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All Nighter
A father searches for his daughter with the help of her ex-boyfriend
Film Review  March 24, 2017, by Marc Savlov
"...oddballs. Killam and Schaal are among the high points as a manically passive-aggressive couple who attempt to aid Frank and Martin, but as the story moves along and vegan Martin bonds with Frank over Bob Seger and blood-red rare steaks, nothing all that exciting, or even all that wacky, happens..."

This astute Polish ghost movie is an instant genre classic
Film Review  September 30, 2016, by Marc Savlov
"...Expertly calibrated for maximum effect, director Wrona has crafted a ghost story that also serves as a disturbing reminder of the fragility of both marriage and societal bonds. This is that rarest of beasts, a perfectly cast film..."

Herding Council Cats
City Council takes on 103 items ranging from bonds to staff review
News Story  June 23, 2016, by Michael King
"...Judging from the work session, there remains much more to be discussed on the bonds, with the mayor and Council Member Greg Casar advocating most strongly for that $720 million (in different allocations), and CMs Ann Kitchen and Delia Garza most strongly urging caution: They don't want to blow the wad on "mobility" when other needs – affordable housing, parks, libraries, etc. – may come calling for bond work in 2018..."

Queen and Country
John Boorman's follow-up to Hope and Glory observes the same boy who's now a young man
Film Review  April 3, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...Here, he returns to the same character, his sensitive alter ego Bill Rohan, to put down for posterity his two-year conscription into the army in the early Fifties. During basic training, Bill (Turner) bonds with another guy who’s mad about movies, Percy (Jones, a native Texan, though you’d never guess it)..."

2015 Academy Award-Nominated Documentary Short Films: Program A
Program A consists of the two longest doc shorts, and they’re among the best of the batch.
Film Review  January 30, 2015, by Kimberley Jones
"...“Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” is also about human bonds forged, this time between strangers over the phone at the Veterans Crisis Line, which fields some 22,000 calls a month from veterans contemplating self-harm. A riveting HBO documentary directed by Ellen Goosenberg Kent, the film opens with a sobering statistic – 22 veterans a day commit suicide – then zeroes in on the team of people trying, one call at a time, to beat back that statistic..."

Mad genius TV writer Dan Harmon (Community) embarks on a 20-city tour taping his popular podcast in front of live audiences.
Film Review  October 24, 2014, by Kimberley Jones
"...“A human hand grenade with a predilection for pulling his own pin out” (as John Oliver puts it), Harmon lets it all hang out for the camera: his black moods and shame spirals, that devastatingly sharp tongue, and a dizzying number of drinks poured. But Harmontown, a large-hearted film, also illustrates what Harmon calls “the misfit quality” that bonds him to his audience and his collaborators..."

A Great Big Bundle of Rail and Roads
Council moves transportation bonds toward a November vote
News Story  August 7, 2014, by Mac McCann
"...For plan supporters, combining the rail proposal with road investments is an obvious strategy. Jeb Boyt, chair of the Alliance for Public Transportation (APT) and a supporter of the proposal, noted that bundling road and rail together in a transportation bond is pretty standard, and experience has shown that in general, bundled bonds are more successful on the ballot...."

Like Father, Like Son
In this movie from the always perceptive Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, two families are uprooted by the belated knowledge that their babies were switched at birth.
Film Review  February 21, 2014, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...How are bonds forged between parents and children? The old debate between nature vs. nurture rears its noncommittal head in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s 2013 Cannes Jury Prize-winning film, Like Father, Like Son..."

We Are What We Are
This effectively creepy horror story gives new meaning to the family film.
Film Review  October 11, 2013, by Marc Savlov
"...Director Mickle (Stake Land) and co-writer Nick Damici's story is as much about the strangling bonds of family fealty as it is an outright barrage of sideshow shocks. I hesitate to give much more away, but suffice it to say that the Parker clan is a more natural expression of the family’s traditional imperative than anything Tobe Hooper ever conceived...."

