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Downtown's Promise
News Story  October 3, 1997, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...However different the crossroads may be, the directions provided by Austin's R/UDAT navigators are largely the same. The R/UDAT is not a planning team; its purpose, at least in Austin's case, was to sort through the mountain of plans and proposals advanced over the years to make (in the words of the original 1991 report) "a good downtown into a great downtown," as befitting Austin's self-appointed status as one of the world's great cities..."

Fox Faux Pas
Staffing Changes and Low Morale at Fox-7 News
News Column  September 26, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"...The strategy was always to sell the station, Coppin says, so budget cuts took precedence over quality. Argyle did sell the station in April of 1995 to New World Communications Group, Inc., which was bought by Rupert Murdoch's Fox last January..."

Roger's Right Hand
The Byrds' Legacy
Music Story  June 27, 1997, by Tim Stegall
"...The resultant sonic emissions were practically all overtones, pure harmonic ring. It jacked straight into the adrenals, sounding for all the world like one of the six ways God intended Man to play the electric guitar...."

Christopher Isherwood
The Diaries
Books Story  April 4, 1997, by Clay Smith
"...In turn, Isherwood's diaries distill a reader's understanding of his fiction, open up the German and British exile and expatriate world of Los Angeles from the early Forties until Isherwood's death in 1986, and show a thinker who, though Auden admiringly found him "the cruelest and most unscrupulous person he had ever met," experienced friendships with a warmth diametrically opposed to the coldheartedness many intellectuals, whether through pretense or ideology, harbor. And their publication refutes the cogency of a typically axiomatic statement T.S..."

Contradictions Exposed
Columns  January 10, 1997
"...Back to the world of illusion; of care taking, of work, of comfort and pleasure. The middle world of time and measured space...."

Being Charlie
Rob Reiner directs this addiction drama written by his son Nick
Film Review  May 13, 2016, by Kimberley Jones
"...Surely the personal element is what drew him to this latest project, an addiction drama about hitting bottom, written by Reiner’s son Nick and Matt Elisofon (they met in rehab) and loosely based on Nick’s struggles to get clean. Nick Robinson (Jurassic World) plays Charlie, bopping in and out of rehab programs and full of rage at his father David, an actor now campaigning for the governorship of California..."

Med School Campaign Goes High-Speed
The campaign for a UT-Austin medical school accelerates
News Story  October 12, 2012, by Mike Kanin
"...We take you to the voting booth on Elec­tion Day. You've clicked your way through the presidential race; the congressional, state, and judicial contests; and those handful of local elections (perhaps even a MUD or two), and are one of the very patient few who've made it all the way down to the various charter change questions and bond issues at the bottom of the ballot.*[See note below] Now, you wade into the confusing world of "approved ballot language," where – though Central Health has done its level best to describe the benefits of what it is proposing – you'll still have to translate the words "ad valorem tax rate" (i.e., property taxes) and the fact that said proposed rate "exceeds the ad valorem tax rate most recently adopted by the district by $0.05 per $100 valuation."..."

Our readers talk back.
Columns  June 13, 2003
"...Third World Texas..."

Big River: Pleasantly Adrift
Arts Review  July 29, 1999
"...To live in a world of prison bars. Everywhere you look, your gaze is met by row upon row of rigid, unyielding lines..."

Blank's Slates
Screens Story  June 17, 1999, by Anne S. Lewis
"...Les Blank is a man of few words and many films. Something of an anomaly -- or maybe just an old hippie -- at 63 with over 30 documentaries in the can, he's still single-mindedly panning the world through a camera viewfinder, looking for revelation and celebration in life's quirky, telling detail..."

Just Your Average Stiff
Screens Story  June 3, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...I make no pretense that what I'm doing is real. An agent of ours, Irvin Shapiro, a guy who helped us sell Evil Dead around the world, said that there's nothing real about movies..."

Day Trips
Columns  May 20, 1999, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...In this self-contained universe, the paths lead through traditional gardens fed by splashing fountains and a collection of some of the most beautiful plants in the world. On the edge of the traditional flower beds and scenic locations favored by wedding photographers is a lawn that looks more like a playing field..."

Tasting Defeat
Music Story  January 21, 1999, by Andy Langer
"...Along those same lines, Nelson is just as reluctant to discuss why it took him seven years to put out his ironically titled debut, The Last Hurrah. In Nelson's version of a perfect world, you'd buy his album for the music and he'd get to leave what he calls "The Sad Tale of Beaver Nelson" untold...."

Buried Alive
The "Freedom Flotilla"
News Story  December 18, 1998, by Lisa Tozzi
"...Espinoza once gave another prisoner his shoes off his feet. The prisoner was being released that day, and had no shoes to tread into the outside world in..."

