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SXSW Showcase: Fathers & Sons
Tuesday, March 12, 8pm, Saxon Pub
Music Story  March 8, 2013, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Perhaps the sleeper showcase of SXSW takes place in South Austin at the home of a knight of the round table. A single grouping with four of the best songwriters this state ever produced tallies its own raisons d'etre, particularly when it stars two Flatlanders (Butch Hancock, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and even money Joe Ely shows too), one True Believer (Jon Dee Graham), and another flatlander in multimedia maven Terry Allen, whose new disc Bottom of the World rides to heaven and hell and back..."

SXSW 2012 Film Lineup Announced
'21 Jump Street' selected as Centerpiece Film
DAILY Screens  February 1, 2012, by Kimberley Jones
"...NARRATIVE FEATURE COMPETITION This year’s 8 films were selected from 1,112 submissions. Each film is a World Premiere...."

Cofer Exits City Council Race
"This is not the right time or right race for me"
DAILY News  January 28, 2009, by Lee Nichols
"...For any disappointment, any inconvenience I may have caused, I am truly regretful, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me that so many people gave me their trust and support; I hope that I can continue to demonstrate that your confidence was not misplaced, and that the values we share are always worth fighting for...."

Court 6: Bouncing Balls of Joy
Arts Review  February 27, 1998
"...While Kalinoski develops Seta and Aram fairly well through narration and actual dialogue, the text keeps dipping into a big old bag of clichés, such as the story of Vincent, played by Brandon Howe, an orphan who needs a family and is befriended by Seta. This and other gee-willikers moments just don't ring true and continually kick the audience out of the reality of the world the playwright has worked to create..."

Sing Globally,...
As the One World Project Turns
Arts Story  April 18, 1997, by Robert Faires
"...illustration by A.J. Garces Remember that Coke commercial in the Sixties, the one with all the shiny happy people standing on a hilltop harmonizing? "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." -- that's the one..."

Three Standout Queer New Year's Eve Events
Because we all fought for our right to party this year
DAILY Chron Events  December 26, 2017, by Sarah Marloff
"...The cover says $5, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Garcia points out that the event supports Austin's POC communities and says she and DaVaughn planned Delicious "to end this crummy year on a high note and forget the state of the world for just one night.”..."

SXSW Panels: Food and Technology
More highlights from the 2017 food track
DAILY Food  March 13, 2017, by Emily Beyda
"...Spira's Elliot Roth and Peer-to-Peer Probiotic's Prateek Garg talked about the ways in which issues surrounding global malnutrition can be addressed using microbial fermentation. As Roth enthusiastically put it,“ We’re talking about a world with infinite food, where you don’t have to worry about where your nutrition is coming from.” Childhood narratives such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs are appealing because humanity is entranced by not having to worry where our food is coming from, but they are also emblematic of our own vast overproduction of food..."

Live Election Coverage
Is it over yet?
DAILY News  November 8, 2016, by the News Staff
"...Furthermore, I strongly believe in the inherent rights of all – including women, LGBT and minorities. The world needs more love and less hate – almost as badly as Austin needs real transportation solutions..."

SXSW Film Announces 2015 Lineup
Circling the Thunderdome
DAILY Screens  February 3, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...Edward’s prof Scott Christopherson’s Peace Officer, while in the Visions category, Ben Powell sets sail with Barge, about tugboat workers, and Sara Hirsh Bordo profiles local activist Lizzie Velasquez in A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story. Switching back to narratives: Bob Byington will world premiere 7 Chinese Brothers, starring Jason Schwartzman and Tunde Adebimpe, and Todd Rohal’s bringing Uncle Kent 2 (the first Uncle Kent being Joe Swanberg’s back in 2011)...."

Austin Film Festival Announces Full Lineup
AFF's finalized lineup
DAILY Screens  September 24, 2008, by Kimberley Jones
"...“Noble Things” (USA, 98 min.) Writers/Directors: Dan McMellen, Brett Moses Cast: Brett Moses, Lee Ann Womack, Michael Parks, Ryan Hurst, Tracy Bird, Dominique Swain World Premiere..."

Every Last Word
Vincent Gallo: The Complete Transcript
Screens Story  November 30, 2007, by Mark Fagan
"...VG: The case business is really a rough world out there. What's so great about the case business is it's one of my best talents, my only talent, my only god-given talent, because everything else I had to overcome my handicaps, my mental and emotional handicaps..."

Tom Waits
Gift Guide
Music Review  December 8, 2006, by Audra Schroeder
"...Orphans is more of Waits' strange fruit: murderers and madmen, petty criminals and wicked women, junk cars and empty bars. The "Brawlers" disc represents Waits' more contemporary recordings: "2:19" echoes Real Gone and "Bottom of the World" waltzes the Pogues' Matilda..."

