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Boom Boom Yeah, Brad Neely
Brand-new nutterness from Brad Neely
DAILY Screens  May 6, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...Austin-based animator Brad Neely has had Warner Bros. on his back (for screening Harry Potter with his own fast-and-loose-with-the-facts narration) and the viral masses at his feet (for his giddily nonsensical Founding Father rap, "Cox & Combes' Washington": "he had a pocketful of horses/ fucked the shit out of bears")..."

Dark Side of the Potterverse
Brad Neely's 'Wizard People, Dear Readers' and the volatility of artistic alchemy
Screens Story  July 23, 2004, by Spencer Parsons
"...The God-Wheel of Fate has stopped for all these kiddies on Yes! Yes to life! And yes to magic! – Brad Neely, Wizard People, Dear Readers..."

The Present Beware! The Future Beware!
Austin animator Brad Neely drinks beer, hates British children
Screens Story  June 13, 2008, by Spencer Parsons
"..."He'll save children/but not the British children." My conversation with Brad Neely at Crown & Anchor just keeps coming back to his annoyance with iconic British kids from movies, and the more beer we consume, maybe the less we know what we're trying to get at. Between that and distractions from the jukebox, it's worth asking whether the Crown makes the worst – or maybe the best – venue for this interview...."

Warner Bros.: Avada Kedavra, Healy
'Wizard People, Dear Readers,' Brad Neely's wonderfully wacked-out homage to 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,' is no more
Screens Story  April 1, 2005, by Spencer Parsons
"...A little less than a year since the first public screenings, Warner Bros. has called the kibosh on performances of Brad Neely's Wizard People, Dear Reader, though no official legal action has been taken, and none appears imminent..."

Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation 2007
The boys are back with their hyper-filthy animation show.
Film Review  January 19, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...What about this year's films? Frankly, like every year's films, it's a schizophrenic, scatologic mishmash. There's the good: the Sad Little Stars' music video for "Don't Fuck With Love" and Brad Neely's genius presidential rap "Washington" (sample lyric: "On a horse made of crystal he patrolled the land, with a Mason ring and schnauzer in his perfect hand")..."

Splash Town
Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers dive into Adult Swim
Screens Story  May 23, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...Brad Neely has had Warner Bros. on his back (for producing an alternate narration for the first Harry Potter movie called Wizard People, Dear Reader) and the viral masses at his feet (for his giddily nonsensical Founding Father rap, "Cox & Combes' Washington": "He had a pocketful of horses/fucked the shit out of bears")..."

Cartoon Networking
Locals finding success at
Screens Story  July 20, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...That's a load of crap, as anyone who's seen Brad Neely's groundbreaking animated video for Cox and Combes' tune George Washington knows full well: America's premiere prez was "6-foot-8" and "weighed a fucking ton." Also, he had many, many penises...."

We Have Met the Future, and It Is Us
Film on the Web, part II: the movies
Screens Story  March 9, 2007, by Spencer Parsons
"..."I feel like the mushroom cloud of the Internet hasn't even disappeared yet, and we're still in the blast of ground zero of that, and who knows what kind of mutations we'll all have before we can see it for what it is." Brad Neely is the first one I decide to bug about all this. His alternate soundtrack to the first Harry Potter film, Wizard People, Dear Reader, brought him early recognition, and at 21/2 hours, might have the longest running time of any viral success on the Internet..."

AFF: Titans of TV vs. The Online World
Comparing notes between the Titans of TV and The Online World.
DAILY Screens  October 22, 2008, by Belinda Acosta
"...Is it too much to ask that a product that hits the screen actually be up to speed when it gets there? Shouldn’t the “growing” be occurring elsewhere? For an engaging and forwarding thinking view of TV and other televisual experiences, The Online World Panel hit the spot. Bill True (moderator and screenwriter), Todd Berger (The Googling, Kung Fu Panda), Chris Hyams (BSide Entertainment),and Brad Neely (online animator) spoke animatedly of the future of online entertainment, and the potential for content creators and viewers alike. “The sky might be falling further than we want it, but it will never hit the ground,” Neely said of the current media climate..."

