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World Cup Watch
The finals edition
Sports Story  July 12, 2018, by Nick Barbaro
"...We're down to the final two games now, and an unexpected matchup it is, at least for me. Croatia, ranked 18th in the world, and a 35-1 underdog at the beginning of the tournament, came from behind to shock England, 2-1 in overtime in Wednesday's semifinal, a day after France completely stifled Belgium's prolific attack in a 1-0 first semifinal..."

The Luv Doc: Dog Poop, Flop Sweat, and Rotting Salmon
The thin ice of environmental irresponsibility
Columns  February 22, 2018, by The Luv Doc
"...There are a lot of lonely, ostracized people in the world who are walking the walk and doing what's best for the environment. Your boyfriend is absolutely right about the deleterious environmental effects of our national obsession with personal hygiene..."

Meet the Greatest Playing Card Mechanic in Dealt
Austinite Luke Korem spotlights magician Richard Turner
Screens Story  March 9, 2017, by Dan Gentile
"...The techniques on a card table are 1,000 times more difficult than the techniques that magicians use to do magic. There are only half a dozen world-class card mechanics," says Turner, who at age 62 has been performing for more than four decades...."

The Great St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl
Down a stout or four for St. Patty's Day, but don't drink the green beer
Food Story  March 14, 2008, by Wes Marshall
"...The Irish are renowned worldwide for their sly humor, love of a good brew, and kindhearted congeniality. On St..."

I Come From the Water
Sideman / producer Gurf Morlix delivers album number two.
Music Story  February 8, 2002, by Margaret Moser
"...GM: Jacques Cousteau made a map of the bottom of Lake Titicaca on the border between Peru and Bolivia. It's the world's highest navigable lake and really deep..."

Meet the New Boss
The Privatization Route
News Story  January 14, 1999, by Erica C. Barnett
"...With the 76th Legislature just getting going -- the '99 session officially convened this Tuesday -- and the state agencies still in disarray, most state officeholders are still busy sorting through the wreckage and training top-level staff. Although some staffers in the Class of '99 are longtime state agency veterans -- most notably Billy Hamilton, who returns as deputy comptroller under Rylander after a brief foray into the private world -- many are newcomers fresh from the private sector, coaxed by promises of exciting work, networking opportunities, and a chance at public service..."

Full Circle on the Triangle
Back to the Battle Lines
News Story  March 6, 1998, by Mike Clark-Madison
"..."It's ridiculous to argue that there's no market for this," Gilvar says. "There are plenty of real-world examples of developments like this..."

Live Music Recommendations for the Week
Here are a few good reasons to go out on a school night
DAILY Music  April 30, 2018, by The Music Staff
"...Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner ply an electro-folk that falls closer to a total sonic collage. Over the past nine years, Tune-Yards’ output has oscillated wildly from dance floor and world beats to avant-garde punk, Garbus’ voice either soulful or immersed in alien distortion..."

The Horrors of SXSW Can’t Touch Nate Southard
Local screamworthy scribe is sitting, we reckon, on a killer property
DAILY Arts  March 9, 2018, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Listen, when there’s a world premiere of some blood-spattered thriller that Owen Egerton and those relentlessly creative magisters at Rooster Teeth have teamed up to produce, that alone speaks to how robust the SouthBy scene is...."

Page Two: Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
The path to a Republican presidency
Columns  April 7, 2016, by Louis Black
"...A melting pot of people, ideas, beliefs, customs, and cultures where the drive toward social, economic, racial, and sexual identity justice is an admirable goal deeply rooted in the Founding Fathers' formative vision. As Americans we have a moral, philosophical, and ideological obligation to strive for a better, more equitable world..."

We Remember What the Dormouse Said
Ten authors cut you a little slice of their own personal Wonderlands
DAILY Arts  March 31, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...Oh, that wild, strange, and relentlessly delightful novel of lunacy and logic! It was first published in 1865, the brainchild of one Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a multitalented man of letters and photography better known to the living world as Lewis Carroll. Over the past 150 years, the book's narrative course and structure, characters and imagery have been – as Wikipedia rightfully asserts – enormously influential in both popular culture and literature...."