Sparkling Examples
It's that time of year again ...
Food Story  December 30, 2005, by Wes Marshall
"...This, of course, is a trick question. The people who live in the Champagne district of France believe that any use of their name to describe a sparkling wine from anywhere else in the world is an act of cultural piracy, and they have been quite active in fighting to keep the purity of the name..."

Cinematic Convergence
The 11th Annual Austin Film Festival
Screens Story  October 15, 2004, by Spencer Parsons
"..."A common depiction of chemical dependence is one where a character hits bottom and then sets on a direct path to redemption," notes the director. "But for people suddenly confronted with sobriety, there can be a kind of razor-sharp vision of the world around them that is very harsh, and the difficulty of making that transition can be really interesting..."

This Old Mouse
Facing accusations of market saturation, cultural homogenization, and unethical labor practices, Disney keeps manufacturing the magic … but for how long?
Screens Story  May 10, 2002, by Michael Connor
"...As an Irish-Catholic kid from Boston, I've never been to Disney World. It's just not done..."

Sleigh Ride
Robin Bradford takes a trip back to examine love, trust, and safety.
Features Story  December 24, 1999, by Robin Bradford
"...In the dark pink box of my half-underground room, my hope for our new life had rooted itself. But by leaving its safety, I had become part of the world they created each night..."

The Sweet Science
Columns  February 4, 1999
"...Though Dr. King's message to the world was very pacifistic and nonviolent, for which he is to be eternally commended, Nichols' assumptions as to how King should be appropriately honored are reckless and forgetful..."

There Are No Guidelines
The Sixth Street Sound Ordinance
Music Story  November 21, 1997, by Louisa C. Brinsmade
"..."The city needs to make up their minds about Sixth Street and realize how much revenue it means for them and decide whether we're the `Live Music Capital of the World,' or not," argues Tharp. "This conflict with residents has been going on since I got here [six years ago.] Basically, there are three people on Sixth who are extremely vocal, and seem to run things..."

Paramount Announces Summer Classic Film Series Lineup
See the whole schedule and get some tickets to escape the heat
DAILY Screens  May 16, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...Directed by Michael Curtiz. The world may have changed since 1942, but we’ve always had Casablanca..."

Night Flight Flies Again
Stuart Shapiro resurrects his Eighties underground variety show
DAILY Screens  April 10, 2016, by Richard Whittaker
"...However, Shapiro was thinking differently. He said, "Coming from the independent world, I knew that any independent filmmaker wouldn't just sell his mother but sell anything for $5,000, so I said, 'Hey, give me a little bit of money, and I can buy movies without stop.'"..."

Estate Sale Roundup: November 7-9
Keep on truckin' this week for everything under the autumn sun
DAILY Design  November 7, 2014, by Anne Harris
"...The blueprints are of cars, planes, aeronautical items. Books: Colt – The American Legend by R L Wilson History of the World – 3 book set (1) Earliest Time to the Renaissance (2) Renaissance to WW1; (3) WW1 To Present Day; set of two illustrated Photographic History of the Civil War; Set 5 Illustrated Photographic History of the Civil War; Improvised Munitions Handbook; US musket, rifles and carbines by Col..."

Texas Book Festival Announces Full Lineup
From R.L. Stine to Reza Aslan, 225-plus converge on the Capitol
DAILY Books  September 10, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...More than a few big names from across the world will be joining this year, including the Wall Street Journal's Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O'Connell, who broke the Lance Armstrong doping story; Reza Aslan, a religious scholar and contributing editor for the Daily Beast; and many more, from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings..."

A new art exhibition takes over the space at Congress & Eighth
DAILY Arts  September 6, 2013, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The answer comes from the miscreants themselves: "We are trouble in threes, three tarnished coins in life’s luckless fountain of liquid shit, three rancid jumping-beans rattling around in the tossed and wilted scum-salad at the bottom of the art-dumpster, coming to an end-of-the-world Austin exhibit all too near you."..."

Introducing Infest
Robin Hooding it with the new arts, music, and Shop N Bop club
DAILY Music  April 8, 2013, by Kevin Curtin
"...BR: Well, “do it yourself” can mean many things, and it’s hard in the business world, but it’s about an ethic. For us, it’s making decisions that support our cause and mission, which is to be a home for independent and underground art and music and act as a platform for people to get exposure so they can continue to do their thing..."

2012/2013 Austin Music Awards
Music Story  March 15, 2013, by Doug Freeman
"..."Austin's changed, it's true, but show me what hasn't," challenges Alejandro Escovedo on "Bottom of the World" from last year's Big Station. As he took the stage with Wild Seeds and fellow True Believers Jon Dee Graham and Javier Escovedo to open the 2012/2013 Austin Music Awards, the cranes and rising skyline of that change towered in reminder outside the Austin Music Hall...."

