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With Boyhood, filmmaker Richard Linklater paints his masterpiece.
Film Review  July 18, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The development of personhood as it is experienced – day by day, year in and year out – is the subject of Boyhood. In this sense, Richard Linklater has created the ultimate coming-of-age film, one that transcends the usual constructs of the genre, which often posits one big event or trauma as the kick-in-the-rear that propels a character toward maturation or a greater sense of the world beyond oneself..."

Austin Film Critics Name Boyhood Best of Year
AFCA celebrates locally made Linklater film with four awards
DAILY Screens  December 17, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...The Austin Film Critics Association has given Richard Linklater’s Boyhood top honors in its annual critics awards. A special honorary award went to the late (and formerly homeless) Gary Poulter, who delivered a stunning performance in David Gordon Green’s Joe..."

The Good Eye: Boyhood, Girlhood, Personhood
Lorelei's girlhood in dad's Boyhood
Columns  February 5, 2015, by Amy Gentry
"...Lorelei Linklater was my favorite thing about Boyhood. The director's daughter played main character Mason's older sister, Samantha, from age 9 to 21..."

Austin Film Critics Pick Boyhood
AFCA showers Linklater favorite with four awards
Screens Story  December 18, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The Austin Film Critics Association this week voted Boyhood as the Best Film of the year. Richard Linklater was also named Best Director for his innovative drama in addition to Boyhood taking two other awards – Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette and the Best Austin Film award for movies shot by local filmmakers – in addition to topping the critics' combined Top 10 list...."

Boyhood Nominated for Six Oscars
Academy singles out Linklater, Adair, Arquette, Hawke
DAILY Screens  January 15, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...Not so this year. His Austin-made Boyhood, a deeply personal project about an evolving family filmed over the course of 12 years, earned six Oscar nominations..."

SXSW Film: 'Boyhood' Red Carpet
March 9, 2014. 7 photos.
PHOTO GALLERY  March 10, 2014

The Time of Their Lives
Richard Linklater and Ellar Coltrane reflect on the 12 years they spent making 'Boyhood'
Screens Story  July 17, 2014, by Dan Solomon
"...So busy, in fact, that even though he lives in the Austin area, the only chance we have to talk for a major profile in his hometown's weekly paper is an hourlong phone call while he's on an airport layover in New York. He's got a movie – Boyhood, his 18th feature film in his 25-year career – that the entire world is fascinated by..."

Golden Girl
In 'Boyhood' and beyond, Austin native Zoe Graham acts naturally
Screens Story  July 24, 2014, by Cindy Widner
"...After "Scenes," she played a character dubbed Wants to Leave Country in Karen Skloss' segment of Slacker 2011, and at the age of 15 nabbed the part of Sheena, the high school girlfriend of Mason (Ellar Coltrane) in Richard Linklater's Boyhood. Next up is a small part in Rudderless, William H..."

Bringing It All Back Home
Texas Film Awards adds Boyhood to roster of honorees
DAILY Screens  January 21, 2015, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...As the Austin-made Boyhood continues to earn praise and honors on the awards circuit (six Oscar nominations and three Golden Globe wins, among many others – and still counting), the Texas Film Awards has announced that Boyhood will be treated to a homecoming at the gala as the recipient of the Variety Creative Impact in Cinema Award...."

The Year in Film
Austin Chronicle critics throw in for Boyhood
Screens Story  December 31, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Before the usual charges kick in about local boosterism, which arise whenever any of Richard Linklater's projects receive hometown recognition, I'd like to repeat the observation that Boyhood has been named Best Film by a vast number of national critics' groups, received several Golden Globe nominations, and is considered a top contender for Oscar nominations in numerous categories. Although only four out of six Chronicle critics put Boyhood on their Top 10 lists, the four who did listed the film as their No..."

Australian surfer dudes come of age in this literary adaptation.
Film Review  June 15, 2018, by Steve Davis
"...Set in a western Australian coastal village during an unspecified time in the Seventies, the movie is narrated by a grownup Bruce “Pikelet” Pike (played as a teen by Coulter) looking back on his boyhood friendship with the daredevil Loonie (Spence) and the mentorship offered by the quietly charismatic Sando (Baker), a former professional surfer who teaches his two eager students how to ride the swells and experience “the hand of God.” The film’s aquatic scenes (superbly filmed by water cinematographer Rick Rifici) are both exhilarating and humbling; you get the rush of excitement the boys feel while riding the gigantic waves that Sando affectionately calls “Old Smoky.” But the narrative takes an unexpected shift after Sando and Loonie abruptly leave town to pursue the Indonesian surf, leaving an abandoned Pikelet to deal with Sando’s emotionally and physically scarred wife Eva (Debicki), a woman drowning in her own sadness. As odd as it may initially seem, The Endless Summer becomes Summer of ‘42, and Breath reveals itself to be the coming-of-age story it’s been all along...."

