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Border Crossing
AFS Essential Cinema presents 3 Mexicanas en Hollywood
Screens Story  December 28, 2007, by Belinda Acosta
"...So it's a treat to see Vélez's first feature film in the series, 1927's The Gaucho, starring the legendary Douglas Fairbanks. It's almost impossible to take your eyes off the charming and agile Fairbanks (here, playing a wily leader of a band of bandits), but Vélez absolutely sparkles, matching him, frame for frame, with her own commanding screen presence..."

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Kirby Warnock's 'Border Bandits' raids the Alamo with the ugly truth of 1915 Texas.
Screens Story  December 3, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...Kirby Warnock's documentary "Border Bandits" examines this thoroughly whitewashed era in Texas history through the eyes and voice of his late grandfather Roland Warnock, who witnessed the murder of two unarmed Hispanic men, 68-year-old Jesus Bazan and Antonio Longoria, by a group of Texas Rangers on Sept. 30, 1915..."

Film News
Making 'Room' for Kyle Henry in Cannes; plus, 'August Evening,' 'Everything in Between,' and 'Dallas'
Screens Column  April 29, 2005, by Joe O'Connell
"...Revolver continues to film and is on the lookout for a newborn baby (vittles-cutting skills optional)… Two documentaries by Kirby Warnock are upcoming on PBS. Look for Border Bandits, which examines alleged killings of two Mexican-American men by Texas Rangers, to air May 16..."

Those Crazy Kids Will Do Anything ...
Arts Story  April 15, 1999
"...THE IMPROV BANDITS John Henry Faulk Living Theatre, Wednesday, April 7..."

Quips & Squealers
Monday, Apr 5
Arts Story  April 1, 1999
"...The Improv Bandits..."

The Bicycle Thief
Screens Story  July 25, 1997
"...But what about darker, more politically oriented classical Hollywood movies that passed themselves off as melodramas, or noirs, or Westerns --anything but what their displaced subject matter subtly articulated? Case in point is 1952's Western Rancho Notorious (D: Fritz Lang; with Marlene Dietrich, Arthur Kennedy, Mel Ferrer), which for a first-time, contemporary viewer should do far more than raise eyebrows. Here's a flick about a mysterious ranch hideout known only to those few in the know as Chuck-a-luck, in which Marlene Dietrich plays Altar Keane, a former good-time girl of the Wild West who runs a ring of bandits given sanctuary at the ranch as long as they give Dietrich the obligatory 10 percent cut..."

The Other Stars in the Galaxy
Screens Story  May 20, 1999
"...BANDITS D: Katja von Garnier; with Katja Riemann, Jasmin Tabatabai, Nicolette Krebitz, Jutta Hoffman, Werner Schreyer...."

Slouching Towards Gomorrah
At the Intersection of Jazz and Lounge
Music Story  June 6, 1997, by Michael Bertin
"...Yet, even if nobody delves any further into the music or buys any CDs, even if it's Absolut and not Blue Note making out like bandits, even if nobody drops a dime into the music once they leave the club, again, the people are there and they are there in large numbers. There is a tremendous opportunity for players to capitalize on this lounge trend, or this contagious pretension, or this synthetic nostalgia and revivalism, or whatever it is...."

Going the Distance
Screens Story  June 3, 1999, by Lee Nichols
"...They have brutal roads, with lots of dead animals and crazy driving. They [the crew's Ethiopian handlers] were keen that we wouldn't travel the roads at night because of bandits, they wanted us to get out before nightfall..."

DVDanger: Mexico Barbaro
Anthology horror from Mexico
DAILY Screens  November 10, 2015, by Richard Whittaker
"...By contrast, Edgar Nito's "Jaral de Berrios" is a period piece of horses and repeating rifles with two bandits in the desert. Bar the gruesomeness of the bullet hole one has in his gut, this doesn't immediately seem like horror fodder..."

A timeline / discography of Doug Sahm
Music Story  November 26, 1999, by Margaret Moser
"...1955 Records his first single, a 78 and 45rpm of "A Real American Joe" b/w "Rollin' Rollin'" (Sarge Records 113) as Little Doug & the Bandits (Reissued in 1975)...."

Day Trips
Columns  November 6, 1998, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Discover the Rio Grande Valley with Time-Life writer Bill Starr in his book of lore and legends of an area crossed by Spanish conquistadors, pirates, bandits, and immigrants for a period of time longer than any other place in the U.S. Historical Tourist Guide to the Rio Grande Valley is a unique guide to an uncommon place..."

Day Trips
Columns  May 15, 1998, by Gerald E. McLeod
"...Up the road from Del Rio, Fort Clark Springs in Brackettville is a frontier fort turned resort. Established in 1852, troops from the fort protected settlers from Indians and Mexican bandits...."

Spanked All Over
Top Ten Environmental Stories of 1995
News Story  January 5, 1996
"...Carbon Dos. It's not a sexy border story like drug running or train bandits, but the pollution continues to belch out of two coal-fired power plants near Piedras Negras, Coahuila, and it has caused visibility at Big Bend National Park to be reduced by almost half..."

My Gear: Mike & the Moonpies
Inside the van of Austin's honky-tonk road dogs
Music Story  August 31, 2017, by Kevin Curtin
"..."I picture it like the vehicle a rapper would buy his mom as soon as he made it big," chuckles bassist Preston Rhone. The resourceful outlaws, whose tour truly never ends, protect their baby from bandits by locking metal boots on it and the trailer's tires while they play...."

Thursday Picks
Music Story  March 14, 2008
"...7pm, Stubb's Co-written and co-directed by Austin's Ellen Spiro and Phil Donahue, SXSW Film documentary Body of War is a postwar portrait of Tomas Young, paralyzed from the chest down on his fifth day of service in Iraq. Kimya Dawson, System of a Down's Serj Tankian, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Brett Dennen, Brendan James, and RX Bandits are all featured on the Young-curated soundtrack, whose proceeds benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War..."

(Re)learning Japanese
One was a hardworking Renaissance man, a student of literature. The other was a hard-living military veteran, a cameraman-in-training who stumbled into acting after his grizzled mug and gruff mien won a talent search. Together, Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune created some of the Japanese cinema's most enduring treasures.
Screens Story  February 7, 2003, by Marrit Ingman
"...The film's most direct descendant is The Magnificent Seven, but it resonates throughout the action and adventure genres: in Reservoir Dogs, in The Wild Bunch, in Delta Force, in countless movies about sieges and soldiers of fortune. (Washington Post critic Desson Howe calls it "the greatest action movie ever made.") A village, beset by bandits, recruits seven ronin for defense, offering food as payment..."

Rory Cochrane in Love & a .45 Love and a .45
Screens Story  November 8, 1996
"...A recent, homegrown addition to a long line of films in the lovers-on-the-lam genre, Love and a .45 is smaller than most; the simplicity of the script freshens a plot we've seen so many times before. This is not to say the film isn't over-the-top in the character department -- following bumbling yet likeable trailer-home bandits Starlene and Watty Watts as they run for the border leaves us laughing even in the face of a considerable amount of violence..."

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