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Most of this you've seen before and seen done better. Coyote stars as photographer Peter Mandrake (subtle name, eh?) who's working in Rio de Janeiro taking shots of the bustling...
Film Review  January 31, 1992, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...His descent into violence is enough to make his girlfriend leave him. Mandrake pursues Gisela's murderers/his attackers throughout Brazil and into Bolivia..."

Che: Part Two
Steven Soderbergh concludes his two-part biopic with Che's Bolivian endgame.
Film Review  January 30, 2009, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...At the start of Steven Soderbergh’s two-part epic about the life of South American revolutionary, guerrilla soldier, and T-shirt iron-on Ernesto Guevara (an epic I feel like I started watching months ago, when I was still young), “Che” looks fresh, clean, and optimistic: the picture of youthful idealism in a guayabera shirt. Nearly five hours (and several armed insurgencies) later, when the Argentine doctor turned hero finally gives up the ghost on the dirt floor of a ramshackle hut in rural Bolivia, felled by a soldier’s bullets, he looks more like an Old Testament prophet after years spent wandering in the desert eating bugs and talking to bushes: still a true believer but beaten down by circumstance and cruel reality..."

The Lost City of Z
A futile quest for an extraordinary place
Film Review  April 21, 2017, by Steve Davis
"...The burden of dreams can drive a sane man mad, but in the meandering historical drama The Lost City of Z, the lofty vision of 20th century British cartographer and explorer Colonel Percival Fawcett simply feels like something inconveniently just out of reach. Lacking any true inspirational dimension, the film’s depiction of Fawcett’s lifelong search for proof of an ancient lost civilization hidden in the uncharted jungles of Bolivia seldom rises to anything above a historical footnote here..."

Our Brand Is Crisis
Sandra Bullock shines in David Gordon Green's political comedy
Film Review  October 30, 2015, by Marc Savlov
"...”Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” That’s a maxim from artful warrior Sun Tzu, whose bellicose playbook is referenced many times over in the course of Austin-based director David Gordon Green’s semi-comedic, overtly cynical drama about soulless American political strategists spinning a Bolivian presidential election into a personal grudge match..."

Even the Rain
Amid citizen unrest in Bolivia, a Spanish film crew attempts to mount a revisionist history of Christopher Columbus.
Film Review  April 15, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...Starring: Luis Tosar, Gael García Bernal, Juan Carlos Aduviri, Karra Elejalde, Carlos Santos, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Raúl Arévalo and Milena Soliz. This ambitious, cycloramic narrative about a Spanish film crew attempting to mount a revisionist history of Christopher Columbus amid citizen unrest in Bolivia – a location handpicked by financiers for its cheap labor – is so potent it nearly succeeds even as a vacuum sits squarely at its center..."

Che: Part One
Steven Soderbergh’s filmmaking legacy is his aesthetic daring, and his latest – as massive and imperfect as it is – just might be his most daring work to date.
Film Review  January 23, 2009, by Josh Rosenblatt
"...Who else would go from a heady epic about American drug policy (Traffic) to a remake of a Rat Pack lark (Ocean’s Eleven) to a throwaway satire of Hollywood (Full Frontal) to an update of a Tarkovsky sci-fi bummer (Solaris), all within the span of two years – and then top them all with a nearly five-hour (with intermission), shot-in-Spanish, neorealist meditation on the life of a long-dead South American revolutionary? Soderbergh’s legacy is his aesthetic daring, and his latest – as massive and imperfect as it is – just might be his most daring work to date. The first half of his epic about Ernesto “Che” Guevara (who also knew a thing or two about daring) focuses on the adventures in Cuba in the mid-1950s of the Argentine doctor-turned-revolutionary-turned-martyr-turned-god-turned-hipster-icon, when he and Fidel Castro led a ragtag guerrilla army to victory over dictator Fulgencio Batista (Part Two, released separately, is about Che’s less successful efforts in Bolivia)..."

Angels in South America
Round Rock-based Bolivian missionary project in crisis
News Story  August 31, 2007, by Dan Selinger
"...Ten years ago, Michael Marroquin, a Catholic lay missionary, moved from Austin to Bolivia to establish a charity foundation to help some of South America's poorest people. Now he finds himself in a Bolivian prison on suspicion of sexual assault and child-trafficking; volunteers and workers from the foundation have accused him of personal and financial improprieties, and he has been removed from the project by the Austin board that funds his work..."

The Hightower Lowdown
Hey, rich people steal, too! And, in Bolivia, the U.S. takes the wrong side ... again.
News Column  November 7, 2003, by Jim Hightower
"...The next time some warmongering politico or puff-headed talk-radio pontificator asks why rebel groups of the world seem to "hate" America, say one word back to them: Bolivia...."

