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Not Just Dance
Moving Into New Forms at the Performing Arts Center
Arts Story  October 31, 1997, by Stephanie Beauchamp
"...The version coming to the Bass Concert Hall features seven dancers and four singers accompanied by three visible keyboardists, one of them Glass. They play out the story of Paul and Liz, a brother and sister who live in a dream world of their own until Paul falls in love with someone other than Liz and his sister can't handle it...."

Natural Born Leader
Mayor Hits the Ground Running His First 100 Days
News Story  October 3, 1997, by Kayte VanScoy
"...Watson told city staffers that the almost adversarial nature of the relationship between them and council would no longer be endured: cooperate, or else. Garza says Watson's knack for building council consensus makes the job of implementing policy worlds easier..."

Slouching Toward Iambic Pentameter
Recent Poetry From the Bottom Up
Books Story  August 1, 1997, by Phil West
"...At first read, his barbed tongue and fearless writing style might be unsettling, but it's just that quality of shake-up that makes Chin such a rewarding poet to stick with. Whether it's the metaphysical bedroom politics of "Flesh/Wound," the displacing, normal-world-is-weirder quality of "Sold," or the tumultuous ranting laments of "Pisser," Chin finds beauty in vulgarity and parades it like a peacock..."

Twin Town
Produced by Andrew MacDonald and Danny Boyle -- the pair who brought us Trainspotting and Shallow Grave -- this feature debut by former documentarian Allen is a drug-fueled, nihilistic, free-for-all...
Film Review  June 20, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...The others are Julian (Evans) and Jeremy (Ifans), a pair of glue-sniffing, bong-sucking, blonde twins with the combined mental prowess of a tractor, who, despite their overriding interest in car theft, plan an elaborate revenge scheme against Swansea top dog (and star roofing contractor) Bryn Cartwright (William Thomas). Also on hand are the twins' slag sister Adie (Scorgie), who works as a receptionist in a massage parlor by day and provides discounts to Greyo on the side by night; Bryn's daughter Bonny (Evans), an aspiring karaoke singer and the secret lover of Dai Rees (Hibbard); and a host of other notables, including a pair of not-long-for-this-world family dogs..."

Cyber Swindle
Beware the Net Racket
Screens Story  January 24, 1997
"...While most Internet schemes are just nuisances, the MLMs are a truly frightening group of scam artists. The World Plus Group uses the following introduction to its service: "This important information should be printed out so you can truly comprehend the marketing concept we are about to reveal to you..."

Run, Max, Run
Columns  January 17, 1997
"...The WoD has jailed more blacks than whites. America has ranked first worldwide in incarcerating its citizens. Prisons are our fastest-growing industry, attributable to the WoD...."

Keep On Shoppin'
Wheatsville Calls on Old Friends to Stay Afloat
News Story  November 8, 1996, by Amy Smith
"...Eighteen months ago, Whole Foods chairman John Mackey ferreted his troops out of their humble hovel at 12th and Lamar and marched them down the street to slicker quarters and a new dress code in the trendy business hub at Sixth and Lamar. A chain-reaction of supermarket reshuffling followed citywide, giving local foodies the best of both worlds -- good eats at competitive prices...."

Ale's Well That Ends Well
Changing Tides
Food Story  July 19, 1996, by Patrick Earvolino
"...Even after the War of Independence, Americans continued to make ales exclusively until 1842, when the famous beer of Pilsn, Bohemia (known in the United States as a Pilsner) was introduced to the world. Unlike the dark, heavy ales of the time, this new beer -- a lager style -- was crisp and golden..."

Land for Water
The city is asking voters to send more money to a little-known program that protects Barton Springs
News Story  October 25, 2018, by Lindsay Stafford Mader
"...Still, he says, this work is rewarding. "It has really changed my outlook on the world – both work colleagues and landowners are willing to give so much to protect a natural feature for citizens who may never know their names or roles..."

Gay Place
The Great Show brings modern cabaret to Austin
Columns  April 5, 2018, by Sarah Marloff
"...Boiz in Space! Blast off with out-of-this-world kings. Tue., April 10, 9pm..."