Project X
In the vein of John Hughes, this movie celebrates that innocent time of life when a badass backyard party is the ultimate key to social success.
Film Review  March 2, 2012, by Marc Savlov
"...Tonally one of the strangest films of the year thus far, Project X is at heart a John Hughes-esque celebration of that fleeting teenage moment prior to actual adulthood when throwing a badass backyard party could instantaneously elevate your social status, and cement bonds of friendship that would last a lifetime, and get you laid all in one go. Oh, for the days..."

Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell star in this real-life legal drama in which a woman goes to law school in an attempt to exonerate her brother.
Film Review  October 29, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...As such, Swank is well-cast as the movie's working-class heroine possessed of a singular purpose and a strong regional accent: It's the kind of character that won her Oscars for both Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby. Rather than focus on the details of Betty Anne's personal struggle, Conviction spends more time depicting her jailhouse visits with Kenny and recurring flashbacks that help explain the uncommon bonds of loyalty between the two that were forged during their harsh childhood..."

The Lovely Bones
Peter Jackson forgets to imbue his living characters with emotional weight, and instead focuses on this story's visually stylized netherworld between life and death.
Film Review  January 15, 2010, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The storyline is horrifyingly disturbing and by all rights should be a heart-tugger: In 1973, a 14-year-old girl is murdered by a serial killer, and although her body is never recovered, her corporeal presence lingers in the in-between world observing her family. A story about the unbreakable bonds between parents and children, a story about thwarted justice and monstrous revelations is diverted by Jackson into a story about the CGI wow factor of his netherworld..."

More Than a Game
Before joining the NBA, LeBron James was a high school star who climbed the heights with a core of teammates, all of whom are documented here.
Film Review  October 23, 2009, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Basketball superstar LeBron James, who advanced straight from high school to the NBA, appears to be such a natural phenom that it’s almost possible to believe that he sprang from the womb in full command of his abilities. This documentary shows that his achievements are grounded in his Akron, Ohio, background and his bonds to four other teammates and their exceptional coach..."

A Very Special Sine Die
Governor gets all of what he needed, none of what he wanted from special session
DAILY News  July 3, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...However, Perry had asked for four measures to be dealt with: Release the Prop. 12 transport bonds; Set up the Texas Transportation Revolving Fund; Pass the Sunset rescheduling bill; And extend the moratorium exemptions for a handful of private-equity toll roads...."

Special Speedbump
CDAs, Texas Transportation Revolving Fund could trip up the plans to get lawmakers home by Saturday
DAILY News  July 1, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...There was little need to go over the Sunset bill, or the enabling legislation for the Texas Department of Transportation Prop. 12 bonds..."

Special Session Update
What we know so far about round 2 of the 81st Legislature
DAILY News  June 29, 2009, by Richard Whittaker
"...What's in the call? Due to unfinished business, there's a handful of issues Perry wants fixing. Top of the list: The failure to pass the Sunset bills for five agencies and the enabling legislation to release $1 billion a year, starting 2010, in Proposition 12 transportation bonds...."

Marley & Me
Sweet and wise and often laugh-out-loud funny (just like Grogan's book), Marley & Me, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, isn't just for dog people.
Film Review  December 26, 2008, by Marc Savlov
"...Wilson, seemingly fully recovered from whatever personal demons were tormenting him last year, plays Grogan with his usual battered charm, and Aniston, as his wife, Jennifer, is, well, Jennifer Aniston. Ostensibly a story about a mad, bad, dangerous-to-walk dog, Marley & Me has far more to say about the bonds that make up the modern American family..."

God helps a firefighter, played by Kirk Cameron, to repair his marriage.
Film Review  October 3, 2008, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...As soon as he walks in the door after a long day of pulling children from burning buildings, he and Catherine (Bethea) are at each other’s throats, over his selfishness, over her henpecking, over his apparent fascination with pornography (“apparent” only because the script carefully avoids confronting the topic head-on, choosing instead to use the word “Internet” as a stand-in for all things too-icky-to-mention). When Caleb turns to his family for help, father (Malcom), a newly born-again Christian, convinces son to try the Love Dare, a 40-day experiment in altered behavior designed to retighten the bonds of marriage through selfless devotion, faith in God, washed dishes, and a deep appreciation of Bible quotes that are short enough to fit on a refrigerator magnet..."