Capitol Chronicle
Would David Dewhurst really know a terrorist if he saw one?
News Column  November 16, 2001, by Michael King
"...When Gov. Rick Perry appointed Dewhurst to head the task force, he cited the commissioner's experience as an Air Force officer and in "intelligence" -- referring obliquely to Dewhurst's stint as a Central Intelligence Agency case officer in Bolivia, from 1970-73..."

The Hightower Report
The war on drugs attacks poor Bolivian farmers, not drug kingpins; and Halliburton still has its snout in the war trough.
News Column  November 14, 2003, by Jim Hightower

Journey Woman
A young Austin nurse takes her skills and faith to Bolivia.
News Story  October 31, 2003, by Lucius Lomax
"...Santa Cruz is a large, semiarid, semirainy region in eastern Bolivia, bordering Brazil and Paraguay. The province is best known as the last stop on the revolutionary trail of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the Argentine Marxist and medical doctor who caught a bullet there..."

Big Hearts for Big Cats
Lion rescue doc screens tonight at Stateside benefit
DAILY Screens  May 25, 2014, by Jessi Cape
"...Bolivia passed a law in 2009 banning live animals in traveling circuses, but investigations revealed that many animals were still being held captive in hellacious conditions...."

American Movie
What to see at the sixth annual Cine Las Americas.
Screens Story  April 25, 2003, by Belinda Acosta
"...Bolivia D: Adrián Caetano; with Freddy Flores, Rosa Sánchez, Oscar Bertea, Enrique Liporace, Marcelo Videla. Narrative Feature, Argentina Budget? Who needs a stinking budget? Shot in 16 mm black-and-white in three-day increments, over three years, this amazingly fluid film offers what first appears to be a slice-of-life portrait of everyday working people. Instead, the film steadily accelerates to reveal a ticking time bomb of frustration stoked by unseen social and economic forces..."

Cine Las Americas Film Festival Schedule
Screens Story  April 20, 2001
"...9pm: "El Camino a la Costa/The Road to the Coast" (D: Jose Sanchez; Bolivia, experimental, 3 min.); Midnight in Cuba (D: Dimitri Falk; Cuba/U.S., documentary, 60 min., 16mm)..."

Pushing the Borderline
AFS Essential Cinema highlights filmmakers far from home
Screens Story  June 3, 2011, by Kimberley Jones
"...To wit: A Spanish film crew journeys to Bolivia for the cheap labor in Even the Rain, only to have the easy us-and-them delineation between the Spanish "invaders" and the Andean locals blurred by violent protest. A white woman in civil war-ravaged Africa doggedly refuses to leave her adopted homeland, even as she's branded "white material" in the same-titled film..."