As Queer As It Gets
Christian McLaughlin, the Balzac of Melrose Place
Books Story  June 12, 1998, by Clay Smith
"...And writing about trash is far different than merely writing trash. Setting out to write a novel that is meaningful but trashy is just plain sad; writing a novel that is knowingly trashy may be unquestionably escapist, but it opens up an entire world that in the case of McLaughlin is ripe for satire..."

Day Trips
Columns  May 8, 1998, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Ranch west of town. Kerr County became one of the first counties in the state where goats and sheep were raised on a large scale, prompting the town to lay claim to being the "Mohair Center of the World."..."

Women Who Run With Warrior Princesses
Reneé O'Connor ROCs
Screens Story  February 13, 1998, by Kate X Messer
"...Every legend, story, myth, belief.... The real history of the world was recorded long ago by a young writer who traveled the globe with a fierce warrior, creating and recording history as it really was..."

Seeing Stars
A Constellation of Latin American Drawing Shines at UT
Arts Story  February 6, 1998, by Rebecca S. Cohen
"...It is the curators' intent, by using these guide words, to encourage yet another level of investigation of this hugely intriguing exhibit. Whether you opt for a more scholarly or gut-level approach to the work, don't pass up the opportunity to see an exhibition heralded by The New York Times last May as one that affirms art's potential to "affect the ways lives are lived and the world is shaped."..."

Production Row
The Downtown Film Scene
Screens Story  January 30, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Moving just to the other side of I-35, one finds the cavernous 501 Group (501 N. I-35), where Dallas export and new executive producer George O'Dwyer heads a team of wildly creative artists and editors on some of the most powerful equipment in the field of post-production, including Quantel Suites Henry V4, the single best effects editor in the world...."

Top Ten Art
The Best Art Shows in 1997 That I Never Reviewed
Arts Story  January 9, 1998
"...The works of Philip Trussell. I know I've repeatedly sung his praises, but why stop now? Most of you have probably not seen the work of this amazingly talented and prolific local artist because he generally only shows once a year -- a self-imposed rule born of his distaste for art world politics..."

Crossing Paths
The Black Cat Clan
Music Story  December 26, 1997, by Ken Lieck
"...As it turns out, reality is a much different beast than image, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better example of a "mom and pop" -- not to mention "son and daughter" -- business in today's world of corporations and chains. Papa Paul Sessums started the original Black Cat a dozen years ago as an offshoot of what he calls "Austin's oldest Lebanese bar." Taking over evenings at the bar, Sessums brought in live music, nurtured the nightclub atmosphere, and was going full steam ahead by the time he opened the Black Cat proper six months later...."

Marvin's Metamorphosis
From Communism to Conservatism, Olasky Comes Full Circle
News Column  December 19, 1997, by Lee Nichols
"..."I think I had been reading, when I was 13 or 14, H.G. Wells' History of the World, [which was] based on a thoroughly atheist conception, and that made a lot of sense to me..."

Music Story  December 12, 1997

Fractured Fairytales
The Songwriting Castle
Music Story  October 17, 1997
"...There are others on the train bound for the castle, however; about eight of us -- a third of this sessions' group -- spread throughout the train. Imagine the cross-country meet-your-new-roommates road trip marks the beginning of every MTV Real World season and you've got some idea of this caravan of idiocy...."

Music Reviews
Music Review  November 3, 1995
"...If Harper's ambitious debut, Welcome to the Cruel World, too often drowned its lyrical depth in faux musical simplicity, Fight for Your Mind is redemptive in how much Harper's learned about acoustic extremes, emphasizing every transition from whisper to growl and profound love to reactive anger. And although Harper's band is more than capable of groove, Harper's a subtle one-man show that puts the cocky Jeff Buckleys of the world to shame in how gracefully he conveys a range of emotion -- not just vocally and lyrically, but even in the deep resonance of his instrument of choice, the traditional Weissenborn..."

Chucky Blk Mines Blk Gold
Poetic rapper explores Austin’s gilded Eastside in new video
DAILY Music  June 4, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...“It’s an ode to black people,” he explains. “In this world where people are constantly trying to degrade us, where we live with a president who’s openly okay with the KKK and black people are being shot down every day, it’s so easy to feel like you’re not worth anything..."

SXSW Q&A: Wyclef Jean
“I am the most famous Haitian in my century, right?”
DAILY Music  March 19, 2015, by Nina Hernandez
"...the late Nelson Mandela that I got to spend time with. As the world looks at politics and history, 100 from now when the kids look back on this, what I would like them to remember is the story that will be told of the man who was a Fugee and decided he was going to try to go into politics to change his country...."