Shaq's Third Autobiography
Where he reveals he's pretty much the best at everything
DAILY Sports  November 29, 2011, by Will Schmidt
"...First of all, this is the Shaq-Man's third autobiography. The first, 1995's Shaq Attaq!, chronicled his rise to top of the basketball and entertainment worlds..."

'He's Forked Himself'
Our Full conversation with Louis Dubose about 'The Hammer'
News Story  October 29, 2004, by Michael King
"...AC: And DeLay's background, first in the oil field and then in the exterminator world – he seems like that guy you meet on the line somewhere, whose notion of the way the world works from the very day he arrived was, "Fuck all these other people, I'm doing what's best for me." And he's done that spectacularly well...."

A Man and a Half
Hanging with music industry legend Jerry Wexler
Music Story  December 1, 2000, by Raoul Hernandez
"...The Last Real Bluesman. Heart and soul of Austin's music scene for 30 years, beloved around the world..."

Holy Smoke!
The Barbecue! Bible
Food Story  June 24, 1999, by Mick Vann
"...Live fire cooking is the world's first cooking method; it's the easiest and most forgiving, and definitely the most popular way to cook throughout the world. Barbecuing is no slouch in the U.S..."

The Crazies
Screens Story  April 15, 1999
"...Trying to preserve the genre's mythic heritage and totemic powers, he was also incorporating the tales into modern times. In Romero's world we have met the monsters, and they are us..."

Texas VegFest Returns to Austin
Any time a bunch of vegans get together, you can bet it will be a party
Food Story  March 30, 2017, by Alisha McDarris
"...The number of attendees is still growing: Last year, Texas VegFest welcomed over twice as many vegans and vegan-curious as that first year, totaling over 6,000 as visitors from all over the state, country, even the world, paid a visit. This year, even more are expected to attend...."

Paraguayan Youth Band Turns Trash Into Treasure
From the trash heap to the concert hall with Landfill Harmonic
News Story  March 2, 2017, by Richard Whittaker
"...The musicians profiled look like any school band: students in white shirts, black pants and skirts, nervously clutching their instruments. The difference is that these kids were never supposed to have an education – never mind become part of a musical collective that has toured the world and performed before international dignitaries and icons of heavy metal..."

Scorpions – Dynastic Domination
Vinyl reissues tease Germany’s true rulers
DAILY Music  December 2, 2015, by Raoul Hernandez
"...Platinum market penetrator Blackout (1982), its commercial peak follow-up Love at First Sting (’84), and the double live promotion for both, World Wide Live (’85), spin American petroleum product already, but their international counterparts arrive Friday. The latter include the audio content of digital counterparts in contrast to zero extras here, but not the bonus DVDs with tie-in concerts and documentaries..."

SXSW Eco 2015: Racing Extinction
Mass extinction is coming, and we're to blame
DAILY News  October 7, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...The figures are staggering: a 40% decline in phytoplankton populations, 90% of sharks gone, and an extinction rate 1,000 times higher than it should be. The world is going quiet as the song of species after species goes silent..."

DVDanger: Advice to Young Journalists
What cinema tells us about what we expect from the news
DAILY Screens  February 14, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...The end is jubilant, with Stewart (ever the inherent optimist) showing that good journalism will save the day. That's where he and I part ways: He's got too much Frank Capra running in his veins, and the world is often a much darker place...."

Pioneers or Settlers?
Balancing renewables and affordability at AE
News Story  January 15, 2015, by Nora Ankrum
"...In August, news circulated about a UBS Bank brief forecasting the end of "large-scale, centralized power stations" within two decades. Then in September, Citigroup issued a research brief estimating that "renewables with battery storage is due to reach grid parity in large parts of the world within 15 years, which is inside the typical 30-35-year economic lifecycle of utility assets."..."

DVDanger: Identity Crisis
The Double, Filth, and Moebius melt minds
DAILY Screens  August 30, 2014, by Richard Whittaker
"...Make no mistakes: The Athens of the North remains one of the true gems among world capitals, a granite glory on the banks of the Forth Estuary. Yet there's a reason why its natives call it Auld Reekie..."

Love and Death, Underwater
Alison Ellwood's No Limits premieres tonight on ESPN
DAILY Screens  July 23, 2013, by Jessi Cape
"...Hunter S. Thompson) yielded the necessary credentials to participate in the ESPN series, but she was initially far from sold on the idea of making a film about the very painful, very public dive day and all its world-famous controversy..."

Sundance Original 'Rectify' Premieres Tonight
New series tackles crime and punishment in the South
DAILY Screens  April 22, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...With the creators of Breaking Bad producing and Ray McKinnon at the writer's desk, it's definitely a world worth exploring. Just know that the show – like the real-world criminal justice system – may leave you with more questions than answers...."