Scott McCloud in Austin with The Sculptor this Weekend
The affable theorist of Understanding Comics waxes all fictional.
DAILY Books  February 4, 2015, by Wayne Alan Brenner
"...The idea for the story of The Sculptor goes way back to when I was very young and still had one foot in the superhero world. And I had sort of this basic sketch of the idea, and it went into this big three-ring binder with all these other ideas I had for comics that I’d like to do someday..."

Soderbergh and IBM's Sense of Scale
Two small-scale projects put film and fiction in perspective
DAILY Screens  May 2, 2013, by Monica Riese
"...We've featured plenty of small-scale film projects over the years, but not this small-scale or paradoxically so big-budget. Some scientists have made the world's smallest movie by pushing atoms around, creating a movie about a kid and his pet atom..."

Twisting in the Wind
Austin Energy is trying to find the right price for renewable energy – but that's much easier said than done
News Story  August 21, 2009, by Nora Ankrum
"..."Everyone knows the state is building transmission lines out to West Texas," Sloan says. "So why in the world do you charge more for a 10-year product than a five-year?"..."

The Town Crier
Oscar Casares dips back into Brownsville for his new novel, Amigoland
Books Story  August 7, 2009, by James Renovitch
"...The collection of short stories isn't a primer to border-town living, nor is it a Winesburg, Ohio-esque statement on the perils of small-town life. Casares wanted it to feel familiar to Brownsville residents, and, for the rest of the world, the author describes his goals this way: "I'm going to bring you home with me, drop you in there, and let you listen to what's going on."..."

Outside the System
Two artists go beyond the gallery walls to find new ways of sharing their work
Arts Story  April 3, 2009, by Andrew Long
"...Systems also act as gatekeepers and without fresh input become lethargic machines. Such could be said about the art world system, long ago clogged with the pursuit of status and commerce..."

Do Shepherds Dream of Digital Sheep?
2178: A digital-music dystopia
Music Story  August 8, 2003, by Michael Chamy
"..."A man's worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes." -- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World2178: An Obstron Odyssey A bead of sweat trickled down Max's forehead. His trixoral levels rose in anticipation as he felt the Obstron homing in on his thoughts..."

Amusing Ways of Life
Three Central Texas traditions continue to make fun a destination.
Features Story  May 10, 2002, by Anne Harris, Ken Lieck and Gerald E. McLeod
"...The carnival is one of the few corners of American leisure to escape corporate pillage. While the rest of the world may succumb to manufactured excitement, so many of Thomas Carnival's contemporaries like Strates Shows and Degeller Attractions in Florida, and the Bates Brothers and Gambill Amusements in Ohio, still operate as small businesses run by multi-generational families who live, work, and travel this authentic, American life on the road..."

Going the Distance
Screens Story  June 3, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...He has risen from rural poverty in Ethiopia and broken world records at every track distance from 2,000 to 10,000 meters. And not just broken them, but completely smashed them, lowering them not by fractions of a second but down to times considered unthinkable even a decade ago...."

Is the Constitution Just a Screenplay?
Columns  January 21, 1999, by Michael Ventura
"...Bush to Bill Bradley, crows their passion for "a free market economy." That's a code phrase meaning: Our biggest corporations can do whatever they want, anywhere they want, with minimal interference from government or citizens. Now the $100 billion "defense" buildup becomes more clear: The United States wants an economically strong Europe to play "free market" footsies with, but does not want serious competition for world resources, and is willing to back up what it wants militarily..."

When the Furies Sing
Columns  January 7, 1999, by Michael Ventura
"...the first that these young can give real thought to ... you have to face the young and know that your generation hasn't stopped it, and that this is the world, or part of the world, you're handing on to them ....."