Estate Sale Roundup: May 29-31
Get your loot while the sun shines – we're estate sailin'.
DAILY Design  May 29, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...Take a Trip around the World, Day 2 There is plenty of furniture and collectibles left, and most of it will be marked down 50% this weekend: Black fabric sofa, loveseat, and chair with gold trim; two black and gold side tables; black and gold sofa table; brass tray table; Italian wood and velvet chair; vintage wooden desk; antique sofa table; iron and glass bakers rack; large metal medieval knights and two swords; sewing thimbles; antique wood pedestal, claw foot table, and four chairs; lighted display cabinet with leaded glass doors; antique round glass display cabinet; lighted corner display cabinet; two side chairs; dining table with glass top and four Henredon upholstered chairs; wooden quilt rack; marble-top plant stand; antique wooden chest of drawers; mid-century wooden side table; antique wood-inlay side table; set of antique stained glass doors; stained glass double window and wood frame; antique hatchet; selection of vintage jewelry; several plaster columns. Cash and credit cards with ID are accepted..."

A Conversation with Nick Cave
SXSW panel reviews
Music Story  March 15, 2013
"...Cave described the death of his father during his troubled adolescence as "one of those moments when the bottom of the bag drops open and everything falls out." For early influences, he mentioned David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and, especially, The Johnny Cash Show: "There was something kind of evil about him, something dangerous, and I responded to that." On his working methods, Cave noted, "I don't know a good lyric from a bad one until I start singing it. The editing process is the most important part of the process for me." Asked about his penchant for storytelling, he commented, "The imaginative world ....."

TXRG Goes Nonprofit
Flat-track derby league to 'focus on training rather than worrying about bottom-line profits'
DAILY Sports  February 18, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...Ask pretty much anyone in the flat-track Roller Derby world about the Texas Rollergirls, and after they mention how they pretty much invented the modern sport, and after they mention what a dominating force they tend to be on the track, they'll often mention the generosity they show in helping other leagues and spreading the joys of Roller Derby...."

Letters @ 3AM
Elation is complicated. It can be joy, but it can also be terror – and it can be both, and more
Columns  September 14, 2007, by Michael Ventura
"..."And suddenly I felt a weird elation. We were completely cut off from the world..."

Eating Out
Crude comedy of sexual errors falls flat.

Film Review  May 27, 2005, by Marc Savlov
"..."Maybe they’d lighten up if I told them I was into orgiastic splendor." Bad dialogue like this isn’t easy to come up with and when, later in the film, the Caleb/Gwen/Marc trio finally get it on in one of the most teasingly snooze-inducing threesomes since Jack met Janet and Chrissy, it’s all one can do not to wonder when and how gay comedy so fully misplaced its sense of humor. Brocka previously helmed the animated Spike & Mike favorite "Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World," which used the vastly more emotionally engaging medium of Lego toys to milk laughs from a far wittier script..."

SXSW Picks & Sleepers
Music Story  March 16, 2001
"...B-MOVIE RATS: Ugly as they can manage, middle finger flying in the face of the world, L.A.'s B-Movie Rats make punk rock the good ol' nasty way -- loud, fast, and senseless. Hailing from the land of style over substance, this old-school outfit wallows in the haze of neither..."

Cross Examination
An El Paso medical supplier says the American Red Cross took part in an illegal scheme to ship medical supplies and other goods into Mexico without paying import taxes, and conspired to keep it a secret even after he was wrongfully imprisoned as a direct result.
News Story  February 25, 2000, by Kevin Fullerton
"...By his own account, Gilbert Andrews would rather be kicking through piles of junked hospital gurneys and X-ray equipment than preparing for a legal showdown with one of the world's largest and most revered charitable organizations. But to Andrews, the bold crimson insignia most people associate with lifesaving heroes has become a symbol of corruption, a Red Cross he bore for eight months while struggling to extricate himself from a Mexican penitentiary. In 1998, the talk radio airwaves buzzed with the story Andrews was telling from a prison pay phone in Mexico: how a used medical equipment dealer had unwittingly become entangled in a smuggling operation run through the Red Cross chapter in El Paso, and how the charity had left him to rot in a Third World jail cell rather than admit to the fraud they perpetrated upon him...."

Plunkett & Macleane
I always worry when a film's press kit trumpets the director's grand work in the world of television commercials; it seems to me that's something you'd want to cover up,...
Film Review  October 1, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"...Starring: Ken Stott, Michael Gambon, Liv Tyler, Alan Cumming, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle. I always worry when a film's press kit trumpets the director's grand work in the world of television commercials; it seems to me that's something you'd want to cover up, like a past flirtation with Coors Light or a passion for Judd Hirsch films..."

Still Pissed
Columns  July 8, 1999
"...44]. It is a real coup for Austin to have this world-class singer, composer, and poet perform here..."

Dylan Plays Vegas
Columns  July 8, 1999, by Michael Ventura
"...Drive this desert and see otherworldly shapes everywhere: volcanic formations -- underwater volcanoes, most of them, from when Nevada was ocean. Only 130 miles northwest, about 370 million years ago, a comet two-thirds of a mile wide struck that ocean..."