Q&A: Gloria Steinem
Activist icon is the 2016 Liz Carpenter Series Lecturer on Wednesday
DAILY Arts  September 12, 2016, by Jessi Cape
"...Steinem’s 2015 book My Life on the Road details her decades of travel and how conversations change the world, and the recent paperback release (Random House, $18) features a new chapter, “Secrets.” The Chronicle caught up with the powerhouse by phone to chat about her friendship with Carpenter, her views on the expectations of Trump v. Clinton, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and what she orders on her pizza...."

Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Shot: Sarah Silverman
Giving voice to the most vile thoughts
DAILY Arts  November 11, 2013, by Greg Beets
"...Little things mean a lot in Silverman’s world. From a brief montage clip in the movie Baby Boom where Diane Keaton takes a baby’s temperature, Silverman extrapolates a strange lady inserting a glass tube full of mercury into a baby’s bottom under the pretense of art..."

Doug Sahm & Band, The Sir Douglas Band
Music Review  December 15, 2006, by Margaret Moser
"...The results floundered below the charts but outlasted its contemporaries with tracks like the anthemic "Is Anybody Going to San Antone?" Likewise, Texas Tornado blew in from the Southwest and further marked Sahm's direction with the post-hippie groove that was his hallmark ("San Francisco FM Blues," "Chicano," "Someday"). It introduced "Texas Tornado" to the world as well, the song whose title became his nickname, the old sonuvagun..."

deEP End
deEP End
Music Review  July 21, 2006, by Audra Schroeder
"...Ol' Bill Callahan hasn't made much of a squeak since he moved here, but his latest Drag City offering, Rock Bottom Riser, revisits last year's masterful A River Ain't Too Much to Love, starting in the delta blues of the title track. The best song is "I Feel Like the Mother of the World," redux from River as well, if only for the invective Callahan delivers (war: bad) through clenched teeth..."

Day Trips
Blessed Mary's in Groom: home to the righteous cheeseburger
Columns  March 3, 2006, by Gerald E. McLeod
"..."They've fed a lot of hungry people," he says, referring to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. "I'm just their worldly salesman."..."

Lone Star
Another man in black: Kris Kristofferson
Music Story  February 24, 2006, by Andy Langer
"...That was his last big public speech. Here's a general and Republican president warning us about the world we're now living in..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  July 11, 2003
"...Ditto for our downtown, restaurants, shopping malls, and freeways clogged with traffic. Our airport could be anywhere in the world except for a few Texasy accoutrements tacked on to the structure and some local restaurants plopped inside..."

Dancing About Architecture
More club shakeups, this time Ruta Maya and possibly Stubb's
Music Column  January 11, 2002, by Ken Lieck
"...For its part, the band's label Elektra Records tells the Chronicle that the band is not kaput, merely "on hiatus" while Rhett Miller records a solo album for the folks at AOL-Time Warner. Considering Miller's account of being at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center attacks in Rolling Stone late last year, the onetime Texan should have plenty to write about when it comes time to record..."

City on Fire
Food Story  August 26, 1999, by Robb Walsh
"...In my first article for Chile Pepper in 1991, I called Austin the hot sauce capital of the world. San Antonio challenged that assertion, and that is how the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Contest was born..."

Making Lists
Books Story  December 31, 1998, by Dick Holland
"...What really dates Range Wars are University of North Texas professor Jim Lee's search for a Texas literary arbiter to fill Dobie's shoes and a mopey piece contributed by Denton writer Clay Reynolds based on his perception that the Austin/San Antonio literati hog all the glory. Looked at now, the objects of Reynolds' paranoia have all but disappeared: The Texas Monthly mafia has disbanded, most of the promising Austin fiction writers have quit to vie with each other for screenwriting gigs, and serious writing of most kinds in this part of the world has moved to the newly established creative writing programs in Austin and San Marcos...."

Frankenstein's Dad
Screens Story  December 31, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...BC: You have to remember that for Whale in the Thirties it was actually pretty good, almost for the opposite reason, because it was so closed then. Hollywood back then was just kind of this sophisticated little village compared to the rest of the world, whereas now I think Hollywood very much reflects the rest of the world..."