Polling the Poleyard
Questions Abound on Downtown
News Column  March 6, 1998, by Kayte VanScoy
"...Although city hall insiders say that clubs bumped from one location could simply pick up and move, Henry shares the concerns of Liberty Lunch's owners that the cost of moving their businesses to another location downtown makes relocation a "dicey proposition." He points out that when the Electric Lounge began five years ago, it was an abandoned warehouse in a forgotten part of downtown. "To go and do that someplace else just doesn't exist," Henry says, adding, "For years I felt safe, I felt like the city government really believed that this was the live music capital of the world..."

Into the Woods
Cherrywood Neighbors' Journey of Change
News Column  February 27, 1998, by Mike Clark-Madison
"...The compact-city debate has special meaning in Cherrywood, probably modern Austin's first example of an infill neighborhood. The surrounding residential areas - Hyde Park, Hancock, and Ridgetop to the west, and Blackland, Swede Hill, and Chestnut Hill to the south - were all developed, at least in part, before World War II, when most of Cherrywood was still raw land outside the city limits...."

Wayne Kramer Still Kicks Out the Jams
MC5 founder talks politics, prison, and the art of double guitar solos
DAILY Music  September 24, 2018, by Kevin Curtin
"...Austin Chronicle: When Kick Out the Jams was recorded in 1968, young people believed they could change the world. Do you think young people feel that way today?..."

Point Austin: The Struggle Continues
The Poor People's Campaign renews the long-term fight
News Column  June 14, 2018, by Michael King
"...Human Rights Council. His findings, about the self-defined wealthiest country in the world, were stark: "About 40 million live in poverty, 18.5 million in extreme poverty, and 5.3 million live in Third World conditions of absolute poverty." A Time for Solidarity..."

The Full Monty
With the release of 'RWBY,' Monty Oum is officially Rooster Teeth's rock star
Screens Story  July 19, 2013, by Dan Solomon
"..."Haloid" runs nine minutes and features impressive computer animation – the pair battle dozens of enemies at a time – and a surprisingly deft hand for storytelling. While the thrill of seeing the two worlds collide will be lost on viewers without an emotional attachment to the franchises, it's a well-structured piece of narrative animation with dramatically satisfying reveals and fun character moments, despite the lack of dialogue..."

The Food Issue: When Vegetables Aren't Enough
John Mackey, “Conscious Capitalism,” and the Ideology of Food
DAILY Food  June 12, 2013, by Michael King
"...One of the best-known gastronomes in town is of course Whole Foods Market founder and now co-CEO John Mackey, who’s among the most prominent vegans in these parts, a diet to which he in large part attributes his good health, slim figure, and mostly sunny disposition. In his latest book, Conscious Capitalism, he credits a stern talking to from an animal activist for turning him finally away from meat and all its byproducts; and like many of his kind – retail entrepreneurs as well as food enthusiasts – he’s a proselytizer, not content to rest on his own considerable accomplishments as a supermarketer, but determined to bring his spiritual enlightenment to the world...."

SXSW: The Champ Is Here
WWE superstar John Cena muscles into Interactive
DAILY SXSW  March 9, 2013, by Richard Whittaker
"...He is the face of modern professional wrestling, but in this tech-heavy crowd, he freely admitted: "We're in a weird business. We're in the world of entertainment, and the world of sport."..."

Voyage to the 'Hearts of Dorkness'
Patrick Read Johnson and the strange oddysey of 5-25-77
DAILY Screens  July 1, 2012, by Richard Whittaker
"...They said, 'We love this, it's great, we're going to get it into theaters, we're going to get you $500,000 to do the final music and final visual effects.' Wow, this is going to be beautiful and amazing. Cassian Elwes, the biggest film sales agent in the world was repping it, and all of a sudden the bottom fell out of the economy, and William Morris was gobbled up by Endeavor, and suddenly the biggest film sales agent in the world was out of a job...."

The Hightower Report
Foreclosing on Renters; and The Olympics: Let the Spying Begin
News Column  January 18, 2008, by Jim Hightower
"...Ponzi schemes are illegal – unless they're being run by Wall Street bankers and delivering fat profits to some of the world's richest speculators. Then, such scams are legal, unregulated, and have respectable banker monikers like "subprime mortgage pools."..."