Tarnished Legends
News Story  July 8, 1999, by Mike Butts
"..."To attack football is to attack the major exhibit of the masculine view of the world; it would be much more strongly resisted than an attack on the church or most other American institutions." --Gary Shaw, Meat on the Hoof..."

Canis Interruptus
The Applicants
Arts Story  June 17, 1999
"..."And if we don't get it this year," Neulander concludes, "we'll try and get it next year. The amazing thing about the city is that they will fund you year after year after year; there's no foundation in the world that will do that." The Panelists Lois Jebo..."

Little Inklings
Books Story  April 29, 1999, by Clay Smith
"...Perhaps the oddest experience in reading Windfall is getting hooked on the book while simultaneously acknowledging that its plot must be one of the world's oldest. A whole other conversation with Magnuson about suspense, and the subtlety required to sustain it, would be fitting for a book this genuinely thrilling, but I wanted to ask Magnuson, who is the author of six previous novels and has been the director at the Michener Center for five years, about the inherent paradoxes of writing a thriller whose protagonist is a professor...."

Meatier Media Moments
The News at Nine
News Column  January 7, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...Jim Hightower is gone again: In 1997, we celebrated Jim Hightower's arrival on Austin's airwaves. After a year of broadcasting from Threadgill's World Headquarters in downtown Austin and appearing on about 100 stations around the nation but not in Austin, the former Texas Observer editor and Texas Agriculture Commissioner had finally picked up a local carrier..."

Lone Stars Rising
The Lady Rancher: From Hogs to Boll Weevils
News Story  October 16, 1998, by Robert Bryce
"...(A section of 26th Street is named after him.) Political and legal discussions were an integral part of Rylander's upbringing. And she has definitely made her mark in the world..."

Six-String Reverb
In the Beginning ...
Screens Story  September 18, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...One of the most unique things in the world of the Six-String Samurai is the samurai himself, Jeffrey Falcon. Part Buddy Holly, part Mad Max, and part nanny, Falcon takes a broadly drawn character with a Schwarzeneggerian minimum of dialogue and makes it come alive..."

Burn, Aspen, Burn
Chasing Celebrity With a Basic Cable Nobody at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
Arts Story  March 27, 1998, by Brad "Chip" Pope
"..."Chip" Pope "jamming" with new "bud," "French" Stewart A few weeks ago, I thought, "Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if I could build a bridge between myself ó a basic cable nobody ó and some bona fide 'A-List' celebrities?" I mean, you rarely see Tom Cruise hanging out with Up All Night's Rhonda Shear. So far, my only contact with "TV stars" consists of working with Howard Kremer, Laura House, and our other co-stars on MTV's Austin Stories (Wednesdays and Sundays, 9:30pm)..."

Badder Than NAFTA
Treaty Would Give Global Powers Free Rein in U.S.
News Story  March 13, 1998, by Cheryl Bishop
"...With a congressional okay and a stroke of the presidential pen, multinational corporations could have the same legal standing as nation-states, including the power to sue national governments for passing legislation thwarting the corporate bottom line. The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), currently being negotiated by 29 of the wealthiest countries in the world, is the next big leap toward the ultimate goal of one large global market unimpeded by the "inefficiencies" of government...."

Featuring Texas
Films From Around the State
Screens Story  March 13, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Producer Jason Lyon notes that Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me explores not only the arcane world of Houston's upper caste, but also the close relationship between Tessa and her father. "The film tackles both subjects, actually..."

To Preserve and Protect
The HRC's Texas Dante and India Alice
Books Story  February 27, 1998, by Clay Smith
"...The text came to the HRC when it acquired the Warren Weaver Collection of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in November 1969. Weaver (1894-1978) was the world's most prodigious collector of Carroll, whose actual name was Dodgson, memorabilia..."

Top Ten Stage
Top Ten Theatrical Experiences of 1997
Arts Story  January 9, 1998, by Robert Faires
"...Dripping water. Dancing around, on, and with these inanimate entities, as well as with each other, Gaelen Hanson and Dayna Hanson expanded our sense of how we relate to the world and people around us and crafted a witty and haunting movement drama of a guest whose visit casts an ineffable spell on her host...."

Arts Review  December 19, 1997
"...Which book? Ah, obviously you haven't been paying attention to this particular journey called Flame Failure. For the past eight months, the characters in this serial from the Downstage Players have been looking for the book, a tome that contains all of the world's knowledge — past, present, and future..."

Football Behind Bars
Field of Dreams Offers Young Offenders Second Chance
News Story  November 7, 1997, by Robert Bryce
"...He plays defensive end and offensive guard. "I played sports when I was in the free [world]," says Donald..."

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