Last Flag Flying
Three veterans embark on a road trip in Linklater's latest
Film Review  November 10, 2017, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Sal and his buddies may have had much of the spit and vinegar knocked out of them over the years, but they’re still standing and seeking to find their grooves within the contours of time. In Last Flag Flying, Richard Linklater – the director of Slacker, the Before trilogy, and the 12-years-in-the-making Boyhood chronicle – resumes his romance with the mysteries of time and maturation..."

Cop Car
Two boys go on the lam in Kevin Bacon's cop car
Film Review  August 7, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...That’s what keeps you edging forward in your seat and choking on your popcorn. Think of it as a freeze frame from Boyhood gone haywire..."

Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott's Road to the Stars
This film is a behind-the-scenes document of Richard Garriott's quest to be the first second-generation astronaut in space and the actual journey.
Film Review  January 20, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...A self-made gaming mogul with a flair for theatricality buys himself a $30 million ticket to space via a Russian Soyuz craft. Sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, no? In fact, that’s Austin’s own impresario of the eccentric Richard Garriott, whom Austin's Beef & Pie Productions followed as he trained for a year to fulfill a boyhood ambition of following his father, Spacelab’s Owen Garriott, to the stars...."

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Bieber Fever strikes the cineplex.
Film Review  February 18, 2011, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Through their commentary, we can begin to glimpse the machinery behind the Bieber phenomenon, but Braun is the only one who exudes any inclination toward hucksterism. We hear from Beiber’s grandparents, see him with his boyhood friends in Canada, witness the prayer circle prior to every performance, glimpse inside the tour bus, and observe a lot of backstage footage of Bieber goofing around as the 16-year-old kid he was at the time of the filming..."

Till Human Voices Wake Us
The past casts shadows that threaten to envelop the present and consume the future in this debut feature from the writer of The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Petroni takes...
Film Review  March 28, 2003, by Marc Savlov
"..."Hell is other people," Sartre famously wrote in one of his more forgiving moments, but he may have been slightly off the mark: Hell, as a matter of fact, is watching Petroni’s immensely promising film shudder to a halt midway through, as it veers between a series of beautifully realized flashbacks to the protagonist’s childhood and the film’s modern-day story in which psychotherapist Dr. Sam Franks (Pearce) revisits his rural Australian hometown following the death of his father and discovers (or perhaps doesn’t – Pearce’s blank expressions give less than nothing away) the reincarnated vision of his boyhood sweetheart..."

Big Eden
The instant he returns home to his boyhood cabin in the sylvan hamlet of Big Eden, Montana, Henry Hart (Gross) jumps out the back door and into the glassy lake...
Film Review  September 7, 2001, by Marrit Ingman
"...Starring: Arye Gross, Eric Schweig, Nan Martin, O'Neal Compton, Louise Fletcher, George Coe, Tim Dekay and Corinne Bohrer. The instant he returns home to his boyhood cabin in the sylvan hamlet of Big Eden, Montana, Henry Hart (Gross) jumps out the back door and into the glassy lake behind the house, fully clothed..."

The Quarrel
Based on the story My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner by little-known Yiddish author Chaim Grade, this Canadian film by Israeli director Cohen comes across as a sort of vituperative, Jewish...
Film Review  June 25, 1993, by Pamela Bruce
"...While waiting for a friend in the park, Chaim Kovler (Thomson) -- a Holocaust survivor who fled his native Poland, and is now a writer living in New York -- spies a group of Orthodox Jews performing the New Year's custom of tashlich (which is the symbolic “casting away one's sins” from the previous year) near a large pond. The rabbi in the group looks familiar to Kovler, and as fate would have it, he is none other than Kovler's oldest friend -- and bitterest enemy -- from his boyhood, Hersh Rasseyner (Rubinek)..."

Dreams are capricious things, as apt to menace as to amuse, and I don't know anyone who can claim to have tamed them. But writer/director Jean-Claude Lauzon has managed to...
Film Review  May 28, 1993, by Hollis Chacona
"...Likewise, Léolo's perpetual writing, rather than a release, becomes a captor of a different sort, entombing his spirit forever within the pages of a spiral-bound notebook. The dream, at the outset an amusing if painful boyhood view of a family's eccentricities, turns nightmarish with all the carnal, savage play of a psyche that's slipped its leash..."

The Sandlot
The movie is a grown man's memory of his first, awkward summer in a new neighborhood in 1962 and the importance of baseball as a bonding activity.
Film Review  April 9, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...But if the adult reflection seems occasionally phony, the children never strike a false note. They are a grand collection: natural and without artifice as they experience the twilight of boyhood..."

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