The Hells Angels Hit
Anthony Benesh was shot down by a sniper – the suspects, and theories, are legion
News Story  May 19, 2006, by Jordan Smith
"...Police say it appears that Benesh was attempting to start a Texas chapter of the Bandidos' California-based rivals; more importantly, sources say, Benesh was proceeding with the plan without the permission of the Bandidos' leadership. In the exclusive and secretive world of the nation's most notorious motorcycle clubs – the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws, and Pagans are the four largest – Benesh's actions would indeed cause a stir..."

Beyond the Fatal Shores
SXSW's Aussie and Kiwi invasion
Music Story  March 5, 2004, by Melanie Haupt
"...By and large, trying to launch a career from the world's most isolated continent has its pros and cons. The Australian dollar is worth about 77 American cents, which makes stateside tours prohibitive for anyone who's not Rupert Murdoch..."

Holding Venus
Books Review  August 11, 2000, by Robert Faires
"...Much of the world's true beauty escapes us. We simply don't look hard enough to see it..."

The Last Fool of Chelm
How Nathan Englander Survives His New Fame
Books Story  December 3, 1999, by David Garza
"..."Whether Ruchama [the main character of his story "The Wig"] is wrestling with wearing a wig or not affects a reader that's completely separate from that [Orthodox] world in one way, whereas it might really be an issue to someone else about their own [life]," he says. "It can be in general, say, an issue about a woman's freedom or freedom in general or individual choices of modesty or vanity or beauty, but if you go into a specific community, it can be like, "Someone's wearing a wig, and should I wear it? Or is this guy saying that I shouldn't?' On that level I'm not prescribing anything, but when I show up in certain places, that seems to be on the table."..."

The Singer Not the Song
But the Little Girls Understand
Music Story  June 10, 1999, by Margaret Moser
"...I was so saturated in my fantasy world by the time school started, I began eighth grade speaking with a fake English accent, complete with details gleaned from magazines. I had decided I would be more interesting if I were mysterious..."

Making Hay Out of Y2K
Preparedness 101
News Story  March 11, 1999, by Marc Savlov
"..."All told, I feel like all of this is part reality and part media event and part personal speculation about the end of the world."..."

Readings From the Fringe
Books Review  January 21, 1999, by Mike Shea
"...Those few people and even nonhumans struck by the light acquire an indescribable enlightenment. They become (pardon the hippie sophistry) one with the universe and drop out of mainstream society to commune with other "blues" or simply because they could no longer cope with the world at large..."

Point Austin: Welcome to Media World!
"Alternative" invasion conjures thoughts of contemporary journalism
News Column  July 7, 2016, by Michael King
"...Nevertheless, we gamely muddle along in a media landscape that nobody – from The New York Times on down to the surviving neighborhood listservs – knows fully how to accommodate with "content," nor quite how to effectively "monetize." Plenty of our current readers are default "information wants to be free" folks – understandable enough when you've got the whole world in your smartphone pocket – but from this end of the telescope we're regularly reminded that reporters and writers and artists and production staff and ad salespeople need to eat, clothe themselves, and raise families, too...."

Herb Alpert’s School of Music
Trumpeter’s alums include Waylon, Satchmo, and Karen Carpenter
DAILY Music  September 24, 2015, by Greg Beets
"...His albums with the Tijuana Brass sold millions, but he also became a major force in the music industry itself. Now 80, he performs at the One World Theatre on Monday and Tuesday with his wife, original Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 vocalist Lani Hall..."

The Good Eye: The Pulse
The Good Eye says goodbye
Columns  April 2, 2015, by Amy Gentry
"...Moreover, conventional narrative storytelling demands a hierarchy of roles: leads, supporting roles, minor roles, bit parts, featured extras, extras. The problem is how this hierarchy of roles maps onto a hierarchy of bodies in the world – sometimes in ways that are visible to viewers, like amount of screen time, and sometimes in ways only those in the industry will ever see, in unnamed roles and character descriptions..."