Hysterical Historical
On the Beaton path to old school lulz
DAILY Books  September 30, 2011, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...That's an excellent metaphor ... *makes note* A metallurgist, that's what Hark! A Vagrant's Kate Beaton is: She mines the well-known, more popular parts of world history and uses an obscure smelting process known as car-too-ning to transform ancient ore into nuggets of comedy gold. Who knew that George Washington and Franz Liszt and Marie Curie and JFK and the fictional creations of the Brontes (and the Brontes themselves) were such potential gems of hilarity? (Well, okay, Brad Neely knew that about George Washington..."

Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation 2008
Another compilation of old and new animated spectacles guaranteed to rot your eyeballs.
Film Review  February 8, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...Now, too, edgy animation sites like give budding Ralph Bakshis the world over a direct line to massive online audiences. (Weirdly, two Super Deluxe-affiliated shorts, Brad Neely's transcendent, absurdist "Washington" and Bob Ray's reverse-Darwinian "Ape Shit," are also part of Spike and Mike.) There are, actually, a couple of gems here: Plug Ugly Films' "We Live on Your Street" is just flat-out cool, utilizing a spiral-bound notebook as the background for some seriously manic stop-motion animation and the Willowz zippy suburban-punk anthem..."

Audiences Shouldn't Act So Jaded
Postmarks  November 15, 2013
"...Although I couldn't see the crowd, I imagine that's why XXYYXX exclaimed at one point “everyone is fucking boring,” why the Polyphonic Spree had to beg the audience to sing along, and why Cut Copy had to ask if anyone was dancing. The sad scene brought the words of Brad Neely, penned here in Austin, to mind: “The crowd is half-frozen and unresponsive..."

Wendy Wagner: Look to the Left
Wendy Wagner's cartoonish world celebrates escapism from the doom of cancer to a world of positivity
Arts Review  March 8, 2013, by Caitlin Greenwood
"...From the beautiful paintings to the "Flying Snouts" beanbags that sit on the gallery floor, the entire exhibition feels like a Pee-Wee's Playhouse-Brad Neely hybrid. And yet, even with its obvious influences, the show feels wholly unique..."

Stage, Left: Exit Josh Meyer
The co-honcho of Rubber Repertory heads for Hollywood
DAILY Chronolog  May 14, 2012, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...I think it'd be fun to live here." And I think maybe the first forty times I said that, she got mad and told me not to say that. Because it seemed like false promises, maybe? But when it became obvious that I wasn't joking, it also became obvious that we were going to get back together. Brenner: And why had Michelle moved there in the first place? Meyer: Mainly to do voiceover with Brad Neely..."

After a Fashion
Stephen is hitting the holiday-party circuit with a vengeance and a few hotties on his arm
Columns  December 14, 2007, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...But 'tis the season for getting tarted up and going out. Went to the Octo Happy Hour fashion show and cocktail party at Estilo on Wednesday, escorted by the dashing Gabriel Jason Rodriguez, where bon vivant John Livingston introduced me to a woman named Neely who has a sister named Jennifer, astoundingly both named after characters in Valley of the Dolls..."

Then There's This: Overlooking the Springs
A planned subdivision and code conflict spawn enviro headache
News Column  January 17, 2014, by Amy Smith
"...Last month, before the holiday break, city environmental officer Chuck Lesniak told the Environmental Board – which had requested a briefing even though it wasn't scheduled to hear the case – that he determined the development wouldn't be held to SOS standards based on previous city decisions on nearby developments, including Zilker Terrace. The mere mention of Zilker Terrace reminded Board Member Mary Ann Neely how much she loathes that development, a sentiment shared by neighbors because of the flooding problems it created during and since its construction..."

After a Fashion
Columns  December 17, 2004, by Stephen MacMillan Moser
"...For the foreseeable future, however, rest assured, we have plenty of candidates – probably enough to fill the next 75 years of such programming. So you'll be dead and gone before they run out; though I'll still be like Neely O'Hara: "Young as springtime and twice as fresh!"..."

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