In the Shadow of the Moon
This documentary is a cheery restorative that recalls hazy memories of America's finest, boldest hour, when we went to the moon, again and again.
Film Review  September 21, 2007, by Marc Savlov
"...(Only the famously reticent Neil Armstrong is absent.) It's easy these days to forget that the entire Apollo space program, begun mere months after John F. Kennedy's inauguration, was born of not only fearless test pilots who displayed Tom Wolfe's innate sense of "the right stuff" but also of horn-rimmed eggheads and whiz kids toiling down in Houston, inventing whole the mechanical devices and contraptions needed to let human beings slip the bonds of earthly gravity..."

Casino Royale
This is the James Bond origin story wherein we get to discover, along with incoming blond Bond Daniel Craig, where 007 got his suave daredeviltry and love of fast cars, vodka martinis, and highest-stakes cardsharpery.
Film Review  November 17, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Bond purists, and those who thought Roger Moore's flip incarnation the height of black-tie panache, will rankle at this film's extended – but necessary for future character development – backstory, which until now is not a phrase I'd have used to describe 007. Unlike the other Bonds, this one feels pain, lots of it, and bleeds a lot of blood, even going so far as to maim his craggy-handsome face and, at one brief point, die outright..."

A Good Year
It's difficult to reconcile this romantic trifle starring Russell Crowe with Ridley Scott, the director who made Blade Runner and The Gladiator.
Film Review  November 10, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...(None of these films, to my memory, featured such a languid pace, so much gustatory deliciousness, or Russell "Put My Call Through Or I'll Brain You" Crowe in a sleeveless V-neck pullover with navy blue piping.) There's nary a trace of doom throughout, unless you count Finney's epicurian Uncle Henry, who cedes his château in Provence to beloved nephew Max Skinner (Crowe). In the time it's taken Max to grow up and move to London, the boy has grown into a louche, selfish, entirely unsympathetic trader of bonds, prone to duplicity, and nothing at all like the brainy young pipsqueak Henry entertained all those summers ago with diluted wines culled from his own vineyards..."

Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads
Austinite Hector Galán’s reverential look at Grammy-winning "Texican" rockers Los Lonely Boys is a document of persistence, passion, and some of the finest rock & roll since Stevie Ray Vaughan’s untimely exit.
Film Review  August 11, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Family patriarch and longtime musician Enrique “Ringo” Garza Sr. and the close bonds of el familia are at the heart of Galán’s documentary, which looks back at the history of Tejano music in and around the San Angelo area – name-dropping old-schoolers like Los Gallitos and Los Tejanos – as well as the Garza boys’ high school love of both the music their father taught them on his knee, literally, and such pop-barrio-culture staples as those zoot-suiter favorites, Stacy Adams shoes..."

Fall to Grace
Shot in Austin with a mostly local cast and buoyed by a fine, evocative score, Fall to Grace is a quiet little ensemble film that pulses with its own unique heartbeat.
Film Review  June 16, 2006, by Marc Savlov
"...Alexei, the son of a famous circus clown, works day-labor jobs to provide for his family, but the snaky tendrils of Auggie intrude even here. There's much more to the story, almost too much, but at its heart, Marchbanks' film is about the bonds that exist in small neighborhoods, where territoriality isn't neccessarily a bad word (think Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing minus the racial showboating) and people's lives are unconsciously connected..."

Naked City
Low wages, sprawl among the concerns of package detractors
News Story  August 13, 2004, by Rachel Proctor May
"...The no's came in initially just shy of a majority, but an instant run-off tallied the second choices of the people whose first choice was to take the no position – and that pushed the negative vote to victory. (Afterward, bond supporter Alfred Stanley complained to the online Austin politics newsletter In Fact Daily, "A majority of South Austin Democrats was opposed to taking a position against the bonds but the minority prevailed..."