R Is for Rerun
Screens Column  May 29, 1998, by Margaret Moser
"...Larry Sanders (Garry Shandling) and producer Arthur (Rip Torn) squabble over whether or not Larry should sleep with his guests. It's truly remarkable how un-great the world is when the seasonal network ratings sweeps are over..."

Cowboys and Controversy
Kyle Henry and the Texas Documentary Tour
Screens Story  May 8, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...photograph by Todd V. Wolfson Austin filmmaker Kyle Henry's hour-long documentary American Cowboy - which screens next Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse as part of the ongoing Texas Documentary Tour - takes a look into the world of gay rodeo competitions, and in particular the trials of rider Gene Mikulenka, a Houston-based, semi-closeted rodeo star with more on his mind than just busting broncs..."

Oumou Sangare UT Hogg Auditorium Thursday, November 6
Music Story  October 31, 1997
"..."My mother was the first wife of my father, who had many wives, and I saw how she suffered in this situation. I will fight right to my death to end the suffering of the women in Mali, for the rights of African women and of women throughout the world."..."

What Price Baseball?
The Rangers Ain't Gonna Like This, Yogi
News Story  June 20, 1997
"...Over the past few years, the value of the Rangers franchise has surged, in large part because of the lucrative arrangement the team made for the Ballpark at Arlington. After the stadium was completed in September 1993, the team's value jumped from $106 million to $132 million, according to the annual assessment of major league sports franchises done by Financial World magazine..."

Gabriel Over the White House
Screens Story  November 1, 1996
"...Gabriel Over the White House (1933) concerns a William Randolph Hearst-like figure who snags the Oval Office in 1932 and is about to slather it in sleaze -- getting in bed with all his bidness buds and a mistress -- when a near-fatal car accident (which he causes himself) brings about a conversion. El Prez awakes from a coma obsessed with Reform and uses his executive powers in ways FDR never dreamed to defuse the Depression (!) and blackmail other nations into world peace (!!)..."

Texas Beer Guide
Foam on The Range:
Food Story  July 19, 1996
"...Founded in 1909 by Czech and German farmers longing for old-world beer, the brewery brought Kosmos Spoetzl in as brewmaster, to this, the home of the popular Shiner Bock. Survived Prohibition by producing near-beer and ice..."

Coach's Corner
Columns  June 14, 1996, by Andy "Coach" Cotton
"...Only Cowboy fans groan about not beating teams by enough points. Yet this arrogant, obnoxious Cowboy point-of-view is propagated to the world by TV commentators, offended the Bulls didn't live up to the hype these same purveyors of pabulum created..."

Final SXSW List: No. 10
Nas, Vince Staples, Lucius, and 198 more
DAILY Music  March 4, 2016, by Kevin Curtin and Raoul Hernandez
"...Many notables listed on the final cull pull from the vast and varied world of hip-hop: cuddly producer DJ Khaled, south London rap collective Section Boyz, Beat Junkies originator J Rocc, Stones Throw Records pillars Peanut Butter Wolf and Homeboy Sandman, Mike Zombie (producer of Drake hit “Started at the Bottom”), A.Dd+ member Slim Gravy, Toronto-sourced crowd pleaser Tory Lanes, and mental rapper Kool Keith...."

SXSW Announces Midnighters and Shorts
Henry Rollins, Jeremy Sisto join horror lineup
DAILY SXSW  February 10, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...The list is dominated by world premieres, but there are a couple of Sundance alums, including the highly touted post-apocalyptic BMX actioner Turbo Kid. "We fell in love with that before Sundance picked it up," said Neece..."

Food Issue Extra Helpings: Picking
What could possibly be the reason for the way I eat?
DAILY Food  February 19, 2014, by Jordan Gass-Pooré
"...Picky eater. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “picky eater,” it’s more that I have a refined palette that has been shaped by my experiences as an only child, growing up in a world of Eurocentric adults whose taste buds had been hindered by decades of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol...."