Olympics Spoiler: U.S.-Canada
Women's soccer semifinal: Hope you DVR'd it
DAILY Sports  August 6, 2012, by Nick Barbaro
"...continued to dominate possession, Canada continued to look dangerous on counters, and only a last-gasp, looping header by the Baby Horse, Alex Morgan, broke the exhausted Canadians' hearts, and saved the Americans from having to depend on a nervy PK shootout to decide it. You may recall that the last one, in last year's World Cup final against Japan, didn't turn out so well. So, onward and upward, to Thursday, the rematch of that WC final..."

Nolan Ryan vs. Nolan Ryan? Only in Austin
Rangers play Express in exhibition game at the Dell
DAILY Sports  March 28, 2011, by Will Eidam
"...In ML3, every player from the Buzz is meant to be portrayed as intimidated by and frightened of playing the Minnesota Twins. From starting pitcher Hog Ellis, who’s afraid to throw inside to slugger Carlos Liston, to catcher Rube Baker**** who has been to the World Series, everyone is nervous about playing the big boys from Minneapolis...."

Bedside Manner: Station to Station
Manga, fantasy, YA, and more
DAILY Books  February 7, 2011, by Jason Stout
"...• Manga-master Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys. A group of kids who grew up together in the Seventies have to reunite and piece together clues from their past to save the world..."

Big Dogs, Young Rebels, and Aging Giants
The Austin promoters who bring the music come in all shapes and sizes
News Story  October 8, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Barring a few quasi-mythical figures such as legendary Live Aid promoter Bill Graham or infamous British promoter Don Arden – dubbed "The Al Capone of Pop" – they're generally written off as the boring business end of the music industry. In Austin, the self-proclaimed "live music capital of the world," audiences are more aware than in most cities about who's putting which bands into what rooms..."

Jonathan Blow Talks Fantastic Fest
Indie gaming stalwart talks ethics, elves, and Braid: The Movie
DAILY Screens  September 23, 2010, by James Renovitch
"...The biggest influence was David Lynch's film Mulholland Drive. It's hard to describe what the influence was, but it has something to do with the intricate structure of the world presented in Mulholland Drive..."

One Step Closer for Marquardt?
'The Great' one dominates at UFC Fight Night 22
DAILY Sports  September 17, 2010, by Richard Whittaker
"...Coming back, everything changed. The Ultimate Fighter happened, the sport blew up just overnight and it's a completely different atmosphere." There's also a learning curve and a change in style coming ("I don't like to fight off my back," he said, "and in today's MMA world to not be in that position you've got to work the takedown defense."), but now that he's back, he said he intends to stay..."

Becoming Herself
What role the 'Universe of Texas' played in the life and art of Marcia Gay Harden
Arts Story  May 21, 2010, by Robert Faires
"...In 2010, she is known to the world as an Academy Award winner, a Tony Award winner, an inductee into the Texas Film Hall of Fame, and a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin, which has a lot to do with why she's been invited back to the Forty Acres this week to address all of this year's graduating students. But in 1980, she was just another student getting her own degree from the Department of Drama (not yet the Department of Theatre & Dance) and wondering what she would do with her life, who she would become..."

A Super Bowl to Remember
Who Dat nation rejoices
DAILY Sports  February 8, 2010, by Mark Fagan
"...The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. The World Cup (which only occurs every four years) would get my vote – but that's a whole 'nother story..."

Keeping Softball Alternative
Local creative types battle it out on the diamond
DAILY Sports  June 5, 2009, by Mike Crissey
"...To Johio’s credit, he did invoke Kirk Gibson before the game in some e-mails among team captains. Gibson is most well-known for hitting the game-winning pinch-hit home run in his only at bat during the 1988 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland Athletics with a stomach virus and two bum legs...."

Toby Futrell Put This Porn on My Computer!
Texas Monthly's Mike Levy tells council what for in EMS porn scandal.
DAILY News  March 13, 2007, by Wells Dunbar
"...They operate from a position of respect, trust, commitment and thrive on the possibilities of possibilities. Change is always part of their world..."

These American Lives
Documentarians Bradley Beesley and Sarah Price root out characters in the Mississippi Delta, the streets of Milwaukee, and, soon, summer camp in Michigan.
Screens Story  March 28, 2003, by Kimberley Jones
"...Not unlike Price, Bridenbaugh is a chronicler of what he sees. But there is something immeasurably sad in the way Bridenbaugh photographs each of the graves in a nearby cemetery (some 700), just to prove a point, or photographs his window -- a picture of the place where he sits and pictures the rest of the world, a world he doesn't have much to do with..."

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