Naked City
The school board decides to boost the bond package price tag
News Story  May 21, 2004, by Michael King
"...Board Vice-President Ingrid Taylor, who is stepping down this month, congratulated the citizens' committees for their work on the proposals and challenged AISD Superintendent Pat Forgione and his administration to help explain to voters that the bonds will be "critical for building and maintaining a sufficient infrastructure" for the district. Other trustees referred vaguely to controversial additions to the list, especially the Southwest middle school, which was added late in the process and supported most strongly by trustee Robert Schneider, who represents Southwest Austin..."

As the lovely film Iris attests, the bonds of love are often forged to withstand the most daunting of adversities, beyond what we might rationally expect ourselves capable of enduring....
Film Review  March 1, 2002, by Steve Davis
"...Starring: Judi Dench, Jim Broadbent, Kate Winslet, Hugh Bonneville, Juliet Aubrey, Kris Marshall and Penelope Wilton. As the lovely film Iris attests, the bonds of love are often forged to withstand the most daunting of adversities, beyond what we might rationally expect ourselves capable of enduring..."

The World Is Not Enough
The World Is Not Enough … but two hours is plenty sufficient. It's not as though there's anything too new to report on here, apart from the latest nifty techno-gadgets...
Film Review  November 26, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...It's not as though there's anything too new to report on here, apart from the latest nifty techno-gadgets and this year's model of the archetypal Bond girl. The World Is Not Enough is solid 007 entertainment -- not as bad as some of the recent Bonds but not as spunky as some of the series' originals..."

This odd mixture of comedy and prison drama works better than might be expected at first glance. By not going all out in either direction, Life manages to find a...
Film Review  April 16, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...This movie prison stretches all bounds of believability: It's filled with lots of free time and ball playing broken up only occasionally by spates of hard labor, no fences protect its perimeters, the inmates are all a fairly agreeable bunch despite the fact that they are all in there for murder, the penalty for an escape attempt is one night in the hole, and so on. Yet the point of Life is not an exposé on prison conditions but rather an illustration of the bonds of friendship that can develop between people who may not actually like each other..."

Gods and Monsters
The final days of the man behind Hollywood's Frankenstein
Film Review  January 1, 1999, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The decidedly straight Boone is slow to catch on when Whale invites him to pose for one of his paintings and to avail himself of the pool (one of Whale's primary seduction aids). Yet the crux of the story emerges from the unlikely bonds of friendship that grow between the two men..."

“Shane! Come back, Shane!” Granted, Brandon de Wilde is nowhere in sight, but that doesn't make the obvious comparisons any less obvious. Anderson and screenwriter David Webb Peoples have mercilessly...
Film Review  October 30, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Still, it's a suitably ornery slice of he-man gruntstuff. Those looking for an escape from the wearing bonds of logic and sensibility could do worse, though any film featuring a professional killer named “Todd” is surely more fiction than science...."

Clay Pigeons
In a perfect world, Janeane Garofalo would be in every movie. That way, when the rest of the show bogged down, we'd still have her morbid wit and wry spin...
Film Review  October 2, 1998, by Marc Savlov
"...Panicked, Clay manages to cover up the situation, but not before starting a chain of bloody events that eventually threatens half the town. Much more threatening, actually, is Vaughn as Lester Long, a trucker-cum-drifter who breezes into town and bonds with the frazzled Clay..."

Paradise Road
The story of the women interned in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps during World War II undoubtedly speaks as a 20th-century testament to the indomitable human spirit and its will to survive....
Film Review  April 25, 1997, by Steve Davis
"...They're also a collection of stock characters: the noble Englishwoman, the plucky nun, the rebellious nurse, the forgiving missionary, the lovelorn beauty, the embittered loner. In feminist terms, it is the universal sisterhood that bonds these disparate women together in their common ordeal..."

Big Night
Big Night is, in a word, delicious -- not since Eat Drink Man Woman has a movie celebrated the joy of cooking and the exhilaration of eating with such mouthwatering...
Film Review  October 4, 1996, by Steve Davis
"...Big Night is, in a word, delicious -- not since Eat Drink Man Woman has a movie celebrated the joy of cooking and the exhilaration of eating with such mouthwatering gusto. And like Ang Lee's 1994 film, it effortlessly integrates its undeniable love of fine cuisine into a narrative of familial bonds in which blood is often irrationally, but reliably, thicker than water..."