Day Trips
Bracken Bat Cave outside of New Braunfels is home to the world's largest bat colony
Columns  June 15, 2012, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Bracken Bat Cave outside of New Braunfels is home to the world's largest bat colony and is open to the public for a trial period on weekends this summer. There are so many bats emerging from the opening at the bottom of the limestone sinkhole that they show up on weather radar...."

9/11 Doubter Selling His Book Online
Postmarks  September 23, 2011
"...23] left out the most unbelievable part of the story. This is what happened after the hijacked planes hit in particular the towers of the World Trade Center, despite the FBI's and CIA's advance warning that it was going to happen. What happens to each of the towers that had been hit by planes? Why, they stood less than two hours and then fell down..."

College Assistance Appreciated
Postmarks  August 19, 2010
"...You mentioned that one would have to be dancing with pixies not to appreciate the skills of electricians, car mechanics, or plumbers. I dance with pixies and little people, Ed, and I am in awe of people in those trades, the ingenuity of others, and their efforts to improve our world and their lives. All of the professions you mentioned happen to be so dominated by men that my attempt to enter their ranks as a single mother involved the use of psychological crowbars, luck, dodging harassment, begging, etc., and would likely require time in a trade school to succeed without a decent mentor..."

Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse
Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse has perfectly made drinks, a solid selection of fish and steak, as well as an ambiance that suggests Joe and Marilyn are nuzzling in the next booth
Food Review  June 27, 2008, by Wes Marshall
"...To evoke the luxury of the post-World War II era, the snazziness starts from the moment you enter. Inside, they've given more than half of the space to a gorgeous bar, full of leather and dark wood..."

Stabbing, stealing, and another weekend in the blazing Texas heat: What the @$%@# is wrong with you people?
Music Column  November 4, 2005, by Christopher Gray
"...Bayou City Blues After a solid month of the most incredible baseball the city of Houston had seen since the Bad News Bears broke training in the Astrodome, the Astros finally ran out of gas against the Chicago White Sox in the World Series. They did it in true Astros style, losing Game 2 in the bottom of the ninth on a walk-off homer by light-hitting outfielder Scott Podsednik and Game 3 – the longest game in Series history – in the 14th on another dinger by Geoff Blum, whom the Astros traded to Tampa Bay two years ago for Game 4 starter Brandon Backe..."

Smog Reviewed
Music Review  July 1, 2005, by Christopher Gray
"...This river is, as many others before it, a place of great beauty, hidden strength, and spiritual rebirth: "Say Valley Maker" equates death with a dried-up river, while "Rock Bottom Riser" uses the river as a way to both cast off and reforge familial bonds. Flush with vivid imagery of abandoned wells, thorny brambles (sometimes tangles with pornographic magazines), and sleeping horses, River also weaves subtle social comment ("I Feel Like the Mother of the World"), an ancient folk song ("In the Pines"), and playful humor ("The Well") into its rich rural tapestry..."

'Statesman' Gets Creative
'Statesman' explores new ways to spark circulation and revenue, often taking a pickax to traditional Ad-Editorial boundaries in the process
News Story  April 29, 2005, by Kevin Brass
"..."I think the industry has to move the market, to some degree, to readership," Laosa said. "We've done fairly well compared to the rest of the world when you look at our readership numbers."..."

Austin @ Large: Money for Love
There's a word for that sort of thing. It starts with an 'F.'
News Column  December 17, 2004, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...Certainly not great news, but that's still less than 10% – even Freescale doesn't really know – of the company's actual Austin workforce of more than 6,000, which is more than a quarter of its worldwide headcount; more Freescalers work in Austin than in any other city. (About 3,500 work in Phoenix, which is where Motorola's chip division was first formed in the Sixties and then based until 1997.) Losing those jobs, or to be precise more of those jobs – after the layoffs of the bust – would genuinely suck..."

Twisted Logic on Housing
Postmarks  September 22, 2003
"...Don't pay Austin that $8, SOA and you fine City Hall. Why should Austinites pay and continue to supply free Austin-burgers to the Wimpys of the world? Sixty percent of the American work force is said to be "blue collar" workers..."