Horns, St. Ed's Stay Unbeaten, and More
Longhorns and Hilltoppers soccer squads stay unbeaten, plus more soccer news from here and afar
DAILY Sports  September 10, 2008, by Nick Barbaro
"...World Cup Qualifying results September 6-10 CONCACAF Group 1 Trinidad & Tobago 1 - 1 Guatemala Cuba 0 - 1 United States United States 3 - 0 Trinidad and Tobago Guatemala 4 - 1 Cuba ------ Group 2 Mexico 3 - 0 Jamaica Canada 1 - 2 Honduras Mexico 2 - 1 Canada Honduras 2 - 0 Jamaica ------ Group 3 Costa Rica 7 - 0 Surinam El Salvador 5 - 0 Haiti Haiti 1 - 3 Costa Rica Surinam 0 - 2 El Salvador EUROPE Group 1 Hungary 0 - 0 Denmark Malta 0 - 4 Portugal Albania 0 - 0 Sweden Sweden 2 - 1 Hungary Portugal 2 - 2 Denmark Albania 3 - 0 Malta ------ Group 2 Israel 2 - 2 Switzerland Moldova 1 - 2 Latvia Luxembourg 0 - 3 Greece Moldova 1 - 2 Israel Latvia 0 - 2 Greece Switzerland 1 - 2 Luxembourg ------ Group 3 Poland 1 - 1 Slovenia Slovakia 2 - 1 Northern Ireland San Marino 0 - 2 Poland Slovenia 2 - 1 Slovakia Northern Ireland 0 - 0 Czech Republic ------ Group 4 Liechtenstein 0 - 6 Germany Wales 1 - 0 Azerbaijan Russia 2 - 1 Wales Azerbaijan 0 - 0 Liechtenstein Finland 3 - 3 Germany ------ Group 5 Armenia 0 - 2 Turkey Belgium 3 - 2 Estonia Spain 1 - 0 Bosnia-Herzegovina Spain 3 - 0 Armenia Turkey 1 - 1 Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina 7 - 0 Estonia ------ Group 6 Croatia 3 - 0 Kazakhstan Andorra 0 - 2 England Ukraine 1 - 0 Belarus Kazakhstan 1 - 3 Ukraine Croatia 1 - 4 England Andorra 1 - 3 Belarus ------ Group 7 Romania 0 - 3 Lithuania Serbia 2 - 0 Faroe Islands Austria 3 - 1 France Faroe Islands 0 - 1 Romania France 2 - 1 Serbia Lithuania 2 - 0 Austria ------ Group 8 Georgia 1 - 2 Ireland Republic Cyprus 1 - 2 Italy Montenegro 2 - 2 Bulgaria Montenegro 0 - 0 Ireland Republic Italy 2 - 0 Georgia ------ Group 9 Macedonia FYR 1 - 0 Scotland Norway 2 - 2 Iceland Macedonia FYR 1 - 2 Netherlands Iceland 1 - 2 Scotland SOUTH AMERICA Argentina 1 - 1 Paraguay Ecuador 3 - 1 Bolivia Colombia 0 - 1 Uruguay Peru 1 - 0 Venezuela Paraguay 2 - 0 Venezuela Uruguay 0 - 0 Ecuador Chile 4 - 0 Colombia Brazil 0 - 0 Bolivia Peru 1 - 1 Argentina ASIA UAE 1 - 2 Korea DPR Bahrain 2 - 3 Japan Qatar 3 - 0 Uzbekistan Saudi Arabia 1 - 1 Iran Korea DPR 1 - 1 Korea Republic Uzbekistan 0 - 1 Australia UAE 1 - 2 Saudi Arabia Qatar 1 - 1 Bahrain AFRICA Mauritius 1 - 4 Tanzania Seychelles 1 - 2 Burundi South Africa 0 - 1 Nigeria Kenya 1 - 0 Namibia Gambia 3 - 0 Liberia Sierra Leone 2 - 1 Equatorial Guinea Mauritania 0 - 1 Rwanda Cape Verde Islands 1 - 2 Cameroon Burkina Faso 0 - 0 Tunisia Sudan 1 - 2 Chad Madagascar 1 - 0 Botswana Lesotho 0 - 2 Gabon Zimbabwe 0 - 0 Guinea Mozambique 1 - 1 Ivory Coast Congo 1 - 0 Mali Benin 3 - 2 Angola Congo DR 0 - 1 Egypt Niger 3 - 1 Uganda Zambia 1 - 0 Togo Chad 1 - 3 Sudan OCEANIA Vanuatu 2 - 1 Fiji New Zealand 3 - 0 New Caledonia..."

The Death of Brad Will
An American reporter films his own murder in Oaxaca, and Mexican and U.S. authorities look the other way
News Story  August 10, 2007, by John Ross
"...In Fortaleza, Brazil, they confronted the director of the Inter-American Development Bank during riotous street protests. In Bolivia, they interviewed Evo Morales, not yet the president, and traveled in the Chapare with the coca growers' federation..."

The Motorcycle Diaries
Young Che Guevara takes a road trip up the length of South America and discovers his humanity in this portrait of the future revolutionary as a young man.
Film Review  October 8, 2004, by Marc Savlov
"...The road, after all, is the third co-star of this film, and at times it rivals Bernal’s chiseled handsomeness for sheer intractable magnetism – Machu Picchu hasn’t looked this magnificent since it had Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski seething across it. Is it even possible to de-romanticize one of the most romantic figures of the 20th century? It sounds like a fool’s errand, to be sure, just as young Che’s own outward-bounding seemed over half a century before, pre-Congo, pre-Cuba, pre-Bolivia, out on a mission, part quest, part lark, and all pure experience, absorbed, collated, and finally transformative, from boy to man to icon and beyond...."

Soccer Watch
Three cheers for the underdogs!
Sports Column  July 9, 2004, by Nick Barbaro
"...So with the European season finally at a close, attention turns to the Copa America – the South American equivalent of the Euro championship – which kicked off Tuesday night with host Peru staging a late comeback to earn a draw against Bolivia, 2-2, and defending champ Colombia edging Venezuela 1-0. And here's a treat: All 26 games are being broadcast live, right through the final on July 25..."

A Grin Without a Cat: Part 2
Frenchman Chris Marker practically invented the essay film and has certainly remained one of the form's most esteemed and poetic practitioners. His 1962 masterpiece "La Jetée" is a faceted gem-like...
Film Review  October 10, 2002, by Marjorie Baumgarten
"...A Grin Without a Cat (the title comes from a difficult-to-translate French slogan from the May ’68 demonstrations) is an epic film essay divided into two 90-minute parts. The movie explores revolutions and the New Left from the Russian Revolution to Vietnam, Bolivia, Prague, Chile, and elsewhere..."

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