The Amazing Panda Adventure
How about The Boring Panda Adventure? Or maybe The Formulaic Disney Ripoff? Either one is a more apt title for this tired retread of Uncle Walt's past nature-in-jeopardy vehicles. When...
Film Review  September 1, 1995, by Marc Savlov
"...How about The Boring Panda Adventure? Or maybe The Formulaic Disney Ripoff? Either one is a more apt title for this tired retread of Uncle Walt's past nature-in-jeopardy vehicles. When 10-year-old Ryan Tyler (Slater) is invited by his conservationist (and divorced) father to rural China for the summer, he finds himself caught up in a fight to save an orphaned panda cub from clumsy poachers while struggling to renew the bonds of love between himself and his semi-estranged dad..."

Scorta, La
With a plot practically ripped from the pages of contemporary newspapers, this Italian political thriller uses that country's internal corruption and intrigue as the landscape for telling what is, ultimately,...
Film Review  July 14, 1995, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Starring: Claudio Amendola, Enrico Lo Verso, Carlo Cecchi, Ricky Memphis, Tony Sperandeo, Lorenza Indovina and Benedetto Raneli. With a plot practically ripped from the pages of contemporary newspapers, this Italian political thriller uses that country's internal corruption and intrigue as the landscape for telling what is, ultimately, a very human story about individual bravery and the bonds between men..."

The Postman (Il Postino)
This new film by British director Michael Radford (White Mischief, 1984) is an Italian co-production titled The Postman, a film with a production history as tragically romantic as the poetry...
Film Review  July 7, 1995, by Alison Macor
"...With the rapport established between actors Troisi and Noiret, and Radford's gentle prodding of the narrative, The Postman becomes one of the sweetest stories on film this summer. Slow in parts but appealing overall, The Postman suggests how interwoven the bonds of friendship and love can be..."

Martha & Ethel
With the arrival of last year's celebrated documentary Hoop Dreams the cinematic climate seems ripe for more nonfiction films. Enter Martha and Ethel, a film not only about two nannies...
Film Review  April 28, 1995, by Alison Macor
"...With the arrival of last year's celebrated documentary Hoop Dreams the cinematic climate seems ripe for more nonfiction films. Enter Martha and Ethel, a film not only about two nannies but also about the pressures of motherhood, child-rearing, and the bonds between mothers and daughters..."

Boys On the Side
To call Boys on the Side a “women's film” is a bit simplistic, but there's no doubt that it genuinely speaks to the powerful bond of sisterhood. At first, there's...
Film Review  February 3, 1995, by Steve Davis
"...Soon, however, the screenplay shifts into a lower gear and the cute and the funny give way to something more serious as illness turns everything upside down. It's here that the bonds between the three women -- particularly between Goldberg and Parker -- really take root and transcend the sexual, the mundane, the clichéd..."

Ruby in Paradise
Ruby in paradise. Ruby in Florida. Ruby out of the hills of Tennessee. Ruby adrift in the Sunshine State. Ashley Judd (daughter of Naomi, sister of Wynona) stars as Ruby...
Film Review  February 4, 1994, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Ruby also begins a journal upon her arrival in an effort to discover why she ran and how she came to where she is. The rest of the movie focuses on Ruby's relationships with various people: another store clerk going to college, Lyman's randy son and heir apparent, a disillusioned young man with whom she bonds, the people in the motor court where she's staying..."

The Ballad of Little Jo
This conscious attempt to put a new spin on the Western offers a little seen perspective on the American frontier. Inspired by the life of a real woman, The Ballad...
Film Review  November 5, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...At one point, Jo rescues a sick Chinese railroad worker from a mob's noose and is forced by the crowd to take the man in as a servant. These two renegades develop bonds and share secrets that support Bob Dylan's contention that "to live outside the law you must be honest." It's clear that all involved in this project desired to present some female truths about the Old West and in its rigor to present that which has been previously invisible, The Ballad of Little Jo is always fascinating..."