Armadillos to the Highest Bidder
Eddie Wilson banks at Saturday’s AWHQ auction
DAILY Music  January 19, 2015, by Kevin Curtin
"...The founder of landmark Seventies concert hall Armadillo World Headquarters and current owner of Threadgill’s was moved to sell his personal collections, in part, because he needed to move them out of a storm-damaged storage space. He also hopes to finance a new Threadgill’s – possibly in New Zealand...."

Who's That Guy on the TV Set? That's Not the Don I Know!
Winemaker Don Pullum samples 'The Taste'
Food Story  January 31, 2014, by Wes Marshall
"...The Don that I know is a joyful, funny, witty man. Because of our mutual connection to the world of wine, we've known each other for 10 years, and I have seldom seen him without a smile on his face and a word-twisting joke on his mind..."

The Luv Doc: Lutropublicaphobia
Ever enter a public restroom stall that looks like Leatherface just went berserk with a chainsaw on a pile of bloody meat, semen, snot, and excrement?
Columns  November 16, 2012, by The Luv Doc
"...Remember: Just because you're wee doesn't mean your wee has to be. Bottom line, Girl, is that it's a scary world out there, john-wise..."

'The NFL Beat': Punt in an Elevator
Punting it up while we're going down
DAILY Sports  June 21, 2012, by Alex Dunlap
"...You hear sounds from above. Comforting sounds of the outside world..."

Top Chef Texas, Week 12: Attack the Block
It's a head-to-head matchup at the Pearl Brewery.
DAILY Food  January 28, 2012, by Melanie Haupt
"...This week in Padma’s Inappropriate Outfits: While introducing Cat Cora, an Iron Chef and host of Bravo’s new competition show, Around the World in 80 Plates, Padma looks quite comfortable in what is essentially a slightly oversized man’s plaid shirt. She appears to be using a shoelace as a belt, and her feet are shod in black cowboy boots..."

The Urban Experience
Dâm-Funk's intergalactic jam
DAILY Music  March 16, 2010, by Thomas Fawcett
"...At this point, I don’t think they would even want to pass by and acknowledge us because we are so primitive. The reason why I look at things on a galactic level is that I want to emote those feelings out there so that whoever is out there listening will know that someone down here is making music and being creative and treating people the way they should be treated in order to progress to that next level to eventually interact with people that are not of this world..."

Small Sips of Beer News
New local beers bring flavor Austin's way
Food Story  September 12, 2008, by Lee Nichols
"...You also may have noticed that another Shiner has disappeared – that's because Leicht has replaced Shiner Kölsch as its seasonal summer brew. I'm sure the folks at Spoetzl Brewery had financially sound reasons for this move – there is apparently no shortage of people in this world who will drink flavorless, fizzy, yellow water under the mistaken impression that it is beer­ – but speaking on behalf of those who like some flavor and body, the discontinuation of Kölsch is tragic..."

Band on the Run
ACL's battle of the bands, the Sound and the Jury, represents another new paradigm of indie music exposure in the post-label era of the music industry
Music Story  September 14, 2007, by Doug Freeman
"..."Austin City Limits was absolutely huge for us," says Turner as the pair prepares for their second coming at the festival this year. "That was the first opportunity for us to play for thousands of people from all over the world..."

What I Learned at the Dot-Bomb Revolution
Robert Bryce recounts his short, happy career in the Internet wave
News Story  November 30, 2001, by Robert Bryce
"...Sure, the hype about Web sites like and lots of others was overdone. So what? The bottom line is, the World Wide Web is changing our lives in dramatic ways -- and it's not just about buying CDs from Amazon..."

Chapter 4: The Nineties!
March 1991 -- December 2000
Features Story  September 7, 2001
"...The first half of the Nineties is growth, but the second half is explosion. The town grows into a city and then into a big city, known to people worldwide..."

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