Letters at 3AM
With inaction, inattention, cowardice, and stupidity, Americans are watching tyranny take shape in plain sight before our eyes, while the overwhelming majority say and do nothing.
Columns  June 28, 2002, by Michael Ventura
"...Americans sat mute as President Bush, on June 1, announced that it will be the policy of the United States, against international agreements to which America has been a signatory for more than half a century, to strike first whenever and wherever he sees fit. What's happened to Congress having sole power to commit our military to war? What's happened to Congressional oversight? Where is there a hint that this government owes its citizens and the world proof before embarking upon drastic acts? Where is there any consideration of Jefferson's words: "a decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that they [meaning Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Franklin, Adams, etc.] should declare the causes which impel them ..."? Jefferson then gave a long list of specifics which accounts for the bulk of our Declaration of Independence...."

Gin And Condoms Everywhere
Memoirs of a Slam Poet
Books Story  August 14, 1998, by Wammo
"...I've seen teams howling with laughter, knowing full well that the poet onstage making the audience crack up is putting them out of the running. I've seen poets from all over the world, some clothed, some naked, jump into an indoor hotel swimming pool, much to the chagrin of the management..."

Growing Up in Public
Richard Linklater's Road to The Newton Boys
Screens Story  March 27, 1998, by Louis Black
"...Linklater's films are an attempt to understand the growing-up process. Not simply in terms of adolescent angst, but more as to how, in a world full of choices, we decide who we are going to be (or don't decide)..."

Screens Story  March 20, 1998
"...Okay, it's stretching things a bit to say that Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (D: Russ Meyer, 1971; with John Lazar, Pam Grier, Edy Williams, Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers) is a rock & roll movie, but hell, it's great anyway. It's the story of the Carrie Nations, a phony-baloney all-girl band, and their fast, fast rise to the top of the music world..."

Dancing About Architecture
Taking a P in the Snow
Music Column  December 26, 1997, by Ken Lieck
"...There's already talk of another exclusive track going to Pop Culture Press for a free flexi, and Gershon says the band has already written a great deal of material for their next album. For now, though, the band has three Texas dates set for January (including a big one at Liberty Lunch on the 23rd) before being sent off in February to, as Gershon puts it, "tour the world for the rest of their known lives." Again With the Ringing In and Out Thing..."

Kaplan Crunch
Will Private Firm Put the Squeeze on Public Education?
News Story  December 12, 1997, by Lisa Tozzi
"...Wounds from last year had barely scabbed over when news began to spread that ACC's new president -- Fonte -- was tinkering with the developmental studies program yet again, perhaps by contracting its tasks to a private company. Clearly, there is hardly a word more controversial in the world of public education than "privatization." More and more frequently, and often under the auspices of "education reform," school administrators from the elementary level on up are looking seriously at what private companies have to offer..."

Haitian Vacation
AMOA's Downtown Exhibition Offers a Cool Getaway
Arts Story  June 6, 1997, by Rebecca S. Cohen
"...Jasmin Joseph's pastel animals (Haitian giraffes and penguins?), Daniel Orelus' Crocodiles, and Pierre Edugene's Le Saveur de Monde (Savior of the World) hint of tales told to children late at night. They are both scary and amusing..."

Arts Review  May 16, 1997
"...There is a magic zone that happens every night between 2am and sunrise. The rest of the world is asleep and their prying eyes are shut..."

Ticket to Ride
The Daytrippers' Filmmaker Greg Mottola
Screens Story  April 25, 1997, by Marc Savlov
"...She's insane. So, that turned out to be incredibly fun, and I think she really enjoyed working with Parker and Hope Davis and Liev Schreiber, because a lot of the stuff she does now is, you know, TV stuff, and that's a different kind of world...."

Glass Half Full Theatre's Polly Mermaid: Apocalypse WOW!
This playful eco-fable by Caroline Reck and Indigo Rael creates a surprising plastic paradise under the sea
Arts Review  May 31, 2018, by Robert Faires
"...Mind you, she shouldn't be. Plastic in the world's waters is worse than unsightly; it's vile and a grave threat to aquatic life..."

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