As this Japanese movie opens, Sayoko (Shimizu) and her friend spread out their beach blanket and picnic basket only to discover they have plopped themselves into the middle of an...
Film Review  July 30, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...While they are upstairs trysting, Sayoko is downstairs thumbing through a coffee table book of Frida Kahlo paintings. Thus begin the bonds of a familial friendship, a relationship that provides all three of them with some of the happiest days they have ever known..."

Swing Kids
Naïve yet eternally attractive is the idea that a generation can change the world through its music. New waves in music generally bring with them new attitudes, new swaggers and...
Film Review  March 12, 1993, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...The music is the rallying call, the insider's tongue, the sonic group spirit. It unites a special cadre attuned to its call and seals their bonds of alternativity..."

Daughters of the Dust
I'd wager that the portrait of turn of the century African-American women you get in Daughters of the Dust is like nothing you've ever seen before. This richly costumed historical...
Film Review  February 14, 1992, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...Content either to stay or to go, she carries the next generation within her womb, even though the inseminator might be a white rapist. Daughters of the Dust moves with a lyrical beauty that blends hopes, memories, heritage and generational bonds into the limitless expanse of an island horizon..."

Kid Powers
Charlie Belle kicks up some Magnetic Fields buzz
DAILY Screens  September 23, 2011, by Cindy Widner
"...Local kid wonders Jendayi and Gyasi Bonds of the band Charlie Belle got a shout-out in USA Today Tuesday for their cover of The Magnetic Fields' "Strange Powers."..."

Newsgeist: 11/22/10
The spirit of the news
DAILY News  November 22, 2010, by Eric Pickhartz
"...Today's Newsgeist (formerly known by the lame "News of the Day" title) features stories on the Irish bailout, Somali pirates and municipal bonds...."

Steroids, baseball, whatever
DAILY Sports  February 25, 2009, by Justin Sanders
"...Nada! From 2001 to 2003 Alex Rodriguez had one of the richest contracts in baseball history and yet the Rangers never finished with a record higher than .500 and never finished better than fourth place in the American League West. He was arguably the best player in baseball playing for one of the worst teams in the league, so why else would he have taken steroids if for no other reason than to boost his own stats? He can cry on TV and apologize all he wants, but the bottom line is that he cheated and as far as I’m concerned he is no different than Barry Bonds..."

Point Austin: Beside the Point
This week's council agenda
News Column  January 27, 2006, by Wells Dunbar
"...Council agenda manager Sara Hartley reassured us that no, the package is not accumulating dust alongside dog-eared Intel blueprints and Leslie for Mayor placards in some sepia-bathed bureaucratic purgatory, but has indeed been pushed from the week's agenda. Furthermore, shaking off winter's stop-start hibernation, council will meet uninterrupted for the next four Thursdays – so if the bonds don't appear next week (as now expected), they will undoubtedly arise the week after...."

Bond Booty: Fantasy and Reality
Striking a balance among the various interests wanting a slice of the city bonds pie
News Story  October 20, 2006, by Kimberly Reeves
"..."A lot of the feedback has been, 'Oh, I don't want those bonds, either, but … we wish you weren't against the library,'" Tepper said. "Or, 'We don't believe in those bonds, but … we can't possibly vote down the cultural bonds because this is an artsy town.'"..."

'Austin Chronicle' Endorsements
General Election, Nov. 6 – Proposed Constitutional Amendments
News Story  November 2, 2007
"...2: ... the issuance of $500 million in general obligation bonds to finance educational loans to students and authorizing bond enhancement agreements with respect to general obligation bonds issued for that purpose."..."

'Austin Chronicle' Endorsements
General Election, Nov. 6 – Proposed Constitutional Amendments
News Story  October 26, 2007
"...2: ... the issuance of $500 million in general obligation bonds to finance educational loans to students and authorizing bond enhancement agreements with respect to general obligation bonds issued for that purpose."..."

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