read with great interest the cover article on Brandon Darby [“The Informant,” News, Jan. 23]..."

The Informant
Revolutionary to rat: The uneasy journey of Brandon Darby
News Story  January 23, 2009, by Diana Welch
"...McKay was released later that day, but Crowder remained in jail. According to a subsequent police affidavit, McKay met the next day with fellow activist Brandon Michael Darby, 32, who had also traveled to St..."

Informing Documents
News Story  January 23, 2009
"...Brandon Darby is no stranger to media attention, but he's new to the kind he's been getting since a St. Paul Pioneer Press article identified him in October as the informant who had "infiltrated" Bradley Crowder and David McKay's "protest group." A few days later, Darby's friend and fellow Austin activist Scott Crow passionately defended Darby on indie media site, calling the report an "absolute COINTELPRO lie." Crow was ultimately proven wrong by Darby himself, who proudly admitted his informant's role in a December open letter..."

Activists Raise Concerns About FBI Informant
News Story  January 9, 2009, by Diana Welch
"...In an open letter written Dec. 29, Brandon Michael Darby, local activist and former director of the prominent post-Katrina recovery effort Common Ground Relief, revealed that it was in fact he who had supplied the information currently keeping Crowder and McKay behind bars..."

APD 'Documents the Instigators'
The behavior of APD's undercover cops raises questions about First Amendment rights.
News Story  March 28, 2003, by Jordan Smith
"...When Brandon Darby and Ron Deutsch went anti-war protesting on Thursday, March 20, they had no idea they would be arrested -- nor that the bust would spark serious questions about possible First Amendment violations by Austin police. But that's exactly what happened, and now the state's ACLU director is questioning APD's use of protester photographs to identify possible activist "instigators" -- a situation eerily similar to the infamous Denver "spy files" case currently making its way through federal court...."

RNC Aftermath
Austin protester pleads guilty in Minnesota
News Story  January 16, 2009, by Diana Welch
"..."It was Brandon Darby who gave them the idea for those shields, and he helped them build them," says Lauren Pool, 22, who has known both McKay and Crowder since they were all high school seniors back in Midland. Pool believes that Darby, the 32-year-old Austin activist turned FBI informant, used his influence as a mentor to set up McKay and Crowder..."

Mistrial, Retrial for McKay
Jurors drop bomb on prosecutors' case against man accused of bomb-making
News Story  February 6, 2009, by Diana Welch
"...The weeklong trial, in which McKay was charged with possession of unregistered firearms, ended after jurors admitted they couldn't reach a verdict. McKay's defense hinged on Brandon Darby, the 32-year-old activist turned informant whose cooperation with the FBI led directly to McKay's arrest in September...."

Domestic Terrorists? Or Activist-Acolytes Led Astray by a Mentor?
Documentary 'Better This World' ponders the endless shades of gray
Screens Story  February 24, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Paul planning to engage in nonviolent, peaceful demonstrations against the Republican National Committee. Unbeknownst to them (or anyone else in the activist community at the time), their mentor figure, the intensely charismatic, older, and Hurricane Katrina-seasoned Brandon Darby, had been "flipped" and turned informant for the FBI for reasons still unclear...."

SXSW 2011 Film Reviews
Screens Story  March 18, 2011, by Michael King
"...Better This World Documentary Feature Competition D: Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega; with Bradley Crowder, David McKay, Brandon Darby, Diana Welch..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  February 7, 2003
"...Brandon Darby, in his letter of Jan. 31 ["Postmarks"], was critical of the "obedient" nature of Tuesday's protest..."

An Important Clarification
Postmarks  February 24, 2012
"...Hi Marc Savlov, I loved your article – you really captured what I think makes this film so important [“Domestic Terrorists? Or Activist-Acolytes Led Astray by a Mentor?,” Screens, Feb. 24]. There is one issue, however, which needs clarification: In your piece you write, "According to Crowder and McKay's testimonies, however, the Molotovs were Darby's idea and it was he who egged them on to commit to acts they never would have conceived of in the first place." [Editor's note: This text has since been corrected.] This statement is only half true..."

'What's Wrong With Being an Informant?'
Postmarks  January 26, 2009
"...Dear Editor, Thank you for last week's cover story about Brandon Darby ["The Informant," News, Jan. 23]..."

Five Docs To Watch
Screens Story  October 19, 2012, by Michael King
"...The Brandon Darby archive continues to add layers. Meltzer's documentary covers the ground from Darby's legendary rescue of his friend Robert King Wilkerson (who now denounces him) from the Katrina floods, to his current occupation as a shill for right-wing fantasies about the "terrorist" left..."

Naked City
Austin Stories
News Story  April 11, 2003
"...Two weeks ago the Chronicle reported the wrangle that two protesters -- Brandon Darby and Ron Deutsch -- got into with a gaggle of undercover Austin police officers during the March 20 anti-war protest. Darby and Deutsch were both arrested and charged with Class C misdemeanors after trying to photograph undercover cops that they said were photographing other demonstrators..."

The Fall Film Festival Season Takes Flight
Programming updates from AFF, Fantastic Fest, and aGLIFF
Screens Story  August 31, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Also of interest: the world premiere of Austin filmmaker Don Swaynos' comedy Pictures of Superheroes, teeming with this town's funnypeople elite (John Merriman, Kerri Lendo, Byron Brown, Shannon McCormick, Chris Doubek); University of Texas alum Todd Berger's comedy It's a Disaster, starring Julia Stiles, America Ferrera, and David Cross (and recently picked up for distribution by Oscilloscope); and Austin documentarian T.C. Johnstone's Rising From Ashes, about the Rwandan national cycling team's bid to send their first countryman to ride in the Olympics; and Jamie Meltzer's Informant, a documentary portrait of activist and infamous snitch Brandon Darby (if the name doesn't ring a bell, see Diana Welch's profile, "The Informant," [News], Jan..."

'Chronicle' and AFS Host 'Informant'
The drama of entrapment and betrayal play out on the big screen
DAILY Screens  October 23, 2013, by Monica Riese
"..."When you interview people about Brandon Darby," St. Paul Pioneer Press' David Hanners wrote, "you realize that everyone has a different idea of who he is."..."

Reza a 'Real Clown'
Postmarks  March 8, 2013
"...Paul during the 2008 Republican stupid party convention. Maybe the dorky dildo clowns in the APD do not see any difference among the various anarchist factions; then again, maybe they do, but just consider them all to be a general pain-in-the-ass threat to the public safety, rightly or wrongly. But what is the Austin left doing to educate the public about this? What I have seen is would-be cop burner Brad Crowder held up as some kind of victim, even hero, while Brandon Darby is excoriated by them. What the public sees is the firebomb..."

AFF2012: Competition Films & Scripts Awards
'Sparrows Dance,' 'Informant' recognized
DAILY Screens  October 21, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...Narrative film Sparrows Dance charts the unlikely romance between an agoraphobic actress and her musician-plumber. Documentary Informant (reviewed here) continues the investigation into the odd story of revolutionary turned FBI informant Brandon Darby...."

Five Docs To Watch
Screens Story  October 19, 2012

Activists, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Postmarks  January 24, 2009
"...Insofar as it fills in an eloquent case study in the tragic dead ends to which misguided-but-still-popular notions on the left can lead, the article quickened my hopes that the progressive dialogue in Austin need no longer be so monopolized by morons with monkey wrenches in hand. Brandon Darby should be honored as a hero for what he did..."

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